What is VR Gaming? – Full Breakdown, Feedback, Tips, FAQs & More

It can be quite daunting to get into the world of VR gaming since it’s evolving at such a rapid rate and there are so many options to choose from. 

Depending on your particular requirements and resources, a particular VR product might be more suitable for you than others. 

This post will provide you with the necessary details you need to opt for the most suitable VR solution for your needs. 

Quick Summary

In this post, we discuss: 

  • VR gaming as a whole
  • VR gaming buyers’ guide
  • Some great VR games 
  • Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

What is VR Gaming? 

VR gaming has been the dream for gamers since video games became mainstream. It involves having a 3D virtual space that you can perceive, move around and interact with. 

VR gaming is something that is being worked upon for decades and the technology is finally starting to become consumer-ready. It’s something that gives the player a truly immersive experience since you’re genuinely there inside the game’s world. 

What is VR Gaming? 

Of course, immersion is something that game developers always strive for when they create a video game. With VR, this becomes a whole lot easier since the player is able to perceive and take in the world on their own terms. 

How Does it Work? 

To enjoy a VR game, you’ll need a VR headset which is a device that allows you to project and perceive 3D rendered images from a VR app or game. A VR headset has stereoscopic lenses that are positioned between an LED screen and your eyes. 

The LED screen is what the 3D-rendered images are displayed on. It displays two slightly different images through the lenses; each image is meant for one eye. 

This is similar to how our vision works, and it enables you to perceive the virtual world in the same way you would the real world.

Not only can you perceive the virtual world, you can also interact with it. 

This is made possible through specialized VR controllers and other accessories. Research is currently being done to eliminate controllers entirely, but for the time being, it’s something that gamers still need to play games in VR properly. 

VR Gaming Buyers’ Guide 

If you’re in the market to buy a VR headset, there are definitely some key aspects that you should think about and research. 


You don’t want to spend money and then end up with a VR headset that does not accommodate your needs and what you want out of it. To ensure you get the best product for you, you must first understand what your needs are. 

Here’s what you need to consider: 


Of course, you must first consider your budget and how much you intend to spend. VR headsets come in a wide variety of price ranges that typically range from $15 all the way up to $2000. 

Naturally, the higher you go, the more high-end the product will be. However, it’s important to not overspend as a higher-priced VR headset may not necessarily have features that you gain value from and use regularly. 

If you’re someone that just wants to try out VR, your best bet would be to get a mobile-based VR headset. 

It’s the cheapest type of VR headset and if you try it and find that VR is not really your thing, it won’t be too much of a financial loss. 


You mainly have 4 types of VR headsets: 

  • Mobile-based VR headsets: They are the cheapest and work with smartphones. 
  • Standalone VR headsets: They are typically mid-range in terms of price and as the name suggests, they don’t require any external device to work. 
  • Console VR headsets: They work with a gaming console and typically are priced the same as standalone VR headsets. 
  • PC VR headsets: They are the most expensive but also have the most sophisticated technology inside them. You need a PC to get them to work. 

Design and Comfort 

VR is not like regular gaming. It’s a lot more physically demanding, so the VR headset you have absolutely needs to be comfortable to wear. 

The design needs to be smooth and streamlined so that you don’t get fatigued or worn out while you’re gaming. The perfect VR headset makes you feel like you’re not even wearing anything on your head. 

That’s when the true immersion kicks in and you can truly get lost in the game’s virtual world. 

Make sure to get a VR headset that has a ton of favorable reviews when it comes to comfort as well as adjustability.


Technical problems are something that arise in all technological devices but with VR, these problems can be very difficult to fix as well. 

Hence, make sure that you do your research and ensure you get a VR headset that is known to have the least technical issues possible. Dealing with clunky UIs and bugs is something that takes the fun out of something that should be a highly pleasurable experience. 

You don’t want that, of course. Thus, it’s important to conduct research to find the most user-friendly VR headset. 

Build Quality 

This is true for pretty much any product you get but with VR headsets, it’s very important that they are built well. 

They’ll be on your head for a while as you bounce and move around. As you get sweaty, it’s important that the material they’re made from is not something that is prone to wear and tear. You want something that’s long-lasting and high-quality. 

Furthermore, they can be a hefty investment, especially the high-end ones. You don’t want to be buying a new one every year or so. 

Hence, make sure to read up on reviews about the build quality and buy from trusted manufacturers that use the highest quality materials to build their VR headsets.

If you are able to buy the VR headset from a local shop, that’s even better since you’ll be able to inspect it yourself and maybe even test it out. It can give you a great idea of how well it’s built and whether or not it will withstand the test of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Do You Need for VR Gaming? 

What Do You Need for VR Gaming? 

If you buy a standalone VR headset, you only just need that to jump into the world of VR. If you buy a mobile-based one, then you need a smartphone and the headset. If you buy a PC-based one, you’ll need a PC and the headset.

Will VR Take Over Gaming? 

While it’s definitely a great idea, most experts feel that the space for regular gamers is still something that will always remain a majority in the market. 

Should I Buy a VR Headset? 

If you can afford it, you definitely should. It’s a great unique experience that everyone should try. 

How Long Does a VR Headset Last on a Full Charge? 

It depends on the VR headset you buy but most VR headsets typically last 2 to 3 hours on a single charge.

Is VR Safe for Your Eyes? 

Yes. Most VR headsets are safe for your eyes as long as you take regular breaks in between your VR sessions. 


VR gaming is super exciting and the technology is getting better with every passing day. 

It’s a highly unique gaming experience and if you can afford it, it’s definitely something you should invest in and try out. Who knows? You may just find a new way to play a game that you love. 

Do you like VR? Tell us your opinion in the comments below. 


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