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Like many folks who’ve endured the past two years of the pandemic, and have contemplated buying a Peloton bike. It seems like a great idea to be a part of the community and get your exercise in at the same time.

However, where would you even put a big bike? Is it worth the money? How long will you even use it for?

Fortunately, if you really want to want a VR headset that can do it all, you’ve come to the right place, Supernatural workouts have all the answers for you.

Supernatural VR

Supernatural is an immersive health recreation that takes area in virtual reality. It gives an entire body workout set in stunning locations around the arena.  You can play it everywhere and at any time, so long as you have your VR headset on you.

Alternate #1 

Powerbeats VR

Powerbeats VR is a fitness VR workout app where you play along with the rhythm game. It is easy to use and has endless hours of rewarding exercise. There are different levels that help you spice things up.  

Alternate #2 


FitXR offers boxing, dancing, and HIIT workouts via different instructors at various lengths and levels. They’ve added a filter so you can work according to duration, music genre, and difficulty.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Within, founder Chris Milk has said that he wanted to bring the fun you had in exercising in real life to virtual reality. That’s when they launched Supernatural. With supernatural’s coaches, you get full workouts so you can do your cardio workout at home.

Supernatural was found about a year ago with aerobic-based totally workouts, guided meditations, and restoration sessions, including boxing workouts to its health-imparting repertoire in October. 

Boxing truly makes for the best kind of exercise to do in a digital truth-putting, much like Mortal Kombat, Primal Rage, and different traditional video games. These are based totally on one-on-one fighting, and throwing punches at shifting goals

With ways-away locations just like the Sahara Desert and the height of Mt. Everest as your history, feels lots like, an online game. Only this time, it’s like a way more high-tech model of the Nintendo Wii.

You can play on oculus quest and unlike other fitness apps, you can have fun with beat saber swatting, and having a scoring system for your workouts makes fitness so much easier. 

If you have some free time, you can have a guided meditation for your whole body to a high-intensity workout using your oculus quest 2. 

Features and Benefits

It is easy to download and when you open up the app, Supernatural units the pace in your VR experience proper away by perching you on top of a stunning mountaintop environment with floating menus. 

Supernatural is likewise well suited with the Apple Smart Watch Series 2+, Wear OS 2.Zero+ gadgets, and any coronary heart charge tracker that uses BLE connectivity. 

Additionally, owning the proper wearable instantly adds value to this education platform, permitting you to hold music of private stats at a look. 

You also can use Supernatural’s complimentary cellphone app to check your stats, and access track playlists on Spotify, and greater without even placing on the Oculus Quest headset 

The Recover modality is what is referred to as “the cooldown” within the exercise international. This is a skippable part of the exercise however, you’re encouraged to follow up with it. 

Why? Because after all of the hands swinging, lunges and squats, you’ve probably pushed your muscle tissues to the restriction.

The revel in itself is targeted around gamified dance exercises similar to that of existing VR rhythm video games which include Beat Saber and OhShape. 

Players use a couple of VR bats to hit a sequence of monochromatic objectives while concurrently navigating their bodies via sparkling triangular tunnels. This results in a complete-body cardio exercise that promises to leave their legs and arms aching.

Whenever you’ve defined your objectives, you can begin gathering alleged Streak Weeks — that is, the point at which you meet your objectives for the week. 

The application will show a four-week schedule of your set of experiences and weeks when you’ve hit your objectives will include a plan and liveliness to flag your accomplishment.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Supernatural


To play Supernatural, you want an Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. The game isn’t at present accessible for other VR gadgets like HP’s Reverb or Playstation VR. 

The game is available at a generous price in the market. However, after download you will be asked for  a month-to-month or yearly membership to play it.

Fun Workouts 

Supernaturals’ signature game is called Flow, where you utilize your regulators to crush approaching focuses to the beat of a melody. At the same time, you must hunch down and thrust to accommodate your body under sets of triangles.

This VR fitness app additionally offers boxing yet with alterations so the hand developments are like punches and the footwork is really dodging and evading. 

You can likewise participate in contemplations, and things considered meditations where you simply loosen up in your ideal area for a couple of moments.


Only doing Supernatural VR workouts, doesn’t help with losing weight especially since it mostly offers cardio-based workouts, and those aren’t helpful alone in losing weight. 

It is recommended to also look at diets to lose weight whilst also playing supernatural to build strength.


Supernatural assists its clients with remaining persuaded and is presenting new objectives and streaks. 

The highlights will be accessible on the companion application for your smartphone, and will request that you put forth objectives and show your “Streak Weeks”.

You’ll likewise see extra details on your advancement in the ongoing 4-week window, such as the number of exercises, contemplations, stretches etc. 


When speaking technically, HDRIs are full 360 displays with a high unique reach. This implies they cover a full circle around the watcher and appropriately uncover both direct light sources and shadows. 

Hence, they can not exclusively be utilized as a tastefully satisfying setting. But they can likewise be utilized to light game items (shadows are a different matter progressively strategies).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Supernatural VR

Social Proof

A lot of customers say that the views are amazing and it makes them want to play longer. The use of mobility in the Quest is being utilized to its full potential.

It is very physically demanding and the coaches who are talking to you add to the motivation. 

When speaking of the general environment, there are coaches walking you through every workout and the background could be set to anywhere according to the preference of the person who wants to work out.

supernatural vr review social proof
supernatural vr review social proof
supernatural vr review social proof
supernatural vr review social proof
supernatural vr review social proof

Alternatives to Supernatural - Recommendations

#1: Best Easy-to-use Workout Game - PowerBeats VR Review

With most VR rhythm games, you will be entrusted with punching and hitting a wide range of symbols to the beat of a soundtrack.

For this game, you have to crush the balls that come flying at you as the beat of anything melody you start is basic. However, that turns out to be immediately confounded by balls that are marked with special effects which imply you need to hit them harder to make them break. 

When you get this idea down, you need to fight with walls that fly at you, constraining you to duck, evade, or even leap from one side to another to try not to take harm.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy PowerBeats VR

Affordability: There is no subscription required and it is completely free to download and play on the quest.

Fun Workouts: This is a very fun full-body exercise, it works your legs and center more, as it makes you duck, evade, and immediately bounce from one side to another as you punch the targets.

Diet Friendly: Their data states that many of their users have lost weight by exercising on powerbeats, it is still important to remember that it is a cardio-based workout and you do need to watch your diet.

Motivation: There’s a leaderboard present so you can compare your score to others, so they want the top score is the only motivation present at the moment.

Environment: There are different environments that you can choose from. Some examples are Sky, Desert, Medieval, and Space, you can also create custom backgrounds and add your own playlist.

Best Easy-to-use Workout Game

The best easy-to-use workout game is PowerBeats VR because you can experience intense workouts with varying levels of difficulty and appreciate crushing other users on the leaderboard.

#2: Best Interactive Virtual Reality Game - FitXR Review

FitXR is a wellness game intended for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 that offers:

  • HIIT 
  • Boxing and dance classes joined by cheery music
  • Inspirational teachers 
  • exercises for all levels

Streak points are collected when you play out the right development to the beat in boxing and dance classes. 

You don’t just have a musicality to find success in HITT classes, you must have the ability to stay on the beat to do well in boxing and dance. 

FitXR urges you not to zero in such a huge amount on taking care of business, and to simply move your body and live it up. FitXR offers a few class conditions to match your ongoing exercise state of mind.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy FitXR

Affordability: This is a subscription-based app that releases new workouts daily but it is cheaper than Supernatural VR and even offers a free trial.

Fun Workouts: It has a whole variety of workouts and even offers exercise progressively with up to six companions in multiplayer and energize each other over voice visits.

Diet-Friendly: This is extremely diet-friendly because it offers so many workouts that work out different parts of your body, even leg muscles, and core.

Motivation: FitXR offers fitness instructors that choreograph every class and motivate you through your workout and even has a customizable playlist.

Environment: Individuals can choose between another Skypark setting, day or night, highlighting a metropolitan roof space with city horizon perspectives or they can Box in the first FitXR studio setting.

Best Interactive Virtual Reality Workout Game

The best interactive virtual reality workout game is FitXR because it was designed to make cardio workouts more fun and it did just that.

Buyer’s Guide

supernatural vr review

With its loosening-up scenes and serious music, Supernatural is a wellness application with a personality emergency. 

The warm-up/cool-downs are too short to ever be viable, and there is no singular input during exercises to assist you with getting to the next level. 

While the cardio exercise Supernatural gives is sufficient, it is almost comparable to Beat saber, without the capacity to customize your experience.


VR workout games are an incredible VR exercise, yet they don’t come cheap. Most of them follow a 30-day free trial, the help costs are very cheap and very affordable for an average income earner. 

You can also cancel the monthly subscription at any time if you see that it is not worth the money.

The membership model is fairly remarkable for VR applications, however Supernatural and many other workout apps are a Peloton-style workout without having to buy one.

Most VR Workout applications are refreshed with other exercises. These include authorized music from significant specialists, photorealistic regular habitats, and even 3D-caught coaches who guide you through the tracks.

Fun Workouts

Like other cadence games, each movement in VR workout games is themed to music.

To gamify your week by week work-out daily practice with a broad library of cardio, boxing, contemplation, and recuperation exercises.

It is a mix of music and development and the mentors have a ton coming up for the typical buyer for exercises.


Workout applications have great music, fantastic workouts, and a team of instructors to guide you. Many have even said that they’ve lost pounds doing those workouts. 

So yes, this is extremely diet friendly and a surefire way to lose weight.


The application gets going by estimating your careful distance and reach with your squats and rushes so it can fabricate a phase where you propel yourself truly. 

The exercises you experience work for you, and you’re scored in view of your capacity to perform inside this remarkably created hindrance course. 

The power of each and every swing, the precision of each and every hit, and your capacity to squeeze your body into each extraordinary triangle meet up to frame positioning and a score you can contrast with different companions on VR workout games.


The VR app exercises additionally exploit one of computer-generated reality’s best characteristics, zooming clients to typically inaccessible areas like:

  • The caldera of a well of lava,
  • The outer layer of the moon, 
  • The highest point of China’s Great Wall 
  • The means of pyramids in Egypt.

There can even be a meditation mode for you to play around with and let you have your best workout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many calories can you burn playing Supernatural?

At the highest point of the calorie-consuming store is Supernatural, where depending upon the model you’re utilizing, clients can burn up to 10-13 calories each moment, which could be compared to trekking.

Does playing VR damage your eyes?

It can cause eye strain which is just a case of eyes becoming tired after being exposed to light for so long. 

If you’re exercising, it can cause sweat to accumulate in the goggles which could pose a threat to the eyes. 

It doesn’t cause long-term problems, however, you do need a break for the activity.

Can you lose weight playing in VR?

It can help you lose weight, however, it is important to remember that it is only temporary. Supernatural does offer cardio and boxing, but you’d have to stick with it for a long time.

Can you build muscle in VR?

Technically, yes, you can give your legs, core, and calves a decent workout from inside a VR headset.

It could help strengthen the heart without putting you at risk for complications.

What does triple platinum mean in Supernatural?

The upper left-hand corner lets you know the power of the exercise. H is for Hard, M for medium, and L for low power. 

In the event that you got triple platinum which is practically the best positioning. In the event that you get close to 99% for both precision and power, you will get a jewel in the game.

Wrapping Things Up

Supernatural is the suitable call for this Oculus Quest app, as it combines a pinnacle-tier VR health revel in with breathtaking views that are greater than just a getaway. 

Their team of coaches has created a complete library of full-body exercise workouts, and this app handily represents the suitable combo of slicing area cellular tech and traditional fitness ideas. 

It’s a platform we’ll be maintaining our eyes on over the following few years, and as far as we can tell, this is the destiny of health, people.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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