About Us

Techtyche is a Technology Social Venture (TSV) that aims at creating a positive impact through innovation and technology. “Tech” is derived from “Technology” and “Tyche” is the Greek “Goddess of Goodwill”.

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What Do We Do?

  • Create awareness about technology and innovation
  • Facilitate the process of connecting technology with users/industries
  • Deploy technology where needed
  • Identify, feature, and promote groundbreaking innovations that will transform our future and the way we live

What Is Our Target Audience?

  • Living population (human beings and all other living creatures) in developing countries face issues that can be solved through innovation and technology
  • Daily technology users can have better products through perfect recommendations based on their needs, requirements, affordability, and other factors
  • Everyone who believes technology can shape our upcoming future and advance us towards peace, prosperity, and safety

An Insight About Techtyche

Our team firmly believes that technology has changed the way we live and has made our lives easier. Hence, we strive to help you make the best choice when it comes to technology.

Techtyche aims at, “Spreading Goodwill through Technology and Innovation”. We believe that technology and innovation can transform the way we live and advance the planet towards a peaceful, prosperous, safer, and better future.

Technology and Developing World

Technology and innovation have played a major role to solve real-life problems; however, there are numerous areas where the right technology is still not being implemented. This gap is quite prominent in developing countries and one of our main goals is to eradicate this problem.

What Is Our Goal?

“To develop a world which is free from all the problems and integrate life with technology for a positive impact.”

We value the time that you spend at Techtyche and if there are any suggestions for us to improve then don’t forget to contact us.

We would love to hear from you.

Meet The Team


Victor Marquez


Twitter | Facebook | Medium | Quora | About.me

Victor is from Walnut Creek, CA where he aspired to become an IT professional. Most of his childhood memories include playing computer games with his elder brothers. There was no new video game or CD in town that Victor had not played.

Victor belonged to a well-settled family with a flourishing trading business. Buying the latest computers and gadgets was not an issue for him. After graduating middle school in 2015, Victor bought his first PlayStation 4, a dream come true for a child at that age.  

Victor attended Northgate High School and chose computers as his major subject. He joined Team Envoy, the famous esports team to keep his gaming passion alive. He went all the way up to Dallas, Texas to participate in his team events. His punctilious nature helped him score better than his other team members. 

In 2020, he was hired as an Assistant Game Tester at a newly found game developing company. Victor found this job difficult and tiring at the beginning but later learned this art as well. He has been keenly observing the interfaces and gaming equipment as a part of his job for over a year now. 

He carefully tests the performance and quality of new VR boxes, headsets, pedals, etc. He got promoted to the Senior Game Tester position in 2021. Apart from gaming, he loves to try new food and attend rock concerts with his high school friends. 

It won’t be wrong to say that he is one of the greatest assets to Techtyche. His in-depth exposure to technology makes him perfect to suggest to you the right gadget for the best experience. You can also reach out to him for personal technology assistance and support. 

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Syed Mustafa Ahmed

Content Writer

YouTube | Reddit

I study computer science and I am an enthusiast about everything related to technology. Specifically, their social implications and speculations mixed with my personal opinions. So, if there is anything hardware or software-related that I find important, interesting, dystopian, and funny, it interests me to write and talk about it.

I’m also highly interested in video games with good stories, well-written characters, and worlds. Moreover, new advancements in game engines or techniques always grab my attention. My favourite games are Witcher 3, Sekiro, Elden Ring, OG Dark Souls, Inside, God of War, and Elder Scrolls. You can see that I’m not biased at all. Moreover, I can assure you that I can get over a ledge in cuphead.

I use and am a proponent of using free as in libre open-source software and its practices. So, if you are interested in doing the switch or just listening to my thoughts on events regarding these things, stay tuned since they are improving every day. From time to time, if you’ve written some Richard Stallman approved software, do share it with me. I will check it out.

Funnily enough, games and games on Linux don’t go well together since gaming is done with spyware made by Microsoft and the alphabet people. Still, I have hope and hope is what I wish to write and update you about.

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Shah Nawaz

Shah Nawaz

Content Writer

Instagram | Twitch | About.me

Hey there! I’m an avid writer but I’ve actually never been in a situation where I’ve had to write a few words about myself. So, please forgive me if what you’re about to read is disjointed a little (or a lot). 

My dad bought me my first gaming console when I was 5 years old. It was an old bootleg version of an NES game system. It had its own custom body and its own name (I think it was called GameStar) but it ran NES cartridges. 

As you can probably tell, that little console changed everything for little old me. Over the course of my life, I haven’t always been super connected with the gaming world. That’s because, with certain generations, my parents simply weren’t able to afford the latest gaming consoles. 

I’d often be running a PS2 while games for the PS3 were hot and popular; I never owned a PS4 or any equivalent console. 

However, now that I’m independent, I’ve devoted myself to experiencing, talking and developing video games. Here at Techtyche, my responsibilities focus on testing the latest gaming tech as well as up-and-coming video games.

I hope to bring you folks unbiased opinions and possibly some hot takes about all the latest things happening in the gaming and tech world. 

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Howard K. Teeter

Howard K. Teeter

Content Consultant 

Howard K. Teeter Is an energetic fellow who grew up in Rochelle Park, New Jersey. As a child, Howard was always curious to know more about everything. ‘How does it even work?’ was the only question that arose in his mind.

During elementary school, he bought prying tools. While other kids of his age used to play video games, Howard secretly opened his father’s radio and similar other gadgets at home. The assembly, wiring, and circuits in the electronics were matters of great fascination to him. His father was pretty much intrigued by his passion and curious mind.

Howard started a part-time job as a salesman at a local electronics shop. His experience got him admission in Lincoln Tech. He completed his Electronic Technology Training from there. His hands-on experience and multiple internships earned him confidence in his work. 

In 2017, Howard was hired as a Senior Computer Technician at Lead Retail Associate. This job gave him a platform to professionally implement his knowledge and refine his skills. He worked at the same company for a couple of years. 

In 2019, Howard decided to take a leap and start his own venture. He opened an electronic repair center a mile away from New Jersey. The initial struggle was extremely challenging for Howard but he managed to work out his startup. As of now, hundreds of hardware devices come to his shop for damage repair. Computers, speakers, gaming devices, and mobile phones take up most of the percentage. 

He is happily married and has a son. He loves to spend time with his family. Apart from electronics, he is fond of gaming. Online VR games are how he spends most of his leisure time.

It won’t be wrong to say that Howard’s experience and knowledge of technology are of great help to Techtyche. He aims to guide you through all the hardware, material, quality, and durability of modern gadgets out there. 

Timothy Watkins

Timothy Watkins

Writer, Researcher & Content Reviewer 

Born and raised in Florida, Timothy was a very intelligent boy. For Timothy’s 10th birthday, his father got him his first camera. Within no time, his interest in photography grew by leaps and bounds. It was no later than middle school when Timothy decided to start a career in photography.

It all came to life when Timothy bought supplies and equipment from his savings and set up a photo studio in the garage. In the beginning, he faced a lot of challenges. His work did not get much recognition. Rejection, unhealthy competition, negative criticism, and financial shortcomings were some of the major hurdles in his career. 

With his determination and consistent hard work, Timothy managed to find his way past these hurdles and got into one of the best photography graduate programs at Yale University. After graduating in 2020, he set up his first ever professional photo studio. His work gained well-deserved recognition due to its unconventional and unique nature.In 2021, he also got enrolled in Professional Content Creation Course. 

Social media is Timothy’s best mate when it comes to exhibiting his work and connecting with people. In a short span of time, he launched his channel on YouTube and that is when his interest in vlogging developed. He makes tech vlogs that revolve around technology and latest gadgets. Timothy believes that he owes this success to his original content, quality equipment, and determination. 

Timothy’s contribution to Techtyche is immense. His knowledge and experience in the field make him the best candidate to get your products reviewed. From camera devices to phones and gaming gadgets, Timothy knows it all. Leave your queries in the comment section below.

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