What is the Best VR App? – Great Picks, Feedback, Tips & More

When you first get into VR, you may not know where to start since there are a ton of apps to choose from. 

Many of them offer highly varying experiences, and as a user, you might not know yet what you might enjoy in virtual reality. 

That’s why we decided to compile some of our top picks for the best apps to get for a thorough introduction to the world of VR. 

Quick Summary

This post aims to discuss the best VR apps to get started.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

The Best VR Apps to Get Started 

In this section, we hope to provide you with slight tastes of everything that VR has to offer so that you can truly understand its potential. 

Remember that this is just a diving point and the extensive library of VR titles you have to explore is limitless. These apps are designed to help you figure out what it is that you truly enjoy in the world of VR. 

Then, once your tastes develop, you’ll be much better at being able to seek out what you enjoy in virtual reality. 

The best VR apps to get started with are: 

Youtube VR

Youtube VR

Youtube really doesn’t need an introduction and with Youtube VR, you’ll dive into what the platform has to offer in full virtual reality. 

Most people think that you can only check out Youtube’s VR videos when you have a VR headset on. That’s not actually true. You can also watch Youtube’s entire collection of 2D videos on your VR headset as well. 

Of course, they won’t actually be VR, but rather, you’ll see them on a screen in a virtual space. 

Still though, you can watch them. 

And when it comes to the VR videos that are meant to be viewed on the headset, you have an ever-growing library of documentaries, vlogs, short films, avant-garde experiments, music videos and a whole lot more to choose from. 

Plus, you don’t have to pay anything to have the app. Just like the regular version, Youtube VR is also free to download and install. 

You can opt for Youtube Premium if you wish, but that’s certainly not a requirement like it is with most other platforms. 

Google Earth VR

Google Earth VR

Similar to Youtube, we don’t really need to tell you what Google Earth is. 

It’s a map of the entire Earth mapped out by satellites that you are free to explore. The VR component, of course, allows you to do this in a virtual space. 

While Google Earth is definitely fascinating, what truly pushes this experience up a notch is Street View. 

Google Street View allows you to see snapshots of pictures throughout the entire world and you can use it to experience real photos in any part of the world. 

Naturally, if you do this in VR, it’s a much more immersive experience as you can explore all around the world from the comforts of your living room. 

Full-Dive VR

Full-Dive VR

If you’re experiencing virtual reality on an iOS device or an Android device, then it’s a great idea to download and install Full-Dive VR. 

It’s a platform similar to Youtube where anyone can post VR content and experience it as well. It has a huge library of a myriad of different VR experiences that you can explore for hours on end. 

The experiences range from being calm and tranquil to fast-paced and blood-pumping. It’s really up to you and what you enjoy. 

Furthermore, if you’re someone who wants to create VR content of their own, this is a platform where you can publish it for others to enjoy as well. 

Within VR

Within VR

Within VR is also a platform that hosts a variety of different types of VR content that you can explore. 

We wanted to include Within VR because of the particularly unique and boundary-pushing work that’s available within its library. The types of content you’ll find include documentaries, horror movies, avant-garde experiments, and other virtual experiences that you can dive into. 

The app is available on Android and iOS devices as well as on Steam, Oculus, Playstation and more. 

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience

This VR app is extremely intimate and truly unlike anything else that you’ll experience in virtual reality. 

This is one of those apps we were talking about when we said that we really wanted you to realize VR’s potential and what it’s really capable of. 

Instead of having accurately-rendered recreations of the International Space Station, as is the case in most VR apps, this one provides you with real-life ISS footage. The footage features mundane activities and intimate conversations of astronauts aboard the station. 

Since it’s presented in VR, it doesn’t feel like you’re watching a documentary. Rather, it feels like you’re right there like a fly on the wall in the International Space Station, just observing the astronauts inside it. 

It offers a very human and intimate look into the lives of the astronauts aboard the International Space Station, and it truly pushes the boundaries of what VR can be. 

It’s presented in an episodic format, so you can easily pace yourself according to your schedule. You can watch it in one go or really let the experience sink in before jumping into the next episode. 

Dreams VR

Dreams VR

Dreams is a platform on the Playstation 4 that provides you with intuitive tools to create games and other interactive experiences with ease. 

Not only that, but it’s also a library for all of its users to publish their works created within it to share with others. 

The VR component is exactly this but of course, for VR apps. 

Unlike most other mediocre VR development platforms, Dreams features a very intuitive and easy-to-use set of tools for its users. It’s a great app to start from if you want to get into VR development but have not done any type of development in the past. 

The only complaint we really have is that you’re stuck with the default art style that Dreams presents you to play with. 

Other than that, the amount of creative freedom that it provides you with is quite respectable. If you spend some time learning how its tools work and how to integrate mechanics for your virtual reality experiences properly, you can really create something special. 

On the other hand, if you’re not really a creator and want to enjoy other people’s works, there’s a space for you too. 


There are numerous apps that you could start your VR journey with, but it’s best to have some tried-and-tested staples to anchor yourself. 

Once you have those must-haves, you can venture out into more niche VR experiences in order to figure out what you really enjoy and what you’re looking for. 

What types of VR experiences do you enjoy most? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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