Omega Speakers Review – Tested Overview, Pros, Cons, FAQs & More

You’ll agree with us when we say that finding speakers for your guitar, bass guitar or other musical instruments can be confusing. 

Today, we’re looking at the Omega Pro speaker from Eminence to see how it performs.

We’re also looking at two other high-end speakers to see if they perform better or worse than the Omega Pro speaker.

Eminence Professional Series Omega Pro 15A 15″ Pro Audio Speaker

This 15-inch speaker is perfect for a number of different applications. You’ll find that it easily fits onto a number of different setups and you can even use it for horn loading and scoops. It’s extremely easy to install and also, highly durable. 

Alternate #1 : Eminence American Standard Beta-15A 15″ Pro Audio Speaker


This product features a wide frequency response that is perfect if you want the bass and highs to be highly noticeable. It’s available at a fairly low price and its build quality is also quite excellent. 

Alternate #2 : Skar Audio FSX10-8 10″ 400 Watt 8 Ohm Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker

This mid-range speaker is great for a number of different applications such as with a set amp, a stereo setup. The driver design is made for it to be extremely durable.  

Quick Summary of the Main Product

With a 15-inch woofer and 800 watts of RMS power handling, the Omega Super speaker system from Eminence is a high-powered speaker that you can utilize for a number of different applications. 

It works great with 2-way and 3-way speaker systems and also with guitar, bass guitar or keyboard combination amplifiers. Furthermore, you can even pair it with Super Alnico Monitors from Omega. 

Features and Benefits

Works as a Woofer 

This product can easily be fitted onto a number of systems where it can work as a woofer to provide mid-bass. The bass on these speakers is incredibly punchy. 

Optimized Frequency Response

Its optimized frequency response means that you can utilize these speakers for a number of different instruments such as guitars, bass guitars, drums as well as synths. 

Copper Voice Coil

The copper voice coil on the Omega super is extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures. You can use these single-driver speakers for an extended period of time without worrying about them breaking down. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We went to Amazon’s online customer reviews for this single-driver speaker to see what others had to say about it and were immediately bombarded with 5-star reviews

People love that it’s a great substitute for a stock speaker and provides a sizable upgrade in terms of sound and durability. 

Omega speakers social proof

Similar to Omega Speakers (Recommendations)

#1: Best High-End Alternative Speaker - Eminence American Standard Beta-15A 15" Pro Audio Speaker Review

This speaker is said to be extremely versatile as it can be fitted onto a number of different setups. As you could probably imagine, we tested this claim by experimenting with this speaker with many different stereo setups, monitors and amplifiers

We found that this speaker performed consistently no matter which setup it was placed in. We tested it with many different genres including hip hop and rock and found that its performance was flawless no matter what we were playing. 

Features of Eminence American Standard Beta-15A 15″ Pro Audio Speaker

  • Speaker size: 15 inches
  • Weight: 25.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19 inches x 19 inches x 8.2 inches
  • Copper voice coil
  • Watts: 800 W

Best High-End Alternative Speaker

The best high-end alternative speaker is the Eminence American Standard Beta-15A 15″ Pro Audio Speaker due to its high-quality materials and streamlined speaker design. It sounds amazing with a number of different instruments and it’s very easy to use as well. 

#2: Best Budget-Friendly Alternative Speaker - Skar Audio FSX10-8 10" 400 Watt 8 Ohm Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker Review

This product features a 1.5-inch voice coil that is extremely durable and meant for playback for extended periods of time. If you want to play music and/or practice for extended periods of time, then this is definitely a speaker worth having. 

Another great thing about this speaker is that it’s a low-powered speaker that comes at a very cheap price. Although its price is cheap, its sound quality is anything but. 

In fact, we could even say that the sound quality is much better than a lot of the higher-end speakers we’ve tested over the years. 

Features of Skar Audio FSX10-8 10″ 400 Watt 8 Ohm Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker

  • Maximum output power: 400 watts
  • Speaker size: 10 inches
  • 1.5-inch voice coil 
  • RMS power handling: 200 watts
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds

Best Budget-Friendly Alternative Speaker

The best budget-friendly alternative speaker is the Skar Audio FSX10-8 10″ 400 Watt 8 Ohm Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker due to its extremely low price with uncompromising quality. You’ll find it to be very easy to install and the sound it provides is great too. 

Guide to Buy

Even veterans get confused about which speaker to buy from time to time so it’s understandable how a casual listener might have trouble choosing a single speaker. Luckily, there are some simple factors you can look towards which will help you make a well-informed decision. These factors are: 

Build Quality 

Of course, you want your speaker to be sturdy. You can ensure this by investing in speakers that are from a reputable brand as this will ensure that they’re made from high-quality materials. 

Getting a speaker that has a warranty can also be a good idea to ensure you’ll have a product that lasts you a long time. 


It’s often actually not a good idea to buy the cheapest speaker possible because this can often result in you purchasing a product that is low-quality. 

Thus, always buy what you can afford but also, try to push your budget a bit as you might be able to find a speaker that provides you with great value for your money even if it is at a higher price. 

Sound Quality 

The sound quality of your speaker system is the most important factor you should look at. A speaker is considered to have good sound quality if you can clearly distinguish the mids, lows and highs even at higher volumes. 

Speaker Size 

This depends on how much space you have and what exactly you need. Of course, a bigger speaker is going to sound better but you also need to take into account how much space you have and whether you want the speaker to be lightweight and easy to carry around. 

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the conclusion of our review for the Omega speaker systems. They’re incredibly high-quality and can be perfect for both casual players and veterans alike.  It’s very easy to install and even works great as a woofer in vented enclosures.  We hope you found this post useful. Let us know in the comments which speaker you’re using.


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