Trickster VR Review – Full Analysis, Features, Tips & More

We are aware that playing virtual reality games is always fun and that they appeal to everyone.

Fantastic VR games are now available to practically any game genre enthusiast, and our collection should include some of these games.

In this article, we’ll go into extensive detail about the Trickster VR game and some of its alternatives.

Trickster VR

Trickster VR offers you the chance to accomplish just that by pitting you against the enemy horde in waves of nonstop action set in dynamic environments that ensure you’ll never play the same stage twice. It has a lot of depth and is a fairly nice game. The single-player missions can start to feel repetitive, even though the addition of a few minor objectives does slightly alter the action.

Alternate #1 


In Ironlights, you can fight online opponents using one of five classes against artificial intelligence. Each has a different set of weapons and a certain playstyle that they must use. You can also customize your armor to match your playstyle.

Alternate #2 


Gorn will appeal to anyone seeking an open, truthful, and bloody setting in which to practice being a fully-actualized madman. It is nothing more than obvious carnage caused by exaggerated, cartoonish violence.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Trickster VR allows you to do exactly that by placing you against the enemy horde in waves of relentless action set in dynamic surroundings that guarantee you’ll never play the same stage twice.

This game is quite good and has a lot of depth. Even while the presence of several light objectives does slightly change the action, the single-player missions may begin to seem repetitive.

This game is elevated by the co-op multiplayer, but even if it only supported online co-op, we’d still recommend it.

The smaller battles feel amazing as you block and parry your opponents’ strikes before striking their openings and weak spots, but becoming encircled turns into a bit of a waggle fest as you try and climb your way out of a precarious scenario.

A satisfying feeling is only accessible on the PC version of this game when you witness your teammate being overpowered by the adversary just to hit them from behind and save the day. 

If you’re looking for one, Trickster VR is a fantastic first-person fantasy brawler that is best enjoyed with friends.

Features and Benefits

Hyper-immersive Realism

The graphics are so superb that if you die in the game, you feel like you died in reality.


Trickster VR has amazing graphics. While playing it, you get an immersive experience. It feels so realistic due to the graphics and sounds.

Other Features

A nice selection of features is offered by Trickster VR. You can play a separate game while having 35 levels to compete in, 18 weapons to unlock with distinctive colors, 9 different mission types, and 5 places to explore in game mode.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Trickster VR


The price of Trickster VR is quite affordable. You can easily buy it from Steam and get an immersive experience.

Nausea and Motion Sickness

You’ll probably feel nauseous when you play Trickster VR for the first time. This is due to the game mechanics.

Game Mode

The Trickster has a co-op multiplayer VR game.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We wanted to check out what type of experience others were having with Trickster VR. 

Hence, we checked out some reviews on Steam to see what others thought of the game. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Trickster VR social proof
Trickster VR social proof
Trickster VR social proof

Trickster VR - Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Unique VR Game - Ironlights Review

Ironlight is one of the unique sword fighting games on this list, which is set in a futuristic science fiction UFC and features a variety of weapons and fighting styles.

The fighting system of the game takes a novel approach to the problem of sword spamming, forgoing the usual emphasis on an open, realistic battle in favor of something a little different.

Players don’t attack simultaneously in Ironlights. They engage in quick, time-slowed attacks and defenses during which you either swing for the target or parry your opponent’s blow.

The problem is that every time you make contact, your weapon breaks and needs to be “reloaded” before you can swing it again. Because of the battle system, players will be able to play this game for a long time.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Ironlight 

Price: Ironlights cost a little more than their competitors, but the features they offer are worth the money.

Nausea and motion sickness: Some people who were playing Ironlights for the first time reported feeling sick to their stomachs and feeling queasy while playing. You won’t feel sick once you’ve become used to it.

Game Mode: Ironlight has both solo and multiplayer modes, which means that you can play with your friends.

Best Unique VR Game

Ironlight is the best unique VR game because of its features. It has a special mechanism with wonderful armor graphics. Moreover, it has an amazing replay system.

#2: Best Satisfying VR Game - Gorn Review

Gorn is nothing more than an absurdly brutal cartoon slaughter. It only takes a glance to see the armies of stock-fantasy brutes being transformed into jittery, high-chroma mounds of blood.

This demonstrates that Gorn’s gameplay entails using a variety of weapons to eliminate an endless supply of poorly animated enemies. It sets itself apart with its sterile minimalism.

Inside the boundaries of the game’s limited area, players are virtually free to do whatever they want. They may even go so far as to hack off a part of an adversary’s body, grab it in midair, and use it to beat other adversaries into submission.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Gorn

Price: Gorn is pricey, but you won’t regret buying it because of the immersive experience.

Nausea and motion sickness: It’s possible to have slight motion sickness and nausea when playing Gorn.

Game Mode: There are solo and multiplayer modes in this game. Gorn is more fun and enjoyable when played with buddies.

Best Satisfying VR Game

Gorn VR is the best satisfying VR game because of its fascinating boss battles and satisfying combat. Moreover, it has free mode customization.

Buyer’s Guide


We recognize that, due to the wide range of features and characteristics available, selecting VR games may be difficult.

If you are interested in this particular VR genre, there are various factors you may consider to help you decide, and we have highlighted those features for you.

So let’s get to these features and their significance right now.


When choosing a game, most people usually look at the cost first. This is especially true around Christmas when discounts are frequently offered.

Pricing may vary depending on whether you choose to purchase the game physically or online. If feasible, search for discounts at nearby store sales.

To avoid overpaying up front, it is advised to keep a check on prices by utilizing price monitoring websites for digital copies.

Game Mode

Always checks that the game you purchase meets your needs. Before choosing the ideal one for you, you might want to think about the game’s single-player or multiplayer options.

Online multiplayer games can be enjoyed by a social group, a small group of friends, or random strangers. You ought to take into account cross-play or cross-platform virtual reality games. We recommend never giving up on the features you seek.

Nausea and Motion Sickness

The vast majority of gamers won’t experience nausea or motion sickness because many video games are correctly created.

In general, you want to avoid this as much as you can. You don’t play virtual reality games to get sick and throw up; rather, you play them for amusement.

Reading customer reviews and comments is a good idea before buying any virtual reality games. Take advantage of that information to assess the situation and whether others are feeling queasy.

Additionally, you should be aware that even if other gamers aren’t feeling queasy while playing a VR game, you might. When you first start playing the game, you may frequently encounter this. When you become used to the game, motion sickness problems go away.

Under other circumstances, you might not be able to play the game at all.

Age Rating

The website for a virtual reality game must indicate the game’s age rating. You can use these ratings as a guide to decide whether the content is suitable for your children.

The creators of VR games emphasize the value of doing a parity assessment before checking a game’s age classification. The selection criteria are justified every time this age rating is issued.

Value of Replayability and Content Amount

This is a crucial factor to take into account while picking any game, not only VR games.

You invest time and money into a game when you decide to play it. The game is free, but it still takes time and effort to find, set up, and play.

You expect to be paid properly for that time. Therefore, it’s crucial to carry out studies and ascertain how much information a game must offer.

There isn’t a lot of content in certain games. But when they do provide information, it’s frequently so exceptional and convincing that paying for them is justifiable.

In other words, other games have a ton more material. You can explore and play through a vast library of levels and stages in these games. Online communities for these games are frequently quite vibrant.

Communities frequently play a significant part in keeping these games alive. This is because devoted players keep updating the VR game with fresh experiences, levels, and stages.

It is a never-ending experience to explore these expanding collections.

Another sort of game is one that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of content to offer. You may, however, examine and browse that data in any manner you choose.

These games include ones that let you change your strategy or choices to affect the results. Depending on your decisions, some games offer numerous possible outcomes.

This gives those games an absurdly high replayability value because you can play them again with different options and outcomes even after you’ve completed them.


Most people don’t consider how simple it is to use VR games, but it is necessary to do so.

Do you find the odd user interfaces and poor controls in the majority of video games to be annoying? Consider moving through them virtually. The aggravation will be 10 times stronger than the fun, so you won’t be having fun; instead, you’ll feel anxious and troubled.

Nobody desires that. So, before buying any VR game, it’s a good idea to examine online user reviews.

Online gameplay videos for the game you wish to buy might also be available. Examining the gameplay and user interfaces can help you understand a game much better.

You might find some controls annoying, even though others might not. You can determine whether a game will be enjoyable for you by viewing gameplay videos.

In other cases, the poor polish and confusing controls of some games make them dull to play. You should stay away from these games at all costs because they are exceedingly frustrating to play and ultimately a waste of money.

Fun Factor

Of course, the game must also be enjoyable. You all play video games primarily for that reason, right?

Therefore, a VR game with boring gameplay, a weak story, or even just uncomfortable controls is not fun. 

Make sure to check reviews to ensure that a game has engaging gameplay that will keep you engaged for the duration of it.

We must also emphasize that enjoyment is a subjective feeling. It’s possible that you won’t enjoy something that most people do. Again, we advise you to check out samples and gameplay videos.

This will help you figure out, without a doubt, whether a game will offer you a fulfilling and fun experience or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does “co-op” in a game mean?

Cooperative games (co-op games) are a type of leisure activity or sport in which participants cooperate to achieve a common objective.

Can children play Gorn VR?

In the most horrific and horrific VR face-smashing game ever created by man, the only restrictions on the carnage are your creativity and sense of morality. Children under the age of twelve should not use PS VR.

How many levels does Gorn have?

There are a total of nine levels where you must battle three waves of enemies and one free-for-all before facing the level’s champion. 

The objective is to eliminate everyone else and be the last man standing, but the weapons and armor that your opponents are wearing necessitate slightly different strategies.

How many different classes are there in Ironlights?

In Ironlights, you can choose from one of five classes—knight, crusader, ninja, monk, or duelist—and engage in online duels with AI or other players. Each needs a particular playstyle and has a distinct arsenal of weapons. 

Additionally, you can alter your armor to meet your playing style.

Why do VR games make people nauseous?

In virtual reality, the ears convey that the body is static and that no movement is taking place, while the eyes convey that the individual is sprinting and jumping across a dimension. Motion sickness may happen as a result of the imbalance between the eyes and ears.

What happens if you play virtual reality games for too long?

Using VR for an extended amount of time may strain your eyes, so we recommend taking frequent breaks.

This is because your eyes are essentially staring at two small monitors for an extended period, and staring at any screen for an extended time can lead to eye fatigue.

Is it possible to play Ironlight with friends?

In addition to competitive online multiplayer matches, the game will also have a single-player campaign. It’s interesting to note that the game supports LAN connections between two devices, enabling you and a friend to play together in the same area.

Can VR games cause seizures?

When using virtual reality, the pictures flash very quickly, which is typically too quickly to cause a seizure in those with photosensitive epilepsy. A larger portion of the eye is activated due to the large field of view. 

As a result, more of the brain may be impacted, which could result in a hypersensitive seizure.

Can VR make you addicted?

The idea of addiction has traditionally only applied to drugs like nicotine, cocaine, heroin, etc., but the recent development of VR technologies has created psychological reliance among users of these technologies, having a similar effect on drug addiction.

Is cooperative play the same as multiplayer?

All video games with multiple players are considered multiplayer. Co-op, which stands for cooperative, refers to a multiplayer game in which you team up with other players to defeat an enemy that is not a player. Therefore, cooperative games are multiplayer games, but cooperative games aren’t always multiplayer games.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s the end of our Trickster VR review with its pros, cons, buyer’s guide, and other alternatives.

Trickster VR is an amazing game because the maps are generated at random, so the levels remain interesting to a certain extent. Moreover, there is a wide variety of equipment available as you progress through the stages, which keeps things interesting.

What do you think of Trickster VR? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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