The audio industry is only getting bigger. As a result, the market is flooded with products from companies you probably haven’t heard of.

However, these products tend to be quite cheap, and some of them offer quite the value for money.

But are these products also reliable? To find out, we’ve decided to review the Top Tech Audio Edge-8 speaker.

Before we get to that though, here’s a preview of our top picks:

Top Tech Audio Edge-8

The Edge-8 is powerful and portable. It’s easy to use and comes with several features.

Alternate #1

This one comes with a rugged, truck design. It’s portable, loud, and water-resistant.

Alternate #2 

This product is super easy to set up. It offers audio clarity and different lighting effects.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

While you may not be familiar with Top Tech Audio, the company offers multiple categories of audio solutions. This includes party, portable, shelve, and mini speakers.

The Edge-8 is part of the portable speaker family. It seems like the model’s design and power rating distinguishes it from the rest. The speaker also comes with a USB cable and remote control.

Its features for portability really make it ideal for someone who needs a powerful speaker that can easily be carried.

However, the speaker definitely isn’t the most durable. You won’t get away with carelessly splashing water on it or throwing it around. So if you prioritise durability, you may want to look at alternatives.

Features and Benefits

Sound Quality

We were super impressed by the audio performance of the Edge-8.

The 8-inch speaker is really loud and offers heavy bass. We found it to be ideal for parties in large rooms. The speaker definitely doesn’t feel small in the outdoors either.

Plus, the delivery of vocals is crystal clear and the frequencies are balanced. So the speaker is suitable for doing karaoke as well.


The black, trolley-shaped machine comes with its own lighting effects as well. We really liked this as the flashing colours can set the mood for any party.

The speaker also comes with a handle and wheels. This adds to the speaker’s portability by making it a lot easier to carry the 9-pound machine around.


We quickly realised that the speaker offers a variety of connectivity options, mainly due to the range of ports on the front of the speaker.

The speaker maintains a stable wireless connection via Bluetooth 5.0. You also have the option to switch to FM radio or connect a device via aux or USB.

It comes with inputs for a microphone and a guitar as well, which can come into play if you decide to do karaoke.

Pros and Cons

More Recommendations!

#1: Premium Alternative to Top Tech Audio Edge-8 - ION Audio Raptor Review

If you’re willing to splash out a bit more money, the ION Raptor may be a suitable alternative.

Right off the bat, we were really impressed by the design and build quality of the Raptor. The speaker feels super sturdy due to its rugged, Ford truck style. We found it to be ideal for all types of outdoor parties.

The Raptor is quite loud as well. It definitely sounds like a much bigger speaker.

Features of ION Audio Raptor

  1. Battery life: Up to 75 hours
  2. Power: 100 watts
  3. 8-inch woofer, 3-inch tweeter
  4. Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  5. Aux and microphone inputs
  6. USB charging ports
  7. AM/FM Radio
  8. Multi-coloured light bar
  9. Built-in handles and wheels

Premium Alternative to Top Tech Audio Edge-8


The premium alternative to the Top Tech Audio Edge-8 is the ION Audio Raptor due to its durability and functionality.

#2: Larger Alternative to Top Tech Audio Edge-8 - Moukey Karaoke Machine Review

If you need something that’s a bit larger than the Edge-8, this 10-inch speaker may be a better option.

We liked how easily the Moukey Karaoke Machine can be set up. Bluetooth devices can be connected with a press of a button and a solid connection is maintained. Other input devices can also be seamlessly used.

The speaker comes with bright, colourful lighting effects as well. We found these to be easily adjustable.

Features of Moukey Karaoke Machine

  1. Battery life: Up to 4.5 hours
  2. Power: 520 watts
  3. 10-inch woofer, 3-inch tweeters
  4. Bluetooth connectivity
  5. Aux and USB inputs
  6. LED lights
  7. Built-in handle and wheels

Larger Alternative to Top Tech Audio Edge-8


The larger alternative to the Top Tech Audio Edge-8 is the Moukey Karaoke Machine due to its ease of use and impressive sound.


Guide to Buy

Ease of use

Many trolley-shaped speakers come with loads of features but aren’t really easy to set up.

Having to spend a lot of time perfecting the settings can get quite frustrating, and can ruin the entire experience.

Hence, we recommend going for a speaker that comes with a straightforward manual and is convenient to use.


You also need to decide where you plan to use your speaker.

If you plan to use it as a home machine, portability shouldn’t be an issue. We’d recommend going for larger speakers which offer better audio.

However, if you want to be able to take your speaker with you, you’ll need to consider its size. Make sure the speaker is easy to pack away or at least comes with a handle and wheels.


Similarly, if you plan to carry your speaker around, you’re going to need a durable speaker.

We recommend looking at speakers that have rugged designs and are weather-resistant.

However, more durable speakers also tend to be more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are bigger speakers better?

Generally speaking, yes. Bigger speakers are louder and make more bass. Hence, their overall performance is better.

Can speakers be too big for a room?

Yes, they can.

Sometimes, the bass output of a speaker is too much for a room. This results in boomy audio and inaccurate sound quality.

How can a Bluetooth speaker be made louder?

You can make a Bluetooth speaker sound louder by placing them on the floor or in the corner of the room.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, the Top Tech Audio Edge-8 isn’t a premium product that’ll last you forever. So it isn’t for those looking for longevity. However, the Edge-8 is quite cheap and feature-packed. It’s ideal for someone who needs an entry-level speaker that’s loud and easy to use. If that sounds like what you need, we definitely recommend trying the Edge-8 out. 20 words
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