The Exorcist Legion VR Review – Full Analysis, In-Depth Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

If you’re looking to pass the time by playing some horror games, Exorcist Legion VR has exactly what you need.

Exorcist Legion VR is a survival horror game based on the world of The Exorcist. You take the role of a police officer looking into some strange places. 

There are five distinct experiences to go through; all of them are filled with jump scares, horror, and light puzzle-solving. Let’s look at the detailed review of Exorcist Legion VR with its pros, cons, buyer’s guide, and alternatives that you might like.

The Exorcist Legion VR

The Exorcist is a VR survival horror game based on the world of The Exorcist. There are five unique chapters in The Exorcist VR, each of which lasts for roughly 30 minutes and takes place in a different setting. It runs for around 2 1/2 to 3 hours in total and presents a comprehensive tale that would have been ideal for a franchise film, except that this time you get to experience it yourself. The intensely realistic sensation of presence is a significant part of what makes VR horror games so intensely immersive.

Alternate #1 

Resident Evil 7

The plot of the seventh Resident Evil game centers on a man who is stranded while being terrorized by an unknown threat. To survive, you must uncover several hints and work out challenging problems. It becomes even more gloomy with the PS VR.

Alternate #2 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Saints and Sinners is a fantastic VR game for thrill-seekers. It is based on escaping civil war and the undead to discover a secret enigma that might be able to preserve the future of the entire world. Your choices have a big influence on how the game turns out, which is its best feature.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Wolf and Wood are the creators of The Exorcist Legion VR. They are a developer headquartered in the UK who has been engaged in VR projects since 2014.

The Exorcist is a VR survival horror game based on the world of The Exorcist. You take on the role of a police officer looking into some spooky places.

There are five different experiences to go through, and all of them are filled with jump scares, horror, and light puzzle-solving.

You will go to these places throughout the different chapters:

Chapter 1: First Rite – a murder scenario at a church

Chapter 2: Idle Hands – A psychiatric ward with a possessive teacher

Chapter 3: Skin Deep – A Haunted Baby in a Haunted House

Chapter 4: Samaritan – An contaminated morgue with a disease outbreak

Chapter 5: The Tomb – An old, pitch-black tomb filled with religious artifacts

Features and Benefits


One of The Exorcist VR’s outstanding features is the audio. Continuous breathy ghost whispers that begin in one ear and progress to the other are audible. When you’re in these pitch-black, haunted spaces, even relatively normal sounds can become downright horrifying.


The PCVR version has slightly better visuals than the Quest 2 version. Shaders are typically the major point of distinction. For example, in PCVR but not in Oculus Quest 2, you can see through the glass door of the police station.

Overall, the Quest 2’s graphics are excellent for horror VR and were recently totally redone. Both versions of this game have powerful enough horror graphics to make you feel anxious. 

Puzzles from Exorcist VR Artifacts

A few “artifact” puzzles are available for optional completion. 1 at every level. Each of these puzzles involving artifacts will involve shifting pieces to arrange them in the right order. The challenge is locating them. 

Your exorcism kit will be “upgraded” if you complete the artifact successfully. These can be fully omitted or skipped. We advise looking for them because they add a fun extra challenge.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy The Exorcist Legion VR


The price of The Exorcist Legion is quite affordable. Many consumers can buy it. We do not recommend it to weak-hearted people.


 It is available for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. But your bravery and resiliency will be put to the test by a different demonic entity in each chapter.

Play Time

There is an in-game movement in The Exorcist Legion VR. You can also change a variety of movement options, including snap turning and vignette. Change the settings around until you find one that is cozy for you.

If you use the in-game movement options, The Exorcist Legion VR shouldn’t make you motion sick, and you can play as much as you want.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

To check if our findings really reflected the game and the users, we scoured the internet. 

People on the internet seemed to enjoy the game as well, and we found some pretty positive reviews.

Here are a few of them that you may find helpful:

exorcist social proof
exorcist social proof
exorcist social proof

Similar to The Exorcist Legion VR- Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Horror VR Game - Resident Evil 7 Review

The Resident Evil franchise is unmatched in its ability to deliver horror games. With PlayStation VR, the entire horror component gets a new spin.

We should point out that RE7 offers distinctive VR experiences due to Capcom’s unique RE engine. In addition, 3D sound effects are included for improved immersion.

What is the main gameplay in this game?

In terms of gameplay, you take on the role of a character who is lost in an unknown village. It has puzzle elements and horror elements. You must follow the story’s progression and look for hints.

Additionally, you can explore different parts of the world and discover unique items to use while playing.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Resident Evil 7

Price: The video game Resident Evil is cheap. The PlayStation store is where you can get the base game. It contains both the entire game and some gameplay previews.

Compatibility: Only the PSVR headset and Resident Evil 7 biohazard are compatible with PlayStation VR. You won’t be able to use it there if you possess another headset, such as the HTC Vive or Xbox.

Play Time: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard induces some motion sickness because of how realistic it is. As a result, you won’t be able to enjoy yourself for a long time because you’ll need to take breaks between sessions.

Best Horror VR Game

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is the best horror VR because it offers a developing storyline and a wide range of challenges in a small environment. Furthermore, you don’t need to purchase any more DLC if you only purchase the main game.

#2: Best Adventurous VR game - The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Review

Your ability to survive is important in the New Orleans slums, where Saints & Sinners is set. However, this is not the only problem. In this game, you’re not just fighting zombies; you’re also searching for a lost mystery that might help stop the civil war that is killing a lot of people.

The plot revolves around how the virus breakout decimated society for years, leaving New Orleans as a run-down, flooded city where residents must battle for survival daily. You must survive famine and war in this horrific survival game. 

To locate weapons and solve the mystery that could alter the course of the city, you must battle your way through humans and scavengers. The best feature of the game is that your quick-thinking decisions will determine how it turns out.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Price: The price of Saints & Sinners is reasonable. It also offers a lot of value because of its excellent sound effects and superb graphic quality.

Compatibility: The Saints and Sinners are compatible with different consoles. These include Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, HTC Cosmos, Oculus Rift and Rift S.

Play Time: The game Saint and Sinner can cause motion sickness, so it cannot be played for a long time. So, you’ve got to take breaks in between.

Best Adventurous VR Game

The Saints and Sinners is the best adventurous VR game because it has powerful combat systems, stunning graphics, and a lot of content.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we will go through all the things you should think about before buying The Exorcist Legion VR or any other pricy VR game in this part.

There are several amazing solutions available that offer great value for any VR headset, but you have to look for them.

The following are the things you should consider:


The price of each game you buy should be taken into consideration. Naturally, you must think about your financial situation and make sure that any game you buy is within your means.

You must evaluate the content and price of a game before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

If you can afford an expensive VR game, you should give top priority to the features of the game.


Compatibility matters when it comes to virtual reality gaming. While certain games can only be played with a specific kind of headset, others can.

You must pick a game that works with your computer or another device.

Nowadays, the majority of recently released games exclusively support the Oculus Meta 2 and do not function on other platforms. You must ascertain whether games are compatible with your computer or gadget before risking your money on one that isn’t.

By visiting services like Steam and the Oculus Shop, which list which titles are compatible with which headgear, you might save time and money.

Play Time

There are several drawbacks to gaming, such as the possibility of headaches after prolonged play. Physically leaning against a wall might also result in back pain. For a better experience, make sure you play at regular intervals.

User Friendliness

There is nothing wrong with a game having a steep learning curve. While some games are made to be difficult, others are not. Instead, they are difficult to play since they are harsh and inappropriate for a fun gaming experience.

You will recognize these terms when reading online customer reviews.

Avoiding games with awkward user interfaces and perplexing controls makes sense. They can be quite frustrating to play and just aren’t worth the time or money.

Multiplayer Mode

Many games provide distinctive features to draw players and make a name for themselves in the gaming industry.

As a result, some video games have several unique playing modes, while others adhere to the traditional design of a single-player story mode. Everyone contributes something unique and special.

Some games give players the option to play in both single-player and multiplayer modes, giving players the best of both worlds.

Additionally, some games feature a variety of game modes, including multiplayer, survival, and competition.

You are free to select the game from a variety of traditional story modes to cutting-edge game genres that best appeal to you.

Motion Sickness

When it is not well-polished, the mobility in VR games can be exceedingly odd and unpleasant.

Therefore, they can cause the majority of people to feel nauseated and dizzy.

They can make you sick just because you’re not familiar with other games. Motion sickness that you experience when playing these games goes away after your eyes become used to the strange surroundings.

Finally, some games are so well-designed that you don’t experience even a tiny degree of motion sickness or nausea.


This is a crucial consideration when making a virtual reality game purchase. Make sure you enjoy the genre. If you like a little bit of fear, watch a scary VR experience since it will make you afraid as soon as you enter virtual reality.

If you are easily scared, seek options that are fascinating rather than horrifying. You just need to select the genre you enjoy; there are many different ones, from racing to adventure.

System Requirement

Every game has unique in-game features that make it stand out from the competitors. However, to use such capabilities, a particular set of system requirements for each game must be met.

As a player, you must pick games that are specifically made for your mobile VR headset.

As a result, you should only invest in games that work with your gear and don’t skimp on graphics. Because of the frequent lag, that will destroy the VR experience.

Different storage options are available for many games, some of which have higher RAM or storage requirements than others. To get the most out of your gaming experience, select a game that is compatible with your hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Worthwhile to Buy The Exorcist: Legion VR?

One of the best horror games on the system to date is unquestionably The Exorcist: Legion VR. It distinguishes itself from other horror games on the platform by relying on general unease rather than jump-scares.

Furthermore, the title’s abundance of difficult puzzles gives it some actual substance.

Can You Sit Down and Play the Exorcist Legion VR?

Yes! You may play The Exorcist Legion VR while seated. To access some items, you might need to modify your height or guardianship a few times. It can also be played standing up. No significant play area or room movement is required.

What Happens if You Use Virtual Reality for Too Long?

Using VR for an extended time may strain your eyes, so we recommend taking frequent breaks. This is because your eyes are essentially staring at two tiny monitors for an extended amount of time, and staring at any screen for an extended period can lead to eye fatigue.

Who Will Enjoy Playing The Exorcist Legion VR?

It is mature to see The Exorcist Legion VR. There is a theme of severe violence, bloodshed, and terror that are all present in this hard-core horror story.

It is not intended for children. Many of the concepts are likely to be upsetting to some people. People looking for some terrifying VR scares, lovers of The Exorcist movie series, or anyone else looking for a superb horror story should play this game. 

It’s a fun game to play while having spectators watch you become frightened.

Can VR Harm Your Brain?

There is no scientific proof that both adults and children who regularly use virtual reality might develop permanent brain damage. Only a few symptoms, including dizziness, despair, and collapse, manifest during a VR encounter. 

The technology is still in its infancy, and further study and development are necessary.

Is Resident Evil 7 VR Playable When Seated?

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is to take a brief rest once every 30 minutes when playing Resident Evil 7 in VR. Playing immersive VR games is enjoyable, but it’s ideal if you give yourself permission to sit down and take the headset off for a while.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the VR Version of The Exorcist?

It runs for around 2 1/2 to 3 hours in total and presents a comprehensive tale that would have been ideal for a franchise film, except that this time you get to experience it yourself.

An utterly realistic sensation of presence plays a significant role in what makes VR horror games so intensely immersive.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our Exorcist Legion VR review, with its features, benefits, pros, and cons, as well as highly recommended alternatives.

If you do like horror games, then we highly recommend you play Exorcist Legion VR as it has amazing graphics and sound. It gives an immersive experience. 

What do you think of the Exorcist Legion VR? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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