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Have you ever found yourself baffled when searching among the top virtual reality headsets? Here is a buyer’s guide that will make things easier for you and help you find the right VR 3D headset for yourself.

Table of Contents – Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Budget VR Headset

A virtual reality headset allows you to experience an immersive three-dimensional world around yourself.

Product Summary

VR HeadsetsComfort RatingWeightPrice RangeCheck Price
ROKJAM 3D VR Headset
1.2 lbs.$
Samsung Gear VR (US Edition)
1.5 lbs. $$
3D VR Glasses Magi Coo
0.35 lbs.$
Samsung Gear VR (Latest)
1.2 lbs.$$$
Google Cardboard Topmaxions
0.32 lbs. $

The Reviews of Best VR Headsets

Let’s review the best Virtual Reality Headsets in the market.

ROKJAM 3D VR Headset

Best Virtual Reality Experience For Games & Video – Watch Movies In Breathtaking HD With Your Smartphone Fit Glasses & Helmet – Goggles For Your iPhone & Android Smartphone.Reviews of The Best Virtual Reality Headsets

3d vr headset review in market

The virtual reality 3D experience becomes enjoyable only when it is comfortable.

Features of ROKJAM 3D VR Headset

The ROKJAM gaming goggles come with some great features like:
  • A comfortable and soft foam that is easy to fit around the eyes. The device does not pinch and you are not constantly bothered by the material.
  • The 3d headset is equipped with lens that are fast at focusing. You can prevent eye strain by focusing in just 10 seconds.
  • A complete 360 degrees experience means a complete experience. Some devices come with a 100 degree screen, but ROKJAM comes with complete 360 degrees.


Things we liked

The device won our hearts because:

  • The adjustable lens option works great on the virtual glasses
  • It works great with 3D videos that you can find on YouTube
  • It is not too heavy for the kids so they can easily wear it
  • The Amazon rating is pretty good which means that most users are satisfied with this product
  • Customer reviews are very satisfying
Things we did not like

We did not like it because:

  • No setup instructions for the remote and device are given.
  • The remote that comes with the virtual goggles does not work with iPhone, even when they claim that it does.
  • They are not as comfortable as the company claims and they pinch if you wear them for very long.
  • They say that it requires AA batteries, but it actually runs on AAA batteries

Customer Reviews – ROKJAM 3D VR Headset

Before you make up your mind, you should probably learn about the customer reviews about this product.

Our team did an extensive research on the customer reviews and figured out that it an incredibly remarkable product for the kids. They love it. The light weight of the gear makes it super comfortable for the kids to use. So, if you are looking for something that is comfortable or something for your kids then this is definitely not going to disappoint you.


Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset (US Version with Warranty)

Samsung is a name that requires no introduction. It has been in the market long enough to make a good name for itself and most of the products under this banner are durable.

vr headset in US with warranty

Features of Samsung Gear VR (US)

The Samsung gear is equipped with some great features:
  • It is equipped with a smooth and easy to use touch pad
  • The virtual gaming headset is light and comfortable
  • The gaming goggles have enough space for you to wear glasses within and come with more padding than most virtual headsets


Things we liked

The device is great because:

  • You do not have to take off our glasses to move through screens, like in Google Cardboard.
  • The experience is very immersive and the 3D headset makes you enjoy a proper three dimensional experience.
  • The store allows you to access a lot of free applications
  • Great immersive experience
  • Highly durable
Things we did not like

However, the device lost points because:

  • It is of low resolution, comparatively, so the actual virtual reality experience is disturbed.
  • It overheats a lot so that reduces the fun.
  • It has no feature of shifting the display.
  • If you are looking at something and you want to share the display with a friend, you cannot because the moment you take off the device, it switches off.

Customer Reviews – Samsung Gear VR (US)

Let’s take a look at the reviews to have a customers’ perspective about the product.

In general, customers are very satisfied with the product. Moreover, we also learned that some of the buyers got an additional controller with the gear and the experience was really good. However, the extended use did cause some discomfort.

Another buyers says that the headset was truly amazing and provided a really good immersive experience. Based on the immersion experience, good technology and durability it’s a must get product for this price tag.


3D VR Glasses Magi Coo

3D Virtual Reality Headset Adjust Cardboard Video Movie Game Box for iPhone 6s/6 plus/6/5s/5c/5 Samsung Galaxy S5/S6/Note4/Note5 and Other 3.5″-6.0″ smartphones.

review of best vr headset

Features of 3D VR Glasses Magi Coo

The Magi Coo virtual goggles are a fully equipped virtual headset which comes with some great features like:
  • The eye placement and lens feature makes wearing this virtual gaming headset a very comfortable device.
  • It comes with a ‘Focus Pupil’ feature which makes it easy to focus on objects with adjustable distance.
  • It fits perfectly or phones in the size range of 3.6-6.0 inches.
  • It as a high definition optical resin lens with 8-layer nano-coating and 5 times polishing.


Things we liked

Some of the best things about the device were:

  • It puts no strain on your eyes and you feel no form of fatigue at all after using the headset.
  • You will experience no glare while viewing through the less and the objects do not get deformed.
  • It is comfortable even with bigger phones.
  • It has adjustable straps so you can adjust the size as per your face requirements.


Things we did not like

However, the device had its cons like:

  • There is a little hole at the bottom which sometimes lets light peep in which ruins the three dimensional feel.
  • The lens adjustment feature is not very precise.
  • The white plastic does not ensure complete darkness and light often leaks in.

Customer Reviews – 3D VR Glasses Magicoo

Before you make up your mind, here are some reviews to help you.

According to the customers, the experience with this VR headset is great. The gear is light weight which makes it very comfortable and suitable to use for long hours. It is a great value for money and you should definitely get it if you are looking for an affordable solution to your craze of VR.

However, the white color of the gear allows too might light to enter and as a result the immersion experience does not get fully ruined but gets affected to some extent. Moreover, some of the buyers complained about the lens adjustment and reported that it does get hazy sometimes.

To conclude the reviews, it can be stated that – this is a really good, affordable and remarkable solution if you want a great and immersive virtual reality experience. You will enjoy this comfortable and affordable virtual reality headset.

This person was very impressed with the device but didn’t like the white colour because it allowed light to ruin the experience.

Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset – Latest Edition

The Samsung Gear is powered by Oculus 3D and allows users to experience a virtual reality experience within moments.

latest virtual reality headset

Features of Samsung Gear VR Latest Edition

Some of it’s remarkable features are:.
  • The soft and smooth touchpad is equipped with a ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ button that makes it very user-friendly.
  • The wide view feel makes gaming and movies a fun experience.
  • The lighter 3D goggles are very light so you do not feel a burden on your head.


Things we liked

Some of the pros of this device are:

  • Even if you wear glasses, they will fit in and won’t make it an uncomfortable experience.
  • It does not fog up easily while you are using it so your experience is not interrupted that often.
  • The dark color of the devices prevents any intervention of the outside light and environment.
  • The foaming material is very silky and soft and no matter how long you wear it for, it does not irritate your skin.
Things we did not like

The AR reality headsets disappointed us as well because:

  • You cannot enjoy the 3D virtual worlds if you possess a phone other than Samsung. This is a big problem for iPhone and HTC users because they are deprived of an amazing headset.
  • It is not compact and you cannot just carry it around everywhere in your pocket due to the size.
  • Surprisingly, it does not work well with Note 4. To make it work, you need to follow some guidelines through a YouTube video and install some ‘hacks’.

Customer Reviews – Samsung Gear VR Latest Edition

Read the following reviews to understand the headset better.

According to the customers, you are missing out on a lot if you have a Samsung phone but do not have this amazing virtual reality headset. The quality of the lens is superb and the experience is comfortable and immersive. It is difficult to deal with if you are planning to carry it around but in general, the experience is great and a superb value for money.

Moreover, the placement of buttons makes it super easy to revert back to the Oculus home screen. Another thing to note is that, though the device is heavy to carry around but it never causes eye strain.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for quality immersive experience via a headset which is super comfortable and meets all quality standards then you should definitely go for this one.


Google Cardboard VR Headset

Topmaxions 3D VR Virtual Reality DIY Glasses For 3D Movies and Games Compatible with Android & Apple Up to 6 Inch Easy Set Up Machine

Google cardboard has brought virtual reality into the mainstream. While other 3D headsets lie in the price range of above $75, Google Cardboard is available in less than $30.

DIY vr headset

Features of Google Cardboard VR Headset

Not just that, the virtual reality headset comes with some great features like:
  • The virtual goggles are made of te AAA grade corrugated paper which makes it of a higher quality.
  • It comes with suction cups, a longer head strap and a very comfortable forehead pad.
  • The 3d gaming glasses can accommodate both Android and iOS phones of the size range between 3.5″- 6.0”.
  • The lens is of a 37mm focal length wic makes it give great display quality.


Things we liked

It is a great virtual gaming headset because:

  • The button the device and the control is pretty great.
  • You do not have to take out your phone to control it.
  • It is very easy to assemble and the instructions are very clear so it will be ready in no time.
Things we did not like

It lost some points because:

  • A certain jerk while turning or using the device may force your phone to fall out of it
  • The highest quality paper used is still not durable enough
  • Prolong use can cause discomfort
  • Limited applications at the moment for Google Cardboard

Customer Reviews – Google Cardboard VR Headset

Do not make up your mind without reading these reviews.

One of the buyers was extremely happy with the overall experience. He initially did not want to spend too much money on some shiny VR goggle so he went for an affordable solution in the form of these goggles. The experience was remarkable and it’s a great value for money. According to him, this is a great option for you if you are interested to experience virtual reality at a tight budget.

It’s really easy to carry around and it’s light weight makes it super portable.

On the other side of the picture, few buyers report that the display is not of high quality. But, if you compare it with the cost – it’s totally justified. For the tag price that the manufacturers are charging, this is a very affordable solution to experience virtual reality.


What makes a good VR headset great?


You get to experience the best of 3D virtual worlds with the virtual reality goggles. however, a bad display ruins all the fun if the picture quality is hazy or blurred. Go for a device that comes with a good lens.


A 3D headset must be comfortable. While you wear it, it should not pinch, irritate your skin or make you feel uncomfortable. Go for a device with good padding with a soft cover for it.


When you put on the virtual glasses, you are looking forward to wearing it for quite some time. however, if it is heavy and weighs like a brick, it will make you uncomfortable and give you an added strain. Look for devices that are not very heavy.


If you are looking for  top virtual reality headsets and you have a Samsung phone or some other phone then, there is no better headset for you than the Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset. It is comfortable with good padding, has a good display and justifies the price it is for. It is our best recommendation.


However, if you are looking for a more affordable option with a little compromise on the quality then, 3D VR Glasses, Magi Coo 3D Virtual Reality Headset is the best option for you. It is a cheap and solid device which promises comfort owing to the smooth and soft padding, and a good display.



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