10 Benefits of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is taking the world by storm, but is it actually any good, or is it just an over-hyped technological advancement?

Virtual reality is a promise of bringing you the three dimensional world in form of an augmented reality to your very bedroom. It requires a use of a headset, speakers and at times, a controller. Here are some benefits of virtual reality that will prove that it is actually a good advancement.

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benefits of virtual reality

1. Gives real-time training to the novice

When someone is learning something new, it is very risky for them to get a chance to try it on field. It could cause a loss of precious life, millions of dollar or they could even harm themselves.

For doctors, it could be lethal for the patients; for army personnel, it could be dangerous; for engineers, an actual hands on experience on the field could lead to accidents, etc.

However, with virtual reality simulators, they could get real time experience without causing any harm to themselves, another person or to an expensive equipment.

2. Redefines watching movies and playing games

Entertainment has evolved a lot over the years, but perhaps none like this one. Virtual reality provides with a way to enjoy movies and television as if it were happening right where you are. The three-dimensional display makes actors come to life as if they were standing right in front of you.

In addition to that the games are equipped with immersive videos and sound that allows people to actually kick a ball and experience the sounds of a stadium or punch a man and find themselves in the middle of a wrestling match. This is almost a leap forward for the gaming and technology industry.

3. Provides Therapy

benefits of vr therapy

Virtual reality therapy is an extensive medical and mental health field. People are allowed to face their fears to ensure that they can come over their phobias and live healthier lives.

With mental health issues on the rise, it could help address anxiety and depression by creating soothing environments and simulations.

In addition to that many soldiers and Marines return from battlefields with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That proves to be a great hurdle for their future lives since the combat keeps coming back to them. Virtual reality exposure therapy can be carried out with them to return them to the same scenarios to help them deal with the stress it is causing and help them lead normal and healthy lives.

4. Helps in Computer-Aided-Designs

virtual reality computer aided design

There was a time when blueprints were made before actually producing new products, buildings and locations. With technological advancement, Computer Aided Designs (CAD) became widespread. Proper three dimensional structures were created and assessed.

With virtual reality softwares, the architects, designers and engineers could actually experience their structures standing erect. It will help them analyze flaws in the design and evaluate better versions.

It will also prevent them from creating structures prone to disaster since if the structures are not strong enough, the virtual reality design will simulate the toppling.

5. Makes education interactive

virtual reality education

It is famously known that children love learning through visual tools like pictures, videos and sounds. With virtual reality tools, children can learn and understand things better. You will not just show them a picture of the plant, but they will get to view it in three dimensions and see how every petal, leaf and sepals are arranged on it.

It is making education so much more interactive and leaving deep impressions on the minds of children. This would make education more effective because the students will find it easy to remember new concepts.

6. Saves money

virtual reality helps saves money

Virtual reality can reduce so many costs. It can allow you to hold meetings without spending money on traveling, saving fuel, energy and consequently, money. It can allow training workshops and simulations to be held in your work-space saving time.

It can also allow doctors to examine patients without really having to travel to them which will not only save money but also the lives of the far more critical patients who need immediate attention.

7. Provides a safe way

With virtual reality training, simulation and education, difficult and dangerous situations can be dealt with safely. Firemen can be equipped to handle emergencies with tough training on a simulator. Pilots can be trained through simulator so that when they actually fly a plane, the situation is less dangerous.

8. Can create a virtual marketplace

conventional marketplace

Of the many advantages of virtual reality, this is perhaps a very interesting one. You can create virtual reality marketplaces. People can buy clothes, shoes, food, grocery and so much more by just wearing a headset and viewing them closely. They can observe them in three dimensions, choose them and look around as if they were actually standing in a store.

9. Can provide recreational trips

With virtual reality, you get to visit places in three-dimension. Most people go crazy when they see videos made for virtual reality headsets on YouTube. The experience is extremely immersive and you feel like you are actually present in the situation. This allows people to travel even they do not have the resources, the right fitness or the right frame of mind for it. It makes travel more available to the general masses.

all benefits of virtual reality

10. Real time event coverage

With virtual reality, you can have real time event coverage. Be it a football game, a presidential debate or a live concert, you can attend it while laying in your bed with popcorn in your hands. This is really something amazing for people who dream of watching their favorite bands play but never get to travel abroad to attend a concert. With virtual reality, the impossible might just be becoming possible!

If we even imagine sitting in this room and actually experiencing the sound and life of a football stadium on the virtual reality headset, we get goosebumps. Rom medicine, to health, to psychology, to business: the benefits of virtual reality are approaching infinity, and it will really take the world to new places.


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