New State Mobile Update Shakes Up Gameplay with Dynamic Challenges and Weapon Balancing

Krafton Inc. has launched a brand new update for New State Mobile, as they have changed the way people will need to approach the game. The January 2023 update is designed to throw a wrench into the plans of anyone who has mastered the game by adding new challenges and options that will force you to rethink how you approach every round.

Not to mention how to ration your gear and ammo and knowing when to take the fight and when to avoid it.

Shifting the Meta

Following player feedback, balancing changes have been made to weapons and vehicles in order to offer players a more dynamic experience. First, long-range damage for SMGs, ARs and LMGs has been decreased in order to increase the viability of guns that have been unpopular in the past. Second, vehicles have been adjusted to more accurately portray the vehicle’s characteristics.

Vehicles such as the Vrion, Electron, and UAZ have improved durability, while sedans now have increased speed and motorbikes have increased stability for easier handling. Finally, the Drone Store’s cooldown has decreased, the delivery speed has increased, and the price of items have been adjusted dramatically.

These efforts are hoped to allow players to utilize a wider arsenal in various situational engagements and have a more positive experience across matches.

TDM Arrives to ARENA

Players can now play TDM in ARENA, which previously only allowed Round Deathmatch Mode (RDM). Whichever team reaches 30 eliminations first will win the match in TDM.

Following elimination, players will respawn at a random location close to their base. However, be aware that care package items will not appear in the center of the map in TDM.

Updates to New State Mobile Shooting Gallery and Siege Mode

Changes have been issued to Shooting Gallery and the additional points for SR have been reduced from 800 to 500. Siege Mode, which was recently introduced into NEW STATE Labs with last month’s update, has undergone additional changes in patterns and difficulty, as well as having rankings reset.

Survivor Pass Vol. 15 Brings New Exclusive Items

The Survivor Pass Vol. 15 introduces Keeper from the Dream Runner faction! Players can experience Keeper’s background story from the Pass’ story quests. Once all missions have been completed, players will receive Keeper’s facial appearance.


Check out the full patch notes on the New State Mobile website for more details on these updates and more.


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