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You will agree with us when we say that choosing a Technical Pro speaker in a list full of options can get a little time consuming and difficult.

Going through a lot of products and deciding which one to buy can prove to be a bit hectic. You can easily overlook the speaker you actually want.

To ease your process of selecting and buying a little less complex, we have reviewed a number of products by Technical Pro.

Following are some of the best speakers from Technical Pro along with a detailed buying guide and multiple commonly asked questions.


Technical Pro MS1000

Designed to be extremely powerful and organic sounding, this speaker can act as a theatre system as well as a single use music stereo.

Runner Up

Technical Pro SPARK12B

Loaded with a bunch of features, this speaker will amaze you in its utility and versatility. It is portable and can easily fulfill your requirements.

Also Great

Technical Pro BS10TOWER

Made to compete with a professional outdoor speaker, it can easily match a concert speaker in its sound quality and the number of features it provides.

Now that the best water speakers have come to your knowledge, let’s review them in detail. 

Technical Pro Speakers Review - Top 6 Reviews

#1. Best Home Theatre Technical Pro Speaker - Technical Pro MS1000 Review

This AC powered speaker is designed to fulfill multiple purposes while being compact in size and modern in design.

It has a dual speaker setup which is controlled with a centre control system. This feature allows you to place your speakers anywhere in your room or living area.

It also has the ability to connect a wireless microphone. This increases the versatility of the speaker and your ability to use it as you wish.

Both speakers have a built in bass and treble system. This allows your speakerr speaker to produce high quality sound effects without connecting an amplifier.

Features of  MS1000:

  • High quality speakers
  • Versatile control panel system
  • 5 different input options
  • Highly durable build quality
  • Microphone compatibility

Best Home Theatre Technical Pro Speaker

The Best Home Theatre Technical Pro Speaker is the Technical Pro MS1000. It is a versatile speaker with great sound output and good frequency response. It can be used to light up your home theatre system and can also be used as a stereo for outdoor parties and gatherings.

#2. Best Portable Technical Pro Speaker - Technical Pro SPARK12B Review

This portable speaker is designed to match the performance of an outdoor speaker while also being easy to move and use.

It has a pole mount for easy fixing of your speaker. The pole mount feature allows you to attach your speaker on a slightly elevated position for better sound.

We must point out that it has a built in Technical Pro rechargeable battery for wireless usage. Thisis battery can last upto eight hours of continuous music playback time.

It has a detailed control panel on the back which allows you to customize your sound output. Furthermore, it also allows you to control the LED lights installed in it.

Features of SPARK12B:

  • Heavy duty build material
  • High quality speakers
  • Built in woofer
  • Microphone compatibility
  • Rechargeable battery powered speaker

Best Portable Technical Pro Speaker

The Best Portable Technical Pro Speaker is SPARK12B because it is designed to output high quality audio while being easy to carry and move around. It can be used with a pole mount for easy placement. It has multiple input options for your ease of use.

#3. Best High Output Technical Pro Speaker - Technical Pro BS10 Tower Review

This product by Technical pro is designed for your outdoor parties and social gatherings. Because of that reason, it is equipped with high quality speakers and heavy duty voice coils.

The heavy duty speakers installed inside can easily handle a power input of peak power 3 000 watts. Due to this aspect, these speakers have good frequency response.

It has extensive controls for fine tuned audio output. Using this, you can easily customize the output according to your requirements.

It also has a built in LED system that can be customized to match the sound of your speaker. This can help you in enhancing the atmosphere of your party or any social gathering.

Features of BS10 TOWER:

  • Heavy duty speakers
  • Multiple input options
  • Highly durable outer casing
  • Microphone compatibility
  • 3 000 watts woofer 

Best High Output Technical Pro Speakers

The Best High Output Technical Pro Speakers is the BS10 Tower. It is equipped with heavy-duty and high-frequency response speakers for organic sounding audio. It can easily liven up the atmosphere of your outdoor gathering with its LED lights installed in it.

#4. Best Bluetooth Technical Pro Speaker - Technical Pro BOOM 8 Review

This speaker is designed to be used as a portable bluetooth speaker. The latest bluetooth technology installed is consistent on long distances without any signal loss.

The front facing control panel allows you to use it with ease. Furthermore, the multiple control options impressed us which include volume control, bass/treble and power options.

Being portable means it has a rechargeable battery installed inside it. This battery is durable and can provide you with ten hours of music playtime.

The USB/SD support plays your MP3 with high quality. This is achieved by the heavy duty speakers which produce organic sounding music effects on low and high volumes alike.

Features of BOOM 8:

  • Highly durable outer plastic casing
  • High quality speakers
  • Built in woofer and tweeter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Compact in size

Best Bluetooth Technical Pro Speaker

The Best Bluetooth Technical Pro Speaker is the Technical Pro Boom 8. It is designed to be used with great bluetooth connectivity for your gig over an extended period of time. It can produce high quality sounds without any distortion or drop in quality. It has a front facing display that provides key information about the speaker modes.

#5. Best Durable Technical Pro Speaker - Technical Pro PB1402 Review

Just like every Technical Pro product, this speaker is designed to be highly durable and strong in its build. Keeping that in mind, the outer casing is made from lightweight and strong plastic.

The multiple connectivity options makes this speaker very versatile in its use. Because of this feature, it can be used with bluetooth, AUX cable, a USB flash drive or even a Micro SD card.

The carry handle can be pulled out for carrying it. Furthermore, it has carry wheels on the backside which makes this speaker very easy for you to move around.

We must also mention it has a great frequency response. This allows the speaker to remain consistent in sound quality and output on low and high battery levels.

Features of PB1402:

  • Highly durable and tough outer casing
  • High quality speaker
  • Built in heavy duty woofer
  • Carry handle for easy portability
  • Multiple input options

Best Durable Technical Pro Speaker

The Best Durable Technical Pro Speaker is the Technical Pro PB1402 because it is designed to stand the outdoor conditions. The lightweight yet tough plastic allows it to withstand any sort of impact or shock from the outside. The high quality speaker inside also maintains the sound quality on all volume levels.

#6. Best Compact Technical Pro Speaker - Technical Pro Blue32LG Review

Designed to be small in size, this speaker is made to be used as a personal stereo system. Because of this reason, it has high quality speakers along with a separate woofer system.

The outer casing is designed to be strong and durable. After multiple tests we found that it allows the speaker to be resistant to any inside echoing or vibrations.

The LED dome installed in this speaker allows you to change the atmosphere of your living space. It can be set to different colors or even match the tone of your music.

The multiple input options allow you to use as you like. Hence, it can be used through bluetooth, USB flash drive and an AUX cable.

Features of Blue32LG:

  • Compact in design
  • Hard plastic casing
  • High quality speakers
  • Separate woofer system
  • Multiple input options

Best Compact Technical Pro Speaker

The Best Compact Technical Pro Speaker is the Technical Pro Blue32LG. It is designed to be small and compact while maintaining its sound quality. It can easily serve as your personal stereo for your bedroom. The multiple LED modes allow you to elevate the atmosphere of your room with just a button.

Buyer's Guide

What should I look for when buying a Technical Pro Speaker?

There are multiple key features to look out for when buying a product from Technical Pro. A lot of them are necessary for any kind of speaker. Every Technical Pro product comes with a bunch of features. The number of options and the variety in features can make it difficult to make a decision. For a completely new customer, this process can prove to be a little confusing. Following is a detailed guide on features on Technical Pro equipment ensuring that your decision process gets easier and simpler:

  • Price:

The price of a speaker is a very important part of it. In most cases, a high priced speaker often guarantees that you get high quality materials for your speaker. It includes the outer casing and the hardware installed inside of the speaker.

Majority of the Technical Pro products are made from good quality equipment ensuring it follows their standard. Many of their products are priced at a fair range but they do not compromise on their durability or sound quality.

It is recommended to purchase a fair priced product. It will have all the necessary features you require with highly durable build quality. A high priced speaker will provide the same benefits but will cost you for its overall aesthetics. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity:

Many of the Technical Pro speakers are portable and feature the bluetooth connectivity option. Bluetooth connectivity option has to be latest in the market otherwise it lacks in signal strength and sound quality.

The signal strength in bluetooth devices contributes to the overall sound output of your speakers. The latest bluetooth version ensures that you get the stable connection and sound output without any sort of distortion.

It is recommended to buy a speaker that has either a Bluetooth 5.0 or Bluetooth 4.0 installed in it. A one year warranty bluetooth speaker also ensures that your speakers last longer. This allows you to easily connect your devices to your speakers and provides an overall good sound experience.

  • Mounting Options:

Technical Pro has a wide variety of speakers that can be used as either indoor or outdoor speakers. Indoor speakers can be used or placed anywhere in your house and still provide good audio quality.

On the other hand, outdoor speakers need to be mounted on a slightly elevated pole or a place in order to get the maximum sound output. This also reduces the internal vibration which distorts the sound.

It is good practice to buy an outdoor speaker which has pole mount compatibility. This ensures that the sound of your speaker doesn’t get lost in the crowd’s noise. It also makes sure that your speaker doesn’t get internally damaged.

  • Multiple Input Options:

When it comes to buying a high quality or a high priced speaker, one major feature is the number of input options. Due to market standards a lot of speakers have multiple input options. They can go upto 4 different options.

The number of options depends on the type of speaker you are buying. An outdoor speaker might or might not have bluetooth connectivity. But it should have AUX input. An indoor speaker might or might not have AUX input but it should have bluetooth.

It is recommended to buy a speaker that has at least three input options. It should have bluetooth, an AUX cable input and a USB cable/flash drive input. This allows you to use them as back in case one of them stops working.

  • Build Material:

A good speaker is also determined by the type of material that is used to make its shell. A lot of brands on the market tend to overlook the material quality of the outer casing. The outer casing is responsible for reducing internal vibrations and echoing.

Having a high quality outer shell ensures that your speaker stands the test of time and the abuse from its speakers. A low quality casing often tends to damage the speakers and greatly decrease their overall lifespan.

It is good to buy a speaker that has a lightweight yet highly durable casing made out of plastic. Plastics are usually longer lasting and are great in disposing unnecessary vibrations. They are also resistant to any sort of impact and shock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is every speaker equipped with FM Radio?

Not all speakers are equipped with FM Radio features. Although, a speaker that has bluetooth and AUX cable input has FM Radio in most cases. But you should always read the product description to ensure that the product you are buying has the said feature in it or not. 

Is it necessary to mount an outdoor/concert speaker?

No, it is not necessary to mount a concert speaker. However, it is recommended by many professionals and the speaker manufacturers that mounting a speaker greatly helps in increasing the speakers sound output. It also helps with reducing unwanted vibrations in order to get the distortion free sound quality.

What sort of mount is best for outdoor speakers?

Any tripod styled mounting stand is sufficient for mounting your speakers. It also depends on the weight of your speakers. A high quality steel tripod is best for mounting, as it is tough and durable. The height of the mount pole depends entirely on your personal preference. A normal height pole is often best for your outdoor environment. 

What is a good battery timing for a portable speaker?

In most cases a good battery is considered to be somewhere between 8 to 12 hours of continuous playtime. Buying a speaker that has a durable battery gives consistent battery timings while also ensuring that your speakers performs well on all battery levels. A speaker with 6 to 8 hours of playtime is often good enough for your outdoor parties and gatherings.

What sort of wiring do I need for my outdoor speakers?

Outdoor speakers operate and consume higher power than a normal indoor speaker. It is recommended that you use the company issued wiring or buy a third party high quality copper wire. It also needs to be covered with a high quality insulator layering to protect your speakers from short circuiting or any wiring damage.

Is the front facing control panel better or a backside control panel?

This is a feature that completely relies on the personal preference of the user. If you like a speaker that provides information about current songs being played or key information about current playmode on the front then a front facing control panel is good. Otherwise a backside control panel is recommended as it avoids any accidental touch.

Are outdoor speakers waterproof waterproof?

No, the majority of the speakers produced by Technical Pro are made to be used in a mounted position or in a closed environment. They are however resistant to light splashes of liquid but not against rain and other liquid sources. They should be kept away from any immediate source of water or any other liquid. They can short circuit and can be hazardous if not handled with care.

What kind of mounting accessories do I need for outdoor speakers?

When it comes to mounting an outdoor speaker, it is very easy and convenient to do so. The only thing that matters is where the mounting space is available on your speakers. Some of them have it on their backside while some of them have it on their bottom side. All you need is a screwdriver and you can easily mount your speakers to your mount pole.

Are outdoor speakers easy to handle?

The ease in handling depends on the size and design of the speakers. Some of the speakers have carry handles and carry wheels which makes it very convenient for you to handle and move them around. Some of the speakers only have an opening on the sides which can be used to lift and move the speakers around. These types of speakers are generally harder to handle and carry.

Is an outdoor speaker better than an indoor speaker?

An outdoor speaker highly varies in its utility and serves different purposes compared to an indoor speaker. An indoor speaker is designed to be a personal speaker or fulfil the audio experience requirement for a bunch of people. An outdoor speaker is meant to cater a huge group of people in a party or a social/family gathering. An outdoor speaker can be used as an indoor speaker but an indoor can rarely be used as an outdoor speaker.

Final Verdict

Selecting a good product from Technical Pro can easily enhance your listening experience. After using and reviewing multiple speakers from Technical Pro, we have concluded that the Technical Pro MS1000 is the best Technical Pro Speaker. It has the ability to be used as a home theatre system and also as an outdoor speaker for your social gatherings. The Good bluetooth range USB SD support allows this speaker to be versatile in use. The high quality speakers and outer casing enables this speaker to stand the test of time.  This brings us to the end of our review on Technical Pro Speakers. Do let us know which Technical Pro Speaker you think is the best?
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