Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers – Top 10 Reviews, Tips, FAQs & More

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You will agree with us when we say that finding and selecting a Motorcycle Handlebar speaker is a very time-consuming task.

To buy a speaker that fits perfectly on your check-list is very difficult.

To help you with your process of purchasing, we have compiled a list of Motorcycle Handlebar speakers.

In the following post, you can find detailed reviews of multiple Motorcycle Handlebar speakers along with some tips and frequently asked questions.

Top Pick

A motorcycle speaker system that will amaze you with its sound quality. It has great aesthetics which will make these speakers look great on any motorcycle.

Runner Up

Built under the standard JBL trademark, this speaker will leave you impressed with its audio clarity and performance. It’s extremely loud and the audio does not distort in the slightest at louder volumes.

Also Great

Designed to be highly weather-resistant, these speakers have a fine chrome finish to elevate the look of your motorcycle. Not only do they look great but they sound amazing as well.

Best Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - Top 10 Reviews

#1: Best Overall Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - BOSS Audio 420B Speaker Review

BOSS Audio Systems is known for its good quality products. The 420B falls under the same standard of high-quality audio output and mounting hardware.

We subjected this set of speakers to many quality tests and found out that it has a highly-resistant exterior casing. It is near indestructible and scratchless.

We should mention that the design of this motorcycle audio system is universal. You can use it with almost every motorcycle and it would not feel out of place.

Furthermore, the volume of this audio system can be controlled by remote control. You can opt to use the remote control or not depending on your need.

Features of BOSS Audio 420B Speaker

    • Easy to handle
    • High-quality sound
    • Tough exterior casing
    • Built-in amplifier
    • Organic audio effects

Best Overall Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best overall motorcycle handlebar speakers are the BOSS Audio Systems 420B. It is because these speakers highly-convenient for you to handle and use. This set of speakers make sure that you get the optimum audio quality along with durability.

#2. Best Sound-Quality Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - JBL Cruise Speaker Review

This set of two handlebar speakers from JBL are designed to provide you with organic sound output. Due to that reason, this pair has heavy-duty speakers outfitted inside them.

We ran this speaker system under multiple conditions and determined that the sound quality upheld its standard. It didn’t show us any signs of distortion and presented good volume control.

We should also mention that this motorcycle speaker is also Bluetooth enabled. The JBL Cruise Bluetooth handlebar speaker allows you to connect and play music wirelessly with ease.

It also has control buttons installed in it. Hence, you can use these buttons for volume control and track control.

Features of JBL Cruise Speaker

    • Convenient installation
    • Bluetooth enabled device
    • Two 3-inch speakers
    • Strong mounting clamps
    • High-performance hardware

Best Sound-Quality Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best sound-quality motorcycle handlebar speakers are the JBL Cruise. It provides you with crystal clear audio output with consistency. You can connect your smart device with it and stream music via Bluetooth. It plays your music without any distortion or disturbance.

#3. Best Design Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - KICKER M34 Speaker Review

This motorcycle Bluetooth speaker is designed to complement the entire look of your vehicle. Furthermore, it has high-quality speakers for loud and clear audio output.

We tested this speaker in multiple scenarios and concluded that it is a weatherproof speaker. The exterior body of this Bluetooth weatherproof speaker protects it from rain, dust, and snow. 

The mounting brackets on these speakers are very strong. You can take your motorcycle virtually anywhere and it will keep the speakers in place.

The Bluetooth receiver inside this marine-grade speaker allows it to perform seamlessly. You get even sounding audio output when connected to it.

Features of KICKER M34 Speaker

      • Chrome finish
      • Weather-resistant
      • Durable mounting hardware
      • Great peak power
      • Full-range of audio effects

Best Design Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best design motorcycle handlebar speakers are the KICKER M34. This is because it has a design inspired by the Harley Davidson bikes. They can easily fit whatever bike you are using while also providing you with great audio quality and performance.

#4. Best Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - GoHawk AR4-Halo Speaker Review

These motorcycle handlebar speakers from GoHawk are designed to handle abuse with efficiency. Hence, they are able to perform longer and with consistent sound quality. 

We should mention that it has a 3 5mm AUX input port. It allows you to connect your smart devices with a cable in order to get better sound quality.

After testing the Bluetooth range on this motorcycle speaker, we determined that it has a full range of 40 feet. We got no distortion or drop in performance within this range.

You can also use it for your motorcycle ATV. The mounting hardware allows it to be used with multiple other vehicles besides your motorcycle.

Features of GoHawk AR4-Halo Speaker

    • Modern design
    • Heavy-duty stereo speakers
    • Strong mounting brackets
    • Stable peak power
    • Full-range sound effects

Best Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best heavy-duty motorcycle handlebar speakers are the GoHawk AR4-Halo. Because it has high-quality speaker hardware inside it which allows you to use this speaker for extended periods without any performance issues. It also has an AUX port for your convenience.

#5. Best Compact Motorcycle Handlebar Bike Speakers - Scosche BoomBars Speaker Review

Designed to be small in size, this speaker is extremely easy to use and mount on your bike. These speakers come with a clamp-like mount for your convenience.

Despite its small size, this speaker can easily output sound with great clarity. We tested it on multiple volumes and concluded that the quality of sound remained almost identical.

We must also mention that these speakers are Bluetooth-enabled and have a built-in microphone. Hence, it provides you with a hands-free calling experience.

The mount allows you to rotate the speakers in a 360-degree rotation. You can place the speaker anywhere you like to get the best sound quality.

Features of Scosche BoomBars Speaker

      • Highly portable
      • Lightweight
      • Easy to mount
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Clear sound output

Best Compact Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best compact motorcycle handlebar speakers are the Scosche BoomBars because it has a small design that can fit every bike with ease. You don’t need any screws to mount it. It also provides you with multiple input options which include Bluetooth and AUX input.

#6. Best High-Quality Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - BOSS 520B Speaker Review

These handlebar speakers from Boss Audio System are made from top tier materials. Hence, they are extremely resistant to external factors and different weather conditions.

After testing it under multiple weather conditions, we concluded that the paint on this sound system is highly resistant to water and UV rays. It maintained its integrity with ease.

These motorcycle speakers have multiple input options for you. You can connect your device using Bluetooth, AUX cable, and USB cable for charging them. It also has SD card support.

We must also mention that it has its own amplifier. Just like the speaker system, the amplifier is also weather-resistant. It enables you to take your sound system anywhere with you.

Features of BOSS 520B Speaker

      • High-grade exterior
      • Good audio speaker system
      • Organic sound effects
      • Bluetooth and AUX enabled
      • Weather-resistant

Best High-Quality Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best high-quality motorcycle handlebar speakers are the BOSS Audio Systems 520B. It is produced using top-quality materials that give this motorcycle audio sound system its stylish and durable exterior. It also provides you with consistent and crystal clear audio output.

#7. Best Wired Control Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - Kuryakyn MTX Review

This motorcycle speaker sound system is designed in a modern style. It has a chrome finish and aerodynamic shape which directly contributes to enhancing the look of your bike.

This speaker system is outfitted with high-quality audio hardware. Therefore, it is able to project sound with consistency and efficiency for your listening experience.

We must also mention that these speakers come with their own speaker kit. It means that you don’t have to buy separate mounting hardware or wires for these speakers.

This sound system is also Bluetooth enabled. You can connect any Bluetooth enabled device of yours and play music on the go.

Features of Kuryakyn MTX

      • Stylish design
      • Easy to handle
      • Wired remote control
      • Weather-resistant chrome finish
      • Durable mounting clamps

Best Wired Control Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best wired control motorcycle handlebar speakers are the Kuryakyn MTX. This is due to the reason that has its own wired remote control. You can use this panel to control sound, track, and can even turn the speaker on or off. It also allows you to connect your device via Bluetooth.

#8. Best Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - Lexin LX-S3 Speaker Review

These Bluetooth motorcycle speakers are designed to be completely waterproof. This is because they have an enclosed casing that protects the internal hardware from external factors.

We should mention that this speaker only requires 50 watts of power. Therefore, you can use it freely without worrying about putting too much strain on your battery.

We tested the Bluetooth feature of these speakers and found out that the Bluetooth range is stable up to 30 feet. It keeps the connection even and clear within this range.

One of these speakers has a control dial and buttons on it. You can control the sound levels and music tracks from these buttons easily.

Features of Lexin LX-S3 Speaker

      • Easy to install
      • Stylish chrome finish
      • Completely waterproof
      • Metal exterior
      • Bluetooth 4.0

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best waterproof motorcycle handlebar speakers are the Lexin LX-S3 because it is designed to withstand rain, snow, and all sorts of water splashes. It provides great utility as an outdoor speaker allowing you to use it anywhere you like to.

#9. Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - Pyle 41BK Speaker Review

These speakers provide you with everything a good Bluetooth motorcycle speaker needs but on a budget. It has high-quality speaker hardware and a sturdy exterior casing.

One important feature these speakers have is the universal mount design. You can use it to mount these speakers on almost every vehicle conveniently.

After testing these speakers on multiply audio levels, we found that the individual dome tweeters inside them held up quite well. They were able to project high-quality sound in an even fashion.

This pair of speakers also have a water-resistant rating. The exterior casing enables you to use these speakers in a rain or heavy moisture atmosphere.

Features of Pyle 41BK Speaker

      • Universal Mount
      • Good power-handling
      • IPX5 rating
      • Built-in dome tweeter
      • Aerodynamic design

Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best budget motorcycle handlebar speakers are the Pyle 41BK because it provides you with everything you need but at a lower and affordable price. You can use this speaker as your bike or bicycle speaker with the help of its universal mount.

#10. Best Paired Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers - Rockville RockNRide Review

Designed to work in a pair, these motorcycle speakers are able to generate sound in a surround sound effect. You get to hear the audio in an immersive fashion.

The speakers are able to sustain any internal damage due to use for extended periods. We found no signs of performance drops even after months of regular use.

Furthermore, these motorcycle speakers feature Bluetooth and AUX compatibility. You can use these options to connect your device in whatever way you prefer.

These speakers also enable you to use a memory stick such as an SD card to use for listening to music. The port is protected by a waterproof cover to avoid any damage.

Features of Rockville RockNRide

      • Easy to mount
      • Surround audio output
      • Convenient pairing
      • Multiple input options
      • Built-in remote control

Best Paired Motorcycle Handlebar Speakers

The best paired motorcycle handlebar speakers are the Rockville RockNRide because it provides you with 3D surround sound effects with its audio output. You can easily mount this handlebar speaker to any vehicle of your choice. It also has multiple input options.


Buyers' Guide

There are multiple things to keep in when it comes to buying motorcycle speakers. The number of products available on the market can make this process a little time-consuming for you. Even for a veteran motorcycle driver, this task can prove to be quite hectic. To help you with your process of finding and selecting the right speaker, we have a detailed guide on important features of a motorcycle speaker below:

  • Sound Quality

Many brands of the market focus mainly on the design and internal hardware of their motorcycle speakers. Some of them consider the mounting abilities and durability more important than other features.

It is good practice that you purchase a pair of motorcycle speakers that have high-performing audio hardware. This way you will get a product that provides you with clear and organic audio output.

It will also ensure that your speakers are resistant to any sort of internal damage. Because of this, you will able to get the most out of your speakers. Furthermore, you will be able to hear everything you play on your speakers.

  • Mounting Options

Motorcycle speakers are designed to be mounted and used along with your motorcycle. Due to that reason, how a speaker can be mounted matters a lot. Many brands on the market make universal mounts for your convenience. 

We recommend that you look over your motorcycle’s handle and then purchase a speaker according to it. You will able to make a more informed decision rather than buying a speaker and being confused about how to mount it on your bike.

The best way is to get a pair that has clamps for mounting. It will save you the trouble of buying extra mounting hardware. You can just easily use the clamps to place the speakers anywhere on your motorcycle’s hardware.

  • Input Options

The majority of the speaker manufacturers equip their products with multiple ways to connect your device. Many of these speakers come with more than a single way to play your music using your smart device.

It is recommended by us that you buy a pair of motorcycle speakers that have at least two ways to connect your device. It is preferred that these options are Bluetooth and AUX or Bluetooth and SD card.

A speaker that has more than one way of connecting is highly-versatile in use. These input options act as a backup for each other in case one of them stops working. You can just use the functioning option rather than buying a whole new speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are motorcycle speakers easy to install?

    It depends on the type of speaker you are using. If you are using a speaker that has a built-in rechargeable battery, you just have to mount them on your motorcycle’s handle. If you are using the other type that doesn’t have a built-in battery, the wiring and pairing might prove to be a little difficult for you. In order to avoid damaging your speakers, we recommend using a professional for this purpose.

    Is my motorcycle speaker waterproof?

    Not every motorcycle speaker is made or designed to be waterproof. We suggest that you read your product’s description to be sure whether it is waterproof or not. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that some speakers are water-resistant and not entirely waterproof. Keep a keen eye on this aspect to avoid any unwanted damage to your speaker’s internal hardware.

    Are speaker mounts good against bumpy roads?

    The majority of the speaker mounts have a pretty solid grip and don’t let the speakers move that easily. It also depends on the type of mount your speakers have. If your speakers have a screw-in mount then you don’t have to worry about anything. Although, if your speakers have clamp mounts then they might loosen up after some time and cause your speakers to move irregularly even on a smooth road.

    What is the suitable battery life for a motorcycle speaker?

    Motorcycle speakers that are equipped with a rechargeable battery often provide a battery life of 5-8 hours. It depends on the type of battery and its capacity. We suggest that you carefully read the product description in order to determine the battery life of your speakers. A speaker with 6 hours of non-stop playback battery life is more than enough for your outdoor adventures.

    Why do the majority of the motorcycle speakers have identical designs?

    Motorcycle speakers are designed to be aerodynamic and streamlined. Because of this reason, the majority of these speakers look alike. It maximizes the sound output and reduces and loss in clarity of music effects. Furthermore, the design also enhances the overall look of your motorcycle. The other design which is used frequently is the soundbar design which also benefits you a lot in terms of sound output.

    Are motorcycle speakers safe while driving?

    Motorcycle speakers are completely safe and don’t cause any trouble while driving. For new users, it might prove to be a little distracting but it’s nothing to worry about. Once you start to develop a habit, you won’t even notice that you have speakers installed on your handlebar. You might also face some difficulties in controlling the handle due to the added weight. We suggest going on some trial runs before actually going on the road.

    Do I need a paired speaker for better sound?

    Usually, motorcycle speakers come in pairs in order to produce the optimum sound quality for your biking adventures. Speakers that do not come in pairs compensate for the missing speaker with their heavy-duty speaker hardware. They usually sound louder and have sufficient clarity in their output. Getting a paired or non-paired speaker totally depends on your personal preference.

    Where should I mount my motorcycle speakers?

    The ideal place to put your speakers is on the front handle. This way you will be able to get the best audio experience from your speakers. You can place speakers on some other place on your motorcycle but you will lose a lot in terms of immersive audio quality. This is because of the wind disturbance caused by driving the bike at high speeds. Mountings the speakers on the front handles enable you to point the speakers directly at yourself.

    Should I buy a motorcycle speaker with an amplifier?

    Buying a speaker with an amplifier is totally dependent on your personal choice. Some people prefer using their speakers with amplifiers, some do not. It is recommended by many people that using an amplifier greatly increases the sound output. We suggest that you get a speaker with an amplifier as it will provide you with great sound quality even when you are traveling at a fast speed.

Final Verdict

Buying a high-performing motorcycle speaker can greatly enhance your bike riding experience as a whole. After using and testing a number of options available on the market, we have concluded that the BOSS Audio Systems 420B are the best motorcycle handlebar speakers.  The ability to produce sound consistency and efficiently enables you to have a rather immersive experience. The sturdy exterior and convenient installation make it a perfect fit even for a casual user.  It can also easily perform for an extended period without a single point drop in audio quality. This brings us to the end of our review on the Motorcycle Handlebar Speaker. Which speaker do you think is the best? Do let us know.


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