It can often get confusing choosing between oval or round speakers as many people are unaware of how they differ. 

Today, we’ll be going over their differences as well as looking at some prime examples of products available in the market. 

You just need to be aware of a few aspects when it comes to speakers to know which ones would be most suitable for you. Let’s take a quick look at these aspects: 








Round Speakers


Multiple components dealing with different frequencies

Usually provides a good quality of sound  with different components

They come with multiple components and can be expensive

Installation can be difficult as each part may need to get fixed separately

For car audio, The components can be spread throughout enhancing music.


Oval Speakers


A single component usually covering a 6×9 area

The sound quality is inferior to round speakers but still decent

In comparison, 6”x9” coaxial speakers can be cheaper to get

Installation is much easier as they can be fixed in a single narrow space but separately too

Tends to have a single but louder sound usually from the back of the car. 

Moving on, we’ll look at some of the best products for both oval speakers and round speakers to get a better idea of which one may suit ones’ audio preferences.

Rockford Fosgate P152 Punch Round Speaker Review - Loud and Clear

Within the different range of round speakers available in the market, Rockford boasts its Fosgate P152 Punch Round Speakers. The package comes with a high-quality speaker pair and an additional PEI dome tweeter to take care of those sweet high tones in your music. 

The Punch P152 Round speakers put a heavy competition for its rivals when it comes to good quality sound and rich bass. The 5.25” black speakers run on a maximum of 80 Watts power handling and within the package includes grills for the speakers, an OEM adapter plate, and some mounting hardware making it a good pick both if you’re looking to enhance your home stereo system.

The basket design of the speakers called the ‘FlexFit’ design uses multiple slots instead of single screws that makes the adjustment a whole lot easier and it makes the speakers get a better fit and the installation goes much more smoothly than usual round speakers so you can save some time.

Features of Rockford Fosgate P152 Punch Round Speaker

  1. Pair of speakers and a PEI dome tweeter 
  2. Power handling of up to 80 Watts 
  3. FlexFit basket design 
  4. A mineral filled molded cone 
  5. One year warranty from an authorized seller 
  6. Easy adjustment 
  7. Includes grills, mounting hardware, and OEM adapter plate

Benefits of Rockford Fosgate P152 Punch Round Speakers

The Rockford Fosgate P152 Punch Round Speakers are an impressive range of products providing a very full sound and rich sound with a pleasing musical experience. As mentioned already, the package comes with a PEI dome tweeter which gives you a nice balance between the high and mid-tones of the sound as the sound gets distributed across the components dealing with the specific low, middle and high frequencies. 

Since the speakers are made of a strong build and include grills for the actual units, you do not need to worry about buying a new pair any time soon as this pair would go a long way in terms of durability. 

The audio technology as such is pretty decent as the Rockford Fosgate Round Speakers have a power handling ranging from 40 Watts to a maximum of 80 Watts. Usually, in the speaker world, the more wattage a speaker can work with, the louder the speaker can go in terms of volume. 80 Watts is more than decent for a pair of 5.25” Round speakers which are loud enough to wake your neighbor’s dog up.

What Do the Customers Think?

After testing the speakers ourselves, we decided to look into reviews left by other users to validate all the positive value that we thought the speakers had to offer, and to say the least, we were not wrong. 

Most of the customers were very satisfied with their purchase admiring the quality of sound from the speakers and how the setup together has enhanced their car audios and their home stereo setups by a large margin. This owes to the polypropylene injection molded cone area of the speakers giving that beautiful rich bass that everyone likes. 

Many of the reviews mentioned the PEI dome tweeter that comes with the setup. The customers explicitly mentioned that the separation of frequencies because of the different components operating these different frequencies gives the overall sound a very stereo and theatre-like feel really enhancing your musical experience. The users, more importantly, found the installation of the speakers to be much much easier in comparison to other Round speaker setups so you can be sure that the installation is not gonna leave you scratching your heads. 

Out of the many many reviews, the ones which were cynical reported one speaker already arriving in a bad condition or blown. Some speakers can get damaged because of some type of mishandling during the delivery process. Other than that, very few reported the speakers being blown or distorted in a short period. This was a rarity though. Speakers generally will last you a long time. Your speakers can go bad if the wiring is not done right in the installation process so always stick to the manual to save those precious, precious bucks!

Final Verdict

If a nice pair of round speakers setup that provides high-quality stereo sound is what you’re searching for, then this product is the one for you. The speaker bangs a powerful bass with a build quality that is sure to last you a long time.

JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speaker Review - Powerful and Resounding

When thinking of Oval shape speakers, one may presume a narrow and compact sound quality and an overall average sort of sound experience because of the kind of spotlight oval shape speakers get in online comparison reviews. However, that is far from the truth, and the JBL Stage 9603 oval speaker breaks this stereotype with its fantastic sound quality which is more likely than not to increase your music time. 

The package comes with two 6”x9” surface area 3-way speakers that are capable of a power handling of up to 70 watts producing a strong bass and clean mids and highs giving you a crystal clear sound on those chill evenings or long drives. The woofer cone area is made up of molded polypropylene which in turn takes good care of the bass and ensures that your speakers do not blow and last you a long, long time. 

The frequency range that the JBL Stage 9603 oval speaker can handle goes between 45-20,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 92 decibels which means that you get to enjoy all the little Do-Re-Mi’s in your music at a shaking volume. 

The package includes a PEI balanced dome tweeter and a piezoelectric supertweeter as well producing really clear middle level and high-level tones which is not a usual thing in a lot of oval speakers. The Do-Re-Mi’s that you were listening to at full blast will now be coming in nicely separated and stacked because of the tweeters.

Features of JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval speakers

  1. High sound quality 
  2. Two tweeters for mids and highs 
  3. Power handling of up to 70 Watts 
  4. Molded polypropylene woofer cone
  5. One year warranty from an authorized seller 
  6. Frequency range of 45-20,000 HZ
  7. 92 Db sensitivity

Benefits of JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speakers 

The JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speakers provide some extras that are not part and parcel of many of its rival coaxial speakers. These extras, as it turns out, brings the sound game in these speakers to a different level. They transform what would be a very compact and shrill sounding oval speaker, not too amazing for the ears, into a sound setup that is powerful, loud, and roaring.

The 6”x9” injection molded polypropylene woofer cone works to give you one of the best basses that one can hear within this budget. The mids and the highs in turn are dealt with the PEI balanced dome tweeter and the piezoelectric supertweeter. Having an impedance of 4 ohms, the sound system can be considered a power-hungry one, but for good reason, because of the loud levels of volume, it can give you.

Moreover, the build material of the JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speakers is robust and ensures that you get a product that lasts you a while. The installation process being easy is just the cherry on top to convince one to eat this cake. The package apart from the two 3-way speakers includes two grills, some screws, clips, rings, and an installation manual. 

What Do the Customers Think?

Looking at the customer reviews for the JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speakers, we can confidently say that most of the customers were pleased with the product they received and the value and musical experience they got out of it. The customers were very happy about the overall setup with the tweeters, the clear and loud sound, and just for the music enthusiasts who like building their setups, several reviews mentioned that the JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speakers go seriously well with an extra subwoofer component. 

However, there were a few reviews that showed some customers not being happy with their purchase. A few could be seen complaining about the speakers getting blown up in a small time. Others were criticizing how the bass does not sound right. 

The negative reviews, however, are not that big of a thing to worry about as these reviews made only a mere 4% of the total reviews. There was an explicit mention in one of the pinned reviews which was an answer to the negative reviews stating the importance of getting the installation process right, specifically the wires, and referring to the manual before setting it up to avoid any mishaps.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for an affordable range of high quality, powerful coaxial oval speakers, then the JBL Stage 9603 420W Max Oval Speakers are the way to go. Bragging a heavy bass with crystal clear mids and highs, this pair is definitely worth the buy.

Oval Vs Round Speakers - Buyers’ Guide

What are some things to consider when Buying Speakers?

When buying Speaker products, one needs to be aware of the general things that one would be aware of while getting any other sorts of speakers. Things like size, cost, durability, quality of sound, and portability are the ones that you should keep on the top of your head when going through your options. 

The cost is something open-ended, depending on how much you are willing to spend and what you are looking for. If you want a decent sound system for your car, then you can probably get that without having to spend too big of an amount. However, if you are looking for speakers to build up a professional audio setup, then you might want to ready yourself for a slight blow at that wallet. 

The durability is something that you can test by inspecting the material the speaker is made up of. The stronger the material, usually the better it would be, however, you do not want to go for too heavy a material if you are going to be moving your speakers around a lot as that would make transport a whole lot more difficult. 

The quality of sound is the most important aspect when looking for speakers. You can check the quality by asking for a test before buying the speakers. Plug them in and blast out some tunes to get a feel of what you are getting into and if it fits your audio preferences or not. The frequency range matters a lot when choosing a speaker as a higher frequency range would mean that a speaker is capable of directing more sound frequencies of sound through it resulting in a more full sound.

What size of speakers would be good for me? 

There is no set answer for any of these things, no specific size that is better than others. The only answer is this, what will work best for you depends on what kind of music system you are trying to set up. If you are someone looking for a bassy sound system, then round speakers with a bigger subwoofer would be the right choice. If your choice of music tilts more towards the high tone sounds, then you would fare well investing in better tweeters to pop those frequencies out.

Furthermore, the size of the speakers you buy depends on what you plan to use them for. If you are looking for a car audio set up, then usually the speakers that fit well with the space in your car are a good option. Checking the size of the speakers beforehand and making sure that it will be a good fit can go al ong way in saving an extra trip to the store for an exchange. 

On the contrary, if you looking for speakers for your house or your professional audio setup, it is a bit different. It is a good idea to choose speakers that go well with the size of your room. For bigger spaces, floor standing speakers are a good buy. However, for smaller rooms or spaces like a small studio, stand-mounted, on-wall, or in-wall speakers are a good way to go. 

How difficult is the installation process for speakers? 

The difficulty of the installation of a sound system again depends on what kind of speakers are being set up and where they are being set up. For car audio setups, they are not too complicated and most of the sound system packages come with instruction manuals for setups that can be done using simple garage tools that most people have at their disposal. 

There are different ways of setting up car audio systems. Depending upon the space inside your car and depending upon what type of sound you like, you can set it up in multiple ways. The set up will also depend on the number of components you have. A lot of people like to set it up in a way keeping the subwoofers at the back of the car or the sides as per their personal preference with the tweeters on the sides or the back again depending on ones’ preference. It is a good idea to have a nice amp to distribute the frequencies right to get the best sound. It is of crucial importance to get the wiring right. It is recommended to either stick to the manual or get some help in case of any confusion when it comes to wiring as wrong wiring can really damage your speakers. 

For home speaker setups, depending upon the kind of speakers you have and the stands or other set up the equipment you may have at your disposal, the difficulty may vary. If you have your subwoofer and your tweeters all in one unit, it is going to be fairly easy as you can just place the unit or units at different places in the room and wire them up. 

However, if you are looking for a more professional or a more aesthetically pleasing setup, and have your components spread out, it can be a bit more tricky but it definitely pays off. For a more professional setup, you might need some stands, wall mountings, wall spaces, or ceiling mountings depending on how you want your set up to be. 

What is the best setup for speakers? 

The best set up for speakers is again a matter of choice. However, the most preferred and the most frequent setup, in cars, homes, and studio setups alike involves a setting up of the sound units as spread across space with the bass subwoofers being placed at a single space or symmetrically across each other, and the same pattern goes for tweeters and other units that may be in place for the middle and high tones. In-car audio setups, most of the time, the subwoofers are placed at the back while the tweeters are set up on the sides. 

How long would my speakers last? 

The longevity of your speakers depends upon a number of different factors like the build of the speakers and how durable they are. However, a good pair of speakers if used with caution and care can last you up to 40 to 50 years. The main weakness in most sound systems is the subwoofers so they must be dealt with extra care if you want to get the most out of your investment.

altech vs ceramic

Final Verdict

A decent pair of speakers put a lot of color in any music enthusiasts’ life. Both oval and round speakers if set up in the right way can boost up your musical experience by a large margin.  At the end of this Round vs Oval speakers comparison, and after careful consideration, we have to choose the Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 Round speakers. These musical beasts provide a better bass in comparison to coaxial oval speakers because of the even surface area which allows the sound to spread across the speaker in unity, providing a much more vibrant sound and experience, bestowing upon you the much-needed ear joy.  This brings us to the end of our reviews for the best kind of speakers.  Thanks a lot and happy listening!
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