PlayStation Revolutionizes Gaming Landscape with Bold Investment in New Franchises and Live Service Games

Sony’s PlayStation, known for its single-player franchises, now plans to focus more on new franchises and live service games.

Plans for New IPs

At a recent business presentation, Sony indicated that 50% of its PlayStation Studios investments will be dedicated to new IPs by 2025. This is a steep increase from 20% in 2019.

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Changes in Traditional Vs. Live Service Games

More significant is Sony’s intent to re-balance the ratio between traditional games and live service ones. From 88:12 in 2019, Sony anticipates a 40:60 ratio by 2025.

Current Live Service Projects

Sony currently has 12 live service games in production, as revealed by PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst.

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Major Acquisitions Fuel the Shift

Sony’s major acquisitions, such as Bungie, Haven Studios, and Firewalk Studios, have positioned it favorably for this transition.

Showcase Teases New Creations

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase promises a peek at several new creations from PlayStation Studios.

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Success in PC Gaming

Sony’s success in PC releases has been noteworthy, with an anticipated revenue increase from $250 million to $450 million in FY23.

Anticipation for Cloud Gaming

A cloud gaming development, hinted at by PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, is expected to be revealed in the coming months.


In conclusion, Sony’s PlayStation is making a strategic shift towards new franchises and live service games, diversifying its portfolio and opening a new chapter in its gaming legacy. This transformative decision has significant implications for the industry, reflecting the evolving preferences of gamers worldwide.

With exciting developments in the pipeline and a promising future in cloud gaming, Sony is positioning itself at the forefront of the gaming industry’s evolution.


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