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    You’ll agree with us when we say that finding decent T Top speakers can be a challenge as there’s not a lot of information about them available online. 

    Today, we’re looking at the BOSS Marine Waketower speaker system to see how it performs and whether it’s worth the money or not. 

    We’ll also look at two similar speakers to see how they square up to our main product.

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    With immaculate build quality and a glossy finish, these speakers are sure to look great on any boat. Not only are they weather-resistant marine speakers but they also provide consistent sound performance in windy conditions.

    Alternate #1

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    This product from Pyle really exceeded all our expectations in terms of build quality and sound. They provide high-quality bass with treble that is bright and crisp. They’re also relatively cheaper than their competitors.

    Alternate #2

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    These speakers are heavy-duty and meant for true audiophiles that would like to listen to the highest-quality sound on their boat. With an RMS rating of 150 watts per speaker, they pack a very big punch.

    Quick Summary of the Main Product

    BOSS Audio Systems have really outdone themselves with this immaculate pair of marine speakers. This product really is everything you could ask for when it comes to boat speakers

    When we first held these speakers, the aspect that we were immediately impressed by was its build quality. The speakers feel heavy in your hands and you can truly feel the quality of the materials. They are weather-resistant and will last you an extremely long time. We tested them in a number of different weather conditions and found that they performed consistently throughout. 

    For 4-inch speakers, this product produces extremely loud sound that is also high in quality. Marine speakers are notorious for producing audio that will always be one step below standard speakers but this product is truly breaking that mold. 

    As if we weren’t convinced enough of its durability, BOSS Audio Systems have decided to include a 3-year platinum warranty with it as well as long as you make your purchase through Amazon.

    Features and Benefits

    Weatherproof Design 

    As mentioned earlier, this pair of speakers is completely weatherproof, rustproof and corrosion-resistant. You can take your boat on any stormy voyage and rest assured that your speakers will remain intact. 

    Polyurethane Cone 

    The polyurethane cone of this pair of speakers is highly durable and provides the best of both worlds when it comes to sound quality and durability. 

    Durable Voice Coil 

    The voice coil is able to withstand extremely high temperatures which makes this pair of boat speakers perfect for extended listening. 

    Rubber Surround 

    Similar to the voice coil, a rubber sound is able to withstand much more harsh treatment than surrounds made from other materials. 

    Dome Tweeter

    The dome tweeter causes high-frequency waves to be very directional and linear. Having a wide dome tweeter will ensure that you have a much wider “sweet spot” where the audio sounds incredible.

    Pros and Cons

    Social Proof

    The customer reviews section on Amazon for this product is filled to the top with 5-star ratings. Many customers are impressed with its sound while others love its build quality

    Here are some of the reviews that we came across:

    T top proof

    More Recommendations!

    #1: Best Budget-Friendly T Top Speakers - Pyle Waterproof Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers Review

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    If you’re looking to upgrade your boat’s sound system but don’t have too much money to spend, then this is definitely the product for you. 

    Pyle has made a name for itself by producing high-quality sound systems and this product is no exception. 

    It features weather-resistant housing that is sure to keep the speakers protected for a long time and with compact design, you can fit into any boat quite easily.

    Features of Pyle Waterproof Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

    • Speaker size: 4 inches
    • Weight: 5 pounds (per speaker)
    • IP-44 waterproof marine grade rating
    • Titanium dome tweeters
    • Long excursion subwoofers

    Best Budget-Friendly T Top Speakers

    The best budget-friendly T Top speakers are the Pyle Waterproof Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers because of their great value for money and amazing build quality. They’re very easy to set up in any boat and with the instruction manual, you’ll have them running in no time.

    #2: Best High-End T Top Speakers - Rockville WB65 Black Metal Marine Wakeboard Swivel Tower Speakers Review

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    These top 6.5 inch speakers were a treat to test out because not only were they extremely easy to install but they’re also very simple to use. 

    The audio quality is great even at loud volumes with no noticeable distortion. Furthermore, these speakers are extremely loud so you’ll be able to hear your music even in the windiest of conditions.

    Features of Rockville WB65 Black Metal Marine Wakeboard Swivel Tower Speakers

    • Top Speaker size: 6.5 inches
    • RMS rating: 150 watts
    • Peak power handling: 300 watts
    • Weight: 10.6 pounds
    • Titanium dome tweeter with Rubber surround

    Best High-End T Top Speakers

    The best high-end T Top speakers are the Rockville WB65 Black Metal Marine Wakeboard Swivel Tower Speakers because of their impressive build quality and high-quality audio. Not only do they sound great but they also have a built-in LED.

    Guide to Buy

    ion pathfinder

    You may be confused about which speakers to go for for your boat but looking at certain aspects and judging your needs based on those can really help you make a decision. Here are the things you need to look out for: 


    You never want to go overboard with your purchase but at the same time, it’s important that you invest in high-quality gear for your boat. 

    So, if you don’t have a high budget, just ensure that you’re buying an entry-level speaker from a reputable manufacturer. That will ensure that the quality of the product is top-notch without you paying a fortune for it. 

    Weight and Size 

    Depending on your boat and how much more weight you want to put onto it, you’re going to have to take the weight and size into account. 

    Please note that bigger, heavier speakers often sound better but of course, you can’t have too heavy of a speaker on your boat. Hence, you have to strike a balance between sound quality and how much weight your boat can handle. 

    Peak Power Handling

    The peak power handling of a speaker is defined by how much power it can handle at any one given instance. It’s often advertised as the “Max power” of a speaker by advertisers because a high number often looks more attractive to customers. 

    Please note, however, that when purchasing a speaker, it’s the RMS power handling you should be more concerned about, not the peak power handling. 

    RMS Power Handling

    The RMS power handling can be defined as the amount of power a speaker can handle over a certain period of time. This is a more accurate measure of how much power a speaker can handle and it should be what you’re looking at when purchasing one; Not the peak power handling. 

    Sound Performance

    This goes without saying but when you’re buying speakers, of course, you’re going to want them to have the best quality sound possible. 

    The amount of money you can spend and the space on your boat may limit the sound quality that can be achieved but it’s a good idea to search thoroughly for the best product you can find within your needs. 

    Wrapping Things Up

    This brings us to the end of our post for the best boat T Top speakers with the best one being the BOSS Audio Systems. We found them to be extremely versatile and their build quality was extremely impressive. Furthermore, the audio they put out is definitely worth having on any boat.  We hope you found this post useful. Let us know which T Top speakers you’re using on your boat.