A lot of people will agree with us when we say that Phoenix Gold has a top tier line of car speakers. Their products are made from high quality hardware. The expertise of Phoenix Gold speakers really shine in the areas of durability, sound quality and speaker performance.

Due to this we have decided to review a number of products from Phoenix Gold to see which car audio speaker is the most viable choice.

In this post we will explore the main strengths and weaknesses of the car speakers produced by Phoenix Gold and determine if it has good value.

Phoenix Gold RX4CX

Designed to conveniently fit the car doors, this speaker is packed with a power house inside. Great sound output and a combination of best speakers in the market, this pair of speakers is exceptional when it comes to performance.

Alternate #1 – Phoenix Gold Z65 CX

A coaxial designed speaker to provide you with the best sound quality in a compact yet eye pleasing design. This speaker can easily enhance the atmosphere of your vehicle with its performance.

Alternate #2 – Phoenix Gold RSD6CS

Designed to output high quality bass and perform equally well on all sound levels. This speaker is exceptionally outstanding in its bass response. It is equipped with the best components available in the market. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Phoenix Gold RX4CX is the best performing speaker from their RX series product line. It is equipped with highly durable and longer lasting hardware. We were surprised how the circular design of the speaker allows for the balanced flow dissipation of the sound. This emits an even and organic sounding output. This speaker can be attached with mount subwoofers to greatly enhance the sound quality.

The convenience to install these car audio speakers is unmatched. They have 4 mount screw holes pre-drilled into them. We shouldn’t miss the triple laminated concentric coaxial design of these speakers that makes them highly durable to high volume and temperatures. We noticed that the high quality coils installed make sure that speakers don’t drop in performance after long periods of use.

The biggest strength of these speakers is the gold standard frequency response. Due to its great power handling, this pair of speakers can perform with consistency on low and high volumes alike. It produces high quality sound effects such as bass and treble for your immersive audio experience without any distortion.

Features and Benefits

      • Sound Quality

      When it comes to car speakers, a car stereo is supposed to be better performing than a pair of stock speakers. The RX4CX handles it very efficiently. Not only it produces high quality output for better sound experience, it also has good power handling.

      The great power handling doesn’t put any extra pressure on your vehicle’s battery and the speakers. This allows your speaker to produce good quality sounds and the difference is quite notable. We must point out that it has good bass drivers installed in it.

      The performance and the quality of sound remains consistent even after long and regular use. The heavy duty heatsinks installed inside makes sure that the coils do not heat up and cause a significant drop in the sound quality. We only noticed a major difference between the build compared to other heatsinks.

      • Power Handling

      Car speakers usually rely on your average vehicle battery. This means that they have to be good with power handling in order to perform at the best level. The RX4CX is exceptional in this department.

      It can handle power ranges from 40w to 80w. This makes your stereo system very consistent in performance. The power handling directly contributes the overall sound quality of your stereo system. 

      The good power handling of these speakers also makes it very durable. Good power handling means that your speaker is resistant to damage from power spikes. The latest technologies applied on this speaker reduces the chance of such damage significantly.

      • Durability

      The Phoenix Gold RX4CX is outfitted with some of the best components and technologies. The coils, the tweeter cone inside it, the magnet and the subwoofer are all made from high quality materials.

      Due to all the high quality components, we noticed that these stereo speakers are extremely resistant to any damage from high volumes or high temperatures. This highly benefits the overall performance of the speakers. 

      The durability also minimizes the frequency interference among the door panel speakers to reduce distortion and signal loss. We also found that the rubber dome installed on the tweeter is resistant to heavy bass and has good threads installed in it.

      • Amplifier Connectivity

      The RX4CX comes with a wide range of amplifier connectivity. It can connect a wide variety of amplifiers. It can greatly increase its sound output with the help of amplifiers. Amplifiers can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your vehicle.

      Amplifiers are usually used with speakers that have good power handling and are resistant to high bass effects. The RX4CX benefits a lot from its durability in this area. We tried it and it can easily endure the boosted output from amplifiers.

      The midbass driver installed inside the speakers also allows it to match the signal strength from the amplifiers. The heavy duty heatsinks make sure that all of this doesn’t physically damage the speakers.

      • Mounting Options

      Car speakers usually struggle in the mounting area because all of them are different sizes. On the other hand, every vehicle also has its own fixed and specific mounting space. The RX4CX is 4 inches in size which makes it very easy to fit.

      The round design also makes it very convenient to fix into vehicle mounting space. It also has 4 screw holes for easy and fast mounting. This allows you to screw it in your vehicle mounting area without much hassle.

      The only components required for mounting are 4 phillip head screws and a phillip screwdriver. You can easily screw it in your vehicle without any professional help. This makes this speaker a very fit choice.

      • Sound effects:

      Car speakers are made to elevate the atmosphere of your vehicle with their great sound effects. These effects include the organic sounding vocals, bass, treble and some other effects. The RX4CX produces these effects with ease and no distortion.

      The good bass drivers installed inside it make sure that the bass especially is high quality and deeper sounding. This makes your listening experience worth a while. The items fitted inside it, especially the big magnet helps the speaker a lot.

      The design also allows a balanced flow dissipation of the bass. This gives a surround sound effect for the sound output. The organic aspect of the sound effects makes your normal day drives enjoyable.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

The Phoenix Gold RX4CX RX series has performed quite well and gave us a satisfactory experience. It has left a good impression on us. To get a better view on our judgement, we decided to explore online reviews and comments. Many reviews praised the speakers for its build quality and durability. There were only a handful reviews and a single comment that was critical of the product. They stated that the product lacked the specific mounting screws.

A user praised it specifically for the subwoofers installed in it saying that it is exceptionally good compared to the others. Some of the reviews were from the people which praised this product for the high quality components installed inside it. Multiple reviews were from the people who regularly updated their experience with this product.

Many users stated that this product upheld its 5 star rating even after regular use. A lot of people stated that the concentric coaxial design really enhanced the sound quality and sound output compared to stock speakers.

More Recommendations!

#1: Vibration free Alternative to Phoenix Gold RX4CX - Phoenix Gold Z65 CX Review

Designed to be simple and convenient in use, this speaker has tons of features for making a difference in your vehicle.

It is very easy to install and fit inside the mounting space of your car door. It can be easily mounted using normal phillip screws.

It is a 2-way coaxial speaker. Therefore, it has a woofer and tweeter installed inside it for better sound quality which enables it to produce organic sounding music effects with ease.

The rubber tweeter inside it provides high durability and resistance to wear and tear. Hence, it indirectly increases the lifespan of your speakers.

Features of Z65 CX:

  1. Vibration free design
  2. HIgh sound quality
  3. Highly resistance to wear and tear
  4. Good power handling
  5. Pre-installed subwoofer

Best Vibration Free Alternative Speaker

The Best Vibration Free Alternative Speaker is the Phoenix Gold Z65 CX. It is designed to produce music and sound effects without any vibrations. This protects your speakers from any internal damage while also increasing its durability and longevity.

#2: Power Handling Alternative to Phoenix Gold RX4CX - Phoenix Gold RSD6CS Review

This speaker is designed to withstand and produce the high quality sound from your amplifiers. Because of this reason, it has a strong magnet inside to endure the boosted signals of your amplifier.

It has a bigger surface area compared to other speakers which gives you better sound quality. Due to its large radius, the sound effects are better and deeper sounding.

The silk dome tweeter inside it is highly resistant to wear and tear. We tested it and found that it is able to handle the abuse and long periods of use with ease.

The frequency response of this speaker is exceptional. Because of this, it can output low and high frequency sounds without any compromise on the quality of sound effects. 

Features of RSD5CS:

  1. Great power handling
  2. Highly durable tweeter
  3. Strong magnet
  4. Round design
  5. Strong outer shell

Best Power Handling Alternative Speaker

The Best Power Handling Alternative Speaker is the Phoenix Gold Z65 CX. It is a member for the CX product line and has the best components installed in it for maximum performance. A high quality magnet and a durable tweeter makes this speaker a power house.

Guide to Buy

    • Sound Quality

    One of the important things in a car speaker is the quality of sound it produces. Third party speakers are often used to replace the stock speakers. It is recommended to buy a speaker that has a good value rating regarding its sound quality. It makes sure that the subwoofers inside the speakers are upto mark and produces organic and high quality sound.

    • Material Build

    Car speakers are subjected to a lot of vibrations and shocks. It is among important things to have a strong outer shell and firmly fixed inside components. This reduces the risk of your speakers getting damaged due to any sort of internal or external damage. Having a stable inside structure reduces vibrations on its own and also helps with better sound quality.

    • Price

    A high priced speaker will often get you a better set of components but it will have low utility in terms of hardware. A speaker moderate price rating will get you all the necessary specifications with the same build quality. It is recommended to buy a fair priced speaker to save your money and get a good value rating performance out of your speakers.

Wrapping Things Up

Bringing this review on Phoenix Gold speakers to an end, we must say that these speakers have left quite an impression on us. It definitely has a good price to value ratio. Phoenix Gold remains consistent in their speakers builds and uses only high quality hardware. The material used in these speakers are made to be highly resistant to vibrations and shocks. These speakers are highly durable and can easily stand the test of time.
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