Pavlov VR Review – Comprehensive Guide, Tips, Features & FAQs

Pavlov VR is a realistic first-person shooting simulator. It is a versatile title with single and multiplayer game modes. 

However, with all the perks, it can be hard to decide whether you should buy this game or not. This is why, in today’s post, we’ll review various aspects of Pavlov VR. 

Moreover, we’ll also answer some frequently asked questions throughout the post.

Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR is developed with a heavy emphasis on realistic elements. It features a long list of 3D rendered weapons with realistic animations. Moreover, it has multiple casual and competitive game modes to show off your skills. 

Alternate #1 

Apex Legends

Respawn’s latest title Apex Legends is a battle royale game set in the universe of TitanFall. It features an open arena for players to shoot and loot. Moreover, this title also has a competitive ranked matchmaking system. 

Alternate #2 

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a multiplayer game that features an objective-driven gameplay. Players must team up and defeat waves of unique enemies. It also has multiple characters that players can select based on their skill set. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

When it comes to shooting simulators, realistic elements play a huge part in the immersion. This is where Pavlov VR comes in. 

The entire simulator is designed from realistic models. Every character, gun, landscape, and animation is a 3D rendered version of its real-life counterpart. 

What is the end goal of Pavlov VR?

Just like any other simulator, Pavlov is designed to polish your skills in the respective area. You can learn how to shoot, aim, and use different areas to your strategic advantage. 

Moreover, you can also master your shooting skills in different types of weapons. Pavlov features close-range and long-range weapons. 

Which controllers can I use to play Pavlov VR?

We must also mention that Pavlov VR is completely compatible with VR controllers. You can do all sorts of animation with them. 

The list includes reloading, aiming, shooting, and holstering your weapon. Moreover, you can also use the controllers to access various stats of your weapon.

Features and Benefits


As we have mentioned earlier, Pavlov is a shooter simulator. You can choose from a variety of different characters and play them in first-person. 

We must also mention that Pavlov’s interactions revolve around your firearms. You can reload, add attachments, and even switch to other weapons as well.

What type of game modes does it have?

Our team found that Pavlov is a multiplayer game. You can team up with random players and devise a strategy to dominate the opposing team. 

The four main game modes you can play are Search and Destroy, Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Gun Game. You can choose any mode from the main menu. 


Besides the realistic visual elements, we also noticed that Pavlov VR has realistic VR audio as well. Every single audio effect is recorded from real-life firearms. 

Furthermore, the attention to detail is quite precise. You can hear the bullets click in the chamber of your firearm. 

What other immersive elements does Pavlov have?

We noticed that Pavlov also features realistic recoils for each type of firearm. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons have unique recoils to make the handling immersive. 

Moreover, the VR controllers also use coordinated haptic feedback so you can easily control the recoil. This adds depth to the entire gameplay of Pavlov. 

Playable Content

Our team found that Pavlov has two different modes. You can either play in offline mode or play online with other players. 

The offline mode is only limited to single-player. You can complete various objectives in the tutorial or play against preset bots on different maps.

Is Pavlov multiplayer good?

On the other hand, Pavlov’s multiplayer is completely different. You can play against different players to test your skills and mastery of unique weapons. 

Moreover, Pavlov also has community-dedicated servers that you can use to play on specific maps with dedicated game modes. 


Lastly, we must mention the various options Pavlov provides for customization. You can change pretty much everything related to your character. 

You can change the skin of your firearms, add new gear to your character, and even customize various game modes. 

Where do I get custom skins in Pavlov?

Custom skins and cosmetics are obtainable through various sources. You can complete different tasks to unlock skins or add skins made by community members. 

Furthermore, you can also add your own custom skins to the game files. It will automatically show up in-game in the customization tab.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Pavlov VR


You’ll need a Windows 10 OS with an Intel i5-7th gen processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070. Moreover, it also requires at least 8 GB of RAM.

We must also mention the recommended requirements for Pavlov are Windows 10 OS with an Intel i7-11th gen and an NVIDIA GeForce 2080 GPU. 


Next factor you need to keep in mind is the price. Pavlov VR is a relatively cheap simulator in the first-person genre. 

We noticed that the game is also available on sale during Summer and Winter sales on the STEAM store. 


Unlike some of the VR simulators, Pavlov features a massive multiplayer. You can join lobbies with up to 24 players divided into two different teams. 

You can also invite your friends and form a party of 4. Pavlov enables you to queue for matches as a pre-made team as well.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

After our inspection, we decided to check some user reviews on the STEAM store. At first glance, the majority of the reviews were positive about this simulator.

Social Proof 1

Many people stated that the game was quite realistic in its ability to display weapons. They also mentioned that the haptic feedback made it fun to experiment with different types of weapons.

Some of them also mentioned the long list of weapons to choose from. They said it was quite hard to get bored even after hours of gameplay.

Social Proof 3

Some of the reviews also praised the game’s multiplayer. They mentioned it was easy to get to a party with friends and play against other players. 

Pavlov VR Alternatives (Recommendations)

#1: Best Competitive FPS Game - Apex Legends Review

For our first alternative, we have handpicked Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment. It is a battle-royale FPS game that is an extension of their other game TitanFall. 

You can choose from a variety of different characters with unique perks. Each character has its own playstyle to get an advantage on the battlefield. 

What is the objective of Apex Legends?

As a battle-royale game, your objective is to be the last one standing. Once you are dropped on a map, you have to collect guns and upgrade your gear to overcome opposing players. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Apex Legends


After multiple tests, we found that Apex Legends is designed to be compatible with low-performance PCs. You can easily run it with an Intel i3 CPU and an NVIDIA GT 640 GPU.

However, the recommended settings for Apex Legends are Windows 10 OS, Ryzen 5 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, and 8 GB of RAM. 


Our team found that Apex Legends is a free-to-play game. You can simply download it from the main website or the STEAM store. 

Moreover, there is an in-game store with various purchase options. You can buy new characters, skins, and cosmetics for your character. 


Apex Legends has a massive player base. You can easily get into lobbies filled with other players. 

Other than it, you can also queue for matches as a party of 3 players. The game automatically calibrates your skill level and finds players with similar skill levels.

Best Competitive FPS Game

The best competitive FPS game is Apex Legends because of its casual and ranked matchmaking system. You can hop on with your friends and show off your skills in massive multiplayer maps. Moreover, it features multiple characters.

#2: Best Survival FPS Game - Back 4 Blood Review

Next up on our list is Back 4 Blood from Turtle Rock Studios. We chose this title because of its survival and strategic gameplay. 

You have to play as a team of four players to navigate through unknown terrains. As you progress, the number of enemies increases and the difficulty level rises. 

Does this game have multiple maps?

We must mention that this game has a progressive storyline. After completion of every chapter, you are dropped into a new location. 

Each location is unique from the previous one in terms of terrain, enemy types, and loot. You have to devise different strategies to pass through enemy hoards. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Back 4 Blood


We found that Back 4 Blood is a highly demanding game in terms of PC specs. The minimum requirements for this game are the Intel i5-6th gen, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti, and 40 GB disk space. 

Moreover, the recommended requirements for this game are the Intel i7-8th gen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2070, and at least 12 GB of RAM.


After multiple comparisons, our team concluded that Back 4 Blood is quite an expensive game. This is mainly due to its AAA status. 

Other than that, it also features multiple DLCs and two unique editions. Each edition has 1-2 new characters and weapon cosmetics. 


Back 4 Blood is an online co-op game. You can party up as 4 four players and play the game. We also noticed that it has a PVP mode. 

You can either play against your friends or random players over the internet. The PVP mode features unique maps based on the campaign terrains.

Best Survival FPS Game

The best survival FPS game is Back 4 Blood. This game features an extensive campaign that you can complete with your friends. Moreover, it features a fun PVP mode that you can play to show off your gear and in-game skills.

Buyer’s Guide

Following is a list of factors you need to keep in mind. Let’s check them in detail. 


The first factor you need to keep in check is compatibility. It goes for VR and non-VR titles. Most of the new titles/simulators are high-demanding in terms of PC specs. 

You can check your system’s compatibility by checking the requirements section of a game. It has the minimum and recommend requirements in detail. 

Why is it important to check requirements beforehand?

It is essential to check requirements because a PC with lower specs won’t be able to run the game smoothly. This will impact your overall gaming experience. 

In some cases, the game won’t be able to launch. We recommend that you check the requirements and upgrade your PC accordingly. 

What are the recommended base specs? 

We recommend that you at least have an Intel i5-6th gen processor with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 and 8 GB of RAM. 

These specs can easily handle any title on medium settings. Moreover, you also need to check the VR headsets compatible with your choice of VR title.

Why is it important to check VR headset compatibility? 

For most titles, you won’t encounter VR compatibility issues. However, it is good practice to check if your VR headset is supported by a VR game. 


Next factor on our list is price. As you already know, every game is priced by the status of its developer. 

A big studio like Ubisoft or EA usually releases AAA titles. This makes them quite expensive to buy at launch. 

What is the price I should look for?

We recommend that you start your way from the bottom. Look for cheap games and develop a sense of what you want from a game. 

This way, you can make an informed decision before purchasing a game. 


Lastly, you have to check the multiplayer aspect of a game before any purchase. Multiplayer comes in two different forms. It’s either co-op or online multiplayer. 

We recommend that you purchase a game that has at least one online multiplayer mode. This way, you can play with your friends and enhance your gaming experience. 

Why is multiplayer necessary?

Single-player offline games can get boring pretty quickly. Multiplayer adds a new flair to the game. 

Moreover, multiplayer also ensures that the game will get consistent updates. 

Are there any specific multiplayer modes should I look for?

You can either look for couch play or online multiplayer. Both multiplayer modes can allow you to play with your friends. 

Furthermore, multiplayer can also help you further polish your grip on the game mechanics. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I turn off haptic feedback in Pavlov VR?

Yes, you can turn off haptic feedback on your controllers to increase the grip and recoil controller. The option is available in the Settings under the Control options. You can also turn on aim-assist as well. 

Can I play Pavlov on consoles?

Currently, Pavlov is only available for PC users. However, you can connect your PSVR headset with a PC and play it. Besides that, Pavlov’s developers have no plans to release it on any console.

Is Pavlov an original game?

Pavlov is heavily inspired by the classic Counter Strike game. It has similar base gameplay and also uses the same concept of 3D rendered weapons. Other than that, many game modes like Search and Destroy are also similar.  

Do I need an open room for Pavlov VR?

Pavlov mimics your real-life movements and projects them in-game accordingly. It is recommended that you have ample space in your room for physical movement. Otherwise, you won’t be able to experience it at an optimal level. 

Do I need specific headphones for Pavlov VR?

You can use any headphones for Pavlov as long as they have surround sound. Audio is an essential part of Pavlov’s gameplay and you do need good headphones for it. 

How do I access Pavlov’s community content?

You can head over to the Community tab is Pavlov’s main menu. There you can find all the stuff created by the community. It includes skins, cosmetics, and new game modes.

Wrapping Things Up

With this, we come to the finish line of our review on Pavlov VR. We hope you can use this information to your advantage. 

Pavlov VR is a realistic shooting simulator with a massive player base. You can play with your friends on different maps and unique game modes. Moreover, it has a wide variety of weapons you can master. 

Which shooter simulator is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. 


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