Why Are VR Games So Short – Detailed Guide with FAQs

Are you wondering why VR games are so short?

Let us tell you why.

Why Are VR Games So Short?

The VR Games are so short because of a lot of reasons. We have mentioned some below.

Niche Market, Budget Constraints

Games are expensive to create, regardless of whether they’re for PCs, consoles, or VR.

Game developers’ revenues are directly proportional to their prices, the number of players, and the type of platform they use.

If a company makes both PC and console games, then it has a greater chance of reaching more people. Therefore, it has a better chance of making more money.

However, if a business invests the same amount of money into creating VR games, there’s no way they could ever recoup their investments. It’s because the gaming industry is a niche one. They’re not making any money from it.

Only small developers are currently creating VR games. They don’t have the resources or time to create a long VR game.

Fragmentation of VR Platform

There are three main types of VR devices

  • Standalone VR devices
  • VR powered by a mobile phone
  • A computer or console-connected headset.

Standalone VR Devices

A standalone VR headset contains everything needed to run an independent VR experience, including a display, batteries, CPU, GPU, and so on. An example would be the Oculus Quest 2.

A VR game for a standalone virtual reality (VR) head­set must be short if it wants to fit into its limited storage. Otherwise, it won’t run properly.

VR Powered by a Smartphone

Google’s Cardboard is one of several types of smartphone-powered VR devices. These types of VR headsets depend on a phone screen and its processing power for their operation.

PC or Console-Connected VR Headset

The third type of virtual reality (VR) device is PC or console-dependent. For example, Playstation VR. It depends on PS4. The VR headsets, in this case, work merely as monitors.

A wired VR headset requires a connection between the VR headset and the computer or console.

So, a VR game development company cannot implement all six degrees of freedom (6DOFs) on their console VR games.

VR Fatigue

VR headsets cause nausea, dizziness, and eye strain. They also cause physical exhaustion if they require frequent hand, leg, and/or body movements. This is called VR Fatigue.

Short VR games don’t necessarily cause VR sickness. They’re another reason why VR game devs are inclined to create short VR games.

Best Oculus Games That Aren't Just Short Experiences

Best Oculus Games That Aren’t Just Short Experiences

Virtual Reality has been regarded as a gimmick of games rather than as an independent genre.

Many VR games are short, but they’re usually designed to be brief, so players don’t get sick.

There are plenty of games available for the Oculus Rift, but some stand out from the crowd.

Journey Of The Gods Offers A VR Experience For About 7 Hours

Journey of the Gods immediately evokes the Legend of Zelda series. Players have a mystical weapon, shield, and various magical abilities at their disposal to journey through different worlds and defeat evil.

It has collectible items, basic exploration and puzzle solving, and an amazing bow.

If Oculus users focus strictly on beating the game with no exploration or appreciation for the art style, it can be beaten in about seven hours, but there is so much to see, and gamers should expect a longer stay.

Great Oculus VR Game – Phantom: Covert Ops Is An 8-Hour Experience

A VR video game that’s basically James Bond, but in an inflatable boat, but Phantom: Coerce Ops tells a blockbuster action film story from the comforts of a stealthy watercraft.

When playing from a seated perspective, players will need to use their paddles to move the boat forward and backward.

It also helps prevent nausea. Completing the campaign clocks in at around 8hrs, but there are high-value target missions and multiple objectives to accomplish per mission, making them worth several play-throughs.

Other Suns VR Experience

Fans of sci-fi shooter games should definitely check out From Other Suns in Oculus Rift. It’s a roguelike game where you travel through space in search of resources and friends.

They will be required to board spaceships on away missions in search of supplies and answers, but there are always hostile forces around every turn.

From Other Suns can either be played alone or with online multiplayer. Each death results in the loss of one of the game’s crew members. When there are no more crew members left, the game ends.

It takes approximately 44 hrs to finish this game, but as with most rogue-like games, it’s entirely dependent upon chance.

A Township Tale Offers Unlimited Playtime With Oculus VR

An Unending Game for Oculus is a new VR experience from Oculus Studios that puts players into an old, broken town where they must collect resources to fix it up and make it prosperous again.

It features some basic game mechanics like hunger, cooking food, defeating enemies, and dealing with the dark.

Fixings buildings and engaging in a plethora of activities, such as forging weapons, takes up a lot of time. Players will be spending most of their time in VR.

You can play A Township Tale on Oculus Rift in multiplayer mode, which allows friends to join and work together to restore the same township.

Asgard’s Wrath On Oculus Can Take 30-45 Hours To Beat

Available only on Oculus VR, Asgard’s Wrath is an incredibly beautiful roleplaying game set in a rich, Viking world where players inhabit the body of a mortal deity.

The game play is significantly different from Skyrim but far more immersive than any previous Elder Scrolls games. You can have AI companions of humanoids, decapitate enemies and throw their heads, etc.

It really is a brilliant game to play and is a must-own for VR gamers who want to experience something new.


Oculus has been a fantastic platform for VR gaming. However, not every game created using it is good. Some are just bad.

We’ve included some of the best Oculus Rift games that aren’t just brief experiences.

We hope you find them useful. If you have any further queries, please leave us a message here.


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