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After thorough research, we can confidently say that Vifa Copenhagen 2.9 Loudspeakers are some of the best for everyday use. 

However, it can often be hard to find speakers that have high audio quality without distortions at high volumes. 

In today’s article, we will go through the features of Vifa Copenhagen 2.9 Loudspeakers and its alternatives. 

The Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 speaker is known for its sound quality that is not only limited to indoor enjoyment but lets you enjoy outdoors too due to its loud and detailed sound. This loud sound is backed up by a thunderous bass which is perfect for large functions and parties.

Alternate #1

The LG PLW7 XBOOM Bluetooth Speaker is safe from water spills as it is completely water-resistant. It also provides a sound that is way beyond its size and has no buffering.

Alternate #2 

The Marshall Woburn 2 Bluetooth speaker is one of the most elite Bluetooth speakers available. It has all the latest technology and provides an unforgettable experience to the user.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 is very easy to carry due to its squarish design topped up with handles like a briefcase. The speakers can be taken with you wherever you go because they are extremely portable. 

The sound Vifa provides is melodious to the ears and the bass is rich, making it perfect for listening to your favorite music. 

The Vifa speaker is also covered in a fine quality fabric that is very cozy to touch and protects the inside of the speaker. 

Features and Benefits

  • Durability 

    The Vifa speaker is made up of one of the best metals that protects the speaker and prevents it from any damage as portable speakers are prone to water spills and drops. The outer fabric covering of the Vifa Speaker is good and makes it easy to clean the speakers and prevent scratches. 


    The Vifa speakers can be connected in multiple ways such as by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a USB cable which helps you listen to the best music according to your own requirements. 

    High Sound Quality 

    The Vifa loudspeaker provides very detailed and clean sound with no distortions even at high volumes. 

    Rich Bass

    The Vifa speakers come with a rich bass that adds to the enjoyment and the bass added with the high sound quality is a perfect combination for every music lover.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Just like our other product reviews, we looked through the internet to find the experiences of other people with this speaker. 

The Vifa speaker was praised for its great sound and bass. People were also delighted with the design and color combination of the Vifa speaker.


More Recommendations!

#1: Best Water Resistant Alternate Speakers - The LG PL7W XBOOM Bluetooth Speakers

With water-resistant technology, these speakers are surely the most durable portable speakers.

The LG PL7W speakers are battery-powered and provide 24-hour playtime which is perfect for a portable speaker. This is great because you won’t need to charge the speaker every hour after continuous use.

The speaker also flashes LED lights that sync to your music and bass, making it aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. 

Features of The LG PL7W XBOOM Bluetooth Speakers 

  • 9.7 x 3.9 x 3.9 in dimensions 
  • Weighs 3.20 lbs 
  • Connects via Bluetooth
  • Compatible with televisions 
  • 30 watts of power

Best Water-Resistant Speaker

The best water-resistant speaker is the LG PL7W XBOOM speakers as it is IPX 5 rated.

#2: Best Elite Alternate Speaker - Marshall Woburn 2 Bluetooth Speakers

With an elite exquisite design, these speakers are surely the best in this league. 

The Marshall Woburn 2 Speakers has a strong Bluetooth connection that ranges to about 30 feet. This way you can go wireless and change the music from anywhere in the room. 

The speaker also allows you to tune your music according to your needs with the Marshall app or the analog controls on the speaker. 

Features of Marshall Woburn 2 Bluetooth Speakers

  • 15.75 x 12.20 x 7.87 inches in dimensions 
  • Weighs 18.85 lbs 
  • Frequency response of 30 to 20,000Hz 
  • The total power output is 110 watts 
  • Connect with Bluetooth or wire

Best Portable Speakers 

The best elite speakers are the Marshall Woburn 2 speakers because they not only provide amazing sound but also have user-friendly technology.

Guide to Buy

Sound Quality 

A speaker’s quality depends on how good it sounds. The sound it provides should be clean and clear with no distortions. 


Speakers are often victims of liquid spills or falls, so they must be made out of strong and durable materials that prevent any damage to these products. 

Rich Bass

The Bass a loudspeaker provides should be deep and rich to have an enjoyable moment. Since loudspeakers are used at events like parties, the bass should be thunderous so that people can enjoy the music properly.

Battery Time 

Speakers are usually kept with the customers and can not be charged again and again, so they must have good battery life with hours of playtime. 

Wrapping Things Up

This completes our article. The Vifa Copenhagen 2.0 Speakers have excellent audio quality as well as bass. 

We hope the information we provided was useful. Let us know which speaker you buy for yourself. 


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