When Is Zenith VR Coming Out – Complete Guide with FAQs, Tips, & More

Through VR, you’ll feel as if you’re really there in the lush, detailed world of Zenith.

It is an adrenalin-pumping,action-adventure game where you can experience every swing of your sword and every lightning strike you call.

You can climb up anything, gliding anywhere. The world is yours for exploration in Zenith.

So, When is Zenith VR coming out? Let’s find out.

When is Zenith VR Coming Out?

On Twitter, Zenith The City was released on January 27 at 10 am PST (Pacific Standard) / 1 pm EST (Eastern Standard), 6 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean), and 7 pm CEST (Central European Summer). It’s available for purchase on Steam, PSVR, and Oculus Quest at that same moment.

If you plan to play the game using a computer connected to your VR headset, here are the recommended system requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-Bit
  • Processor: Dual Core with Hyper-Threading
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce GTX 970

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith is an online multiplayer game for PSVR that combines beautiful graphics with exciting action-adventure gameplay.

Set thousands of years after a cataclysmic worldwide event known only as “The Fracture”, immerses you in an engrossing story as mortal and divine characters do battle to stop another catastrophe from occurring. You’ll use the power of essence, the magical lifeblood that fuels all life, to become stronger as you explore the land with other players, meet a colorful array of heroes and villains, and complete quests for them.

Enter a beautiful, stylized world full of adventure and exploration. From the lush canopies to the hyper-fantastic cities, master deep traversal and fighting mechanics and customize your experience however you want!

Explore a Beautiful World

You use your hands to explore the world by climbing buildings, discovering secret areas, searching for hidden treasures, gliding through the sky, taking down enemies, and enjoying the scenery.

Hands-on Combat

You parry the cold metal of your enemy’s sword, slam your staff like a wizard, and even dodge an arrow while stopping the flow of battle. It takes both skill and practice as you master the art of launching the perfect attack combinations.

Join a Guild

You can start your own guild with your friend or join an existing one to take part in its activities.

Play your Way

You don’t need to follow the rules of your specific character when playing Zenith. It’s designed to give you fun, unexpected combinations for every type of player.

Zenith for PlayStation

Zenith is coming to PlayStation 4 and is playable using PS VR; it also allows for full freedom of access and mobility across the expansive landscape Zenith offers. Players are rewarded with an immersive combat experience made possible only through PS VR.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, gamers are urged to use their wild imaginations when inventing new ways to play since character classes aren’t bound by one’s current role. Choices made during the game affect the style of play for currently active characters, making each playthrough unique.

Zenith for Xbox

As far as we know, there has been no official announcement regarding Zenith’s release for Xbox One. However, Zenith is currently available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation VR and Microsoft Windows.

Zenith for PC

Zenith is playable on PCs, which offer the same basic virtual-reality gaming experience as the PS4. You’ll need to have access to a VR device such as Valve Index, an HTC Vive, an Oculus Rift, or a Windows Mixed Reality VR headset for a more immersive virtual-realty gaming environment that gamers love and appreciate.

How Ramen VR Built Zenith: The Last City?

How Ramen VR Built Zenith: The Last City?

The development team shared the exciting challenges they faced when developing their first cross-platform VR game.

Combat – Designing a Visceral Combat System

All of the classes at Zenith can be used as DPS, tanks, and supports. However, the team felt that having different classes with unique gameplay mechanics would help differentiate each class from one another. They also recognized that there would be smarter enemies in the game that could actively avoid or block players’ abilities.

For the two launch events, they chose Blade Master, a dual-sword-wielding warrior, and an Essence Mage who can use her launcher to fire energy bolts at enemies.

Combat for Blade Master focuses mainly on using physical weapons to swing at enemies with powerful strikes and perform combo attacks to trigger abilities. Timing attacks, parrying, and dodging will be essential to master this combat style.

Essence Mages use ranged attacks and abilities to supplement their melee capabilities. They’re equipped with two types of projectiles: one for close-range fighting and another for long-distance fights. Their teleportation ability allows them to move away from danger quickly.

Crafting – Cooking Delicious Dishes in VR

They wanted to create an immersive VR-based experience for our first life skills. So they decided to use cooking as the game’s theme and created a new skill tree and recipe system for players to unlock.

Each recipe has its own unique list of steps and preparation, ranging from simmer­ing ingredients to just the perfect temperature, cutting up vegetables, or flipping burgers to keep them from burning when they’re done.

Cooking for yourself is enjoyable, but having some good meals prepared for you by others can help keep you healthy during adventures.

Traversal – Movement Reimagined

One of the team’s early goals was to create an open world that was a big leap beyond anything currently available in virtual reality (VR), so they created a custom suite of traversals to help achieve that lofty goal.

You can scale almost anything in Zenith, from climbing small trees to picking fruits to scale a mountain to see the view, so you’re free to explore at your own pace. We’ve also added a new glider system that allows players to glide safely down slopes.

To fly, stretch out your arms and jump off an elevated position, then use your wrist movements to control your flight.

With our motion-capture technology combined with our swimming mechanics, we could create an immersive experience for players.

Content – Two Designers, One Massive World

It can be difficult to fill a game with content when so many things are to consider. However, these difficulties only grow when working on a game as large as an MMO like Zeni­th.

We began by identifying the core features that we wanted to incorporate into our game, including mobs, quests, public events, and collectible items. We then decided which features could also be implemented as repeatable elements then prioritized features according to their importance to the overall gameplay experience.

They started adding features one by one, testing each new addition as they added it and ensuring that they had a playable game throughout development. By doing so, they could quickly add broad gameplay passes, test each new element as they added it, ensure that they had a fully functional game, and avoid any major issues.


A Japanese anime-themed VR MMO called Zenith was created by Ramen VR. Players can communicate with one another using both speech and text.

You can play through an open world setting where you can explore different districts, create characters and customise them.

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