Superhot VR Review – Complete Breakdown, Pros, Cons & Alternatives

First-person shooter games are great, but they can be too easy to play. 

Therefore, if you want something that’s actually challenging and fun, Superhot VR might be the next game for you to try. It features a unique style of play where time stands still until you start to move. 

In this article, we will discuss what Superhot is as well as look at its features and alternatives. 

Superhot VR

Superhot is a first-person shooter where the players are tasked to eliminate their enemies. The brawl starts with only fists. But as you solve the puzzle of time and take on enemies, you’re also presented with pistols, machine guns, swords, and other power-ups to get the job done. The game has multiple levels and a white maze-like environment that you play in. Although the game seems simple, it is extremely challenging which makes it so fun and addicting.  

Alternate #1 

Blasters of The Universe VR

If you enjoy intense adrenaline-pumping games, you must give Blasters of the Universe a try. It is a survival game that requires you to dodge, duck and shoot non-stop to live. The addictive mix of shooting action and immersive gameplay will make this a worthy addition to your VR library.

Alternate #2 

Farpoint VR

If gunplay is what you’re after, we suggest you try Farpoint VR. From the start, you will be treated with a 360-degree view of outer space and excellent visuals. Gameplay-wise, it is a full-fledged sci-fi shooter that feels fantastic to play. There is also an arcade mode and a multiplayer mode that you can switch to play with your friends.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

As we mentioned before, Superhot is essentially a first-person shooter. But the twist is that time moves forward only when you move your character. This successfully shifts the genre of the game from an action game or more of a puzzle game. 

With that being said, the gaming experience of Superhot is brilliant. It is tough, exhausting, and frustrating but we could not stop playing the game. 

At first glance, you might think of it as a standard FPS-styled game. But it’s much more than that. It features a wide array of usable weapons depending on the level you’re on. 

You’ll be presented with all kinds of battle equipment from rapid-fire uzis to bullet-spraying shotguns. This sounds fun, but you’ll really need to master these weapons in order to win. There will also be instances where you might not have a weapon to defend yourself. 

Furthermore, you’ll have to think about the slightest movement you do in the game. One wrong move might be what the enemy needs to make contact with you. 

However, we must warn you. The difficulty curve of the game is a little steep sometimes. But, with a few practice rounds and some Youtube tutorials, you’ll get a hang of it. 

Features and Benefits


The gameplay of Superhot is excellent. While playing the game, you’ll get to dodge bullets matrix-style, throw ninja stars, steal enemy guns, and more. 

Since the game is in VR, the fluidity of the movement and the shooting mechanics in the game are perfect. The aim of the guns was precise every time. However, it did take us some time to get used to throwing objects as it was a little tricky to get a hang of. 

Moreover, the 360-degree range of motion due to the VR headset and the lack of wires will only enhance your experience. No other game has made us feel like we’re starring in our own action movies.

Slow Motion 

Like we said before, moving your character will also make your enemies move. So, the faster you move, the faster will be the chance of you being killed.

If you have multiple enemies shooting at you, the bullets will come at you quickly. Similarly, if you turn your head around to assess the situation, you will be met with a hail of bullets. 

We were able to learn that small movements are key since they ensure time moves slowly. This gave us a chance to see incoming attacks and dodge them. 


Superhot VR has each level broken down into different sections. You can only move on to the next section if you complete it without getting hit. However, if you fail, you will find yourself back at the start. 

There were 5 sections per level. This doesn’t sound like too many however, a level can last a while if you keep dying and have to replay the same level multiple times. 

In addition, every level presented a new and unknown environment. We had to quickly look around to find weapons and threats. Of course, this was counted as a movement so even a glance was dangerous. 

While testing the game, we found that it is actually smart to lose a couple of times. This way you get to learn exactly what you need to do to succeed. It was also fun coming up with different ways to win as we replayed the levels. 


Enemies are extremely satisfying to kill in Superhot since they break like glass. So, even if you throw a bottle at them, it would be enough to kill them. 

Throughout the game, you will find objects like bottles, ashtrays, and knives for you to acquire. You can also use it to deflect shots.

However, we suggest you dodge the shots since it is easier and more practical. 


Apart from objects, you’ll also get to use guns. However, each gun you will find will only have one clip worth of bullets.

The limited ammo adds to the intensity of the game. You’ll have to make sure your shot is perfect every time. One tip is to shoot where they’re going to be instead of where they are. 

Shooting will also make you accountable for movement. For example, if you fire multiple bullets at a time, it will lead to a quick burst of time making the game more hectic. 

There are also some levels that start without weapons. In that case, you will have to punch your way to the next round. After a certain number of levels, the game introduces some sort of telekinetic power to kill the enemy which was very exciting. 

Game environment 

Superhot VR is a standing-only game. 

As we played the game, we realized that we were swinging, dodging, and ducking all throughout the gameplay. This is why we suggest you have a big enough space so you don’t run into furniture and hurt yourself. 

You can also play the game standing in one spot and just dodging and waiting for the enemies to come closer. But, if you decide to do this, you’ll be missing out on the core game experience. 

Another thing we appreciate about Superhot is how sweat-inducing it is. We think it’s a great way to work out while simultaneously enjoying a VR game.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Superhot VR

Visuals and Graphics 

There is a certain beauty to the visual simplicity of Superhot VR. 

You’re placed in a white environment that lacks texture. This way, the only things that stand out in the environment are things you need to defend yourself.

On the other hand, anything that intends to do you harm is colored red, which makes the situation easy to read so you can focus on how to beat the level. 


Similar to the visuals, the audio of the game is also very minimalistic. You’ll hear noises only when you pick up a weapon, when you hit the enemy, when you get hit, etc. 

This audio scheme completely suits the game and does not break from the immersion or the experience. 


Superhot is fairly short. It took us 2 hours to complete the first playthrough. However, once you complete the game, you unlock new modes.

These new modes did not disappoint and added extra value to the game. The modes include speedrun, endless, headshot only, and more

Available Platforms  

Superhot VR has wide compatibility with VR headsets. 

You can play it on:

  • Oculus Rift
  • Oculus Quest 2  
  • HTC Vive
  • Playstation VR

It is also available on Windows, Linux, and macOS. 

Motion Sickness 

VR games are notorious for causing motion sickness in gamers. But, Superhot is not one of those games. 

Since there are no drastically changing environments and it has simple graphics, you will not get nauseated while playing. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

During our research, we went online to see what people were saying about the game. We found Superhot VR to be extremely popular among VR users. 

Many gamers claimed it to be the best experience in VR. They loved its visuals, gameplay, storyline, and more. 

They also thought the game was well-designed and an excellent way to experience the capabilities of virtual reality. 

Here are some of the reviews we come across:

superhot vr social proof
superhot vr social proof
superhot vr social proof

Similar to Superhot VR (Alternatives)

#1: Best Action VR Game - Blasters of the Universe VR Review

While you may have played a dozen wave-based VR shooters, Blasters of the Universe is the first of its kind, bringing the bullet hell genre into first-person VR. 

When you start the game, there is a minor story to set things up. The gameplay starts right after that. 

But, before you start playing the levels, there are a couple of things you’ll need to do

First is to make sure you have two VR controllers. One of them will act as your gun, while the other will be your shield. 

You will also have to take a short tutorial on how to build your weapon, how to reload it, and when to use your shield.

After you are up to speed on the controls, you can start playing the game. There are different levels you can play, each unlocking after completing the last one.

The best feature of the game is the ability to customize your gun. 

It has a total of seven guns and multiple interchangeable modifications. For example, you can create a combination of laser sights, explosive shots, recharge reload, etc, 

It feels great while selecting parts that will make up your perfect gun. After that, you can also try out the gun in the firing range before you start the level. This gives you an extra sense of freedom other first-person shooters lack.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Blasters of the Universe VR 

Visuals and Graphics 

Visually, Blasters of the Universe decided to go with a charming 80s cartoon style. It has a lot of bright colors and abstract shapes that we enjoyed a lot. 

Moreover, the presentation of the game is immersive in each area. All of the menus are layered in the sense of what you would anticipate from stereoscopic 3D.


The audio consisted of upbeat and fast-paced trance music to create a frantic environment.

But, we feel that the audio needed some work to make the player more aware of what’s around them, such as enemies and incoming bullets.


Unfortunately, Blasters of the Universe has only four levels, each lasting about 10 minutes. So, the game is very short.

However, it has high replayability due to its online leaderboard, where you can compete to get the highest score. 

Available Platforms 

Blasters of the Universe is not a widely available game. You can only enjoy it on Oculus Rift and Playstation VR

Motion Sickness 

Since this game is quite demanding and requires you to move around, it can quickly get hot under the headset. 

So, if you’re prone to motion sickness for VR or aversive to too much physical activity, we suggest you try another game. 

Best Action VR Game 

The best action VR game is Blasters of the Universe. It has excellent production, high replayability, and challenging levels.

#2: Best First-Person Shooter - Farpoint VR Review

Farpoint is one of the most innovative first-person shooters we’ve ever played. There is not a moment while playing the game that did not impress us. 

The story of Farpoint is similar to any other sci-fi game. You play a soldier tasked to rescue a pair of scientists. But, the rescue soon turns into a hunt in an alien world. 

It offers a stunning visual experience that was made even better when we experienced it in VR. The environments have a great sense of scale and the weapons are particularly detailed. 

This really gave us the illusion of holding a real gun as we could turn the gun over in our hands to examine it using the PS VR Aim Controller. 

Another thing worth noting is the accuracy of the controls which was spot-on. It managed to remain immersive despite the fact that we needed a joystick to move around. The shooting was also very impressive. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Farpoint VR 

Visuals and Graphics 

The far point has great visuals and graphics. We were quite impressed with how the character interacts with the environment, given that it all takes place in virtual reality. 


The sound design of the game is excellent. While playing the game, we were easily able to locate enemies by noise alone. But this also made the attacks of the enemies just as terrifying. 


It will take you around five hours to complete Farpoint. We think this is the perfect length for a VR game as it does not overstay its welcome. 

Available Platforms 

This is a Playstation-exclusive game. To play the game, you need a Sony PSVR headset and a PlayStation 4. 

Motion Sickness 

If you’re new to VR, we would not recommend you play Farpoint. It can cause intense motion sickness due to the nature of its gameplay. 

Best First-Person Shooter

The best first-person shooter is Farpoint VR because of its storyline, impressive visuals, and brilliant controls. 

Buyer’s Guide

buyers guide

Visuals and Graphics 

Good visuals,  well-designed 3D models, and stunning environments are essential for an immersive VR experience.

Therefore, before you purchase a VR game, don’t forget to check the quality of its visuals. You do not want something dull or looks like something out of the 1900s. 


Audio can greatly improve your VR experience. It makes the game believable and creates an emotional impact. 

The sound should deliver with clarity and should be well suited to the game. 


You do not want to spend your money on an extremely short game. Similarly, a game that is too long might start to feel like a drag. 

It is also not recommended to play a VR game for too long due to its adverse effects on our eyes.

We suggest you do your research and pick out a game that is an appropriate length for your gaming needs. 

Available Platforms 

It’s a good idea to buy a VR game that is available on multiple platforms. This will make it easy for you to access it.

Also, make sure it is compatible with your VR headset and controllers. 

Motion Sickness 

VR games that have rapidly changing environments cause motion sickness in users. 

Therefore, if you’re new to VR, we suggest you pick out the games carefully. You want something with limited movements, simple graphics, and linear gameplay.

Wrapping Things Up

With that, we conclude our Superhot VR review. 

Overall, Superhot is one of the most intriguing games we’ve played to date. The charm of it lies in it being both challenging and exciting.

It’s also one of the best games motion-sensitive gamers can enjoy. Just make sure you have plenty of space, so you don’t get hurt as you combat the enemies. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below. 


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