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Finding a perfect balance of clear sound quality and manageable installation in a speaker system is not easy. 

However, if you look into speaker system specs and review different types of speakers, you can easily get your hands on a good speaker system for your home theatre. 

In this article, you will find some bestselling and top reviewed Onkyo speakers with a detailed description of their features and usage, pros, cons and more.

Top Pick

A 2-way bass reflex floor-standing speaker that provides you with a clear sound quality and a good bass response can be a suitable choice of speakers for your home theater

Runner Up

A speaker system with Bluetooth wireless streaming, high dynamic range and audio quality might be a good choice to fill your TV/home-theater sound requirements.

Also Great

A wireless home theater system with HD audio format, solid receiver, HDMI video-up conversion and a powerful sound experience might be a great pick for you.

Best Onkyo Speakers - Top 8 Reviews

Now we will further enlist some other top-reviewed best speakers with their detailed descriptions.

#1. Best Floor-standing Onkyo Speakers - Onkyo SKF- 4800 2-Way Speakers

The Onkyo SKF-4800 2-way floor-standing speakers can uplift your home entertainment by its powerful sound experience and base response. 

Its twin 16cm woofers provide a dynamic sound range. Even if you play the music on high volume, there will be no distortion and the sound will be clear. The system also shows the sound waves detail in the audio spectrum. 

The system carries a 2.5cm dome tweeter that maintains the high-frequency sound providing extra definition to your audio quality. 

These speakers provide you with a feature of MDF stabilizer and a woofer equalizer that ensures a good bass response.

Features of Onkyo SKF- 4800 2-Way Speakers

  1. Twin 16cm woofers
  2. 2.5cm dome tweeter
  3. Woofer Equalizer 
  4. Quality frequency response 
  5. Powerful bass

Best Floor-standing Onkyo Speakers

The best floor-standing onkyo speakers is Onkyo SKF-4800 because it provides a high definition sound quality with a powerful bass. If you need a sleek-designed speaker system then this might be a best buy for you.

#2. Best Ultra HD Onkyo Speakers - Onkyo HT- S3910

Onkyo HT- S3910 is a reliable package of Audio Theatre Receiver and speakers. This speaker system can be connected with TV to get a great surround sound experience with its Dolby Atmos and DTS playback features. 

It has a vast sound dispersion which can be perfect for your movie nights. The speaker system provides you with full-range acoustic suspension, bass reflex and audio receiver. 

The speaker has Bluetooth wireless technology which enables you to connect the system with your phone, tab or PC. 

Dolby Atmos height virtualizer feature provides a clear and smooth sound experience even at high volume levels.

Features of Onkyo HT- S3910:

    • Dolby Atmos height virtualizer
    • Bluetooth wireless technology
    • HDR support
    • DTS playback
    • High audio quality

Best Ultra HD Onkyo Speakers

The best ultra HD Onkyo speakers is Onkyo HT- S3910 because it is a complete audio system for your TV area or home theater setup. It provides you with high quality sound and Bluetooth connectivity. It might be a good choice if you want a good entertainment experience.

#3. Best Home Theater Onkyo speakers - Onkyo HT- S5800

The Onkyo HT- S5800 speaker system is a complete audio package for your home theater setup or any other indoor space. 

The speaker system has 2-way bass reflex speakers, 5-inch drivers and dome tweeters that produce a high quality sound without any distortion. It also consists of updated HDMI features and is compatible with many latest technologies. 

It has discrete amps that produce high current formation which leads to dynamic sound production. The sound quality is smooth and clear with a powerful bass. 

You can either plug-in your USB drive in the port that is present on its receiver or you can use the built-in Bluetooth technology.

Features of HT- S5800:

      • Dolby Atmos support
      • Bluetooth technology
      • Discrete amp circuits 
      • Advanced music optimizer
      • Double bass function

Best Home Theater Onkyo speakers

The Best Home Theater Onkyo speakers is Onkyo HT- S5800 because it’s a complete set of multiple accessories that can provide you a classic home theater experience. If you need a speaker system with HD audio quality and easy installation, this might serve you as the best buy.

#4. Best Bass Reflex Onkyo Speakers - Onkyo SKS- HT870

The Onkyo SKS- HT870 speaker set can uplift your home-entertainment experience with its advanced features and audio technology. 

It provides you with dual-drive floor standing front speakers, two-way center and surround-back speakers, all producing high and mid-range frequencies. The entire system ensures a 3D high quality sound experience. 

The 290W subwoofer provides a smooth sound quality and a deep bass on lower volumes. Its HD cinema quality sound might be a great upgrade for your home theatre system. 

The pair of centre and surround speakers can be easily mounted on the walls using the keyhole slots.

Features of SKS- HT870:

    • Complete 7.1 channel system 
    • 290W powered subwoofer
    • Front/centre speakers 
    • Built-in wall mounting slots 
    • Balanced dome tweeters

Best Bass Reflex Onkyo Speakers

The best bass-reflex Onkyo speakers is Onkyo SKS- HT870 because it can boost your home theatre system with its audio quality and multidimensional speakers. If you need an aesthetic sleek-designed speaker system with a good sound production then this system might be a good choice. 

#5. Best Bluetooth Onkyo Speakers - Onkyo 5.2 Channel Full 4K

The Onkyo 5.2 Channel speaker system can enhance your home theatre experience with its 5.2 channel A/V receiver and 4K ultra HD technology. 

It has built-in wireless Bluetooth technology which is compatible with almost all the devices. It provides you with a rich and dynamic sound quality that can boost your theatre experience. 

It provides you with a feature of AM/FM tuners through which you can use a variety of radio or music programs.

You can easily install these speakers by using the magnetic grills. It also comes with a 100ft cube-cable speaker wire. 

Features of Onkyo D-112NFX:

      • 5.2 channel A/V receiver 
      • Built-in Bluetooth 
      • AM/FM tuners
      • Magnetic grills
      • 100ft speaker wire

Best Bluetooth Onkyo Speakers

The best Bluetooth Onkyo speakers is Onkyo 5.2 Channel 4K Bluetooth because its compact design and HD sound quality can be well suited for your home theater. The wireless and easy-to-install speaker system might be a good choice for your theatre room. 

#6. Best Soundstage Onkyo Speakers - Onkyo SKS- HT540

The Onkyo SKS- HT540 speaker system can be a good addition to your home theater that will provide you a multidimensional sound experience.

The complete home theater speaker system consists of 2-way bass reflex front, centre and surround speakers that produce high quality sound and 130 watts of output. 

The center and front speakers have dual 5-inch woofers with OMF diaphragm technology. The speaker system has cotton cones that ensure an accurate response. 

It has a bass reflex powered subwoofer with a 10-inch cone driver. The latest audio features will give you a cinema experience with high definition sound quality.

Features of SKS- HT540:

      • Front speaker sensitivity 86 dB
      • 2-way bass reflex speakers
      • Subwoofer with cone driver
      • High quality sound 
      • OMF diaphragm technology

Best Soundstage Onkyo Speakers

The best Soundstage Onkyo speakers are the SKS- HT540 because it is an inexpensive speaker system that provides a good sound quality. If you are in search of a speaker system which is attractive for your interior setting, is durable and produces high sound quality then this might be a good choice for you.

#7. Best Bluetooth Onkyo Sound System - Onkyo CS- 265

The Onkyo CS- 265 is a mini stereo audio system with Bluetooth technology. Although the speaker system has a compact design, the sound dispersion is vast.

The speaker system has digital audio processing and amplifiers which produce a clear stereo sound. The 2-mode super bass feature balances the audio formation. 

It has built-in wireless Bluetooth technology that enables you to connect the speaker system with any device. You can also play audio CD, MP3 CDs or insert the USB device.

Features of Onkyo CS- 265:

      • 20W power output
      • Radio presets
      • 2-way bass reflex speakers
      • Bluetooth technology
      • Super bass control

Best Bluetooth Onkyo Sound System

The best Bluetooth Onkyo sound system is Onkyo CS-265 because it provides you with a good performance at an affordable price. If you are looking for a good sound quality, powerful base features and Bluetooth connection then you might check out these speakers.

#8. Best Wall-mountable Onkyo Speakers- Onkyo SKH- 410

The Onkyo SKH- 410 speaker set will give you a multidimensional sound experience with Dolby Atmos full-range audio angle. The audio-bed feature creates a realistic and clear sound quality. 

This surround sound speaker set has a height virtualizer feature that creates a virtual sound and height effect. The sound production from multiple dimensions with a realistic and clear audio quality can boost your music experience. 

It has a sturdy hardware with wood cabinet construction and high quality cloth grills. The speakers also come with 3 metre cable wires. 

The speakers have acoustic audio suspension with 8cm paper cone transducer. You can get a high definition theatre sound experience.

Features of Onkyo SKH- 410:

      • Dolby Atmos certified
      • Wood cabinet construction
      • Acoustic audio suspension
      • 3 metre speaker cables
      • Multidimensional surround sound

Best Wall-mountable Onkyo Speakers

The best Wall-Mountable Onkyo speakers are the Onkyo SKH-410 because it provides you with a multidimensional dolby surround sound experience with its height virtualizer feature. You might consider buying it if you need good quality speakers with a sleek finish.

Buying Guide

What type of speakers is best for a home theatre?

There are different types of home-theatre speakers available in the market. The best speaker would be the one that suits your home-theatre area and fulfils the sound requirements. Following are some types of speakers and their general details. You can choose the best one accordingly:

Bookshelf Speaker:

Bookshelf and rear speakers are generally best if you have a small theatre space. They are compact and can give you a good sound experience in considerably small areas. This speaker can be a best buy for your room also since it suits the best for relatively compact areas. 

Tower Speakers:

Tower speakers are large and heightened enough to stand on the floor without any mounting or bookshelf support. You can place them on the sides of your TV screen or any other suitable area of your room. 

Centre Channel Speakers:

Centre channel speakers are commonly used if you have a speaker system for your home theatre or any other indoor space. These speakers are independently adjustable providing a balanced sound production in the theatre system. You can even use these speakers for the audio enhancement of your TV. They even balance out the audio produced by the amplifier and subwoofer. 

Wall and Ceiling Speakers:

If you want a 3D sound dispersion, then these wall and ceiling speakers can be a good choice for you. You can mount them according to the interior look you want to create and can enjoy a multidimensional sound experience.

Dolby Atmos Enabled Surround System:

If you are looking for an HD cinema surround sound experience then you should opt for the Dolby Atmos surround system. It provides you with high definition sound with clarity and depth. 


This is a very simple form of speaker since it has a low frequency sound. You can place it anywhere as per your convenience. Just keep in mind that the placement should neither be too low nor be too high.

How to choose between an amplifier and a speaker?

If you want a complete sound system for your home theatre, then you should buy a complete speaker system in which you will get the complete range of accessories. A speaker system will have speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. That way, you will not have to worry about buying separate speakers or amplifiers and matching them together. 

Buying a Speaker System with Amplifier:

While buying a speaker system, you need to be careful that whatever system you buy, it must include an amplifier. Some speaker systems require an extra amplifier to make the entire system work. Make sure you do your research because synching different components together can be a technically difficult task. 

What are the major technical specifications to look for when buying speakers?

Buying speakers or speaker systems is a difficult task since it involves a lot of research technical examinations. But you can make a good choice if you do your research accordingly. Following are some important factors that you need to look for while buying speakers:

Audio Quality:

If you are looking for speakers that have a high sound quality then you need to buy the speakers that can produce high-resolution audio. There is a wide variety of options in speakers that provide high-resolution audio with powerful bass. One thing you need to make sure about is that the sound should not break or distort on high volumes. Generally speakers lack in producing realistic and smooth sound quality on high volumes. 

Frequency Response:

Frequency response is the range of audible frequency a speaker can produce that humans can hear. The general standard of the audible frequency range is between 20Hz and 20kHz. So keeping in mind the frequency response, you need to search for speakers that can cover a considerable range area. 

Power Handling:

The power of the speaker is measured by Watts. The power mentioned on the speaker tells how much power this speaker can receive. If the power exceeds the limit, the sound will get distorted. So you need to check the output limit of your receiver. 

Impedance Limit:

The impedance of speakers is measured in ohms. The impedance shows how much power a speaker can handle. So you need to check that impedance power is matched with that of your receiver so your speaker system has a balance of power. You need to research while buying different components for your speaker so that they all work in balance.  

Do I need wired or wireless speakers?

This decision depends on your preference. If it is okay for you to manage a big speaker system and its wiring placement, then you can go for it. The major difference is that wireless speakers have an easy installation and you can always shift the placement of speakers as per your convenience. On the other hand, the installation of wired speakers might be a lot of fuss especially if you buy a complete speaker system. 

Speaker Wire Attachment:

When you are opting for wireless speakers, you need to check the wireless feature implies the receiver connection too. Generally, even in wireless speakers, there is a connection wire and power plug required for the receiver. Same goes for the subwoofer connection. You need to check if it requires a subwoofer cable or not. 

The benefit of Wired Speakers:

There are two major benefits to buying wired speakers. First one is that you get a lot more options of speakers, comparatively. And secondly, the audio quality of wired speakers is much better and clear. The reason for better sound quality is that wired speakers are not limited to bandwidth and they have better power handling features.

How to choose home theatre speakers?

This is probably the first question that pops-up in your mind when you think of buying home theatre speakers. The decision of the speaker system depends on different important factors. You need to examine these factors and do the appropriate research that will help you in buying a speaker system that best suits your theatre area. 

Examine Room Size:

You need to check the size of your home theatre room because the size of your room will determine how much power and speakers you will be needing. If you have a big room, you will be needing more power channels and a big home theater setup. It also depends on the sound quality that is required. If you need multidimensional sound then you will be needing a set of speakers.  

Covering Big Area:

If your theatre room is big then speaker placement might be a bit difficult since you would want a wide sound dispersion. You will have to decide how you will cover the entire space evenly and for that, how many speakers would be required. There are many newly launched speakers in the market that provide 3D sound dispersion with a powerful bass response.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of speakers should I use for my house?

Most of the time, floor standing speakers or bookshelf speakers are preferable for home theatre. You should know that smaller speakers require less power. Besides, more speakers mean that you will need more channels on your speaker. Also for the best sound quality, it is preferable to install the newest technology ‘Dolby Atmos’.

How many speakers do I need for a home theatre? 

  • For setting up a speaker system in your home theatre, you will need:
  • Two or more than two subwoofers which are sufficiently powered.
  • Two left and right speakers on the sides of your screen. Bookshelf or floor standing speakers are suitable.
  • A center channel system that you can place under or above your television screen.
  • Rest two are called the surround speakers. These speakers are commonly placed behind the seating arrangement. 

What is the best speaker setup?

Best setup for speakers is dependent on the placement of your surround speakers. You can either place on the sides of your screen or a few feet away from your sitting spot. If you place them on the left and right side of your television, then keep their face directly towards you. In case you can’t place them on the sides, place them at a little distance from your seating arrangement. For efficient sound, keep their face opposite to the screen.

How to improve the sound of your sound system at home?

  • Do not buy too many speakers to make them sound good. It is not always helpful because two or three speakers are enough. 
  • Give a triangular setting to your speakers, screen and your seating. So that the sound can regulate better. For improving the sound quality, you should place your surround speakers at an equal distance
  • Place your bookshelf speakers on stands. Although you should place them on the shelf, this element is not as good for your speakers. As most of the time, the bookshelf traps the sound or sound bounces off the surface. 
  • Place your speakers on a specific angled position to avoid bouncing off of sound. 

What is a standard dB level for speakers?

0 decibels is the minimum level of sound, whereas 130 dB is higher. Under normal conditions, 130db is way too loud and can be a problem for your ears. Therefore, for indoor speakers, 70-85 decibels is just fine, and if you are moving your speakers outside, then 110-120db is suitable. At both sound levels i.e. 85db for indoor and 120 for outdoors, sound evenly spreads throughout the room and reaches everyone.

How to choose the right receiver for the speakers?

If you want to connect your receiver with stereo, then you need a stereo speaker whereas for a home theatre system you will need an AV receiver. You should know this in mind that the number of channels on your receiver matches the number of speakers you have. It is recommendable to buy the receivers that have inbuilt Dolby Atmos for better sound quality. Nowadays, receivers come with a multi-room ability which allows you to play two different shows on two different televisions.

What wattage is suitable for a home theatre system?

125  watts is an ideal wattage for home theatre speakers. If you have 125 watts power, you need not care about the battery running out.

Do high-quality cables make a difference?

Although good quality of cables makes a difference, it is so insignificant. If you already have good speakers, maybe spending too much on the cabling system is not a good idea. However, in some cases quality cables make a noticeable improvement over the low-quality ones.

What is the best placement of speakers?

Two surround speakers should be placed on the left and right side of your TV screen (floor standing speakers) and in case of a bookshelf you should put them on stands and place them on the sides of your screen. You can place one central channel under or above your television screen. If you have an even bigger audience, then you should  place two surround speakers a few feet away from your sitting spot. If you want a wide sound dispersion then you need to mount the speakers at some height. 

Where do I go for affordable speakers?

There are many trustable online sites which are offering affordable speakers. However, you need to keep in mind that setting up a home theatre sound system will cause you to spend a significant amount of money. But you have many different options. So you can choose as per your preference and budget.

Final Verdict

In this article, we have enlisted a few of the best speakers for your home sound system. Observing their features and reviews, Onkyo CS-265 is the best among all. As compared to the other sound systems it is a compact set of speakers which regardless of its small and compact size provides very fine sound quality. It has an efficient output of sound as it comes with a digital amplifier.

The amplifier not only makes your sound experience good but also gives out a balanced bass response. This speaker is suitable to use for your home theater or anywhere indoors. In-built Bluetooth technology increases its worth and provides the listener with a multi-faceted listening experience. Reviewing its specificities, Onkyo CS-265 might prove to be a good choice for you.

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