Population One VR Review – Full Breakdown, Detailed Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

To making a fruitful and (in particular) fun game, it should be remarkable in its own specific manner or the first of its sort. We see a ton of FPS or fight royale titles that copy games.

Some are fruitful, others are a drag to play. Population: One is in no way, shape, or form a drag to play, and it’s a reviving twist to the FPS fight royale type; all in virtual reality.

What’s more, if not for your Oculus Mission 2’s battery failing, you’d always be unable to put it down. Population: One is an online-just fight royale that is one of the first of its sort.

Population: One

Population: One will be one of the primary games on the Oculus Journey stage to create extraordinary designs while utilizing a unique motion-based control system. It truly feels like it’s completely using the Quest. You can head off to war solo if you have any desire to be a solitary individual, however, it’s a very extreme game.

Alternate #1 

Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

A delightful silly world looks for you, not at all like Free Fire, wherein the illustrations are very simple. A few playable characters are there, and everyone has a bunch of capacities. Various things and prizes will be awarded to you after being the last standing individual; if not, you will not be viewed as qualified for any award.

Alternate #2 

Battlefield V

Is it conceivable when everybody is attempting to present the Fight Royale in gigantic games, the Front line had no plans? No, as you probably are aware, the Fight Royale type has incredibly assumed control over the gaming business by storm and each significant designer is attempting to make it a part of their projects.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Population: One is an online-just fight royale that is one of the first of its sort. You’re presumably considering how a fight royale plays into the universe of VR? 

How can one game create a hold of the gaming empire for so long?

In fight royales like PlayerUnknown’s Landmarks, the asset of the board is the greatest part to play with.

Games like Extraordinary mission at hand: Disaster area attempt to take this angle at restricting it to its barest structure with the goal that you can zero in on the rapid ongoing interaction.

Population: One stands between the two, empowering you to get to your plunder through a mission, yet restricts you from changing connections and just shows your pack. 

Also, frankly, this decision is one of the most incredible pieces of this game.

Hence, you can then zero in on what’s significant in a VR fight royale; game mindfulness. In all fight royale games, game mindfulness is critical to remaining alive and getting a win.

It takes you in by giving you a good storyline, similar to where’s the best spot to have a complete view of your foes or the best spot to stay in and trap clueless players.

In VR, it’s an entirely different encounter. Population: One makes a brilliant showing in permitting you to do essentially whatever you might need in a fight royale.

Features and Benefits

Frequent Updates

Population One is an astounding game as of now, yet on account of successive updates and new game modes, it has the legs to stay the best VR fight royale game for a very long time.

Of course, the real game mode is Crews, which supports groups of up to three players immediately. Notwithstanding, well-known modes like Wide open and Group Deathmatch are designed as restricted time modes.

You can likewise appreciate different occasional occasions, as Population One has celebrated occasions like Halloween with fun extra modes.

There are additionally significant updates made to Population One constantly, from acquiring everything from new weapons and things to pristine guide areas. 

New Locations

In the latest update, City, an impressive neon-soaked city was added to the game, filling in as the ideal spot for firefights.

Due to the game’s vertical nature, a single new location offers tons of new places to shoot and loot, with hidden rooms and hide-outs to find. The Metropolis update even added swords to the loot pool, letting you get up close and personal with foes.

Smooth Gameplay

In short, if you are looking for the best VR battle royale game on Oculus Quest, Population One fits the bill. 

The gunplay feels smooth and responsive, the climbing and building add new levels of strategy, and the rotating game modes ensure that things will never get too repetitive. 

It’s a joy to play by yourself or with friends, especially when you don’t take things too seriously.

Factors to Consider Before You Decide to Buy Carnival Games VR


Comfort choices about what you’d expect in a speedy shooter like Population: One. This is a smooth development just a multiplayer-centered VR game. 

You can pick snap turning and turn on a Field-of-view, however that being said it can feel challenging when compared with different games because of the coasting and climbing.


The cost is truly reasonable and the crossplay is unmatched and the smooth, smart interactivity feels awesome even on the lower-controlled Oculus Quest.

Population: One is most certainly the best VR fight royale shooter available and will ideally track down serious areas of strength for a long while.


In idea, Population One plays much the same way as other fight royale games. Getting together with a couple of companions (or irregular partners), you and your crew plunge onto a guide loaded with weapons to employ and things to find. 

The guide is really big in light of everything, as there are lots of marvelous areas to investigate, including a dreadful graveyard, farmlands, and a modern treatment facility, and that’s just the beginning.


Without requiring any additional things or apparatuses, players can pull themselves easily up the side of structures, track down cover in high-up little hiding spots, and substantially more. 

Between the shooting, plundering, climbing, and flying, you could think Population One is averagely chaotic. The game includes one more component of the system through the building.


You can play with your companions in crews of 3. High five after an extraordinary play. Come together to add new companions without any problem. Push the activity along with living in-game occasions and a good mind is needed to investigate and have fun.

Population One is a computer-generated experience fight royale game that was created by Enormous Box VR and was delivered on the Oculus Quest and Steam stages and permits crossplay formats.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

Many people have said that the structure mechanics additionally add an extraordinary curve that makes Population: One closely resemble Fortnite in VR, which is definitely not something thats bad.

The actual part of the game is shockingly extreme and contingent upon your playstyle, you can get extraordinary exercise while playing.

However, one major issue with Population One exists. Many have revealed motion sickness that they feel in the later rounds of the game.

There also isn’t much variety inside each firearm type, however, other than extraordinariness levels signified by variety.

Below are some reviews for you to read.

Similar to Population: One - Recommendations

#1: Best Easy To Play VR Game - Battle Royale: FPS Shooter Review

Battle for endurance on a dead island with different players like you until everything except the most grounded have met their dramatic finish!

Time passes quickly by and the zone inhales directly down your neck, so grab up your weapons and gear and hop into the fight against the island’s different survivors!

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Battle Royale: FPS Shooter

Comfort: After playing, your point ought to be to search for the best assets, hardware, and apparatuses for you to fight against different players. Winning requires the best strategies and a good system to complete tasks on time.

Pricing: Various things and prizes will aid you after being the last-standing individual; if not, you will not be qualified for any award. With that in mind, the game is relatively cheap and easy to understand.

Gameplay: The game has something for everybody to giveaway; in this way, you ought to make an honest effort to further develop your play style, capacities, and abilities to be the last-standing individual to win more.

Graphics: At first glace, it looks like any regular world, not at all like Free Fire, but here the illustrations are excessively sensible and easy to navigate through.

Multiplayer: A few playable characters are there, and everyone has a bunch of capacities in what they can do in the game.

Best Easy To Play VR Game

The best easy-to-play VR game is Battle Royale: FPS Shooter because it has fantastic visuals and is stress-free to play around with which ensures good fun.

#2: Best Immersive Game - Battlefield V Review

Like a new enrollment, Battlefield V was obviously conveyed right into it without good planning. What’s more is that there are different bugs, fun elements, and placeholder menu screens to help you remember that at every turn.

In any case, there’s a lot of crude potential here that could, with time they can be fashioned into one of the series’ ideals.

On the single-player front, Battlefield V presents three short yet unmistakable colors that focus on the limited scope of what you can do rather than the regular old ramming one’s vehicles into another.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Battlefield V

Comfort: Characters can be modified as far as the reinforcement they’re wearing and the race, orientation, and look of the individual wearing it. A large portion of the customization choices looks respectable, offering you a selection of clothes and skins.

Pricing: For the price, the UI for recognition is essential, and the prizes presented for keeping calm simply aren’t that alluring.

Gameplay: Each mission tells a story from a side of the conflict that hasn’t frequently been covered previously, placing you in the shoes of fighters on the African front or a youthful individual from the Norwegian side.

Graphics: There’s subtlety here, and the conflict, which asserted a huge number of lives, is taken care of with deference. Characters are sorted through when they might have been one-dimensioned.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer can be extraordinary fun when you track down the right server, and the single player focuses light on pieces of The Second Great War that aren’t in public knowledge.

Best Immersive Game

The best immersive game is Battlefield V because their effective story minutes aren’t exactly sufficient to make a special effort for, however, they’re worth playing once you’re here.

Buyer’s Guide

population one vr review


Assuming you’re new to VR, we strongly suggest you start with ‘average’ encounters prior to continuing on toward attempting ‘advanced’. This will provide you with a positive understanding of what sort of VR encounters are agreeable for you and which probably won’t be.

Comfort in VR fluctuates altogether from one individual to another and application to application, so don’t feel like there’s anything amiss with you assuming a few games make you dazed.


VR game costs change broadly: A few games are free, while others can cost as much as $60. Games coming from enormous studios are bound to have a higher cost point.

Particularly when you contrast them with non-mainstream endlessly games from more modest studios, which will frequently have lower costs to urge individuals to give them a shot.


VR gaming is the term used to depict another age of PC games with computer-generated reality (VR) innovation that gives players a genuinely vivid, first-individual viewpoint of game activity.

Members both experience and impact the game climate through a variety of VR gaming gadgets and frills, including VR headsets, sensor-prepared gloves, and hand controllers, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


VR games worked from the beginning using head-following, controller following, and double focal point delivering. How much exact information is determined in a genuine VR space makes you want to get a smaller system to make the lagging stop.

Additionally, physical science is a significant component, the intuitiveness is basic, and exact movements and lighting are a must all while making the game run like butter.


With the assistance of computer-generated reality innovation, companions are as yet ready to get together and mess around without being worried about disturbing social removing rules.

There are a variety of choices accessible for VR headsets and, surprisingly, more games available to the players.


All VR headsets have a restricted measure of the underlying following, which permits you to turn your head in reality and have your view turn simultaneously in the virtual world.

To empower extra development, such as pushing your head ahead and back, or in any event, getting up and strolling around, the VR headset should have the option to follow your development in reality.

Wired Gameplay

At the point when you interface a VR headset to a VR-prepared PC, you can do much with one link, a few links, or a remote association. Some VR headsets require an HDMI link, information link, and power link, while others just require a solitary USB-C link to move everything.

Regardless, the link needs to stay associated consistently. That can bring about tangling during interactivity, particularly assuming you’re strolling around the room while you play.

Resolution in VR Headsets

The ideal goal for a VR headset would be around 8K per eye, however, that isn’t a choice yet. By and large, a higher goal is in every case better. At the point when that occurs, you feel like you’re checking out the world through a screened entryway.

The issue is that the showcases in VR headsets are very near your eyes, a lot nearer than you would typically hold a telephone, so lower resolution makes it more probable you’ll have the option to make out individual pixels. 


This connects with the reach that is noticeable by the user, for instance, the amount of a given climate you can see out of the blue.

All things considered’s, prudent to go for headsets with a FOV of between 100-110 degrees. Higher FOVs empower ideal degrees of vividness.

Refresh Rate

Having an incredible goal isn’t sufficient to get the best computer-generated simulation experience out of a headset. Revive rates allude to how quickly your headset can show pictures as far as edges each second or FPS.

In this sense, choices over 90 casings each second are awesome. Anything underneath it actually might give you motion sickness in the headset.


This is another viewpoint that will rely upon the kind of VR headset; section-level contraptions.

That will for the most part have underlying speakers while very good quality contributions will accompany worked-in earphones and now and again, even implicit amplifiers.

Wrapping Things Up

Population: One is almost a completely vivid VR experience, just moved a couple of things that detract from turning it into an ideal VR fight royale.

Mechanics are liquid and fun, and each firefight is an adrenaline rush. Having the option to do almost anything you need in a VR fight royale sets out open doors for novel and fun minutes. 

Population: One is the very sort of VR game to play at this moment, and revives an immersed PC market. Large Box VR has reversed the situation of what a VR fight royale ought to be and has set the bar high.

Let us know your thoughts and questions down below.


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