Sandbox VR Review – Full Breakdown, Pros, Cons, Buyers’ Guide & More

The world has advanced in the domain of virtual reality technology. There are multiple names that are trying to make it as real and authentic as possible. Fortunately, they succeed in coming up with a replica of the real world, but they lack VR for teams.

Sandbox VR company design a setup within a virtual environment where people can come as a team with up to six members and enjoy. The company focuses on whole body and team interaction.

In this article we are going to enlighten the features and benefits to see if it is suitable for you or not.

We will also go through a couple of its alternatives to find which VR company is worthy.

Sandbox VR

A Sandbox VR is a specially designed framework to give futuristic VR experience for a team. The way your whole body interacts with the other teammates in a game distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors.

Alternate #1 


Substrata is the first drone company which is an online 3D metaverse. As a result, the user can create desired structures and enjoy immersive audio and realistic graphics.

Alternate #2 

TCG World

TCG World is an online NFT collectible virtual reality metaverse. Its real-time goes to 70+ as you can earn, play, and work.

This game is a crypto asset where you can also invest in real estate.  

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Sandbox VR was founded in 2016 by Steve Zhao in Hong Kong, then moved to San Mateo, California. Since then, this company has started working on many features that make it excellent.

It is an entertainment that pairs up socialization, adding a more thrilling experience. In addition, sandbox VR focuses on tracking whole-body movements, which is a different feature from many VR companies.

They make your appearance real in the game or movie by bringing it from a room where you are standing alone to a hall with a team of up to six members.

This company puts sensors or controllers all over your body, including a haptic vest, a VR helmet, and controllers on your hands and feet for a better experience. This results in the virtual worlds being a way better and improved than ever before.  

High technology is used to experience immersive 3D simulation.  

An HMD (head-mounted display), two controllers, and a processor that can either be a PC or a mobile phone are three major pieces of hardware.  

So, let’s get into the topic and find its benefits and features to help us use it.  

Features and Benefits

The features of Sandbox VR can be distinguished based on software and hardware. So, let’s explore its features and benefits:


The features that can be accessed outside the computer’s screen include these peripherals. It is time to take a deep look at them.

Wireless headsets

Sandbox VR company uses head-mounted display VR headsets, which include HTC Vive and Oculus. The VR headset aids you to quickly get into the virtual world.

This Sandbox tracks your whole-body movement, and a VR headset is responsible for head and position tracking.

Motion capture sensor

Antenna-shaped controllers are attached to different peripherals you are holding or wearing, i.e., a gun, jacket, vest, or VR headset. These sensors also capture your external movements and internal kinematics and ensure not to miss a single body motion.

Haptic (touch-sensitive) controllers

The vest you are wearing is touch-sensitive; if anything hits, you will feel the vibration via this vest as it allows tactile movements which are played in the game.

The harder an item hits you, the stronger vibration you will feel, i.e., if you fall or a zombie attacks, your body will tremble.

Communications Headsets

Players are playing in a team and standing very close to each other. To enjoy and feel as accurate as possible, players wear microphones in addition to VR headsets.

When you can communicate easily with your friend, it automatically enhances the comfort level, besides an immersive experience.

Other peripheral devices

The team has an option to use different peripheral devices according to their characters. For example, if you are characterized as a sci-fi shooter, a gun will be an extra device handed over to you.  


Some features for games within the operating systems enhance the immersive experience and create a carbon copy of the real world.

Unbound Fighting League (UFL)

In Sandbox, VR sports are merged with esports, where you can confront your friend or teammates in the game.

UFL helps you to enhance your futuristic experience of being a sci-fi shooter.

Deadwood Mansion

This feature increases the level of thrill when you have to save your life by surviving this deadwood mansion.

Curse of Davy Jones

Curse of Davy Jones is one of the best themes for kids and grownups where you have to find the lost valuables in a pirated theme or environment.

Benefits of Sandbox VR

Multiple reasons make it the best choice.

Increased immersion

Wireless or air links are two main reasons Sandbox feels so natural, as you are not bound by wire and can freely move all over the room, which plays an essential role in immersion and a more realistic experience.

Greater portability

Sandbox VR is a portable device you can roam around the room scale and carry your gadgets wherever you want, irrespective of traditional VR headsets.

In standard VR headsets, you are bounded by wired connections or small room-scale; your presence in the camera is in front of you.

Suitable for all ages

Traditional VR headsets have some age restrictions and are not suitable for all ages of people. However, irrespective of that restriction, Sandbox VR is ideal for all types of ages.

These features create the best family activity.

Affordable price tag

Sandbox VR is very affordable. You do not need to break your bank to enjoy it as compared to the rest of VR headsets. This is the most attractive option that highlights it among many headsets.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Sandbox VR

There are multiple options that you need to consider before you decide to buy a Sandbox VR. The reason is that they either affect your playing experience or might muddle your budget.


Sandbox VR is not just limited to headgear, controller, and an operating system; it is a far bigger setup. So, you cannot buy it; instead, you can book yourself and your teammate in your nearby office. You can pay the registration fee per head for 60 minutes. 

Peripheral devices

The primary peripheral devices are an HMD, two controllers, a processor, a haptic vest, microphones, and motion-capturing sensors. Besides all these devices, you can also opt for any gun or weapon according to your character. 

Haptic feedback

The motion-capturing sensors are responsible for the haptic feedback via the vest you wore. Whenever you get hit by someone or anything that gives you a jerk, you will feel it in the same way to enhance immersion. 


Data gloves and helmet-mounted displays are the main reason for feeling immersed deeply as they enhance the aspects that look real and make you think to game the real world. 


One of the most essential features that differentiate it from the other VR helmets is its interaction. You can interact and play with your teammates just like in the real world. Sensor capturers feature your whole body in the game, which increases genuineness.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We have scrolled the internet and found some fascinating reviews and hope they will be helpful for you. 

People love the Star Trek experience of Sandbox VR. They named it “an amusement park” because people have to travel all the way just to a new place. 

The team outing, the natural motion of your hands and feet, and haptic feedback are remarkable features that distinguish it from the rest of its competitors. 

Everyone is highly recommending the Sandbox to all because the experience they had is never experienced before. 

Here we have some testimonials.

Sandbox VR Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: An Immersive Multi User VR - SUBSTRATA Review

Substrata is a multiuser 3D metaverse aiming for an immersive and futuristic experience.

It is the first drone company that gives online access to online users. In addition, substrata gave its user an immersive display and audio with the free will to modify its character.

You can enjoy this metaverse by purchasing its subscription through the affiliate referral link. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy SUBSTRATA VR

There are multiple options that you need to consider before you decide to buy a Sandbox VR. The reason is that they either affect your playing experience or might muddle your budget.

Price:  The SUBSTRATA has a parcel-based subscription. To use this VR, you have to purchase parcels. So, the price of SUBSTATA VR depends upon the number of parcels you buy.

Peripheral devices:  Peripheral devices always amplify the immersion. Headset VR is a virtual device that gives you a mesmerizing experience.  

Haptic feedback:  Currently, no such device can give haptic feedback in SUBSTRATA VR. As it plays an integral part in immersion.

Immersion: Immersion is related to many factors directly linked to virtual reality authenticity. SUBSTRATA is a 3D metaverse, the best VR setup.

Interaction:  SUBSTRATA is a multiuser VR that helps you to interact with other members in-game. This factor also enhances the immersion and makes you experience. 

An Immersive Multi User VR

The SUBSTRATA VR is an immersive multi-user VR because it renders you create details in graphics, audio, and avatar modifications. Besides these amazing features, it is an open online metaverse.

#2: Best 3D metaverse - TCG World Review

TCG world is working to create this the largest open virtual world metaverse. You can own anything in the TCG world as NFT e.g., virtual real estate, cars, animals, and avatar players as well.

You can enjoy this metaverse by purchasing its subscription through the affiliate referral link. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy TCG World

There are multiple options that you need to consider before you decide to buy a Sandbox VR. The reason is that they either affect your playing experience or might muddle your budget.

Price: TCG World uses TCGCoin 2.0, a cryptocurrency, to sell and purchase virtual real estate and other collectibles. These collectibles are owned and sold as NFT.

Peripheral devices: A VR headset with a smartphone is an essential criterion for enjoying the metaverse. Oculus Quest 2 is the best choice for VR.

Haptic feedback: Metaverse support haptic feedback. It depends upon the quality and type of device you are using.

Immersion: Immersion is the most crucial feature to enjoy the virtual world, as it adds more authenticity to the display. Metaverse devices also offer you this immersion feature. 

Interaction: Metaverse provides you with an environment where you can interact with other people in the same environment. These are the factors that add up to more immersion.

Best 3D metaverse

The TCG World is the best 3D metaverse because you can sell and purchase NFT collectibles as pets, land, gaming, and a lot more. It also fulfills the unique immersive feature of  Metaverse. 

Buyer’s Guide

Sandbox vr review

There are multiple factors that you need to consider before you decide to buy a Sandbox VR. The reason is that they either affect your playing experience or might muddle your budget.


Price is always the first thing people consider before purchasing any device or gadget. The same is the case with VR. Although you cannot buy Sandbox VR, you can be a consumer as you can book yourself and your team members for the session. 

However, the registration price varies due to three main reasons; one is the number of people playing, the second is the game you opt for, and the third is the number of sessions you select. 

Peripheral devices

There are multiple gaming setups in which many devices are not essential, but they help us and aid our ease. 

A haptic vest, microphones, a head-mounted device, a weapon according to your character, and sense-capturing devices are machines that enhance immersion and make the games as authentic as possible. 

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback plays an essential role in enhancing the reality and hypnotic experience. Some VR setups provide in-built headgear or inform you about accessories that can give you this feedback, i.e., a vest or headset.


Immersion is the level of authenticity any virtual world is delivering. Interaction, visuals, audio, touch, and feedback are the main factors that create a more immersed virtual world. 

The immersion is the factor that helps your brain believe it is the real world. Vest, headgear and the controller can be the ways of immersion. 


The VR setup and game that allows you to play with your family, friends and dear ones always stand out. Smooth human interaction is a feature that helps you to spend time together even in the virtual world. 

Interaction, immersion, haptic feedback, and accessories all are interred connected. Therefore, working on one feature impacts all others and ignoring a single can also impact the whole experience.

Wrapping Things Up

So, bringing our topic to a conclusion, we believe that Sandbox VR is the best VR compared to its competitors. 

Its multiplayer and full-body motion-capturing features make it stand out. Because there are many other options that themselves are brilliant, but they lack this feature. 

After all these facts and figures, we are supposed to consider it the best one. 

Please let us know what you think about Sandbox VR and its alternatives in the comment below.


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