What Does the Roy VR Headset Do – Quick and Easy Guide with FAQs & More

Virtual reality (VR) has become very popular over the last couple of years. The Oculus Rift headset was released back in 2016, and now there are several other headsets out there. What does the Roy VR headset do?

Let’s find out!

What Does the Roy VR Headset Do?

The Roy VR headset is a virtual reality headset that allows you to experience immersive 3D video games, movies, and other content in your own private virtual world.

The Roy VR headset has been designed to be comfortable for long periods of time, so it can be used while watching TV or playing video games. It also features an adjustable head strap which makes it easy to fit on any size head.

Why VR? Why now?

Virtual Reality is a new type of storytelling. It gives people the ability to create their own worlds, which they can explore freely. It offers them more freedom and more creative options than traditional forms of entertainment.

Creating a new reality has been going on since at least 1929 when television was first developed. However, it wasn’t until Oculus successfully launched its Kickstarter project in 2012 that people started to take notice and the entertainment industry began shifting towards VR.

One of the biggest factors behind the success of virtual reality (VR) has been the development of computing technology. Smartphones are now so powerful that they’re able to run VR applications.

With apps and other forms of digital media becoming increasingly accessible, people now have easier ways to get their hands on information than ever before.

What are VR’s Biggest Obstacles?

One of the biggest challenges facing the VR market right now is creating high-quality content for consumers. Because VR is so new, there aren’t enough people who know how to use it yet. As a result, companies need to create content that both educates potential users and gets them interested in trying out VR.

Ability, style, price, and availability are some of the challenges that devices like Google Glass and PC headset face.

These days, there are so many different types of VR devices available, from cheap ones to high end ones. However, most of these devices are quite expensive.

They’re also tethered, so they require you to be at home or in an office to use them.

Stimuli VR

To address these challenges, Roy’s firm is focusing on creating VR experiences that people can use outside of their own houses.

They’re also working with 360-Degree cameras manufacturers so their users can create their own content, which they can then share very easily and quickly.

Most headsets are currently designed with an app lock-in. For instance, the Samsung Gear VR requires use of its own apps, and the Google DayDream requires use of its own Android apps.

If you’re able to be the leader in this space, then you’ll need to make great advances, but you’ll also be leading companies into walled garden situations.

As a third-part producer, Roy’s company wants to remove the exclusivity of VR by making it accessible to everyone. They want to ensure that anyone can use VR anywhere, regardless of their device.


Stimuli VR has developed a small, affordable, portable virtual-realty (VR) head­set that stores easily and fits comfortably on your face. In addition, it has removed all unnecessary parts from the VR head­set, leaving just the lens, the bracket to store your smartphone and the arms that fit onto your face.

For instance, Stimuli has made its VR headsets “travel ready” by including a travel bag that can also serve as a mask that covers your eyes to get a more immersive experience.

Above all else, he hopes to inspire more innovations in the virtual reality world, and to help the product space and consumer experience for virtual reality become more open.

With an entire medium at its disposal and a whole new approach to creating experiences for people, openness is how creativity and excitement will flourish.

What Are the Harmful Effects of Virtual Reality?

What Are the Harmful Effects of Virtual Reality?

If you want an immersive game experience that allows you to forget about the real world, VR will give you that.

With these games, you can experience things beyond our real-life environments. Instead, you can live inside an artificial world where you’re free to explore whatever you want.

Your brain can adjust quickly when you’re in the VR environment. It takes as few as 30 minues for your brain to adjust to the new environment.

You may be able to quickly adjust to living in the virtual world, but you’ll still be in the real one, and so will the physical obstacles you can walk into and trip, stumble, and trip hazards, and people you might hit in the face.

With virtual reality continuing to grow in popularity, there are now increasing numbers of injuries associated with using VR headsets. This guide explains why.

The Risks of Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality has been linked to a number of negative side effects, including eye strain, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even seizures. It also poses a serious health risk. Players have suffered from injuries ranging from broken bones to electric shock.

Rather than creating an entirely virtual environment, augmented realities use similar technology to create virtual elements that appear within our real environments.

Many players who play augmented reality (AR) video game apps have reported injuries.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that has already seen its fair shares of injury among its users. Here are some examples of the different types of injuries they can cause.

  • A man who was playing Pokemon Go while he was driving ran into a police car.
  • A distracted man was robbed while he was playing Pokemon Go.
  • A distracted man was attacked while he was playing Pokemon GO.
  • Two distracted men fell off a cliff when they were walking while playing Pokemon Go.
  • A man who was driving at high speed while playing Pokémon Go crashed into another vehicle.

One report found that in Tippecanoe County, Indiana alone, traffic accident investigators blamed video games for causing at least 134 crashes that resulted in two deaths.

They estimate that if the entire world played for an hour each day, the number of traffic fatalities would be reduced by 150,000, and the number of injuries from car crashes would be reduced by 256.


Virtual reality is a growing trend in entertainment and with good reason. It’s safe, fun, and allows you to escape the real world for a bit. However, there are some serious risks involved in using this type of technology.

Make sure to check out all of the warnings on the product before buying or trying it. If you’re worried about safety, don’t use it until you know how to safely operate the equipment.

We hope that this guide has been useful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.



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