Real VR Fishing Review – Full Analysis, Features, Benefits & Buyers’ Guide

VR technology has become one of the most popular and applied forms of technology within a very less time. Online gaming has made use of this technology in the most effective way and has gained an immense level of positive response from the player community.

Fishing is one of the most appreciated sports. VR Fishing games not only provide entertainment but also are a great source for players to implement real fishing techniques.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits, features, and important factors to consider before playing, and the pros and cons of not only “Real VR Fishing”, but also of its two alternatives “Catch and Release” and “Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR”. 

Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing provides you with an opportunity to experience real fishing dynamics through its stunning visuals, realistic scenes, locations, and equipment. The most interest-provoking feature of the game is how the locations are based on real-world fishing spots. Adding to that, the multiplayer and the room-scale mode successfully raise the bar of excitement very high among players. 

Alternate #1 

Catch and Release

Catch and Release is a Fishing VR game based in a mountain landscape, offering stunning graphics along with music features. While it doesn’t offer a multiplayer mode, it features a room-scale play area, hence enhancing the experience to the fullest.

Alternate #2 

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR version offers an increasingly challenging environment as you progress. Not only the graphics are super attractive, but the advanced audio feature allows you to customize the audio for yourself. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Real VR Fishing was released in 2019 and very quickly made its place among the audience. The game is a display of magnificent gameplay which consists of extremely stunning and close-to-reality visuals.

It is a very user-friendly game. Not only does it allow the players to customize the difficulty levels according to their personal desire, but it also allows them to develop the settings of the game by their choice.

The game can be played with friends as it’s a multiplayer mode game. As you move forward in the game, with every accomplishment, you unlock new and advanced features. 

What are some of the additional details about the game?

The genre of the game Real VR Fishing is Adventure, Social, and Sports. The game is available not only in English but in several other languages, such as French, Korean, German, and Japanese as well. 

The game is supported by both sitting and standing modes, which means that the game can be played in either of the two states. Moreover, it is room-scale situated, hence allowing the players to make use of directional movements. 

Features and Benefits

Game Play

Real Fishing VR game has well-designed gameplay, which not only engages players but also guides them through the game.

In the starter mode, there are a lot of cues that help the player move forward. As you transit into normal mode, the number of cues decreases and you’re on your own to figure out most parts. Finally, in the Hard mode, you’re only provided with blur hints to carry on.

The equipment provided is of various types. For different breeds of fish, there are different tools, and baits provided. The player can choose what they want. 

Web Browsing Feature

One of the features highly liked by the audience has been the web-browsing feature. 

In this function, you are provided with a window that is linked to the internet. That means, while you play the game, you can side-by-side surf the internet. Whether it’s listening to music, podcasts, or anything else you wish to do on the internet. 


Another feature that has a major role in the success of the game is the location feature. The game highlights real-life locations instead of fake ones.

This adds to the motivation of the players and allows them to use real techniques and approaches. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Play Real VR Fishing Game

Play Area

The player modes available for Real VR Fishing are Standing, Sitting, and Roomscale. Hence, the game can be played in standing or sitting positions.

Room-scale mode refers to having enough space to move around and make movements while you play the game.


The graphics of Real VR Fishing are the top reason why this game has been successful in gaining popularity in a very short time. 

The game offers realistic and extremely mesmerizing visuals. As the locations in the game are real-based locations, their authenticity has to be maintained in visuals and Real VR Fishing successfully does so.

Game Mode 

The Real VR Fishing can be played in a single, multiplayer, and cooperative (co-op) modes.

Single player mode refers to playing by oneself. The Multiplayer mode of the game means that the game can be played alongside other members. Cooperative mode means that two or more players work together side by side towards a common goal.


Real VR Fishing is a top VR Fishing game. It is officially supported by Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

We have attached screenshots of some of the reviews posted by the player community on the platform of Oculus. 

The reviews have been highly positive, with very few concerns with what the game is currently offering. Except that there has been a notice of some glitches faced by the players. 

Players, on the other hand, did raise a few points over what more they expect and require from the developers of the game.

The most favorable feature has been the graphics of the game. Graphics have been highlighted as having been designed with great detail. Moreover, overall the gameplay of Real VR Fishing has also been highly appreciated by the players. 

real VR fishing social proof
real VR fishing social proof

Similar to Real VR Fishing (Recommendations)

#1: Most Relaxing VR Fishing Game - Catch and Release Review

Catch and Release is a VR fishing game that was released in 2018 and gained popularity in a very short time. It is a stimulating fishing video game based on the genre of sport. 

The two platforms that are officially supported by the game are Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Further, it also officially supports two VR headsets Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, and HTC Vive.

The game provides a relaxing environment for players, also allowing them to practice real fishing techniques through solid and various equipment. 

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Play Catch and Release 

Play Area

The game is supported by three playing modes. Sitting, Standing, and Room-scale. 

Players can play the game in any of the modes. Room-scale means they will have enough space to move around and make movements. Sitting and standing modes refer to being able to play the game while sitting, or in a standing position respectively. 


The game settings are based on the location of the mountain landscape. The magnificent graphics which include cliffs, peaks, and forests provided is one of the most liked features of the game. 


Catch and Release is a single-player mode game. That means that it can’t be played alongside friends. It does not support multiplayer and co-op game modes.


The game can be played using three of the most popular headsets, namely: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Valve Index.

Most Relaxing VR Fishing Game

The Most Relaxing VR Fishing game is Catch and Release because it has stunning mountain landscape graphics, along with a soothing soundtrack. Further, it offers not only sitting, and standing modes but also a room-scale play area.

#2: Most Comprehensive VR Fishing Game - Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR Review

The VR version of the Ultimate Fishing Simulator was released in 2019. Previously, it had a standard non-VR version. 

The VR version was at an advantage on its release as the game was already among the top favorite of players. 

The game has customizable audio features that allow you to choose what sounds you wish to hear while you play. The game is known to have enough and engaging content. Moreover, it is officially supported by HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift headsets.

Factors To Consider Before You Decide To Play Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

Play Area 

The game is supported by sitting and standing play areas. Hence, the game can be played in either of the two states. 

Directional movements are not supported, and the room-scale area can’t be utilized while playing.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR does not offer one of the best display graphics. However, it is known to have a decent display of visuals that keep the players engaged throughout.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is a single-player mode game, which means it can be played by oneself and not among other players. 


The VR headsets that are officially supported by the Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR game are HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality.

Most Comprehensive VR Fishing Game

The most Comprehensive VR Fishing Game is Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR because it offers a decent display of graphics, customizable audio feature, two player modes, longevity and much more.

Buyer’s Guide

Play Area

The Play Area refers to the space and mode players can utilize in order to play the game. For instance, usually, in most games, there are two modes, namely sitting and standing. Moreover, a few of the games also offer room-scale areas to play.

In sitting and standing mode, you can play the game in sitting and standing positions, respectively. Whereas in room scale, you can utilize the surrounding space and make directional movements through hands, feet, etc.

 It is important to consider this element so the player can choose the game according to their preferred mode of playing area.


The Graphics of any game are very essential to its success of the game. It is one of those elements that have the strength to transform the game into a very realistic space.

Players are able to connect on a greater level when the game visuals are close to reality. This adds to their motivation and allows them to practice real techniques in the game. 

Especially for professional gamers, this factor is extremely important to consider before starting to play the game.

Game Mode

There are three types of modes available in any game. One is Single Player mode, and the other one is Multiplayer mode. Lastly, there is the cooperative mode.

The games that are available in single-player mode can only be played as individual players, whereas multiplayer mode games can be played among friends. In cooperative mode, you play alongside your friends but towards a common goal, and not against each other.

It is important to consider this factor before deciding to play any game as both modes have different motivations.

Some players might prefer playing with friends as that would allow them to socialize and develop networks. On the other hand, others might prefer to have their alone time as they game. 


As we are talking about Virtual Reality based games, it is important to consider which of the headsets are compatible with each of the games.

Every headset has different characteristics, which means it will offer a different experience to the players. A few of the best headsets are Oculus, HTC Vive, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the total number of levels in the Real VR Fishing game?

The game has a total of twenty levels. You have to pass every level to move on to the next one, and the difficulty level of every level increases from the previous levels. 

Can the Real VR Fishing game be played among friends?

Yes, the game is a multiplayer mode game. That means it can be played alongside friends.

What does the feature of web browsing refer to in the game Real VR Fishing game?

One of the most interesting and liked features of the game is the web browsing feature. It allows the players to surf the internet while fishing during the game. For instance, players can watch Youtube or listen to music or anything.

What is meant by the room-scale play area in the Catch and Release VR game?

Room-scale play area refers to having enough space to move around and do directional movements through hands, and feet. It means the player can perform real-life actions to experience the virtual environment in the game fully.

When was Ultimate Fishing Stimulator’s VR version released?

The VR version of this game was released in 2019. Previously, there was a standard mode of the game which was released in 2017. 

How many real-life-based locations are there in Real VR Fishing?

There are South Korean and American fishing locations available in the game. In further detail, the game is known to have 15 freshwater locations and 5 saltwater locations.

How many fish species are available to catch in Real VR Fishing?

Real VR Fishing provides a wide range. It is known to provide the greatest number of fish species. 

There are 156 species in total currently. Out of which, 80 species belong to saltwater and 76 to freshwater.

In America, it is known that there are a total of 83 species. Whereas in South Korea, there are 78 species.

How many locations are there in the Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR game?

In the Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR version, there are a total of 7 maps provided to explore. The maps are based on worldwide locations. 

A very interesting feature is that some of the map locations are provided in different variants, such as winter, summer, etc. 

What are the names of 7 locations in Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR?

The locations are namely Betty Lake and Baikal Lake, which has a Winter variant available. Then there is Pinas Bay which has a sea variant. 

The rest of the five locations include Powell Lake, Saint Zeno’s Lakes, Atchafalaya Basin, and the Uvac River.

Wrapping Things Up

Over time, VR technology has successfully managed to make its way into the gaming industry. Now, players appreciate the VR versions more than the standard ones.

Fishing games are a popular attraction for many, and having the opportunity to experience them in virtual reality is a great motivation. Real VR Fishing is currently the most successful VR Fishing game due to its stunning graphics, well-designed gameplay, multiplayer, and co-op mode.

However, if someone doesn’t enjoy Real VR Fishing, the two alternatives “Catch and Release”, and “Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR”, also provide advanced features.

Have you played any of the above-mentioned VR Fishing games? Share your experience with us in the comments below.  


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