New Whatsapp Updates: Let’s You Message Yourself, Shows Profile Picture in a Group, and Much More

WhatsApp has been busy adding new features and tools to its popular app.

The latest update for WhatsApp has been released on the App Store or Google Play Store. Here we go through some of the new features added to the app.

Message Yourself

You can now message yourself by sending an SMS to your own phone number. Important notes or media files can be saved.

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All of your media and chats stored in the “Message Yourself” chat will be delivered to all your connected phones, so you can view them from any device at any time.

Disappearing Messages

A new disappearing message option was recently added to WhatsApp’s beta version for Android.

Some users who downloaded the latest WhatsApp beta for their Android devices were able to use the new feature.

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With the new feature, users can now easily manage their storage by marking old and new conversations as “disappear” threads.

They can even set up automatic deletion for media files after a certain period of time.

Display Profile Pictures in Group

You can now see who else is in the room by looking at their avatar images. These avatars appear next to the names of the people they represent.

Call Link Feature

With calls, WhatsApp users can now easily share links that let others join the conversation directly from their personal or group chats.

New Features for Group Admins

• Anyone who leaves the community will no longer receive notifications from the community administrators.

• If someone posts something that others deem offensive or inappropriate, then the person who posted it can delete it themselves. However, everyone else will see who did it.

• WhatsApp has raised the maximum number of people who can be part of a group from 256 to 512. It will soon let groups contain up to 1,024 members.

Undo ‘Delete for Me’

If you choose the “Deleted Messages” tab instead of the “All Deleted Messages” tab, you can see which messages were deleted by whom. To restore them, click on the name of the person who sent the message.

To recover messages you’ve accidentally deleted from WhatsApp chats, tap the ‘Undo’ icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Digital Avatars

With WhatsApp, people can now create their own personalized avatar images or choose from one of several custom sticker packs.

You can create an online persona by choosing from millions of different hairstyles, facial features, and clothing options.

The company said that it would continue to add new features to its avatar creation tool, making them even better over time.

Meta has also announced plans to include legs for its virtual avatars, which are currently only available through its VR platform Horizon Worlds. These might be added early next year.

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21 New Emojis

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp has started working on 21 new emojis for the future update of the application.

WhatsApp has redesigned eight emojis for its new beta release.

Eight emoji characters have been added to the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, and 21 new emoji characters will soon be released for all Android users.

Picture-In-Picture Mode

WhatsApp has begun rolling out Picture-In-Picture (PIP) mode for its video calling feature on iOS beta. PIP lets users place a video call on WhatsApp without leaving their current application.

If you’re using multiple apps at once, a Picture-in-Picture mode will appear automatically when you enable it for your account.

You can also turn off the screen-sharing feature if you don’t want to share your screen with others.

The new feature will become available to more users over the next few weeks.

If the video calling function isn’t working for you, you might need to turn on the “video call” option in the WhatsApp app.

  1. Go to Settings > Apps and notifications > WhatsApp > Advanced > Picture-in-picture
  2. Don’t forget to update WhatsApp. You might also want to clear the browser’s history.
  3. Tap settings > Apps and notifications > WhatsApp > Storage and cache > Clear cache.

Business Directory

Last month, Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp introduced a new “yellow pages” style listing for local businesses in five countries.

The listings allow people to search for nearby businesses using their phone numbers, rather than having to type in an address.

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Chat List Filters

With the latest update for WhatsApp, users can now easily search through their chat lists to find specific messages or media from friends or filter out all the unread messages at once.

The new features make it easier than ever to find things like pictures, GIFs, videos, and files. You can access the new filter button by tapping on the search bar on iPhones or Android devices, or by opening the WhatsApp app on the web.


WhatsApp has announced that it’s going to be introducing communities for organizing chats into larger structures, as well as other features such as bigger video calls and in-chats polls.

With Communities, WhatsApp aims to raise the bar for communicating with a level of privacy not seen elsewhere.

WhatsApp Polls

With WhatsApp polls, users can choose from up to 12 different answers for each option.

Status Reactions

Users of WhatsApp can now directly respond to messages with eight different emoji options.

  1. Open a status
  2. Click on the Reply button or swipe up on the Status Bar.
  3. Click on an emoji reaction to instantly send a private message to that person.

Screenshot Blocking

Screenshots were one of those features which were under active testing on WhatsApp Beta for iPhone and iPad. It hasn’t been spotted on Android Beta yet.

When the receiver takes a screenshot to see an image or video, the screenshot will be automatically blocked, however, the sender won’t get any notification.

But, a person can still take pictures from another device.

Clickable Links on Status

You can use this feature to add hyperlinks to your Instagram Stories so that people can click them to visit websites.

The Time Limit for Deleting Sent Messages

WhatsApp plans to increase the time limit from one day to two days and 12 hrs (24 hrs in total) for removing sent messages. Currently, users can remove the sent message within an average of 1 hr, 30 minutes, and 45 seconds.

Search Messages by Date

Meanwhile, the messaging app had started rolling out a new feature to beta testers on iPhone, which lets them quickly jump to a specific date within a conversation.

According to WABetainfo, the feature allows them to easily jump to a particular date within a chat.

A “Calendar” icon will pop up when the feature is enabled while searching for a WhatsApp chat. The feature will roll out to more people in the coming months, WABetaInfo says.

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