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You will agree with us when we say that finding the right kind of tweeter speaker to complement your sound system can be a confusing task. 

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to test out a range of tweeter components to see which one makes the top. 

From all the tweeters we tested, The Orion Cobalt Series Bullet Tweeter with its high-end sound quality made the first pick and in this review, we will look at all its details to figure out why.

This tweeter is smooth, loud, and houses a well-rounded sound. The Orion Cobalt Series Bullet Tweeter adds a great deal to the quality of your music. It blends very well with a range of other speakers making it suitable for almost anyone looking to buy a tweeter.

Alternate #1 – Skar Audio TWS-01 1-Inch 240 Watt Max Power Neodymium Silk Dome Tweeter

The Skar Audio TWS-01 Dome tweeters come in an affordable pair of two. It gives you a good quality of sound while saving you good money.

Alternate #2 – DS18 PRO-TW120B Super Tweeter

This tweeter brings a rich musical experience. It is very easy to install with the step by step guide for the ones who prefer to set up their sound system themselves.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Orion Bullet Tweeter, with its 3.3-meter diameter fitting, provides a very high-quality sound and gives a very good sound of music

The sound engineering on the tweeter is one of a kind creating a very stable balance between the bass and the treble sounds of the music. 

The Orion Bullet Tweeter is easily able to manage the sound clarity even at very loud volumes. However, continuous playing at loud volumes may damage them!

Features and Benefits

            • High Sound Pressure Level 

            With a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of around 105 decibels, the Orion Bullet tweeter boasts the loudest sound among the 10 best Orion tweeters out there.

            • Extensive Frequency Response 

            Having a frequency response ranging from 3500 Hertz to 23000 Hertz gives the Orion Bullet tweeter a big edge over its competing rivals and is able to provide a very smooth sound

            • High Powered Root Mean Square (RMS) 

            The root mean square (RMS) of a speaker is the total output a speaker can produce in terms of audio loudness without losing its quality or without getting any distortion. The Orion Bullet Tweeter houses an impressive 75 Watts RMS power which enables it to give you good performance at loud volumes

            • Aluminum Diaphragm

            The Aluminum Diaphragm on the speakers give the sound a crisp and smooth quality. This is specially good for tweeter components as they have to deal with treble sounds

            • High-Temperature Voice Coil 

            Voice coil heating is one of the things that takes a lot away from a speaker. To tackle this, Orion car speakers with the Orion Bullet Tweeter added a high-temperature voice coil which ensures that most of the energy is preserved giving a high punching sound and a loud volume.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We had an amazing experience with the Orion Bullet tweeter when it came to boosting our car audio or even as an addition to our music setups. To set it all in stone, we went online to look at customer reviews by others who had used the product. 

As it turned out, almost all of the customer reviews by people who had purchased the Orion Bullet tweeter were happy with what they received. Most of the ratings on this tweeter came up to 5 stars. There were only a very few bad ratings, usually because of problems in delivery.

More Recommendations!

#1: Cost-Efficient alternative to Orion Bullet tweeter - Skar Audio TWS-01 1-Inch 240 Watt Max Power Neodymium Silk Dome Tweeter Review

The first audio tweeter that we found to be a good alternative to the Orion Bullet tweeter was the Skar Audio TWS-01. The tweeter comes with a state of the art sound build and a great build material making it a good choice for car audio and sound setups. 

It is easy on the wallet for the ones who are looking to buy a more cost friendly option while still maintaining a decent quality of sound. We found it to be one of the best tweeters in a budget price range.

Even though the TWS-01 is overall a good option to go for, it can get distortions on extremely loud volumes and runs the risk of blowing if used blasted at loud volumes continuously. 

Features of Skar TWS-01

  1. Come in a Pair 
  2. Budget-Friendly 
  3. 240 Watts Max power
  4. Silk Dome Design 
  5. The impedance of 4 Ohm

Cost-Efficient alternative to Orion Bullet Tweeter

The cost-efficient alternative to Orion Bullet tweeter is the Skar Audio TWS-01 because of the high and well-rounded quality of sound it brings to your sound system. The high Ohm impedance assures that the product gives you a blasting experience.

#2: Musically Apt alternative to Orion Bullet tweeter - DS18 PRO-TW120B Super Tweeter Review

Now, while on our way to testing other tweeters, the second one that impressed our ears was the DS18 Super tweeter, one of the top selections in the united states, because of its supreme resonance in sound and the smooth music experience.

It is one of those audio products that will complement almost any music setup you put it with. It is very easy to set up for the mechanically savvy who like to set up their stereo setups themselves. 

Even though it brings great value in view of its cost, it is a bit weak on the build and should be handled with care. 

Features of DS18 Super Tweeter

  1. Pack of two
  2. Professional Grade
  3. Aluminum frame
  4. Aluminum Diaphragm 
  5. Loud sound

Musically-Apt alternative to Orion Bullet Tweeter

The Musically-Apt alternative to the Orion Bullet tweeter is the DS18 Super Tweeter because of the super-powered and smooth energy it carries with the sound it produces. The heavy power handling makes sure to give you a theater-like feel in your car.

Guide to Buy

          • Power and performance of speakers 

          One of the things to always keep in mind while looking for speakers is the power and the performance of the speakers. High-quality speakers are usually ones that house heavy power handling providing a high performance.

          • High-level inputs 

          The level of input that a speaker can handle is something that you want to pay attention to as it is what decides how loud your speaker can go. The higher the level of input a speaker can handle, the louder the volumes it will be able to provide. 

          • Pricing and Popularity 

          Choosing the right speaker for you is also heavily dependent on how much you are willing to spend on your purchase. Most of the time, a good tweeter can cost you somewhere between 30$ to 60$

          • Durability

          Durability is an important element to keep in mind when buying speaker components. Some speakers can be made of really weak materials and can blow in a matter of days. It is good practice to check the material before buying. It needs to be rigid and hard to have a good build.

Wrapping Things Up

To finish off our Orion speaker reviews, we have to say that the Orion has done a great job of bringing in one of the best quality tweeters out there. The little tweeter houses a big sound power and provides a great sound. However, be wary of super loud volumes to avoid any damage to them. Happy listening!


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