Samsung VR Vs Google Cardboard – The Complete Breakdown

You’ll agree with us that choosing between 2 options is easier said than done. The Samsung VR and Google Cardboard are among the top-selling VR headsets available. However, they differ in some important ways from each other.

While the Samsung Gear VR lets you experience virtual reality better, it’s not compatible with iPhones. Google Cardboard, on the other hand, works with all kinds of mobile phones. Both Google Cardboard and Gear VR are good for beginners.

We are here to help you choose the right option for you. Here is a complete breakdown of the different factors important when choosing the right option. 





Samsung Gear VR


Google Cardboard


Now that we have rated some of the features, let’s look into the detailed review of each.

Samsung Gear VR Review - Best User-Friendly VR

The Samsung VR gear is powered by Oculus technology. The VR tech combines the best of Oculus optics with the convenience of the Samsung Galaxy line of smartphones.

Samsung Gear VR is packed with new features and has a very firm phone stand inside of which you can easily put any Samsung phone. It connects to your phone through the charging port and as soon as you connect the phone it starts the VR software in it. 

Samsung released the Samsung Gear VR as an “Innovator Edition” in late 2014.

Features of Samsung Gear VR

  • Easy to use
  • Has a volume control button
  • Wide field of view
  • Wireless
  • Includes a focus dial

Benefits of Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is easy to use, it comes pre-assembled in the box with a user manual included. You only have to slide in your Samsung smartphone with the video selected to step into the virtual world. 

We also found that the product is lightweight. This feature makes it a great fit for beginners as they may not be used to a VR weighing down on their necks. 

Samsung Gear VR allows you to explore beyond your comfort zone and have an immersive virtual reality experience. With amazing graphics and a 90° field of view, you can experience everything from live concerts to virtual tours. 

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Samsung  Gear VR


If you’re not looking to spend extra cash on devices to make the VR work, the Samsung Gear VR headset might not be the best choice. (Unless you already own Samsung phones!)


The Samsung Gear VR definitely deserves extra points for user-friendliness. The VR system includes a focus dial on top, letting the user adjust the focal length to match their preferences.

There is also a ”home” and “undo” button on the side of the Samsung Gear VR for gesture control while wearing the headset.


Samsung Gear VR is slightly on the pricier side as compared to its competitor. The price is almost 3x greater but so are the advanced features. It’s an excellent value for money and you get exactly what you pay for.


The Samsung Gear VR is a wireless headset that makes it easy to carry around. It’s also lightweight and travel-friendly due to its sturdy design.


Samsung Gear VR has an adjustable head strap for a comfortable experience. It also has a soft cushion present where the head can rest comfortably. 

What do the customers think?

Many of the customers online appreciated the quality of the Samsung Gear VR for the price they paid. It turned out to be great for people just getting into virtual reality as well.

We scoured the internet to find some reviews you may find helpful.

samsung vr social proof
samsung vr social proof
samsung vr social proof

Best User-Friendly VR

The best user-friendly VR is the Samsung Gear VR because it is easy to set up and comes with control buttons and new head tracking technology.

Google Cardboard Review - Best Affordable VR

Google’s vision for this product was to introduce budget-friendly VR tech. It has a basic VR system and can be best utilized to watch VR videos. Although a headphone jack is missing.

However, unlike other virtual reality headsets, google cardboard VR lacks the head straps to keep it in place. This causes the user to hold up the headset while using it, which might not be the most comfortable position and may restrict head movement.

Features of Google Cardboard

  • Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices
  • Comes with its very own app
  • Has carefully curated content fit for this specific product

Benefits of Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is a great option to spend money on. Google developed the product to easily fit into anyone’s budget and provides a decent way to experience virtual reality. It has flaps to hold your phone in place and is easy to set up.

For people with very less knowledge of virtual reality, google cardboard is the perfect introduction. It’s already set up and comes with an app you can download to help you get started.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Google Cardboard 


Google Cardboard has simple VR technology and works perfectly with both Android and iPhone. 


Google Cardboard comes pre-assembled and only requires you to insert your phone and velcro the front flaps. 

There aren’t any features to help you navigate while using the headset. You are also required to hold up the VR yourself due to the lack of head straps. That might cause arm soreness if the VR is held up for long periods.


Google Cardboard is one of the most affordable VR headsets you can find in the market and is perfect for beginners. If you’re not sure about virtual reality and just want to explore it, this is an excellent option.


Google Cardboard is extremely easy to use, it’s a VR device that can be used by people of all ages. It can be paired with almost any mobile phone and used to watch VR videos or play games in virtual reality.


There isn’t much present in the comfort feature of Google Cardboard. There isn’t any cushioning and due to the lack of head straps, you have to hold the VR up to your face.

What Do the Customers Think?

Many of the customers online would agree with us when we say, all things considered, Google Cardboard is effective. It’s perfect for people just getting into virtual reality.

There were quite some positive things people had to say about the VR headset.

Google Cardboard social proof
Google Cardboard social proof
Google Cardboard social proof
Google Cardboard social proof

Best Affordable VR

The Best Affordable VR is Google Cardboard because its starting price is low and it’s the perfect product for beginners in the virtual world.

Buyers’ Guide


Compatibility is one of the first things you should check when purchasing a VR. To avoid spending extra cash, you can get a VR that’s compatible with a divide you already own. It’s also smart to get one that works with multiple devices.


If this is your first VR, getting an easy-to-use virtual reality headset is an excellent idea to get things started. Both the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard are excellent choices for beginners.


If you aren’t sure if virtual reality is your thing, avoid spending a lot of money immediately. Look for low-cost VR tech first. Even cheap VRs like google cardboard will be able to feed your curiosity.


You want to buy a VR headset that would be easy to use for first-timers. It’s essential to find the best VR headset to help you enjoy the virtual reality experience to the fullest.


The virtual reality experience is best enjoyed when you’re comfortable while using VR. When comparing Google Cardboard vs Gear VR, this is a place where google cardboard lacks. It’s essential to use a headset that isn’t too heavy and doesn’t weigh down on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is another basic, budget-friendly VR headset developed by Google. Its biggest advantage over a Samsung Gear VR is the fact it can be easily connected to almost every mobile phone.

What is the most important thing to look for in a virtual reality headset?

Although the preferences depend from person to person, one of the main features is compatibility and comfort. You want to make sure the VR device is compatible with your smartphone and is comfortable to support long hours of viewing.

Is Google Cardboard as good as other VR headsets?

Google Cardboard received favorable reviews for its minimalistic design and its budget. This is a less than perfect VR experience but a great value. Google Cardboard provides an excellent introduction to VR, at a lower price tag compared to Samsung VR.

Final Verdict

Now that you have all that information, it’s time to announce the winner- Samsung Gear VR. This VR headset is perfect for all beginners. It’s much more comfortable than Google Cardboard, with the adjustable strap and cushioning. 

The Samsung Gear VR is a high-end VR headset and its features like the focus dial help the user to an immersive virtual reality experience. It includes buttons as well and is lightweight so the VR goes, wherever you go. 

The Samsung Gear VR is much more user-friendly than the google cardboard headset with the above features as there is no focus dial on the google cardboard VR. That means you’ll just have to wish the default setting works for you.


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