VR vs PC Games – What Are The Key Differences?, FAQs, and More

If you bought an expensive VR headset and you are having the time of your life playing VR games then we highly recommend you try VR vs PC games as well. These games include more than one player.

Consider that you have a VR headset but your friend is a regular PC gamer, and both want to engage in online gaming sessions. VR vs. PC games allows you to play games with your PC friends easily.

This post will introduce you to our top two choices you should try out with your friends. You will be able to find all of the information in this post that you require to make an informed decision.









1-4 players

Still in Alpha phase


Mass Exodus Redus


1-4 players

Fully developed game


Let’s take an in-depth look into both of our picks to compare their features so that you can find the best VR vs PC gaming experience. 

Davigo Review - Best Cross-Reality Battle Game

This combat arena title was created by Davigo Studio, where they pit a VR player against one or more PC players in an epic David and Goliath battle style. As the VR player, you will become the giant hurling environmentally destructive objects toward miniature opponents. 

The tiny PC players can respond to the fight by hopping around in multilevel environments, collecting bombs, rockets, and missiles using their controllers to throw at the giant, thus engaging in explosive combat.

Since the game has not been officially released and has been offered by Steam via Discord for a public alpha build, therefore, there is much to be modified in the game. Nonetheless, the game still has mesmerizing combat arenas with simple and charming visuals and models. 

Features of DAVIGO 

  • Early Access
  • Complete controller support
  • Split or shared screen PvP
  • Remote play together
  • Gamepad input
  • Tracked motion controller input
  • Mouse or keyboard input
  • Standing, seated, and room-scale play area
  • English interface
  • Parsec or Steam remote play

Benefits of DAVIGO

Since its first release in 2020 of alpha phase 1, the game has recently been upgraded with some additional features in phase 2, where the studio has refined the giant vs. warrior game to increase the level of immersion.

The new features include brand-new warrior mechanics that allow you to shield, fly, and dodge. Moreover, there is a new health system for both VR and PC players. The giant can protect itself with its body, while the miniature warriors have super speed.

There is also the addition of a new map called Kairos and the ability to create and play custom maps built by the community. 

While the game is still under development, the studio has highlighted that the ultimate version of the game will include matchmaking, online multiplayer, and native support for Quest as well. 

The developers are determined to include players of the early access version of the game in its full development. Therefore, the Davigo Studio has started a Patreon campaign to fund the alpha project by covering developmental costs. 

Depending on the support that the project receives from Patreon users who fund the development of the alpha phase of Davigo, developers have promised exclusive benefits for them such as the ability to access alpha updates, new features, and prototype builds early.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy DAVIGO


We are yet to see what the game will cost after its official, fully-developed release, but for the time being, the studio has offered the game through free Steam keys. This has been done via Discord to encourage public alpha build.


You can play this VR vs PC game with your family and friends since it is designed for VR multiplayer pass-and-play supporting 1-4 players at a time. The VR player can host the game for PC users.


Early access players are involved in the developmental stage of the game to use their feedback as the fundamental workings of the game. At present, all the 3D animations are placeholders that will be improved as the game is developed further. 


In the early access stages, Davigo is available on the following platforms:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Valve Index
  • HTC Vive
  • Windows Mixed Reality 

The developers plan to integrate this game with the Oculus Quest series as well.


To play this game, you need to have the following 64-bit PC specifications:

  • Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 operating system
  • Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge or equivalent processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290, or better graphics
  • 200 MB storage space

What Do the Customers Think?

Despite the game being in its alpha phase, it has received a lot of positive reviews from players. They have found this game engaging and highly immersive for both VR and PC users. The game has not gotten a lot of recognition yet, but it has high hopes for the future. 

Here are some of the user reviews we found online.

vr social proof
vr social proof
vr social proof
vr social proof

Best Cross-Reality Battle Game

Davigo is rising in popularity as it is finding its way through the developmental stages to become one of the best explosive combat games. For an alpha phase game, it provides a very immersive experience which is why we believe its future to be promising. 

Mass Exodus Redux Review - Best Asymmetric VR Multiplayer Game

Mass Exodus Redux, developed by Polymerase, is another asymmetrical VR game that pits players against each other in totally different roles. This game takes inspiration from Panoptic, which is still in development.

In this stealthy game of hide-and-seek, there is one HMD player against players inside PC systems. The VR player is characterized as a giant disembodied floating head with hands while the PC players are characterized as NPC androids. 

The objective of the VR player is to sniff and find the PC players before they have completed their objectives. The excitement and frantic engagement of this game allow it to be fun for both parties in a unique way. 

Features of Mass Exodus Redux

  • Split or shared screen co-op
  • Split or shared screen PvP
  • Full controller support
  • Remote play together
  • Steam trading cards and badges
  • Tracked motion controllers input
  • Mouse input
  • Keyboard input
  • Room-scale play area
  • 4 maps
  • Innovative power-ups

Benefits of Mass Exodus Redux

Mass Exodus has a more balanced scale as compared to Panoptic which means that both PC and VR players get advantages to level the playing field. As a PC player, the core ability you will have is being indistinguishable from other NPCs.

To keep your disguise, you have to walk in a straight line when you are not hiding because moving too erratically can blow your cover. When you need to zoom to complete tasks, you can blind the VR player momentarily or make yourself invisible. 

On the other hand, as the VR player, you can freeze the androids. If an NPC does not stop or stops too slowly then you can easily find them. 

Moreover, you can also add barriers in front of objectives or deploy location trackers that would make your controller vibrate more intensely if a PC player comes too close.

There are enough variations between all the matches since the levels are quite large. PC players have the advantage to hide in blind spots and make progress when the VR user has their back turned towards them. 

The NPC androids sometimes behave like a human which confuses the VR player. The VR user has to pick up the android and throw it into a metal shredder to kill the NPC. This dramatic gameplay makes the experience even more exciting. 

However, if the VR players pick up the wrong NPC then the shred takes time to reload which gives the PC users enough time to run and complete objectives taking advantage of the situation. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Mass Exodus Redux


Mass Exodus is relatively expensive compared to other asymmetric games. Considering the fact that it is not a high-processing game with an intensive storyline such as Half-Life Alyx, the price tag is high.


This is a local multiplayer game that supports 1 VR player and up to 4 PC players. The VR player will assume the role of the seeker while PC players disguised as androids have to finish tasks before they are caught.


In 2020, this game was redeveloped completely from the ground up. It now includes all-new visuals, bug fixes, a new map, and new features. The game has improved performance and new AI systems to become more immersive. 


The following platforms support Mass Exodus:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • Vive Pro
  • Valve Index 


The following 64-bit PC requirements need to be met to play this game:

  • Windows 7 or higher operating system
  • Intel i5-4790 equivalent or greater processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX970 equivalent or better graphics
  • 5 GB storage space

What Do the Customers Think?

Users have found this game to be extremely immersive and thrilling. It requires stealthy movements and great observation to complete objectives or to catch NPCs. The excitement keeps players on the edge of their seats.

While the game offers promising gameplay, users have complained about the game having poor support on different headsets which include lagging, freezing, and a slow interface. 

Some of the user reviews we found online include.

social proof
social proof
social proof

Best Asymmetric VR Multiplayer Game

Mass Exodus Redux is an absorbing and tense game for both VR and PC players. It consists of 4 extensive maps with their own sets of challenges and unique killing methods. We highly recommend this game because of its immersive experience. 

VR vs PC Games - Buyers’ Guide

vr vs pc games

If you have upgraded from a PC to a VR headset then you are probably looking for games that can allow PC users to play with you including your friends who have not yet invested in VR yet. 

You can find many PC games and VR games on the market but there is limited scope for good VR vs PC games out there. In the limited options that you have, you need to find the best one for you and your friends. 

To help the selection process, consider the following factors before purchasing a game:


Most of the time, VR vs PC games cost more than high-processing VR games due to cross-reality support despite having limited features. Since the market is largely vacant and the demand is high, these games have been tagged with higher prices. 

Usually, higher prices are perceived as good quality, however, this may not be the case with cross-platform games

We understand that you would prefer a good quality high-definition game to play on your VR headset with your PC friends. You can find immersive cross-reality games through proper research. Make sure you do not spend too much on lower-processing games. 


You will find that most dual-platform games support up to 4 PC players and 1 VR player where the VR user hosts the game for system users. 

Since the main objective of cross-reality games is to have multiplayer support, make sure you choose a game that you can play with at least more than 2 friends. 

Different games have support on multiple different combinations of various platforms so make sure that you choose a game that is supported by the VR or PC systems that your friends use.


As mentioned earlier, games with higher refresh rates and immersive capabilities will have a higher price tag. Make sure that you choose the game that fulfills your gaming needs with good-quality features without having to spend a hefty amount. 

The things you need to look for in good games are how smoothly the game runs, its visual fidelity, soundtracks, movement tracking, and VR headset compatibility. 

These features will ensure that you remain engaged in the game and do not feel motion sickness with lagging graphics. 

We advise you to choose a game from multiple options rather than purchasing the first one you come across because you will be able to find many promising and more immersive games on the market. 


Nowadays, you will find that almost all games are available on the most popular VR headsets such as Oculus Rift S, Quest, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Valve Index. However, most cross-platform games are not that impressive on all of these VR headsets.

They may lag or the user interface might get stuck because of poor VR support. Therefore, we recommend you read reviews from different VR users who have previously played the game on different headsets. 

Their reviews will help you get a clear idea of which headset to use to play a particular cross-reality game and whether or not your headset will support the game to run smoothly. 


All PC or VR games require some particular system specifications to run smoothly. Without the proper support, these games will not run or run poorly, some of them might not even install due to a lack of system support. 

You need to consider the following specifications that have to match the requirements of the game:

  • Available operating system bit
  • Operating systems that are usually Windows 7 or above
  • Processor unit
  • Graphics
  • DirectX version
  • Storage space
  • Memory 

Final Verdict

This concludes our post on VR vs. PC Games, which are cross-reality games known for pitting VR and PC users against each other in some sort of combat. They are extremely immersive and fun to play with your friends. 

Mass Exodus Redux is a fully-developed asymmetric game with extensive maps and thrilling tasks. Since this game was redeveloped recently, we do not expect any future improvements anytime soon.

Therefore, we recommend Davigo because it is already quite immersive, with high levels of engagement while still in its alpha phase 2. The developers intend to add innovative new features to the game in its fully-developed version. 

Let us know which game you decide to play with your friends and if you have any queries regarding our two choices. 


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