Valve Index VR Kit Review – Complete Guide, Pros, Cons, Features & More

A virtual reality headset is a head-mounted device that surrounds the user in a virtual world.

The use of VR devices has spread throughout the world, but there are many options available, making it challenging to choose one.

In this article, there is a detailed explanation of the Valve Index VR Kit headset, its advantages, and some other suitable alternatives. So without further ado, let’s start reviewing each one.

Valve Index VR Kit

Valve Index VR is a popular virtual reality headset.  It has amazing screen technology, precise motion tracking stations, and finger-tracking controls. The Valve Index opens up a whole new universe and offers some of the most profound and exciting gaming experiences. Furthermore, it features a high refresh rate of 144 Hz, an HD screen, and a 58-70 mm IPD.

Alternate #1 

HP Reverb G2

For gamers who want a powerful VR headset but cannot afford more expensive choices from Valve Index, there is the HP Reverb G2 PC-based VR headset. The HP Reverb G2 provides the ideal immersive experience with LCD resolution while providing comfort due to its flexible and exceptionally comfortable strap.

Alternate #2 

Oculus Quest 2

The Facebook Reality Labs company created the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. It is the most widely used and affordable VR headset available right now. This is the best VR headset for the majority of people due to its decent battery life, excellent software, and affordable pricing.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

We understand that not everyone will be a good fit for this expensive console with high PC requirements, such as beginners or occasional players. But if you’re a die-hard gamer, the Valve Index is the best VR headset.

The Valve Index headset offers the most comfortable cushioning since it has enough cloth between the lenses and the back of the headset.

We also found that the immersive full-body audio provided by the integrated headphones makes the experience exciting. Additionally, its interpupillary distance slider enables you to move the lens closer or farther away to customize it to your desired level of eye comfort.

The Valve Index has the following specifications:

  • 16 pounds weight
  • 24 x 17 x 9 inches dimensions
  • LCD
  • External tracking via two base stations
  • 80Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 2880×1600 resolution
  • 130 degrees field of view
  • 58mm to 70mm IPD
  • Integrated headphones

Features and Benefits

The Valve Index (VR Headset) is a snipping device that practically every user of VR equipment dreams of having. The following are some eye-catching advantages of using the Valve Index (VR Headset):

  • The Valve Index (VR Headset) gives consumers a realistic sense of presence because of its excellent sound and picture quality.
  • Excellent image quality is provided by the Valve Index (VR Headset). A better user interface and a fantastic VR experience are provided by its expanded screen.
  • The Valve Index (VR Headset) is a very light headset that is also incredibly comfortable. In the case of this technology, the weight that one feels on their head when wearing a VR headset is essentially nonexistent.
  • The device’s finger-tracking controls feature raises the level of immersion throughout the entire VR experience.
  • It has a space-tracking system and extremely stable motion.
  • The Valve Index is very comfortable to wear. The design of the head strap helps to evenly distribute the weight on the head. The strap material seems to be of high quality. So, during prolonged gaming sessions, the user is never bothered by it.
  • It has two built-in near-field speakers on the index that hover just over the ears but aren’t attached to them. This proves 3D surround sound without even blocking out outside noise so the person feels less fatigued even after spending a long time in VR.
  • The Index controllers allow the user to give a thumbs-up, aim the finger guns, and even make a Vulcan salute, in contrast to the earlier touch controllers that just allowed the user to articulate their grip.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy the Valve Index VR Kit


 The full kit of Valve Index VR headsets is fairly pricey, but the quality is excellent for the price.


Even when you don’t push the trigger buttons, the outer tracking band on the Index controllers correctly captures the movement of your fingers.

It’s a little more immersive than others because of the accuracy of Index’s finger-tracking controllers. You can also relax your hand when not engaged in fighting due to the additional fabric strap across the back of your hand.

Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate, such as 144 Hz, is essential for action games because it dramatically improves the experience.

The Valve VR headset can run at 144 Hz, which offers a speedy, low load and a fantastic immersive experience. Most VR headsets have a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Other Features

The Valve Index headset has a large field of view of 130 degrees, and an IPD range of 58 to 70 mm ensures that more items are added to the screen and that the ideal eye distance is covered.

Additionally, it is the most ergonomic and comfortable VR headset available. Your ears are surrounded by extra-aural, full-range sound effects from its spatial noises.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

The Valve Index Kit’s simple and elegant design and the quality of VR were well-liked by online users.

 We looked for reviews that you may find helpful, and here are a few of them.

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Similar to Valve Index VR Kit - Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best User-Friendly VR Headset - HP Reverb G2

The HP Reverb G2 VR headset is well-known for its excellent audio clarity and immersive visual quality. It has industry-leading lenses and speakers from Valve. Its HMD offers immersive spatial audio in high quality.

It is made of flexible material and has larger cushions for a more comfortable fit over time. Additionally, each user can personalize the headset’s settings for their use due to the interchangeable lenses for both.

The best feature is how well it works with SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality across the board. As a result, several VR resources are available to you.

The HP Reverb headset has the following specifications:

  • 4 cameras
  • 2 x 2.89 inches LCD
  • 114 degrees field of view
  • Sit off the ears by 10mm Valve speakers
  • 60-68mm IPD
  • 7.32 x 3.31 x 2.95 inches dimensions
  • 1.1 pounds weight
  • 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye
  • 90 Hz refresh rate
  • 6 DOF tracking

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy HP Reverb G2 VR Headset

Price: The HP Reverb G2 is less expensive to purchase than the Valve Index VR.

Tracking: The Reverb headset contains 4 cameras with six degrees of freedom for tracking with greater precision compared to the previous generation. It also has ergonomic controllers that provide better hand support.

Refresh rate: The HP Reverb G2 features two 2160 x 2160 LCD panels with a 90 Hz refresh rate, four external cameras, and motion tracking technology.

Other Features: 2160 x 2160 new industry-leading LCD panels with a complete RGB strip provide the HP Reverb with the sharpest, ultra-sharp pictures. To give more comfortable spatial audio, its headphones are 10 mm apart from the ears.

Additionally, you can customize the viewing distance for each eye with changeable IPD lenses.

The Best User-Friendly Headset

The HP Reverb G2 is the best user-friendly VR headset because it is both very comfortable to wear and very lightweight. Moreover, it has amazing specifications, HD visuals, and spatial audio. 

#2: Best Affordable VR Headset - Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus headsets typically don’t connect to PC games. However, the Oculus Quest 2 contains a power accessory cable of the USB-C type called the Oculus Link cable that enables you to utilize this headset to play games with high processing power.

The Oculus Quest 2 may not have the fastest refresh rate or resolution, but it does boast a flash processor that enables high-end games to run without lag. Additionally, it is made of sturdy hardware that guarantees its durability and lifespan.

How is the design of the headset? 

This affordable headset has a sleek white appearance and is not only lightweight but also incredibly fashionable. It is ideal for beginners because it is not too expensive and has a quick processor that lets you play games with a lot of prestige.

Oculus Quest 2 has the following specifications:

  • Integrated headphones
  • 62-65mm IPD
  • Single fast-switch LCD resolution
  • 128GB and 256GB storage
  • 16.4 x 7.7 x 5.1 dimensions
  • 830.07 grams weight
  • 1832 x 1920 resolution/eye
  • 60, 72, 90 Hz refresh rate 
  • 6 DOF tracking 
  • 4 cameras
  • 89 degrees FOV

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Oculus Quest 2

Price: The Oculus Quest 2 headsets are offered at the lowest prices on the market.

Tracking: The Meta Quest 2 headset features six degrees of freedom of tracking, which accurately tracks your movements and converts them into the virtual environment without the use of any additional sensors.

Refresh rate: Oculus Quest 2 has a maximum refresh rate of 72 Hz, which is higher than the lowest level allowed by the market.

Other Features: It includes newly developed touch controllers with thumb rests to increase stability and improve ergonomics. Additionally, it offers a comfortable, lightweight, adjustable head strap.

The 3.5 mm audio connector on this headset also contains built-in 3D positional audio, allowing you to play music with or without the headphones.

Best Affordable VR Headset

The Oculus Quest 2 is the best affordable VR headset because it comes at an affordable price. It has extraordinary tracking. Moreover, it is very easy and comfortable to wear.

Buyer’s Guide

valve index vr kit review


Having a budget is important when buying VR headsets. While some VR headsets need setup, others are VR-ready out of the box. If you are a newbie looking for a VR introduction, we do not recommend spending a lot of money on a headset.

A nice standalone headset is available for a reasonable price. Except for a computer, the HTC Vive is a fantastic VR headset. It comes with everything you need to get started.

The headset and a few extras represent the bulk of your expenses. You need to be aware that the games and films you decide to watch can still be expensive.

There are a ton of readily accessible free games and tours out there.


Motion tracking has advanced significantly over the past few years and is a key component of any good virtual reality (VR) experience. This ensures an immersive and smooth gaming experience. 

Users of virtual reality (VR) can interact with their environments in a much more natural way thanks to motion tracking, also known as motion sensing.

It tracks a user’s head and body movements, and once the data is processed, feedback is given and the displayed material is altered to create a more realistic experience. 

Motion tracking is essentially a 3D virtual environment that you can move about and interact with. You can explore this universe as if it were real once you put on your VR headset and are transported there.

Refresh Rate 

The refresh rate is the average number of times per second that the graphic on the screen is refreshed.

It controls how smoothly the game changes on a second-by-second basis. The core of the game can be lost if it lags as a result of the VR headset’s decreased refresh rate.

We found that it can be challenging to see what’s happening when playing a game with a high frame rate and a low-refresh headset.

You can feel overwhelmed by the visuals on the screen. Your brain does not have enough time to process the new images, which is why this is happening.

However, you can expect a smoother experience if you use a headset with a high refresh rate and play a game with a low frame rate. Your brain gets extra time to analyze the new images as a result.

User Friendliness

The ease of use of a virtual reality headset is referred to as its user-friendliness. For someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time learning how to utilize the system, this function is crucial. Good VR headsets are a necessity for effective VR solutions.

Some VR headsets come with built-in controls for virtual reality. This makes adjusting virtual reality settings easy and eliminates the need to remove the headset.

Other Features

Make sure the expensive headset includes extra features and is worth your money, such as comfort, adjustable lenses, 3D spatial audio, LED display, and more.

To make the experience more immersive, you can even think about getting a wireless headset.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How Much Space Does a Valve Index Require?

For a room-scale VR experience, Valve recommends at least 2m × 1.5m (6.5ft x 5ft) of space. Make sure there are no children, pets, or other obstructions in your play space. Set up the base stations for Valve Index. 

Make sure your base stations are aimed towards the center of your playing area.

Can You Wear Glasses and Use the Valve Index?

The Valve Index’s compatibility with glasses has received mixed feedback from users. It might function properly if you avoid playing games that require a lot of movement.

Use some sort of lens protection if you play games with a lot of movement, and make sure the lenses are fitted properly so they don’t make contact.

Can I Play on Oculus Quest 2 While Charging?

The cable serves two important purposes. It can power your device in addition to serving as a fiber-optic cable for high-speed data transfer. You may play and charge at the same time because this is compatible with Quest 2.

Can You Wirelessly Operate the HP Reverb G2?

The HP Reverb G2 virtual reality headset is an excellent choice due to the Windows Mixed Reality components, simple controls, a comfortable fit, and some of the best images available. However, we don’t particularly like the controllers that come with it, and yes, we too wish it were wireless.

Which PC is Required for a Valve Index?

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD RX 480 graphics card, a dual-core CPU, and 8GB of RAM are the absolute minimum specifications for the Valve Index. 

Users will require at least an Intel i5-7500 or Ryzen 5 1600 CPU, 12GB of RAM, and a GTX 1060 or RX 580 with at least 6GB of VRAM to run Half-Life: Alyx.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our post on the Valve Index VR Kit review with its alternatives and their features.

The best option is the Valve Index VR Kit Headset. It can give you the most immersive experience. from refresh rates to audio quality to visual fidelity. It is very lightweight and has comfortable head straps.

If you have any more questions, do let us know in the comment section below.


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