VR Kix Review – Full Breakdown, FAQs, Buyers’ Guide & More

Looking for a VR headset that you can wear to watch a 3-hour-long movie? This is where your search ends. VR Kix comes with all the features that will enhance your visual experience. 

It provides high compatibility along with a wide range of applications that you can easily download on your Android or IOS devices. 

Moreover, to help you out with your buying decision, we have researched and tested this headset to provide you with a detailed guide on its working and features.

VR Kix

VR kix headset provides high compatibility with a lightweight structure and an affordable price. We were thrilled with its 360-degree panoramic visuals along with its large-sized optical lens. Moreover, the headset provides adjustable straps and padded cushioning to increase comfort for long use. You can download multiple apps from its wide application library available on both Playstore and Appstore. 

Alternate #1 

Merge VR

From the start, this headset seems as though a child’s toy, but there’s significantly a lot more to it. It is lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. If you are looking for a headset with a 360-degree view, decent visual quality, and comfortable structure then this might serve you as a good option.

Alternate #2 

Freefly VR

Freefly VR headset provides a wide 360-degree view that will enhance your immersive experience. Moreover, this premium-quality headset can be used with a wide range of smartphones and can be adjusted accordingly. We had an amazing gaming experience using the glide controller that comes along with this headset. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The VR kix headset is a combination of multiple features and a high-quality build design available at an affordable price. Its smartphone compatibility is noticeably a lot more than other expensive VR brands. 

It comes with a lightweight structure and adjustable straps that can be customized as per your comfort. Therefore, you can easily have long movies or gaming sessions with any neck or eye strain. 

Moreover, its dual-lens adjustments allow you to position the lens for an optimal viewing experience. The setup is user-friendly and provides complete protection to your smartphone with its adjustable tray.

Features for You in the Headset:

It provides a wide range of applications that include 360-degree recordings about space, travel objections all over, nature, amusement park rides, and even film trailers.

Your VR experience isn’t simply restricted to their application all things considered. 

Do a fast quest for VR on the Apple Store or Google Play and you will find lots of applications to test.

They’re like watchers in that you download VR applications from the application store and addition your telephone to them. 

Headsets work with precisely the same applications as the watchers (except for the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View) yet give you a more vivid encounter.

Features and Benefits


There are huge customizable optical pitch focal points that lessen disfigurement and eliminate eye strain.

The focal point and pupil distance are completely customizable so you can see without wearing glasses. 

Individual eye changes are conceivable by winding the focal points separately. 

At the point when you accept your VR KiX, the focal points will have a defensive film on them. Kindly eliminate it before use.

The customizable cell phone plate safely holds telephones up to 3″ X 6″ including iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 5.

A removable front plate gives admittance to one or the other pivot of your cell camera.

There’s a thick cushioned facial pad that provides a comfortable experience even for long hours.

Additionally, the headset’s lightweight body ensures no head and neck strain


The benefits of this headset are that they’re more agreeable to wear for an extended time frame, and they fit better with customizable adjustments. 

The lens have better focal points, and they frequently have headphone ports. That is the reason certain individuals like to utilize them to see recordings

This headset doesn’t make the recordings three-layered, however, they give an individual cinema-type insight. 

Moreover, this VR headset normally provides implicit game regulators on the actual headset or works with handheld regulators.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy VR Kix


The VR headset is extremely comfortable and has a decent three-way strap that can be adjusted.

It is impossible that you would feel aggravated with the headset or want to straighten out the headset at regular intervals while gaming

Be that as it may, you can involve cooling cushions to broaden the gaming on these VR Headsets, and they can be extremely convenient. 

Ease of Use

The setup of this VR headset is user-friendly and will not take you more than a few minutes to adjust everything. 

It provides adjustable fitting for your smartphone that is secured with powerful magnetic claps. After setting up your phone, you can access the applications and games using the Bluetooth connection. 


You can enjoy a wide range of features, and a high-quality exterior is an affordable price. If we compare the working of this headset with other headsets available in the market, it definitely impresses us and justifies the price. 


It is both Android and iPhone viable so regardless of what telephone you own, this VR headset is viable with pretty much every telephone. 

You have various other application choices to choose from. Like the Noon VR, it has the head global positioning framework, so you want to simply gaze at a specific one to choose it.

You even have the choice to purchase an extra regulator that can go with the VR headset which enhances your overall experience. 


The field of perspective on this VR headset is 85 degrees which is not so terrible, even though we truly do have the Gear VR in rivalry with a field of perspective of around 100 degrees.

It doesn’t offer a position following and the focal point size is 1.18 inches. It offers earphone association like Bluetooth. The field of view isn’t superior to the Gear VR. 

Taking a gander at both the VR headsets, you can be almost certain that the Gear VR is a more ideal arrangement.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Users have said that they got this spontaneously because they’ve been perusing every one of the articles about VR and Google Cardboard. 

This one appeared to have the elements they needed like high compatibility and a comfortable experience. 

It ended up being a strong piece that appears to be considerably more solid and agreeable than any of the ones made of cardboard could be. 

Below are some reviews for you to read.

vr kis social proof
vr kis social proof
vr kis social proof

Similar to VR Kix - Recommendations

#1: Best Easy to Use Headset - Merge VR Review

If you are looking for an affordable headset that is comfortable and easy to use, then Merge VR would be a suitable option. 

Its 360-degree display coverage will uplift your virtual experience. Moreover, its comfortable and rugged foam makes it appropriate for everyday use. 

We were impressed with its high compatibility feature. You can use it with both Android and IOS devices. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Merge VR

Comfort: The Merge is incredibly comfortable with its delicate and flexible structures. There is a lot of space to wear glasses, with a couple of issues with particularly huge outlined scenes. 

Ease of Use: The Merge gives a lot of room to effectively arrive at the earphone jack for most cell phones, making it a breeze to the interface. It is likewise one of the least demanding headsets to introduce a cell phone into, basically sliding it in from the top.

Affordability: The Merge is an okay worth, as it is the best rebate headset for regular use. It is extremely affordable for everyday use, it certainly won’t hurt your bank.

Compatibility: This headset works with all Cardboard-viable telephones. This headset has a more extensive scope of viable telephones and is the best VR headset that we have tried that is viable with iPhones.

Specifications: The Merge tracks your look as you check out your VR climate, yet like the other portable VR headsets, it doesn’t consider your development all through the room. This movement follows depends on the interior sensors of your cell phone.

Best Easy to Use Headset

The best easy-to-use headset is Merge VR because it is comfortable, durable, friendly and approachable for a beginner headset.

#2: Best Immersive VR Headset - Freefly VR Review

The Freefly computer-generated reality headset is one of the most mind-blowing-looking passage-level VR headsets we’ve seen. 

The styling and shades of the headset are delightful. It likewise has a great 120-degree field of view, the largest that anyone could hope to find.

The Freefly is a versatile VR headset, meaning it utilizes your cell phone for the screen and to run applications. Utilizing your telephone rather than an underlying screen and PC decreases your expense for the headset immensely.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Freefly VR

Comfort: It has a 3-tie strap system and delicate cushioning against your face. It likewise accompanies a Bluetooth remote and microfiber cleaning fabric to assist you with keeping your focal points clean. 

Ease of Use: It involves your telephone as a screen and running applications. If your telephone is old and has horrendous designs, you’ll either have to get another telephone or pick an independent PC VR framework.

Affordability: It is a mid-range headset that offers great value for your money. You surely won’t regret buying this. It is very affordable.

Compatibility: The Freefly is viable with both iPhone and Android telephones and fits an extensive variety of telephone sizes. Its customizable telephone narrows can oblige telephones with a corner-to-corner size of 4.7-6.1 inches.

Specifications: The Freefly accompanies a Bluetooth remote. The Freefly VR headset flaunts an astonishing 120-degree field of view.

Best Immersive VR Headset

The best immersive VR headset is Freefly VR because it is a decent entry-level headset and would make a wonderful gift for someone who wants to get into the virtual reality world.

Buyer’s Guide



Having a lot of weight all over can get awkward before long. 

To limit this uneasiness, attempt to adjust the heaviness of your headset at the focal point of your head by giving additional help from the back. 

Pull the backlash low, so it upholds the foundation of the skull, removing the load from your face.

You can consider purchasing an outsider hard lash with delicate cushioning and backing for outer batteries, which permits you to stabilize the forward portion of a VR headset.

Everybody is unique, so it’s critical to put the focal point position accurately together to get a reasonable picture in VR and limit eye strain

Guarantee to change the focal point position to your IPD, adhering to the headsets producer’s guidelines. 

Ease of Use

While working with VR, you want to lessen the gamble of distress and change the review center for every client before utilization of the headset. 

An agreeable computer-generated simulation experience requires a healthy feeling of movement and equilibrium.

We suggest seeing a specialist before utilizing the headset if you are pregnant, old, or have previous binocular vision irregularities or other serious ailments.

To charge the headsets, cautiously guarantee they are set inside their provided case, with the USB link associated with every headset. 

At the point when the headsets are completely energized, we suggest exchanging the power supply off at the mains.


It’s a well-known fact that when the main computer-generated experience headsets were delivered, their beginning costs were excessively high

What’s more, this destroyed a lot of ventures that were made into the business.

The camera and following sensors in the headsets and regulators weren’t cheap to make, and the promotion around the item was excessively high.

This postponement has pulled a cloth over many eyes. 

Many individuals are beginning to consider computer-generated reality simply a gaming specialty. 

Research shows that individuals are as yet keen on having VR in their homes, and producers are taking action to make this a reality.


Augmented reality headsets for cell phones are incredible and way less expensive than VR headsets for gaming PCs and games consoles. 

Nonetheless, it’s quite important that not all cell phones are viable with VR headsets.

Thusly, we suggest that clients keen on purchasing a VR headset verify whether their cell phone incorporates a gyrator

Utilize the free VR Compatibility Checker application. Simply download it from the Play Store, open the application, and press CHECK.

If the application says that your gadget upholds VR, you’re all set. In any case, we suggest overhauling your telephone before getting a VR headset.


Albeit augmented reality has been around for quite a long time, the fastened equipment to encounter it has generally been costly, cumbersome, and eager for power.

Today, portable VR headsets, which are fundamentally goggles that will hold a cell phone, have permitted VR applications to spread into the buyer market. 

VR applications for both portable and fastened applications consolidate innovation.

For example, look at the following, IR sensors, gyrators, and accelerometers to move the user’s perspective characteristically. 

Wrapping Things Up

At the point when you take a gander at how workable the VR Kix headset is, it truly persuades you to get it immediately. 

However, to have an exceptional quality gaming experience, I would propose you to rather investigate the Merge VR or the Freefly VR. 

On the off chance that you can’t fit these into your financial plan, then this VR headset ought to come on the first spot on your list.

The games and applications on this headset will be restricted, particularly when contrasted with the exceptional level headsets like the Merge VR or the Freefly VR.

Let us know your thoughts down below.


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