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If you’re interested in exploring multiplayer games, you need a good headset. 

But what makes gaming headphones better than speakers?

Moreover, before you buy one, you need to consider things such as its audio quality, microphone, and level of comfort it provides. 

As a beginner, this can be hard. 

To help you save time and money, we tested out dozens of headsets to choose the best one.

Quick Summary 

In this post, we will go over:

  • Why is gaming better with headsets?
  • How do headsets improve gaming? 
  • How to choose a gaming headset?

…and more.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why are Gaming Headsets Important?

Gaming headsets do a lot to improve your experience with both single-player and multiplayer games. 

Compared to speakers, they provide louder, more immersive, and directional sound while blocking external noise. 

Generally speaking, speakers also work fine. 

However, the problem with external setups is that you’re dealing with a broader sound range. This makes the sound seem far away, giving you an unreliable idea of what you’re hearing. 

It’s okay to overlook these things in single-player games, but not if you’re a competitive multiplayer gamer. 

In multiplayer games, the sound is an important mechanic that gives your cues on what’s happening around you. Therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on it. 

Think about games like Warzone or Call of Duty. You need to hear your opponent’s footsteps to be ready to face their attacks. Otherwise, you’ll be at a disadvantage every time. 

Besides headsets, other accessories can also enhance your gaming experience. You can read all about the accessories you need

How Do Headsets Improve Gaming?

For one, gaming headsets use software for 3D audio. 

This means that they process audio as multi-channel systems. They also use audio objects instead of static channels to reproduce how we naturally hear sound. 

In addition, some headsets also take verticality and head-tracking into account when they broadcast audio.

All of this combined makes it easier to identify nearby enemies and beat them to the punch. 

For this reason, some gaming controllers also allow you to plug your headphones into them. 

So, how are handsets different from regular headphones or earbuds? 

Headphones and earbuds are in-ear gadgets. This means they don’t wrap around your ears as headsets do. 

When an over-ear headset wraps around your ears, they use your pinnas to direct sound to your eardrums, improving spatial awareness in the game. 

Furthermore, headsets are designed with dense ear cushions for comfort as well as to remove background noise. This feature is absent in regular headphones. 

Headphones also don’t come with a mic. 

So, if you’re playing multiplayer games, you’ll need to invest separately in one. You’ll also need to look for additional accessories like a good-quality amplifier. 

Headsets provide an all-in-one solution in this regard. 

Moreover, in case of malfunctioning, it’s easier to reach out to one company for troubleshooting instead of multiple companies if you have a handful of products. 

gaming headsets

How to Choose a Gaming Headset?

Now that you know the importance of a gaming headset let’s move on to how to choose one.

Consider your Gaming Platform 

The first thing you need is to see what platform you’ll be gaming on. 

Gaming platforms include: 

  • PC 
  • Mac 
  • Xbox 
  • PlayStation 

We suggest you get a headset with a 3.5mm connection as it works well across all consoles. You can also connect it to your PC or laptop using a headset jack. 

It’s important to note that some consoles may not support all the functions of a specific headset due to software-dependent features. So, you’ll need to check this with the retailer before purchasing. 

For example, Logitech Artemis Spectrum G633 is designed for a PC, but it also works well with PlayStation 4 over a USB connection. 

However, it might not support some of its features, such as the 7.1 surround system. In this case, you’ll need a console-specific headset. 

Moreover, some headsets support premium sound only over a USB. This means they won’t work at their full potential with C-type laptops. 

But, this is a quick fix. You can simply use C-type adapters to connect them to the laptop ports. 

For more information on gaming consoles, you can also read our PlayStation review and Xbox review. 

Quality of Material 

This might come as a second thought to most people, but it plays an important role in the overall gaming experience. 

Most headsets are made of plastic in order to cut costs. This is something that you don’t want. 

Plastic headphones crack easily and need extra care. They’re also not comfortable to wear for longer periods. 

If you’re already investing in gaming headsets, look for something durable. You want something made with robust materials like steel or aluminum. 

Although these headsets might be more expensive, they will last you longer. Therefore, we think they offer better value for money. 

Apart from the headphone material, you should also check the cable quality. You want a headphone with braided and tangle-free cables for better durability. 

Mic Quality 

We all know how important communication is during multiplayer games. 

When it comes to mic quality, even low-entry headsets are decent. But, if you want something more extravagant, go for headsets that offer a background noise cancellation feature. 

These headphones are better at picking your voice since they eliminate surround sounds such as noise from your fan or traffic. These types of headphones are great if you’re a streamer. 

If you use Discord, you can go with Discord-certified gaming headphones.

Wired vs Wireless Headsets 

If you’re someone who struggles with keeping your wires organized, we would advise you to go the wireless route. 

They allow you to game freely and remove static feedback and cackle. 

With that said, wireless headphones are also known for sacrificing audio quality. This is why most professional gamers opt for wired headphones. 

Moreover, you’ll also have to charge your wireless headphones in between gaming sessions which might get frustrating.


So, how important are gaming headsets? 

If you’re a multiplayer gamer, they’re a gadget that you absolutely need. This is because any communication mishap can lead you to lose the game for the whole team. 

However, if you mostly play solo, you can probably go without them. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal choice. 

Moreover, if you’re new to gaming or confused about what game to play, you can read our post on gaming here. 

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