Sony Rebrands ‘Project Leonardo’ as ‘Access Controller’ – Ushers in New Era of PS5 Gaming

The Access Controller, Sony’s groundbreaking addition to the PS5 peripherals, is set to challenge current norms. Formerly known as “Project Leonardo”, this inclusive controller made its debut just before Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Bridging the Gap

This announcement nudges Sony closer to Microsoft, which launched the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018. Sony’s Access Controller is an effort to establish parity in gaming accessibility.

Customization at its Best

The Access Controller is designed to suit diverse gamer needs. The customization options are extensive, allowing for adjustments according to different ranges of motion and strengths.

An Array of Options

Options abound for both the Analog stick and button caps. The former comes in standard, dome, and ball shapes while the latter offers pillow and flat choices, alongside unique sizes.

Design Details

There’s a wide flat button cap for double button sockets, an overhang style for smaller hands, and a curve button cap for push-pull versatility. The Access Controller can lay flat, be tilted, or be installed onto a custom mount.

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Gaming Controls Simplified

Once synced with the PS5, the Access Controller promises a seamless gaming experience.

Personalized Controls

Gamers can modify the controller orientation, assign actions to each button, and adjust sensitivity settings.

One-Push Wonders

Sony introduces the concept of continuous work with a single button push, reducing the need for repeated button holding.

DualSense Integration

Sony provides scope for integrating the DualSense Wireless controller. This controller can sync with two Access Controllers, thereby creating a ‘single virtual controller’.

A Journey of Accessibility

Sony’s commitment to accessibility is evident in the words of Mark Friend, Sony’s accessibility lead: “We’re just getting started with our accessibility journey with PS5.”

Upcoming Features

Other notable features in the pipeline include high contrast mode and traversal or navigation assist.

Release Date and Price: Yet to be Announced

Despite the Access Controller’s reveal on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, its release date remains undisclosed. Sony assures that more details are forthcoming in the months ahead.

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The unveiling of Sony’s Access Controller is undoubtedly a monumental step towards inclusivity in gaming. With its wide range of customization options and user-friendly features, it is designed to provide a more accessible and engaging gaming experience for all PS5 users.

While the release date and price remain under wraps, the gaming community eagerly anticipates further details. With Sony embarking on this journey of accessibility, the future of PS5 gaming promises to be even more exciting and inclusive.

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