What Comes With the Playstation VR – In-Depth Comparison with FAQs

People often ask, what comes with the PlayStation VR?

Let’s find out!

What Comes With the Playstation VR?

With Playstation VR you get a headset, two controllers, and an HDMI cable to connect your PS4 console to your TV.

You can also use it on its own without a PS4 or any other device.

The headset is comfortable and easy to wear. It has a built-in microphone so you can chat with friends while playing games. The controllers are wireless and have touch pads for hand tracking. 

How to Set Up PlayStation VR for PS5?

When you open the PlayStation VR package, you’ll see there’s a lot of stuff inside. And that’s not even counting the PS4, camera, and Move controllers, which are all available separately. Where do you start?

  1. To identify the processor unit (the black box), open the console case by sliding off the top panel.
  2. Then, take the provided HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI input on your PlayStation 4.
  3. Connect the other side of the cable to the HDMI port labeled “HDMI PS4”.
  4. Plug the second HDMI Cable into your TV, with one end connected to the “HDMI TV” port of the processor unit and the other end connected to the “TV” port of the processor.
  5. Plug the small side of the USB cable into the back of the processor unit.
  6. Then plug the other end of the cable into one of the USB ports on the PlayStation 4 console.
  7. Plug the AC power cord into the processor unit and plug it into an electrical socket.
  8. Connect the VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) to the front of the computer unit by matching the symbol on the HMD to the symbol on the front of the computer.
  9. Then connect the HMD to the other end of the connector by matching the symbol on one side of the connector to the symbol on the other side of the connector.
  10. Next, attach the PlayStation Camera to the console using the provided USB cable. Place the camera above or below the television screen, ensuring that no obstructions are preventing the camera from seeing your playing space.

Now that everything has been set up, it’s time to start playing! Turn on the PlayStation 4 and follow the on-screen instructions to configure your game space and complete the initial setup of the virtual reality (VR) headset.

After that, you should be able to play in VR! To use Move controllers, plug them into the console using the provided USB cable and press the Playstation button to set up the connection.


PlayStation VR for PS5

Even though you may already own a working PS VR setup, it won’t be compatible with PlayStation 5 right away. However, the only thing you need for compatibility is free, and once that’s done everything else will be the same.


Sony has announced that they’re going to be releasing an adapter for the PlayStation Camera so that people who already own one can use their camera with the new console.

All you need to do is provide your PlayStation VR serial number and the company should ship out a free adapter to you in the mail.

Once you’ve got it, just plug it into the back of your TV using the included HDMI cable, and follow the instructions below for the PS4 in the same manner as for the PS5. When you reach step 5), plug the camera into one of the rear ports on your TV using the included cable. You’re done!

A quick tip: You may be tempted to just buy the new camera for PS5 because it has better features than the old one. But don’t! It’s only meant for recording yourself for live streaming and isn’t compatible with PlayStation VR.

For now, it won’t help you set up any VR system.

What Resolution and Field of View Will the Playstation VR 2 Have?

  • PSVR 2 will have two 4k HDR OLED displays.
  • The screen size will be 2,000 by 2,040 pixels.
  • The field of view covers 110 degrees.

We’ve seen PSVR only in full HD so far. However, due to the already mentioned sub-pixel arrangement, the image quality is usually quite good, but we’d still really appreciate an improved display technology and thus also increased screen size.

Display Resolution

At the moment, Varjo Aero has the best display resolution with 2,880 x 2,720 per eyesight, but it is also one of the most expensive VR headsets for home use.

Sony’s new headset comes next, but still within the upper end of current VR goggles. The PSVR2’s 4K HDR OLED display resolutions are 2,000 x 2,040 per eyesight.

Additional Hardware

PlayStation 5 already has support for virtual reality through its basic structure, so there won’t be any additional hardware needed between PSVR 2 and PlayStation 5.

However, using PSVR with PS5 doesn’t require any additional hardware besides the PS5 itself. You don’t need an extra processor box or a camera adaptor.


During a presentation at CES 2022, Sony announced the specifications of PSVR 2

  • 4K HDR OLED Displays with a resolution of 2k x 2k px per eye.
  • Fresnel lenses with a field of vision of 110 degrees.
  • Eye tracking and fov­eated rendering for an added VR experience and social interactivity.
  • Haptics in or on the goggles themselves should help increase immersion and reduce the risk of motion sickness.
  • New capacitive sensor technology in the new PlayStation VR 2 headset. The new sensor technology will only be used by the thumb, index, and middle fingers.


Sony has been working hard on improving the quality of its VR headsets since it first launched them. In addition to the improvements made to the hardware, Sony has also improved the software side of things.

They’ve done so by making sure that there is always something to do in VR, whether it be playing games, watching movies, browsing the web, chatting with friends, etc.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.


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