Myst VR Review – Full Guide, Tips, Buyer’s Guide & More

In the modern world, the original game’s VR version has come to light. Exciting many of the original players and looking to attract a whole new generation of gamers who want to solve puzzles.

For those gamers that are fond of puzzle-oriented games and have a knack for solving missions, chances are that they have played Myst. 

The game centres around the first-person perspective aimed at solving puzzles. Being the first game to introduce puzzles and clues into the storyline, Myst VR maintains its original form in VR and is compatible across headsets such as Htc vive and more.

Myst VR at a Glance

This is a remake of Myst game that combines VR and 2d gaming experience. You can play the game in different difficulty according to your experience with VR gaming. Furthermore, the game has different puzzles and their difficulty according to the player’s expertise. 

Alternate #1 

The Talos Principle

Originally released for PC, this game has now made its way to the virtual reality platform. With over 120 active puzzles for the players to solve, this game is one of the most engaging VR games on the planet.

Alternate #2 

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room is also one of the VR classics one can purchase. This version of the game is designed specifically for VR in order to induce a truly immersive experience. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Myst VR is a remake of the original Myst game from thirty years ago, not a remastered copy. Essentially, the game includes all aspects of the original version, from the display to the puzzles and the clues. The major features remain untouched. 

Initially, the game gained popularity for being the first to introduce puzzle randomization and interactive elements. 

The Myst experience inspired all modern gaming based on its storylines and the plot.

Now the game is back to take over the VR world as well. The game engages players within the story of two brothers namely Sirrus and Achenar and urges them to interact filling pages of two books while exploring the open world, the island, completing quests, and more.

Features and Benefits

The game has various features that make it one of the most popular games of all time. The same philosophy has been included in its VR version as well.

Some of the best features and benefits of Myst VR include but are not limited to: 

Interactive Storyline 

The storyline of the two brothers is highly interactive. With certain great improvements in Myst, the users may also interact with the brothers and the two books throughout their journey.

The goal is to complete all missions and reach back to the island while continuously improving one’s skills and more. 

Trip Down Memory Lane 

This one is for the old-time gamers out there. Myst was released almost 30 years ago and is now back on VR for everyone to enjoy once again. For those who were gaming back in the 90s, this surely is a trip down memory lane for them. 

Fun to Play with Friends 

Due to its engaging and puzzling nature, Myst VR requires multiple people to figure out its challenges. This can be a great activity to engage in with the help of one’s friends. 

Untouched and Vintage Quality 

Unlike the trend of remastering older games, Myst VR remains untouched. The same Myst island is included without any remodeling, and the storyline remains intact. Even the quality of gaming is surprisingly similar to its 1993 version. 

Multiple Endings

Another interesting feature of Myst VR is that the game has multiple endings. The gaming experience includes 4 different endings for the user to explore and enjoy.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Myst VR


Compared to its counterparts, Myst VR is a little on the expensive side of VR gaming. The VR version of this game might be a little heavy on the wallet. 


Myst VR is designed to imitate the original version that came out almost 30 years ago. Hence the game does not have a modern touch and high-end graphics to it. The graphics have been designed to provide you with a vintage gaming experience. 

Complexity in Gaming

This game is not designed for eased experiences. Myst VR is meant to be nerve-wracking and difficult to advance. The whole experience of the game pertains to spending time and solving riddles. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Myst VR

Social Proof

After scouring the internet, it is evident that Myst VR has been nothing but a fit amongst fans and the newer gaming generation. Some of the testimonials across the internet include the following: 

The users applauded the game’s originality being maintained and praised its nostalgia.

myst vr review social proof
myst vr review social proof
myst vr review social proof

Similar VR Games to Myst VR

#1: Best Affordable VR Game With Puzzles - The Talos Principle Review

The Talos Principle is also one of the classics when it comes to old-time puzzle-oriented gaming. It was initially released for PC, but due to its success, it has become available across almost all platforms, especially VR.

The game is centered around the first-person player being a robot who solves 120+ puzzles across the gameplay. You, as the player, can also interact with multiple environments while being engaged in solving problems. 

Hence, it contains the essence of solving missions in a modern game.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy The Talos Principle


The Talon Principle is one of the most affordable games on the VR market when it comes to expansive gaming. One can explore a world full of puzzles without breaking the bank. 

Complexity in Gaming

Despite its user-friendly nature, this game is meant to enhance one’s creativity and solve various puzzles. The robot character interacts with the environment to figure out various hurdles. 


The game contains modern and good graphics. Its realistic graphics allow for a subversive experience for the user. 

Best Affordable VR Game With Puzzles 

Talos Principle is the best affordable VR game with puzzles as it contains various puzzles that can be solved by a single player while he/she interacts with the environment for hours on end.

#2: Most Interactive VR Game- The Room VR: A Dark Matter Review

Part of a popular series, The Room: A Dark Matter is a version designed specifically for VR. For people who have a knack for playing mysterious and puzzling games, this is the best fit. 

The game keeps the players engaged with its complicated storyline, making the discovery of a solution the main crux of the gameplay. The player can solve issues, interact with objects, and much more, making this game one of the best money can buy. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy The Room VR: A Dark Matter 


While the game is extremely interactive and interesting in nature, it is a little costly compared to its counterparts. 

You know what they say, nothing good ever came cheap!

Complexity in Gaming

For the mystery lovers out there, the Room and its installments have always provided a satisfactory punch. It is no different with A Dark Matter as players spend hours figuring out various puzzles across the game.  


The biggest selling point of VR is the graphics in the game. The Room: A Dark Matter does not disappoint in this regard. The graphics and interactivity are of top-notch quality. 

Best Interactive VR Game

The Room: A Dark Matter is the best interactive VR game as it includes the same attraction of puzzle-oriented gaming paired with beautiful graphics and multiple interactions with objects across the gameplay.

Myst VR Review - Buyer’s Guide

myst vr review

There are some factors to consider before purchasing Myst VR, such as:

Complexity in Gaming

One the most important selling points of a gaming is its gameplay complexity. Gamers who love adventurous gaming tend to invest in games that keep their mind engaged in puzzles and exploration. 

Myst VR is intended for gamers that have been in the game for a long period of time. However, it is not just limited to them as it also targets people who have a knack for open world gaming consisting of puzzles and missions. 


The price of a VR game is one of the most important factors to consider before purchase. One tries not to break the bank when looking to invest in their preferred VR game and hopes for cheaper options if available. 

While Myst VR it is not crazy expensive, it is also not the most economical option in comparison to its counterparts. 


When looking to purchase a game, especially in the modern market, good graphics are a must. Or atleast, most people look for graphics in a game that are not uncomfortable during the gameplay. 

Myst VR, although re-released for virtual reality, carries a huge chunk of its original graphics. With that being said, it does not compromise the quality of the graphics. Hence, the game maintains nostalgia of the 90s while providing sufficient quality to match modern gaming. 

Myst VR Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Myst VR the same as Myst? 

In a short answer, yes, Myst VR is surprisingly similar to its older version. Not much has been changed in the VR version. Apart from some technical changes in the storyline (which are hardly noticeable), the game stays true to its roots. 

Is Myst VR hard?

Myst VR is considered to be a classically hard puzzle game. This is engaging and adventurous for some people, especially those who are fond of the adventure gaming genre. For such people, this game is a must-buy. 

How many hours is Myst VR?

It is popularly accepted that Myst VR is 6 hours and 47 minutes long if played in one sitting. The puzzles and all quests take a significant amount of time to solve and proceed with. 

How many endings are in Myst?

One of the most attractive things about Myst is that the game includes four different endings. This makes sure that the players keep themselves occupied for a longer period of time while gaming. 

Wrapping Things Up

In the modern world, technology has enabled games to advance at a rapid rate. Moreover, with the emergence of VR, all games are now targeted towards their compatibility with virtual reality. 

Myst first appeared in 1993, setting a unique precedent by introducing puzzle-oriented gaming into the market. The game took the world by storm, becoming immensely popular. 

The game has many advantages such as: 

  • It will generate nostalgic feelings amongst older gamers
  • It will provide access of classical game plays to a newer generation
  • The difficulty of the puzzles will generate a new experience for today’s gaming community


It is safe to assume that Myst was and always will remain a classic amongst the gaming community. It is indeed a great step to re-release it in virtual reality. Click here to check out the game for yourself!

Do tel us about your experience in the comments section below.


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