Wander VR Review – Detailed Guide, Alternatives, Tips & FAQs

Who doesn’t want the option to travel anyplace on the planet in a moment? Wander VR gives you the opportunity to do that from the comfort of your home.  

This VR experience is not just about viewing multiple locations. We experienced a lot more features as we dug into more of its features. 

Let’s go ahead and see what more this VR immersion has to offer! 

Wander VR Review

Wander is a great method for seeing areas all over the planet with some level of change. If you’ve utilized Google Maps in your internet browser or on your telephone, you’ve most likely seen Street view previously. However, this is an uplifting experience of everything you might have seen before. Based on our experience, we would suggest you call in your friends for a fun VR activity and share the views together. 

Alternate #1 

National Geographic Explore VR

National Geographic Explore VR is a unique VR travel insight. It is a delightful excursion to 2 areas of the world doing a few pretty slick things you can do in VR while investigating them.

Alternate #2 

Google Street View VR

Google Earth VR allows you to travel to magnificent locations without spending a penny. 

You can enjoy the views from multiple angles and levels. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

It’s not hard to comprehend what Wander is on a superficial level. The $10 application pulls in Road View information from Google Guides any place it’s accessible. 

If your Google’s popular camera vans have driven down a street and gathered photographs, you can visit those photographs in VR. This can truly ensure a memorable experience. 

You can turn your head to inspect everything with 360 degrees of view as well as utilize the Oculus controller cursor to magically transport not too far off. This is in the event that the Google van did not do.

Moreover, Wander likewise allows clients to pull up a guide of the world with each accessible explorable region featured in blue. You can utilize a basic text search box to visit explicit spots, whether it’s a city, an area, or even a street number. 

Features and Benefits


On entering the application, you face a world guide. By essentially utilizing the passed-on simple stick to zoom in and out and the right controller stick to walk around the guide, you can cross the globe easily, and the best part is that speed. 

You can be in New York and afterward in Singapore in no time flat.

Whenever you’ve picked your objective, you select a spot on the guide and pull the right controller to move there. In practically no time you’re remaining in your chosen place where you can check out the world in a 360-degree view.

Symbolism is taken from either Google Road View itself or given by open individuals who have shared their 360 caught photographs with Google. 


There are lots of various choices in the guide. You can flip the guide on and off, view saved most loved areas and famous objections, to survey select/well-known areas of interest close to your ongoing area.

One of the better elements of wander is the capacity to turn back the clock. No time machine is required here. Depending on your chosen area’s information, a date button will be accessible. 

With this button, you can flip between the accessible long periods of caught film from different areas. Remaining on London Extension and returning an entire ten years will be an absolute delight to see.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Wander VR


There are two sorts of pictures you’ll see: Google Road view and client contributed. One way or the other, the pictures are 360° photographs. 

The authority Google pictures come from the custom equipment they send around on vehicles and individuals.

The client-contributed pictures can be taken with any 360° camera like the Ricoh Theta SC2 or contributions from Insta360 (no support planned).


Most intuitive control in wander comes from the pilot interface seen to your left side regulator.

This gives buttons around a level round map. You can utilize these to see close-by focuses, and leap to an irregular spot (anyplace on the planet!).

Add the ongoing area to the top choices and a couple of different things. It’s plenty of buttons, and they aren’t really self-evident.


The application itself is free but if you don’t want your data to be sold or you don’t want extra ads or if you do want to be given different promotions, then you’d have to pay a little extra.


Wander is scheduled to ship on PSVR, SteamVR, and Oculus PC headsets in Q3 2021. All forms of the game will uphold full movement controls, including PSVR. 


Wander is a pleasant method for seeing areas all over the planet with some level of immersion. Assuming you’ve utilized Google Guides in your internet browser or on your telephone, you’ve most likely seen Road View previously.

Indeed, even in a level rendition on your screen, it’s really astounding to have the option to see the genuine view of a street or way.

However, the wander is something other than map investigation. You can set top picks, search by voice, and even party with companions to share the experience.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

With a lot to examine yet sketchy plan decisions and disappointing specialized issues, Wander is fun to use in both great and terrible ways

We can’t stress enough what a stupendous experience Wander is. The game has the right blend of activity and puzzle-tackling to hold things back from getting lifeless. 

Here are some reviews for you to read.

zeiss vr one plus review

Similar to Wander VR - Recommendations

#1: Best Adventurous VR Game - National Geographic Explore VR Review

This travel application highlights two objections: Machu Picchu and Antarctica. You are out and about as a picture taker and need to photo the objections as effectively as workable for an issue of Public Geographic.

You will be joined by a supervisor who will give you exact directions by means of radio: where to put curios and from which point to catch them.

The photography perspective truly spoke to us. In other travel applications, you as a rule don’t do a lot: track down a spot, walk a couple of steps, glance around, and that is all there is to it.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy National Geographic Explore VR

Graphics: Public Geographic Investigate VR is certainly one of the better-looking games we have seen on the Oculus Quest 2. You genuinely appear as though you are looking at genuine photos of the areas before you. 

The group achieved this by utilizing a strategy called Photogrammetry.

Interactivity: You land in Peru and have a proofreader in your headset ear letting you know what photographs you really want to take for the magazine. There is likewise a neighborhood local escort who gives you some data about how the situation is playing out.  

Affordability: It is very cheap. However, there is no multiplayer in this experience. There is a choice to fire up a voice visit and have an oculus companion tune in as you investigate things.

Compatibility: Sadly, it is just accessible on Oculus Quest 2. The finish of this is one stunning development in a seemingly untamed life and landscape. It makes all the climbing and going through blizzards worth the work.

Experience: When you get to the top you are in an insane blizzard in Antarctica! There are more assignments to do to endure the night in the freezing cold. It truly causes you to feel like a pilgrim. 

The photographs are much less significant here than they were in the Machu Picchu experience. 

Best Adventurous VR Game

The Best Adventurous VR Game is National Geographic Explore VR because you travel with a task that gives the excursion a story outlining and structure, adds perkiness because of a reasonable goal, and requires innovativeness.

#2: Best Colorful VR Game - Google Street View VR Review

Google Earth VR is a staggering encounter. Having the option to venture to the far corners of the planet from the comfort of your own home is something you would want to experience.

There’s a compelling reason to stress over swarms with virtual places of interest, all things considered. It’ll be an empowering administration for some.

We completely appreciate the empowered feeling of cruising across the world’s surface.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Google Street View VR

Graphics: Google street view VR allows you to investigate Road View symbolism from 85 nations right inside Earth VR.

Interactivity: Pushing on the trackpad permits you to zoom across the outer layer of the stone that we call home. Moreover, you can zoom over mountains and fields, over urban communities, towns, and seas. You can snap and haul to get to an area all the more rapidly.

Affordability: It is completely free to download, and you are free to travel the world without availing yourself of any costs.

Compatibility: Google Earth is an unquestionable requirement for any individual who possesses an HTC Vive or Oculus Break headset. It’s a genuinely dumbfounding encounter for everybody, which is as simple to access as it is lovely.

Experience: Road View either shows explorers’ Photospheres or Google’s own recording caught via vehicles or cameramen. Hence, when you’re at a famous place of interest you can ordinarily look over a determination of various pictures and different points of a similar area.

Best Colorful VR Game

The Best Colorful VR Game is Google Street View VR because you can investigate the globe without all the issues of airfares and pressing.

Buyer’s Guide



The most compelling motivation is how much information is vital for a game planned explicitly for VR and one that sort of supports it.

It likewise needs to use head tracking, in addition to the view models, for the weapons don’t have to have any additional detail. 

VR games worked starting from the earliest stage using head-following, controller following, and double focal point delivering. How much precise information is determined in a genuine VR space prompts a graphical downsize, to make up for the lagging. 


Intelligence happens when a client influences virtual items or symbols, provoking changes in the virtual environment.

Intelligence implanted inside a VR experience empowers the client to speak with the VE, by utilizing buttons, controls, signals, or different modalities to deliver feedback from their virtual environmental elements.


In all actuality, computer-generated reality is more reasonable today than it was a long time back. Room-scale VR headsets are diminishing in cost so much that makers can’t stay aware of the interest.

On the other hand, there are now way less expensive versatile-based VR frameworks that can manage the cost of the overall population. Today, VR can go from $5 to $2000, dependent upon how the top of the line you need it.

The lower the costs of computer-generated reality, the more the utilization rate and request will develop. 


Numerous headset producers give what they call a ‘suggested‘ equipment setup for computer-generated reality gaming.

It’s always preferable to check the compatibility of your VR headset and the game you are about to purchase.

If your equipment doesn’t meet the suggested determination, it can result in a slow and awkward VR experience.

Wrapping Things Up

Who hasn’t at any point longed for having the option to travel anyplace on the planet in a moment? If you want to experience it, Wander VR is something you might want to give a try.

It is filled with a wide range of locations which you can enjoy even with your friends. 

Please let us know if you have any thoughts or questions down below.


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