What VR Headset Does Bandoot Use – Professional Guide with Tips

Let’s look into it.

What VR Headset Does Bandoot Use?

Bandoot uses Oculus Quest 2.

The Best VR Headsets for Beat Saber

Wanting to get started playing Beat Saber, but unsure which VR Head Set to buy?

So we’ll look at the best VR headsets for Beat Saber for your price range and the end goal-so you have some awesome musical saber-wielding action.

Valve Index

The Valve Index is the most powerful version for Beat Saber available today. It features the smoothest frame rates and the best visual quality on this list.


The visuals are razor-sharp and extremely vivid thanks to the LCD display (1920 x 1080/screen) which has a high refresh rate of 60Hz.

And, with a silky-smoothing frame rate of 120 frames per second, the gameplay is super-smoother.


The quality of the trackers is excellent. The Lighthouse base station, which enables precise location, helps you achieve a high score.

Wire Tethering

The Index comes with one small inconvenience. It requires a wired connection to the computer. You may notice these wires on your back when playing.


For most people, the Index is comfortable enough. However, if you’re a person with a large face, it may be uncomfortable.

All in all, this is the best virtual reality headset for Beat Saber. If you don’t care about having a lighter wallet, get this. It’s definitely worth it.


  • Vibrant visuals
  • Butter smooth framerate
  • Excellent tracking


  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for some people
  • If you prefer wireless, then you may find the wires annoying

If a tethered headset bothers you, you’ll love the next one.

Oculus Quest 2

The Quest 2 is an independent VR headset that doesn’t require a computer. You don’t have to worry about tangling up in cables – you can move freely.

Snapdragon XR2

It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, which makes it capable of playing games like Beat Saber smoothly and fluently.


The resolution of the Oculus Quest 2 is 1,928-by-1,744 pixels per eye, which is more than that of the original Quest. This means the image clarity is sharper and crisper for an even better VR experience.


While the Quest 2 has better screen resolution, the game plays smoother on the headset than the original Index did. This is because the Quest 2 has a refresh frequency of 90 Hz compared to its predecessor’s 120 Hz.


The Oculus Rift 2 has inside-out tracking using the cameras built into the headset. However, its tracking isn’t quite as accurate as the Index’s lighthouse-based tracking, but it still does an excellent enough of track for most purposes.


As for comfort, the Quest 2 isn’t bad at all. It’s light, but some people might not enjoy wearing it because it feels too heavy on their faces. Yes, it may be uncomfortable.

If you’re looking for something comfortable, go for the Elite Strap. It makes the Quest 2 feel a whole ton lighter than its predecessor.


  • No PC required
  • Hi-res visuals that immerse you
  • No pesky wires to annoy you
  • Cheap.


  • It may not be comfortable for everyone; however, if you want to avoid the problem, you can get an Elite strap to solve the issue.
  • Not so high framerates
Oculus Rift S

HTC Vive Pro

Beat Saber is really cool when played with just your fingers, but what if you added in your feet too?

You can use the HTC Vive Tracker to play the FeetSaber Mod.

With the mod, Beat Saber becomes an awesome dance game alternative. And the HTC VIVE PRO is the only option headset that can run this.


The HTC Vive Pro offers a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye – similar to the Valve Index headset.


Compared to the Index, the Vive Pro has an OLED display which makes the colors brighter and blacker than the LCD screen of the Index. However, the sharpness of the Vive Pro isn’t as good as Valve’s own headgear, so the highs and lows are evened out.


The tracking is precise enough for competitive players. It’s better than the Quest 2 and on par with the Index, if you’re looking for a good headset for competitive play.


As for comfort, the HTC Vive Pro is one of the most comfortable headsets on this list.

The ear cushions are soft and comfortable. They don’t weigh down your ears. You can easily adjust them using a simple dial.


Unfortunately, the HTC Vive Pro is quite pricey. It costs slightly less than the Index without the bases, but is considerably more expensive when including the base stations.


  • Play Feet Saber! A super fun mod
  • Comfortable
  • Precise tracking. Good for competitive gaming.
  • Beautiful OLED display


  • Sharpness: Low because of an OLED display.
  • Expensive

Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Quest has excellent tracking. The images are sharp and clear (1240 x 1440 pixels), making them perfect for gaming.


The Oculus Touch VR Controllers are almost essential for competitive games, they’re light, fit in your hands like a pair of gloves, and are easy to use.

These controllers are fun to use, and you can play them for long periods of time without feeling tired.


It’ll be comfortable to wear and you’ll be able to play Beat Saber for quite some time.

The excellent tracking, lights, and comfortable headset are the main reason to buy this for a competitive BeatSaber.


If you want a wireless headset, then we’d recommend the Quest 2 instead of the Rift S.


  • Great tracking and framerate – so you can dominate the competition.
  • The Oculus Touch controllers feel natural to hold and operate.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Cheap


  • Uses wires

Sony Playstation VR

If you own a PlayStation 4 or 5, then Sony’s PlayStation VR is a headset that offers top-notch performance for an affordable price.

Refresh Rate

It has a refresh frequency of 120Hz, which makes it comparable to the Index headset. Expect smoother gaming than some of the other headsets listed here.


Even though the resolution is low (960×1080) per eye, it still manages to blow your mind with its visuals. It features an OLED screen and the colors are vibrant.


It’s lightweight. The headband is comfortable. You can wear it for long periods of time without feeling discomfort.

Motion Tracking

One of the PlayStation VR’s biggest issues is its lack of positional awareness. If you’re too far away from the camera, the system won’t be able to track your movements.

On top of that, the motion tracking isn’t the best among the headsets we’ve tested so far but if you have good lighting and if you stay close enough to the camera, then there shouldn’t be any issue with tracking.


  • Higher refresh rates mean smoother frame rates.
  • OLED panel displays rich and vibrant colors
  • Exclusive games like Resident Evil 7 and Blood and Truth


  • Not the best tracker
  • Need PS4


What is the best VR headset? It really comes down to personal preference.

Tell us which one you liked best in the comments below.


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