Philips Bluetooth Speaker Review – Buyers’ Guide, FAQs & More

You will agree with us when we say that Philips is a top tier manufacturer when it comes to electronics. The products from Philips are made from high quality materials and pass through strict standards of quality. Philips specializes in the department of durability.

Due to this reason we have decided to review a couple of bluetooth speakers made by Philips. We will determine which speaker is the best in performance.

In this review, we will find the main strengths and weaknesses of these speakers and decide if they are worth buying or not.

Philips BT3901B

Designed to be elegant and sleek looking, this speaker can fit right in your work space. The linear design allows it to lay flat on a surface and look like a notepad. The high quality speaker inside makes sure that your listening experience is worth a while.

Alternate #1 – Philips IN-BT4200B

Made and designed different from a conventional speaker, this speaker is made for outdoor settings. The powerful speakers and the ability to go wireless makes this speaker a fit choice for outdoor ventures.

Alternate #2 – Philips BT6000B

A modern design speaker with a heavy duty speaker inside, it is made to serve more than a single purpose. It can be used as a personal speaker or your outdoor travel buddy.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The portable bluetooth speaker BT3901B from Philips is designed to be a personal speaker. As your table speaker, this speaker is quite well in its sound quality and overall performance. Despite its small size, the output power is exceptional. The rechargeable battery inside impressed us with its durability and high performance. It provides your speaker with all the power it needs. The sleek black finish is designed to match the aesthetics of your workspace or side table.

It is equipped with the latest bluetooth technology for better connection and better sound quality. The signal remains stable over long distances. Because of this, it performs consistently even when the battery gets lower. Compared to other speakers, the battery is longer lasting. It showed even battery timings after our regular use.

It has rubber stands on the bottom side.We must mention that they keep the speaker from slipping or sliding over surfaces. It has a high quality built-in microphone which allows you to benefit from handsfree calling. This feature is quite handy when you are working and need to attend a call. It also has an IPX4 rating which makes it quite resistant to splashes of water and other liquids.

Features and Benefits

      • Material Quality:

      When it comes to buying a product from Philips, it is understood that their product will be made from high quality materials. Philips makes sure that their products are made from the most durable materials on the market. It greatly increases the longevity of products.

      The BT3901B bluetooth speaker is made from a mixture of high quality plastics, rubber and metal grills. We must mention that the base of the speaker is made from tear resistant rubber which is very hard to penetrate. The top is covered with a strong mesh of steel grill.

      We were pleased because the sides, buttons and insides are made from high quality plastic. One important thing we noticed that the speaker is resistant to any damage, internally or externally. This directly contributes to the durability of the speakers and increases their lifespan.

      • Input Options:

      A bluetooth speaker is designed to be used in more than a single way. Current market standards demand that bluetooth speakers should be equipped with at least 2 input options. This allows the speaker to be versatile in its utility. 

      The BT3901B is equipped with the two most commonly used input choices. We should also mention it has the latest bluetooth technology along with a high quality AUX input. It also uses a USB cable for charging. 

      Having multiple input options allows you to use one as a backup. Henceforth, it allows you to use your speaker instead of getting a new one altogether. Multiple input options also helps you to conserve battery life of your devices.

      • Bluetooth Connectivity:

      The most important feature of a bluetooth speaker is the bluetooth version installed in it. Some speakers have bluetooth technology that is a year or two years old. Philips make sure that their speakers are installed with the latest version of bluetooth.

      This speaker is installed with the version Bluetooth 5.0. It allows your new devices to be connected easily. This also maintains the signal strength between the speakers and your device at an optimum rate.

      The bluetooth range of this speaker extends upto 30 feet. It allows the ease of use for you to move freely with your smartphone while still being connected to your speakers. The strong signal strength transmits sound without any distortion or loss.

      • Sound Quality:

      The sound quality of speakers determines how good of a speaker it is. Philips speakers are equipped with the best sounding hardware available on the market. Their speakers are also durable and resistant to any sort of wear and tear.

      The BT3901B is equipped with a pair of high performing speakers. Both of these speakers have their own mini woofer. It can easily produce a variety of music sounds and effects easily.

      The speakers being resistant to abuse on high volumes can easily perform for long periods of time. This indirectly contributes to the durability and longevity of the speakers. They can easily stand the test of time.

      • Battery Life:

      A good bluetooth speaker can easily give music playback time of upto 8 to 10 hours. Philips has installed their speakers with bigger and longer lasting Lithium batteries. These batteries are expensive but provide longer and consistent battery life.

      The Philips BT3901B can easily play your music for upto 12 hours after being fully charged. The heavy duty battery inside it ensures that speakers get the power in a linear fashion to avoid any short circuiting.

      A durable battery makes the speaker resistant to any internal damage from power surges. It is important to know for you that it provides the speaker with consistent and even flow of power. This compliments the overall durability of the speakers.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We must admit that your experience with Philips speakers has been very satisfactory. Just to get a better view on our opinion, we decided to explore some online reviews by multiple customers. A lot of these reviews praised the speakers for their extremely durable build material and quality. Only a couple of reviews were critical on how the speaker was designed.

Many long term users praised the speaker for its consistent performance in sound quality and battery life. A lot of users were satisfied with the battery life it provided even after months of regular use.

Some of the new customers praised how plain and modern the speaker was. They praised it for being space efficient and being compact in size. They also stated that they were amazed by the small speaker being able to produce such good sound.

More Recommendations!

#1: Outdoor Alternative to Philips BT3901B - Philips BT4200B Review

This wireless portable speaker is designed to be a multi purpose outdoor speaker. Due to that reason, this portable speaker is equipped with a pair of heavy duty speakers.

This uniquely designed speaker is equipped with USB cable support which allows it to be connected to your laptop. Furthermore, It has the latest bluetooth version for your ease in connecting your device.

It has two speakers with built in woofers. We were impressed by how it can produce high quality sound with ease. Not to forget that the speakers are made to be resistant to wear and tear.

The rechargeable battery inside this portable speaker is longer lasting. It can easily give you playback time of upto 10 hours on a full charge.

Features of BT4200B:

  1. Unique design
  2. Multiple control buttons
  3. High output speakers
  4. Durable rechargeable battery
  5. Multiple input options

Best Outdoor Alternative Speaker

The Best Outdoor Alternative Speaker is the Philips BT4200B. This speaker is packed with a power house inside it. It  can produce high quality sound on high levels of volume. The speakers inside are made to be resistant against wear and tear. It is a good fit for your outdoor settings.

#2: Best Bluetooth Range Alternative to Philips BT3901B - Philips BT6000B Review

Designed to be elegant yet high performing, this wireless portable speaker is very modern looking. To compliment the design, the outer casing is covered with high quality metal mesh.

The bottle like design makes this speaker very convenient to carry around. This allows the speaker to easily fit in your backpack and you can easily grip it inside your palms.

The high quality bluetooth installed inside it is designed to be good at long ranges. It gave us a stable and strong connection upto 50 feet.

It has an IPX4 water resistant rating makes this speaker highly resistant to water splashes and spills. It can also easily withstand light rain. Hence, this allows you to use this speaker hassle free.

Features of BT6000B:

  1. Highly portable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Long battery life
  4. Good build quality
  5. Good sound output

Best Bluetooth Range Alternative Speaker

The Best Bluetooth Range Alternative Speaker is the Philips BT6000B. It is equipped with the latest bluetooth chip which allows it to maintain stable connections over long distances. You can move freely with your device without having to worry about disconnection or sound distortion.

Guide to Buy

    • Connectivity:

    A good bluetooth speaker often has an easy and convenient connection process. This is due to the bluetooth technology installed inside it. It is recommended to buy the latest bluetooth version speaker so that it connects easily with your iOS and Android devices. Older versions tend to be slower in connection and have weak signal strength. They also hinder the speaker from performing at its optimum level.

    • Battery Time:

    A bluetooth speaker is designed to be used wireless. A good bluetooth speaker handles that task efficiently by giving a run time of upto 8 to 12 hours. It is good to purchase a speaker that has a battery life of more than 8 hours. This saves you the trouble of having to charge the speaker every now and then. A good battery also ensures the integrity of the internal hardware of your speaker.

    • Price:

    Portable speakers usually fall in the fair price range of electronic products. A high priced speaker often provides the same benefits but costs more due to aesthetic reasons. A fair priced speaker has the same internal hardware and provides the same performance. It is good practice to buy a speaker that has a durable and high performing internal hardware rather than going for a flashy and pleasing external casing.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of review on Philips Bluetooth Speaker Review. It is hard not to admit that our experience with Philips speakers was quite satisfactory. Their speakers have great build quality and are equipped with high performing hardware. Their speakers have a good variety of features installed inside of them which give them an edge over other products. Overall, their speakers can easily stand the test of time.


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