What VR Game Does Mully Play With the Brushes – Complete Guide, Tips & More

William Jones, known as Mully, is a YouTube creator who usually makes video game related videos.

Mully is the best known for using the Brush avat­ars in VRChat, which became popular among his viewers and others. This is especially because he and The Boys created the “No No Squared” song that they used during their streams.

Let’s find out what VR game Mully plays with Brush.

What VR Game Does Mully Play With the Brush?

Mully plays VR chat with Brush. This app allows players to create the world around them using what the app has on hand as well as mods to create different characters.

VRChat is an online multiplayer game where people can create their own worlds and interact with each other.

Who is Mully?

Mully, or “Mullen Slay” as his real last name, is an Australian YouTuber who has been making videos since April 12th, 2019. He quickly became popular after uploading his first YouTube channel on April 12th, which now boasts 5.19 million subscribers.

He regularly collaborates on videos with other YouTube creators such as Josh Dub, Juicy Fruit Snacks, Your Narrator and Eddie VR, a group of YouTube creators who call themselves “the boys”.

These creators usually post their own videos separately and together, creating a variety of humorous sketches, exploring new VR games and movies, and responding to the twist and turn of the games they’re currently playing.

What VR Game Does Mully Play?

Mully and The boys stream a variety of different games live on Twitch. They often create comedy skits using the VRChat application.

Aside from VRChat (which he also plays), Mully also plays:

  • Minecraft
  • Phasmophobia
  • Pavlov VR
  • Sam & Dan: Floaty Flatmates
  • The Forest
  • Zero Caliber VR
  • Spiderman VR

Which VR Headset Does Mully Use?

Mully has an HTC Vive Pro VR system which is a high-end version of the HTC Vive VR headset. It features a high resolution display and spatial audio with built-in active headphones to provide a more immersive experience without any distractions from the real environment.

What VR Game Does Mully Play?

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System Technical Specification

You need to be careful when buying headphones because they can cost a lot of money. So we’ve listed out the specifications for you below.


  • Screen: 3.5″ Dual AMOLED – diagonal
  • Resolution: 1440×1600 per eye (2x full resolution)
  • Refresh Rate: 90Hz
  • Audio: Hi-Res certified headphones
  • Input: Microphone is integrated
  • Connection Type: USB-C, Bluetooth, Display Port
  • Sensors: SteamVR tracking, G-Sensor, Gyroscope, proximity, IDP sensor
  • Ergonomics: Eye relief through lens readjustment, adjustable IPD, headphones & headstrap


Sensor: 2.0 SteamVR Tracking

Input: Touch screen, multi-touch trackpad, system key, menu key & two stage trigger

Connections: Charge using micro USB

Tracking Area

Space: No minimum requirement

Room Scale: Min: 6.6″ x 4.11″ / Max: 22.11″ x 22.11″

Best-Selling VR Headsets

Here are three of the current bestsellers:

Meta Quest 2

Oculus Go 2 is developed by Facebook and was released in April 2019. Since Facebook’s rebrand to Meta, it also went by the name of Meta Go 2.

Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone VR system that lets you experience virtual reality like never before. It works perfectly alone or paired with a gaming PC.

With its free compatibility, you’ll be able to easily connect it to any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Furthermore, the Oculus Quest 2 has a high-resolution display for full immersion.

Features of Oculus Quest 2

  • 90 degrees field of view
  • Built-in storage
  • 90Hz-12-Hz refresh rate
  • Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Adjustable lens position

Benefits of Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 offers a lot of advantages. Aside from its obvious compatibility, the headset itself is fairly comfortable to wear.

It has adjustable straps that let you adjust them to fit your exact size. Furthermore, the Oculus Quest 2 lets you watch YouTube and explore Facebook and Meta to some extent.

Another important point to note is that Oculus Quest 2 works best when connected to a computer via an HDMI cable. It doesn’t support wireless connections.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy Oculus Quest 2

Even though Oculus Quest2 is pretty straightforward in terms of performance and benefits, there is some stuff you need to take into account. Let’s see what they are.

Battery Life

We tested PSVR and Oculus Go after charging them fully and found that Oculus Go lasted longer than PSVR. It could last up to 4 hours at maximum performance.

After further investigation, we discovered the main reason for the problem was the standalone nature of the Oculus Quest 2. Because it had everything built into it, it used a lot of power.

Can we increase the battery life?

At present, you can improve the longevity of the device by reducing its performance. However, until other manufacturers develop a better power source, this will remain an issue for you.

Motion Sensors

Like the PSVR, Oculus Go 2 also has six built-in sensors. These include a 3D camera, an infrared projector, two depth cameras, and three-axis gyroscopes.

Besides that, Oculus Quest 2 has four different motion trackers for fluid motion detection. You need to place them in different corners of your living room.

Does motion capture work with Metaverse?

Oculus Quest 2 has full body tracking for most Metaverse worlds. Additionally, the controllers are optional if you want to use them for Facebook.


One major advantage that the Oculus Quest 2 headset has over other VR headsets (such as the HTC Vive) is its ability to be used with any type of computer system.

Oculus Quest 2 doesn’t place any significant load on your computer because it has a built-in console setup. For its price, it has top-of-the line specs.

Can I use Oculus Quest 2 with gaming consoles?

One drawback of the Oculus Quest 2 is that it cannot be used with gaming consoles. This has to do with the fact that Sony and Microsoft have their respective dedicated VR devices.

Nintendo Switch VR

The Nintendo Labo kit is something that is definitely targeted toward children rather than adult gamers. However, even if you’re not an adult gamer, you can still enjoy building the kits with your kids and marveling at the wonders of VR offered by the Nintendo Switch.

It looks a lot like Google Cardboards, but it’ll last longer and be a lot more sturdy.

Inside the Nintendo Switch itself, there are gyroscopes and accelerometers which enable you to move through the virtual reality worlds offered by the console.

Features and Benefits

Cardboard Can be Used to Make a Variety of Shapes

With the Nintendo Labo VR kit, you can use the included cardboard and the supplied instruction booklet to create various shapes. These different shapes fit with different games inside the Switch, and they allow you to interact with the game world in different ways.

With the Nintendo Labo VR kit, you can create a wide range of different shapes using cardboard pieces. These include:

  • A camera
  • An elephant
  • A blaster
  • A bird
  • A pedal
  • VR goggles

With the Labo VR Kit, there’s a unique kind of variety that you just can’t get from any other VR products available right now.

Screen Cap

You can use the screen protector included with the kit to cover it up when you’re not using it.

Child-Friendly Project

It might be a bit boring doing it alone but it could be a whole new experience if you do it with kids. You can shape cardboard into different shapes using them.

If you do it with your children, it can be a fun and rewarding activity.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Nintendo Switch VR


While the price of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit isn’t as cheap as a mobile VR headset, it’s still cheaper than a high-end console VR headset or PC VR headset.

We think it’s comfortable for most people, and we really believe that the quality of the content makes up for the high cost. After all, it isn’t just any ordinary VR headset; it’s an immersive one that allows you to share experiences with your family and friends.


Cutting up cardboard and forming it into the various forms needed for each app can be tedious. But following the instructions carefully makes it easier than ever.


The Nintendo Labo kit works with both the original Nintendo Switch console and the new Nintendo Switch Lite console.


Mully is a very active creator on YouTube, making him one of the most prominent VR gamers on the platform. He uses VRChat to create his own virtual worlds. He creates most of his videos in VRChat.

Mully recommends the HTC VIVE Pro for those who like to play games.

We hope this article was helpful to you. 

Let us know if you watch Mully’s youtube videos and if you like them. Feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.


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