Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition VS Samsung Gear VR – Complete Comparison, Pros, Cons & More

For people who are new to virtual reality, Gear VR with the controller is quite possibly an ideal choice available and one of the most reasonable too. 

If you’re someone who owns the most recent Samsung telephone, or one delivered a long time back, these gear VR headsets can work well for you.

However, choosing between the bests can always be a tricky job. We’re here to help you out with that. Now let’s get into which one is the best.





Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition


Samsung Gear VR


Let’s take a detailed review of each.

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Review - Best Functional Headset

The Samsung Gear VR is a promising VR headset that feels very premium and offers multiple features. 

We’ve been using this gear VR for the past few days, and it has impressed us with its overall build structure. Despite having a hard white plastic exterior, it is still lightweight and portable. 

If we talk about compatibility, you will need a Galaxy Note 4 for this VR gear. However, the phone attachment can easily be done without any hassle. 

The padding around eyepieces and adjustable straps make it reasonably comfortable to wear even for long hours. 

Benefits of Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

Build Quality

The Gear VR is built predominantly of hard white plastic and looks, indeed, similar to a computer-generated experience headset. 

The headset is lightweight, and that makes it appropriate to use for long hours. 


It comes with user-friendly usage techniques. The options are navigated and selected using a cursor and a button available on the right side of the headset. 

Moreover, the touchpad can be used to control a large number of applications and access games.

However, if you want VR gear for fast-paced games, you will have to buy a Bluetooth gamepad separately.


As we mentioned above, you will be needing a separate gamepad for fast-paced games that require a controller. However, there are some games that do not require manual controls. Such games can be played using the touchpad that comes with the gear. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition 


The Gear VR is a smooth headset, with a white shell and a clear dark faceplate.

It’s very much cushioned around the face and on the rear of the fundamental headband. Furthermore, an optional above headband supported with white plastic can connect effectively to the highest point of the headset for a superior fit. 


Setting up this Samsung gear VR is pretty simple. You need to perform the following simple steps:

  • Push forward the slots available at the front of the headset 
  • Place your phone inside 
  • Now simply plug your Note 4 into the Gear VR using the micro-USB plug  

Each significant Gear VR capability can be gotten through the Oculus application, which gives a center point to VR content. 


The actual headset appears to be reasonable, yet it ought to be recalled that a Universe Note 4 is a prerequisite. Furthermore, Note 4 is a leading telephone whose cost is extremely high.

We positively don’t feel like what’s accessible at present merits a pricey cost. Yet for existing Note 4 clients who need to see what VR brings to the table, an update likely could be worth the effort.


Samsung gear VR innovator is only compatible with a Galaxy Note 4. It isn’t viable with other cell phones or gadgets. 

Some gaming applications might require the utilization of a Bluetooth Android game regulator to offer extra game controls.


We had a decent experience using the Samsung gear VR innovator edition. There are some points that deserve appreciation and some points that can be improved. 

It delivers a high-quality VR experience that will uplift the visuals of your content. However, it provides limited content in terms of applications and fast-paced games.

What Do the Customers Think?

People have said if Samsung has any desire to be viewed as a trailblazer, it needs to deliver more gadgets like the Gear VR. 

While the absence of content causes it to feel similar to a model, it’s a real, buyable item that provides the client with a great look and usage.

It’s actually the primary major VR headset of the new age to go on sale.

Here are some customer reviews to look at.

samsung gear vr social proof
samsung gear vr social proof
samsung gear vr social proof

Best Functional Headset

The Best Functional Headset is Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition because it is a very much planned, practical headset, yet it requires an unmistakable Samsung cell phone to work.

Samsung Gear VR Review - Best Immersive Headset

The Samsung Gear VR is a truly outstanding and least expensive way of encountering computer-generated reality on the off chance that you own a Samsung cell phone. 

Furthermore, now that you can coordinate it with a movement controller, it feels significantly more immersive.

We really liked its easy setup.  It comes with a USB-C connector that guides straightforwardly into the Samsung World S9 and Samsung Universe S9 In addition.

If you want to step up your VR experience, you can pair your gear VR with motion control for increased immersion. 

Benefits of Samsung Gear VR 


The overall design and build structure are lightweight, spacious, and reasonably comfortable. It fits well even with your glasses on. 

We liked its foam-padded lens area that comes with velcro straps so you can adjust it as per your comfort. Moreover, the padding can be removed and replaced if you find it unclean or worn.   


The little controller is absolutely the feature of the show. The movement-empowered wand matches the dull style of the new Gear VR, however, it likewise goes pleasantly with the more updated model.

Fueled by two AAA batteries, the little regulator includes a volume rocker, as well as a roundabout touchpad and the back and home button pair. This imitates what’s tracked down on the headset.


As far as the visuals and performance are concerned, they depend on the quality of the phone you’re using. For instance, if you are using the Samsung S9 phone, you will enjoy a Quad HD display.  

Moreover, if you get a controller, it will surely add to your experience. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Samsung Gear VR 


The vibe of the new versus the old Samsung Gear VR isn’t night and day. However, it has shed a little weight. It’s rather big but still doesn’t feel heavy. 

The optics inside can be changed by utilizing the top-mounted dial to make the image more straightforward to see for your eyes. Google’s headset arrives in a decent position and it might require additional work to see a reasonable picture.


Samsung gear VR is one of the most beginner-friendly and easy-to-use devices. The phone can easily be fitted in front of the headset and you can adjust the straps of the headset according to your comfort. 


The gadget has been made in an organization with VR subject matter experts, Oculus, for customers at a reasonable cost.

It sells at under $99 in worldwide business sectors and, according to Samsung, is the least expensive VR headset worth the attempt. The Gear VR gets significant advantages from its Oculus association, which improves things greatly to the stage and the equipment. 


You can use the following Samsung phones running Android Lollipop 5.0.1 or higher with your Samsung Gear VR. 

The headset can be used with Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy, Note 8, Galaxy Note FE, Galaxy A8, and Galaxy A8+.


The kind of involvement you can expect out of the new Samsung Gear VR depends totally on the cell phone that you place inside.

For instance, if you use the Samsung Galaxy system S8, each game and application will work smoothly. 

We liked the overall experience with its user-friendly features and high compatibility.

What Do the Customers Think? 

According to many customers, this third-era Gear VR is likewise substantially better than past versions, and that implies you can play for longer time frames. 

They have likewise said that it is a truly outstanding and the least expensive way of encountering computer-generated reality, assuming you own a Samsung cell phone.

innovator social proof
innovator social proof
innovator social proof

Best Immersive Headset

The best immersive headset is Samsung Gear VR because it is a great affordable option if you’ve only got one premium option available to you, just be glad that it’s the Gear VR with the controller. 

Buyers’ Guide

social proof


The building structure and design of the gear VR headset is important to consider. If it is built with a heavy plastic material, it will put a strain on your neck, and you will not be able to use it for long hours.

Moreover, a headset needs to be designed in a way that is easily adjustable to the user’s comfort. 


Usually, VR headsets come with an easy setup. However, compatibility can be an issue. The front of the headset has slots that are used to secure your device. Moreover, the side straps are adjustable. 

The applications and game setup depend on the VR gear and the smartphone you are using. 


Truly augmented reality is more reasonable today than it was quite a while back. Room-scale VR headsets are diminishing in cost to such an extent that producers can’t stay aware of the interest.

On the other hand, there are as of now way less expensive portable-based VR frameworks that can be afforded by the majority. The lower the costs of value augmented reality, the more the utilization rate and request will develop.


This is an important feature to consider before you decide to buy a gear VR headset. The headset should be compatible with the device you are going to use it with. 

In the event that your equipment doesn’t meet the compatibility standards, you will have a rough and possibly laggy VR experience.


VR experiences are upheld by different stages. In its least difficult structure, versatile VR joins a cell phone with a headset like Google Cardboard or Gear VR.

In these cases, the telephone presents content on a split screen to show a virtual experience in which the client can turn their head to look around. The telephone’s accelerometer tracks the head direction, and the virtual substance is then refreshed on the screens before the client’s eyes.


Controllers assist you with enrolling your hand and finger developments in a virtual climate. They turn your physical, sort of repairman developments of your hands (or potentially body) into computerized developments inside your picked virtual world.

Albeit all VR regulators might look fairly comparative, they are different in view of various characteristics. Furthermore, to some degree, minor contrasts matter when you begin involving them for a really long time.


One more basic consideration of the nature of a VR headset is its field of view (FOV). This boundary estimates the degree of the perceptible climate at any one time.

The more extensive the field of view, the more great the review experience is probably going to be, as the watcher feels present in the virtual climate.

Refresh Rate

Revive rate is one more factor to calculate the nature of the client’s VR experience. It depicts how quickly the headset shows pictures in outlines each second or FPS.

The quicker the refresh rate, the more liquid the VR experience will be. In the event that the refresh rate is excessively sluggish. We also found that there will be more noteworthy length idleness between outlines, giving a rough as opposed to smooth-streaming impression.


In general, headsets all offer a similar capability, however, they achieve this in various ways.

  1. LCD or fluid gem shows are a deep-rooted panel choice. Fluid gems can take on quite a few sub-states, between a fluid and strong stage.
  2. OLED panels are naturally Driven boards. They utilize a natural material that produces light when an electrical flow goes through it.
  3. A sub-sort of OLED boards that some VR headsets use are AMOLED panels.

Final Verdict

The new Samsung Gear VR is developed with a couple of little changes and enhancements sprinkled in with the general headset.

While it totally predominates the Google Dream View as far as size, it offers sizable advantages, similar to a movable fit and more extensive gadget similarity.

The consideration of the movement regulator makes Gear VR significantly more worth the buy assuming this is your very first introduction to virtual reality.

Let us know your thoughts down below.


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