Finding a portable Bluetooth speaker with a good battery life and sound quality is not that easy. 

 When we talk about portable Bluetooth speakers, TaoTronics speakers are known to be one of the best speakers that provide high quality sound.

In this article, we will discuss the detailed features, benefits and guidelines of buying a Taotronic portable speaker so that it will be easy for you to figure out whether or not to buy it.

TaoTronics Stereo 20W Wireless Portable Speaker

Compact and portable-designed Taotronics Wireless Speaker comes with exceptional stereo audio quality and full-range speaker drivers. It has a wide Bluetooth connectivity range and rechargeable battery. The strong bass aluminum alloy body makes it a powerful and sturdy portable speaker.

Alternate #1 

Sonos Move is an impressive combination of balanced sound, deep bass and portable features. It provides a wide soundscape and multiple streaming functions.

Alternate #2 

JBL Flip 5 is a portable water-proof speaker with stereo sound and Bluetooth connectivity. Its build design and features make it suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Taotronics is known for producing highly efficient and portable wireless speakers.These speakers provide crystal clear and stereo audio quality with wide connectivity range at an affordable price. Our top reviewed Taotronics Stereo 20w Wireless portable Speaker is a versatile speaker with high quality sound and multiple audio features. The company provides you with all the essential components of a high quality portable speaker. Such a performance will definitely uplift the audio dynamics of your indoor/outdoor music.

The speaker has a portable and elegant design which can easily be placed anywhere. You will find it excellent that the body material is made of aluminium which makes it sturdy and provides you multiple placement options. It comes with a grille covering which not only protects the grilles but makes it very easy-to-use for you. This portable speaker has a buffer stand which ensures the elimination of any vibration during sound give out. Overall, the design makes this speaker a perfect choice to merge-in with your indoor or outdoor setting.

The TaoTronics wireless portable speaker provides clear, smooth and high quality sound. The 10 Watt speakers and two passive radiators deliver a full-range audio with crystal clarity. Its wide Bluetooth range and fast connectivity makes it the best portable speaker for your outdoor plans. Taotronics gives a device connectivity range of upto 30 feet. Additionally, you can also connect the devices using the 3.5mm stereo cable which is included with the speaker package. It comes with a remarkable 5200mAh rechargeable battery providing a battery life of upto 8 hours.

Features and Benefits

  • Stereo Sound

The audio quality of this portable speaker is that one feature which makes it stand-out. The crystal clear Taotronics premium audio with stereo sound features surely lift-up the entire speaker performance. As compared to the size, one cannot expect such a clear voice quality. The sound quality at low volumes stays considerably smooth and clear providing a fine amount of bass.  

  • Bass Radiators

The internal audio system of the Taotronics portable speaker consists of two passive bass radiators. These passive radiators are an effective component to get considerably high power and deep sound out of compact-sized speakers. A plus point is that these radiators are not powered by electricity. They work with the air pressure that is generated by the speaker cones themselves. 

The bass radiators also ensure deep and smooth sound on low volume levels. They provide an adequate bass control for low frequency sound. 

  • Bluetooth Technology 

The Taotronics stereo portable speaker uses the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology for efficient connectivity and wide signals range. The speakers can be connected with the Bluetooth devices from a distance of upto 30 feet. It provides many connectivity options for compatible devices. You can stream any form of entertainment and music using this updated technology. It also provides a wide connection range which enables easy movement and multiple speaker placements. 

  • Rechargeable Battery

The speaker provides a decent battery life if you compare it with the audio quality, speaker size and overall performance. It has a built-in 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery that works upto 8 hours when fully charged. 


As shown in the image, it comes with a charging cable and has a micro USB port to connect the cable. 

  • Portable Design 

The speaker has an elegant and portable design that will smoothly merge into your area aesthetics. It has a strong bass aluminum alloy body. Generally, the portable speakers have plastic cases with a brushed aluminium texture but the Taotronics portable speaker has an actual aluminium case. The grille covers the front and sides of the speaker provide a clear and easy access to the control panel. 


To eliminate the unnecessary vibrations, the speaker has a buffer stand which ensures the speaker-case stability. 

  • Full-range Drivers

The speaker has two full-range drivers behind the grille. Both the drivers are placed on each speaker corner. There is a passive woofer which produces low sound frequencies with no audio breakage or distortion.The drivers ensure the appropriate distribution of different frequency levels and eliminate the unwanted audio from the final audio. The full-range drivers also avoid the frequency interference and deliver clear and smooth audio. 


  • Additional Accessories

Taotronics stereo portable speakers come with useful accessories that you might have to buy separately with other bluetooth speakers. It comes with a 1x usb adapter and a charger cable. A plus point to count on is that the company provides the buyers with a portable bag to carry the speaker around safely.


  • Multiple Connectivity Options


You can connect your devices through Bluetooth or an aux cable. Sometimes the device compatibility shows some issues so that is where the aux cable port comes in handy. For the devices that are not compatible with speakers, you can connect them using the aux cable. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We reviewed different expert articles and public reviews about the TaoTronics Stereo 20W Wireless Portable Speaker to know if the speaker was actually able to deliver the performance it claims or not. The overall reviews were positive where people praised the speaker performance and its compact design.The top reviews were about the high audio quality of the speaker and wide audio dispersion. The customers were impressed by its ability to deliver controlled audio signals at multiple frequency levels with the two bass radiators and passive woofers. There were a lot of reviews in which customers were impressed by its lightweight and portable design. The customers appreciated the amount of features and functions that come at such an affordable price. Following are some top customer reviews from Amazon:

taotornics stereo wireless - social proof 1

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Multi-room Alternative to TaoTronics Portable Speaker - Sonos Move Wireless Speaker

The Sonos Move speaker is an impressive combination of high audio quality, durability and high battery power. 

It delivers a clear sound quality with multiple audio features that will provide you with a great listening experience. It ensures a rich bass response and wide sound dispersion.It comes with automatic Trueplay tuning built in it. It is a latest feature  that adapts the sound according to your placement and the type of audio you are listening to. 

The wifi and Bluetooth features provide you easy connectivity options which excellently fills the metric of portability. It is a great plus point that you can even connect the speaker with your Sonos audio system through wifi. 

It provides voice control with the built-in Amazon Alexa feature. The speaker will make itself easy-to-use for you as you can play/change music, set alarms and do multiple tasks without manual handling. 

Features of Sonos Move Wireless Speaker

  • 2 full-range drivers
  • Built-in voice control (Amazon Alexa)
  • Bluetooth technology 
  • Wifi connectivity 
  • Battery life: 11 hours 
  • Weather-resistant 

Best Multi-room Alternative

The Best Multi-room Alternative is Sonos Move because it provides you a good combination of high quality sound, multiple connectivity options and weather-resistant properties. If you are looking for a good indoor/outdoor speaker with decent audio and voice control features then this might be a good choice for you. 

#2: Best Waterproof Alternative of TaoTronics Portable Speaker - JBL Flip 5 Wireless Speaker

The JBL Flip 5 is a powerful yet lightweight Bluetooth speaker which is a great choice to fulfil your outdoor music requirements. 

The speaker delivers the premium JBL sound quality with an impressive bass output. You can listen to good music by using the PartyBoost feature. This feature allows you to connect two JBL speakers together for a stereo sound effect. 

The wireless Bluetooth features will make your experience worth it as you can connect the speakers with your audio sound devices at a wide range. The battery lasts for upto 12 hours when fully charged. 

The durable fabric material and rubber housing makes it a durable and weather-resistant speaker. It has all the necessary features that are required for an outdoor portable speaker. 

Features of JBL Flip 5 Wireless Speaker

  • Weather-resistant/Waterproof 
  • Premium JBL audio quality 
  • PartyBoost stereo pairing 
  • USB-C quick charge
  • Driver size: 44mm
  • Battery life: 12 hours (4800mAh)

Best Waterproof Alternative

The Best Waterproof Alternative is JBL Flip 5 because it provides you with a great package of portability, premium audio quality and long battery life. If you are looking for portable wireless speakers for the outdoors with weather-resistant properties then this speaker might serve you as a good choice.

taotronics stereo

Guide to Buy

Buying a portable wireless speaker requires research on many different factors and specifications. There are certain important points that you need to look for while buying any portable Bluetooth speaker. Following are some major things that can help you in finding the best sound gadget.

  • Audio Quality 

It is quite obvious that you need a speaker that produces a good quality sound. There are different types of speakers available. Some have high volume capacity but that results in sound breakage and distortion. Some have mid-range audio volumes but they have good frequency and bass response. So you need to search for a speaker that fulfils your sound requirements with good audio performance and powerful bass. Checking the frequency response of the speaker is also an important point to consider. Some speakers sound better and clearer than others because they have a good frequency response. The frequency response is generally mentioned on the speakers. 100Hz is low frequency and 20kHz is the top frequency rate. The low frequency rate is much important to consider since it affects the bass response. 

  • Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to consider while buying portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. There is no use of buying a portable speaker if its battery drains fast and you have to charge it every other hour. So you need to look for speakers that provide you with a long battery life and quick charging facility. Generally, the speakers with high volume output consume more battery. So if you are looking for a speaker that has high-volumed multidimensional sound, then you need to make sure that the speaker has a long battery life i.e upto 10-15 hours. Another important thing to know is that Li-ion battery should not be left discharged so for the best output power always fully charge them before you use the speakers.

  • Size

There are different shapes and sizes of wireless speakers. If you need a portable Bluetooth speaker then you need a compact size so that you can easily take it anywhere you want. Relatively large sized speakers tend to have better sound quality and long battery life. But the latest audio technologies now provide improved sound quality even in a small speaker. The style, however, is upto your personal preference and choice. 

  • Audio Power

The audio power is not generally specified in all the portable Bluetooth speakers. For the speakers that mention it, it is mentioned in Watts. The standard audio power for portable speakers is 10 watts but it is not considered quite efficient. So you need to look for a greater audio power if you require a speaker that has wide audio dispersion. 

  • Water-resistant Properties

An important feature of portable Bluetooth speakers is that they should be weather and water resistant. This is for the reason that it can easily be taken or placed anywhere. There are many portable speakers by different brands that have water-resistant properties and a sturdy speaker body. You can easily use these speakers at a beach or poolside. 

  • Wired Input Connections

If you have an old or outdated portable speaker that does not have Bluetooth technology then you can use wired audio cable to connect it with your devices. You can also use an additional Bluetooth transmitter but sometimes there are compatibility issues since the old speakers do not have much connectivity features. Most speakers have a 3.5mm wire jack and some do provide the aux connection cable too. 

  • Speakerphone Assistance

Speakerphones in speakers come in handy when you are using your mobile phone as the audio device and you need to attend/make calls in between. You can get this feature in speakers that have a built-in microphone. You can attend the calls without any manual or physical functioning.  

  • Multiple Connectivity Options

If you want a stereo sound experience then you need to look for a speaker that has the ability to connect with multiple speakers. There are many speakers that have built-in dual connectivity options that allow you to connect two speakers at one time for a stereo sound experience. 

Wrapping Things Up

The detailed description of features and benefits conclude that TaoTronics Stereo 20W Wireless Portable Speaker will definitely serve you as a good portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. It provides you with multiple features of audio, multiple connectivity options, good battery life, strong bass aluminum alloy body and a high definition sound quality. So if you need a portable speaker with sleek design, wide Bluetooth range and Taotronics premium audio quality, then we would definitely recommend you to buy this wireless Bluetooth speaker. 

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