You will agree with us when we say that Philips is a high quality household products manufacturer. Their products are made under high quality standards and are highly durable. Material quality, durability and latest technology are all specialities of Philips.

Because of this reason, we have decided to review different bluetooth speakers from Philips to find out which portable bluetooth speaker is the best.

In this review, we will discuss the major strengths and weaknesses of Philips bluetooth speakers and decide if they provide good value as household products.

Philips BT6620B

Designed to compact in size and loaded with a bunch of features. This speaker is a power house inside a capsule. Multiple input options makes this speaker highly versatile in use. The water resistance allows this speaker to be taken virtually anywhere.

Alternate #1 – Philips BT2506B

Made to be different in design from a conventional bluetooth speaker, it packs a lot of power inside it. The big speaker installed inside it makes sure that you get the perfect sound from your device.

Alternate #2 – Philips Upbeat BT51B

Small in size but equipped with a high quality speaker, this bluetooth speaker will amaze you with its sound quality. With longer battery life, it is a great fit as a personal bluetooth speaker.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Philips BT6620B is widely praised as the best household bluetooth speaker. We found that this speaker is exceptionally good in its overall performance. Therefore, it has proven to stand the test of time for us while maintaining its high sound quality output along with consistent battery timings. The modern stylish design makes it a great fit for your living space. It has built in LED lighting to elevate your mood and the atmosphere around you. 

The latest bluetooth technology installed inside this bluetooth speaker allows you to easily connect to your devices. It also has strong signal strength of upto thirty feet. We found that the signal remains consistent and strong on all battery levels. Compared to other speakers on the market, the audio sound vision remains the same on lower battery levels.

The water splash proof design makes it a great choice for your outdoor travels and adventures. The IPX3 rating allows it to be resistant to splashes of water and other liquids. Hence, the tough outer shell makes your speaker highly resistant to shock, impacts and fall damage.

Features and Benefits

      • Connectivity:

      There are a bunch of features that make BT6620B a great household product. But the one main thing that directly contributes to the performance of your bluetooth speakers is the connectivity.

      We noticed that they are equipped with the latest bluetooth technology for easy and convenient connectivity with your smart devices. The latest technology allows your speaker to maintain a stable connection for great audio sound vision.

      It also makes sure that you hear sounds organic. Hence, the bass and other music effects are deeper and sound original due to great bluetooth connection. 

      • Input Options:

      One of the key features of this Philips speaker is its ability to connect devices through multiple ways. It has bluetooth, AUX cable input and Micro SD card input. It amazed us by how it transforms the speaker into a highly versatile device.

      Having multiple options allows your speaker to have back up for your music playing in case one option does not work. If one of your input options doesn’t work due to some reason, it doesn’t make your speaker completely useless.

      This speaker has also impressed us with its hands free calling with a built in microphone. Therefore, making calls while your hands are occupied is pretty convenient. The high quality microphone allows you to chat without any echo or background noise.

      • Material Build:

      Philips has been making household products for a very long time. They have always produced high quality household products using top tier materials. After multiple tests we found that their products are always tough and durable.

      We closely tested it and found that it is made from high quality PVC material. It is extremely resistant to any external damage from shock or fall. We also found that the speakers are covered with high grade steel mesh which protects it from dust and water splashes.

      The build quality stood out for us, it makes the speaker durable and longer lasting. If handled with care it can last a very long time for you without showing any signs of fault in it.

      • Audio Quality:

      When it comes to Philips household products, they do not compromise on external or internal quality. They always use the best materials and hardware the market has to offer. Same goes for these bluetooth speakers.

      We were pleased that it is equipped with two high quality and heavy duty speakers. They can easily produce ambient and organic sounding music effects. We found a connection of high quality speakers, the audio sound vision remains consistent on all volume levels.

      High quality hardware inside bluetooth speakers directly contributes to the sound output and the overall durability of the speakers. Hence, the better the internal hardware, the longer it will last. 

      • Portability:

      The compact yet modern designs of Philips household products are often made to serve a specific purpose. In this case, the sleek and modern design of the bluetooth speaker makes it very convenient for you to carry and move around.

      The compact design allows you to carry it easily in your hands. It also takes little to no space compared to its output. Lastly, you can easily take it with you on your outdoor adventures like cycling, hiking, kayaking or just a casual beach trip.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

Our personal experience with the Philips BT6620B has been quite satisfactory and fulfilling. To get a better idea on our opinion, we decided to check some online reviews of this product. Many online customer reviews praised this speaker for its versatility and build quality. Only a handful of reviews were critical of its LED lights and their interaction.

Many of the reviews were long term users who have had this product for more than a year. They gave it regular reviews based on its performance over the time. A lot of them stated that this product upheld its quality standard and were not disappointed. Many of the customers also praised the ability to connect multiple devices.

A lot of new customers praised the multiple input options. They stated that it helped them use the speakers as saw fit. They also stated that this feature came in handy in situations where they wanted to preserve battery life of both their speakers and smartphones. They also said that the bluetooth was easily the best features of this speaker. It was stable over long distances and all battery levels.

More Recommendations!

#1: Heavy Duty Alternative to Philips BT6620B - Philips BT2505B Review

Designed to be a portable stereo speaker, this speaker is installed with a high output speaker. Because of this it can handle abuse at all volume levels with ease.

We found that the bottom side of the speaker is equipped with two vibration absorption pads. This feature allows the speaker to produce high volumes without any distortion or echoing.

We also couldn’t miss the multiple input options. It can be connected by using bluetooth, AUX or even a SD card. Furthermore, It has a built-in microphone with FM Radio compatibility.

The rechargeable battery allows you to carry this speaker anywhere. Hence, it allows the speaker to be used both as an indoor and outdoor speaker.

Features of BT2505B:

  1. Heavy Duty magnet
  2. Multiple input options
  3. High quality material
  4. Rechargeable battery
  5. Modern Design

Best Heavy Duty Alternative Speaker

The Best heavy Duty Alternative Speaker is the Philips BT2505B. It is designed to output high quality sounds on high volumes without any distortion. The rechargeable battery allows it to be carried anywhere. It has multiple input options to suit your requirements.

#2: Best Compact Alternative to Philips BT6620B - Philips UpBeat BT51B Review

Designed to be small in size, this speaker is made to be highly portable. To match its high portability, It has a high quality speaker fitted inside with a round design for even sound output.

The small design makes it very convenient for you to carry it around.To increase the convenience, it has a wrist band which can be attached to your hand or your backpack.

We were pleased by the versatility to connect multiple devices. It has an AUX port besides bluetooth connectivity to serve your personal preference. 

The rechargeable battery installed inside this speaker is highly durable. It lasted a long time off a full charge for us and is consistent over long periods of time.

Features of UpBeat BT51B:

  1. Highly portable
  2. Compact in size
  3. Multiple input options
  4. High quality speaker
  5. Built-in microphone

Best Compact Alternative Speaker

The Best Compact Alternative Speaker is the Philips UpBeat BT15B. It is designed to be a personal portable bluetooth speaker. It can be carried anywhere and everywhere due to its sleek and small design. It has a powerful speaker fitted inside it.

Guide to Buy

    • Price:

    Price is one of the major factors when it comes to buying household products from Philips. Their speakers are usually fairly and high priced. A high priced speaker will get you all the best things Philips has to offer. On the other hand, a fairly priced speaker will get you the best hardware with above average aesthetics of external casing. It is recommended to buy a fairly priced speaker as it will give the same performance as a high priced speaker.

    • Battery Time:

    A key feature of a bluetooth speaker is the battery life. A high quality battery ensures the durability and longevity of the battery. It also makes sure that the battery provides the required power to the speakers in a stable and consistent manner. A good battery benefits you in the longer run as it increases the overall lifespan of the speakers by a lot. It also reduces any chance of internal damage due to power fluctuation.

    • Connectivity:

    The ability of a bluetooth speaker to connect multiple devices via multiples ways increases its utility. Having multiple input options such as USB cable, AUX port and an SD card port allows you to use your speaker as you wish. It removes the limitations of the speaker to only be used in wireless fashion. They also act as a backup in case one of them stops working.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our review on Philips Speakers Bluetooth. We must admit that our experience with the Philips BT6620B has been overwhelming and it has left quite an impression. It is a great product for its price. It is made from high quality material externally and internally. The high quality speakers uphold the Philips standard of quality.
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