Ue Megaboom Remix Bluetooth Speaker Review – Tested, Pros, Cons, FAQs & More

You’ll agree with us when we say that Ue Megaboom Remix Bluetooth Speakers are of remarkable quality. 

That being said, it is often difficult to find speakers that provide high-quality sound with long hours of playtime. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the Ue Megaboom Remix Speakers and compare them with products of the same category.

The Ue Megaboom speakers provide melodious sounds and are made in a size that is very easy to carry around and take with you wherever you go. The Megaboom Remix speaker also has a 360 degree sound system that divides the sound very efficiently.

Alternate #1 

The Ue Megaboom 3 Speaker does not only provide high-quality sound but also,  is made in a very aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eyes. The fabric used meets the latest trends and fashion.

Alternate #2 

The Jabra 510 Bluetooth Speakers are one of the most portable speakers available in the market and allow up to 4 people to be heard during conference calls and meetings.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Ue Megaboom Remix Speakers are very lightweight and easily portable. If you love traveling, this product is perfect for you and you can listen to your favorite music all around the globe. 

The Megaboom Remix speaker also gives a huge 20-hour playtime due to its battery life.

The Ultimate ears Megaboom is also a speakerphone and you do not have to worry about picking your mobile phones for every call. The Ultimate Ears speaker pauses the music automatically and allows you to take calls on the speaker itself.

Features and Benefits

  • High Sound Quality 

    The Megaboom Speakers provide a very crisp and detailed sound added up with rich deep bass. This sound is very melodious to the ears and perfect for everyday use.

    Battery life 

    The speaker comes with Lithium-ion batteries that require less charging and produce a 20-hour long playtime. You now do not have to worry about charging your speaker every few hours. 


    The speaker is made up of fine materials and is waterproof. It can be immersed in about 1 metre of water for 30 minutes and will still have no damages to it. 

    Bluetooth Connectivity 

    The speaker is connected to your devices via a strong Bluetooth connection and you no longer have to worry about wires tangling anymore.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Just like our other product reviews, we surfed the internet to look for more reviews and experiences of people who use this speaker in everyday life. 

The speaker was praised for its overall quality and people did not regret spending their cash on this speaker.


More Recommendations!

#1: Best Durable Alternate Speakers - The Ue Megaboom 3 Wireless Speakers

The Ue Megaboom 3 speaker produces a very exquisite sound that is detailed and has no buffering, even at higher volumes. In addition to this, the bass it provides is thunderous and perfect for indoor parties. 

The outer fabric can be custom made and is always according to the latest trends and fashion in the market. 

Features of Ue Megaboom 3 Remix Bluetooth Speaker 

  • 2.9 pounds in weight
  • A frequency range from 60Hz to 20 kHz 
  • Dimensions are 6 x 9 x 9 inches 
  • Requires Lithium-ion batteries 
  • Wireless Bluetooth

Best Durable Speaker

The best durable speaker is the UE Megaboom 3 speakers as water spills and dust particles do no damage to it.

#2: Best Portable Alternate Speaker - Jaba Speak 510 Bluetooth Speakers

With a compact design, these speakers are surely the easiest to carry speakers. 

Up to 4 people can be connected to the speaker’s conference call and no distortions are heard in the sound. This speaker can be used for your meetings and group discussions. 

The Jaba Speak 510 Speaker has a microphone built into it for taking calls on the speaker. In addition to this, the sound it provides is also very detailed and clear. 

Features of Jaba Speak 510 Bluetooth Speakers

  • 6 x 5 x 2 inches in dimensions 
  • Requires CR2 batteries 
  • 6.1 ounces in weight 
  • Warranty available on request 
  • USB cable available

Best Portable Speakers 

The best portable speakers are the Jaba 510 speakers because they are very easy to carry with you and provide sound way beyond their size

Guide to Buy

  • Sound Quality 

    A speaker is bought mainly for its sound quality. The sound quality should be melodious and should have no distortions at lower or higher volumes. In addition to this, the sound should also be clear and detailed which is pleasing to the ears. 


    These speakers are often prone to water spills and put in areas carrying dust. The speakers should be made up of high-quality materials that prevent dust from getting through or water from damaging the wires. 


    Speakers of this category are usually kept by the person buying with them wherever they go, so the speaker should be of a compact design. It should also be made in a way that is easy to handle and take with you on trips. 

    Battery Time 

    Portable speakers are kept with the buyer and they can’t charge it every few hours. The battery should provide hours of playtime and need minimal charging.

Wrapping Things Up

With that, our article concludes. The Ultimate ears Megaboom Speaker stays ahead in terms of sound and bass. 

We hope the information we provided was useful. Let us know which speaker you buy for yourself.


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