Pyle Bluetooth Speaker Review – In-Depth Guide, FAQs, Tips & More

You will agree with us when we say that finding yourself a good outdoor Bluetooth speaker system can easily turn into a nail-biting moment with all the options there are. 


Therefore, we took on our hands the task of going through a bunch of outdoor Bluetooth speakers to see which one makes the top. 

The Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker was the one who made the gold spot. In this review, we’ll look at all the details about this product to show you why it’s worth a buy.


Big, Loud, and Mean, the Pyle Boombox Street Blaster is one of the best Pyle speakers when it comes to sound quality and portable Bluetooth outdoor speakers. It is one of the best sounding speakers in the market to own. The LED lights make it look very nice and groovy.

Alternate #1 – BUGANI M118 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

This product comes with vibrant colors and an amazing sound quality. The portable Bluetooth speaker by Bugani is cost-friendly and  brings good value.

Alternate #2 – AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The AOMAIS Sport II is a sleek and stylish looking portable device with a decent sound quality. It is durable and good for the people who need something for outdoor use.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Pyle Bluetooth Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker is one of the best Pyle has to offer in its range of Bluetooth speakers. Having an impressive connectivity range of 32 feet, this speaker system can stay connected to your device for a long distance. 

Being one of the most favored speakers in the United States, the Pyle speakers boast a very decent sound quality with a deep bass. 

The multiple auxiliary inputs, the digital screen, the lights, and the FM radio options give you a lot of options of connectivity for your music.

Features and Benefits

          • Hassle-free pairing 

          The pairing with these Pyle speakers comes super easy. The Bluetooth connectivity with the speaker system is easy to use and has no interference in sound. More so, the multiple input methods like the aux input and the music through a USB and SD card opens it up to a bunch of different mediums so any device you have will most likely be able to connect to this Pyle speaker making it very efficient for you. 

          • Long-Lasting Battery

          This Pyle speaker houses a massive 2000mah battery which lasts for a long time. It is one of the best Pyle has to offer in terms of battery duration with a playback time of upto 40 hours.  

          • Connectivity Range 

          These Pyle speakers offer a one of a kind connection range being able to keep a connection for a distance as far as 32 feet which is very useful for big group gatherings. 

          • RGB Color Lights 

          This pair of Pyle speakers not only sound good but looks good as well. It is easily one of the nicer looking Pyle speakers out there with a look that is the best Pyle has come up with in its range of different speakers. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

To give our judgments some more viability, we went online and looked at customer reviews of the Pyle speakers. As we expected, most of the people were happy with what they had got and were making the most out of it. Customers were specifically applauding the sound quality and the build of the Pyle speakers.

More Recommendations!

#1: Cost-Efficient alternative to Pyle Boombox Speaker - Bugani M118 Bluetooth speakers

The Bugani M118 portable speaker comes with two deep stereo outputs having a very good quality stereo sound which is pleasant to listen to. The quality of bass is very good and the stereo sound goes well with music as well as movies. 

The vibrant colors are not deceiving, the speaker has a surprise with it, housing a karaoke function which you can use to lighten up any event. 

The speaker can last a long time having a playtime of upto 40 hours when fully charged. 

Features of Bugani M118 Portable Speaker

  1. Two 25W Speakers 
  2. Karaoke Machine 
  3. Portable
  4. 40H Playtime
  5. Comes with many accessories

Cost-Effective Alternative to Pyle Boombox Speaker

The cost-effective alternative to Pyle Boombox Speaker is the Bugani M118 Portable speaker system because of the amazing features it provides. The karaoke function is something that does not come with a lot of other similar options.

#2: Lightweight alternative to Pyle Boombox Speaker - AOMAIS Sport II Portable speakers

The AOMAIS Sport II portable speaker boasts a heavy 40W surround sound with the two speakers fitted inside it to produce a stereo output which can go very loud and still give a clear and smooth sound. 

Moreover, the impressive thing about this product is its IPX7 waterproofing which means that you can use it around water without having to worry about much. 

It also comes with a 12 month warranty. This is not something that is usual in most portable speakers and ensures a lot of confidence. 

Features of Bugani M118 Portable Speaker

  1. Stereo Sound 
  2. IPX7 Waterproofing 
  3. Budget-Friendly
  4. Long playback time
  5. 12-month warranty

Lightweight Alternative to Pyle Boombox Speaker

The lightweight alternative to Pyle Boombox Speaker is the AOMAIS Sport II Portable speaker because of the heavy bass it brings to the music. The waterproofing makes it very efficient and useful when it comes to outdoor use and gives you a chance to have some loud music at your pool parties.

Guide to Buy

        • Size

        The size of the speaker you buy is crucial because it decides the quality, volume, battery life, and bass depth. When trying to understand what size speaker is the best for you, think of what you are going to use it for and where. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? If you use your speakers more outdoors, then a bigger product would be better for you. If indoors, then a medium size speaker can also work. 

        • Durability 

        One big question each buyer is concerned with is how long my speaker will last. Since Bluetooth speakers are now manufactured by a lot of different companies, it is fairly common to buy devices that last just a few weeks. Given the rough use of Bluetooth speakers at indoor meetings and outdoor events, it is a good idea to look at the materials your product is made of before the purchase. 

        • Sound

        The sound, of course, when choosing a speaker, is the most important aspect to pay attention to. The quality of sound can be understood by listening to some music on the speaker at the loudest volume setting it has. If the sound stays smooth and clear, then that is a sign of good quality

        • Battery Life

        An average sounding speaker lasting 10 hours, after all, is considered to be much better than a better sounding speaker lasting just two hours. There are speakers that can last upto 40 hours as well. A decent speaker should last somewhere around 20 hours in playback time on a full battery.

Wrapping Things Up

We have to admit that Pyle has done a decent job of it with their Boombox Street Blaster Stereo Speaker. With the features and sound quality it offers within a budget price range, this audio device left a big impression on us.  Even though it was a bit big for a portable speaker, It is certainly one of the top candidates for budget items with Bluetooth speakers that look good as well. If you’re looking for a loud and strong outdoor Bluetooth speaker, then this is definitely worth a shot!


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