Morel Speakers Review – In-Depth Overview, Tips, FAQs & More

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Morel has always had a reputation for delivering high-end speakers to car audio enthusiasts and today, we’ll be testing out one of their products.

When you’re making a car speaker review, it’s important to cover all your bases and test it out under as many different conditions as you can. 

Not only did we test this car speaker under all sorts of different conditions for many months but we also tested two other similar speakers and compared them to it to see how it holds up. 

Morel 1/2 inch 2 Way component system

With its high-end soft tweeters and decent peak power handling, this product can be a great purchase for casual listeners and car audiophiles alike. It’s easy to install and you’ll find that you can fine-tune the car audio to make it sound exactly how you’d like.

Alternate #1 


This product features a design that stands out from the rest both in terms of style as well as sound. The cones are much larger which enables this speaker to produce bass that is unique, deep, rich and loud.

Alternate #2 

With peak power handling of 300 watts, this car speaker is incredibly heavy-duty and can be installed into a number of different car systems. It’s quite easy to set up in your car and get started with. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Morel Maximo 6½-inch 2-way component system is something that we were quite excited to test out as it’s the flagship product from Morel that’s been hailed as one of the best component sound systems in the automotive market. 

The Morel 2-way component system consists of 1-inch soft dome tweeters and a woofer featuring a ferrite magnet. All of these components come together to bring you sound that is clear and soft but also quite mellow and pleasing to the ears. 

The bass is extremely noticeable but not overbearing and these Morel speakers do a great job of letting each aspect of the music shine including the mid-range frequencies.  

As you can probably imagine, we were very surprised to hear how clear and distinct the mid-range frequencies were from these Morel speakers since they don’t feature a mid-range component, only woofers and tweeters. 

These Morel speakers were also quite easy to install considering the fact that they’re component speakers which are typically considered to be more difficult to install. 

We tested them with many different types of music including Classical, Jazz, Heavy Metal and Rock and found that these Morel speakers are perfect for all of them. They’re extremely versatile and are capable of producing heart-thumping bass one second and mellow laid-back jazz the next. 

Features and Benefits

External Crossover Network 

The external crossover network is responsible for handling frequencies and transmitting them to the appropriate components (either the woofer or the tweeters). 

The external crossover network for the Morel speakers features high-quality film capacitors and large-gauge inductors which do a wonderful job of clearly distinguishing the highs from the lows. 

As a result, the sound that you get from these Morel speakers is much more realistic and has a much higher sense of depth. The bass is much more punchy then typical factory speakers and the highs are much more bright. 

Soft Dome Tweeters 

The soft dome tweeters feature a neodymium magnet which ensures that the highs that are produced by this speaker are bright but at the same time, not too overbearing. 

They are distinguished and noticeable but at the same time, they don’t take up more space in the sound signature than they ought to. 

These high-fidelity speakers from Morel also ensure that the highs produced don’t sound muddy or unclear no matter how loud or low the volume is. 

Comes with Installation Kit

Component systems are notorious for being difficult and confusing to install especially for individuals that have never installed car speakers before. 

Thus, Morel has decided to include an installation kit along with an instruction manual with these speakers so that you can get this speaker system setup within your car in no time. 

Streamlined Design

The streamlined and well-thought-out design of these car speakers ensures that they are compatible with a wide variety of car models. 

The design also ensures that these speakers can be powered by either the radio or an external amplifier within your car. 

Woofers with Ferrite Magnet

The woofers feature a ferrite magnet which makes sure that the bass that these speakers produce is distinct, loud and deep. 

It produces clear, linear sound that is sure to make car audiophiles happy. 

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

As with all of our reviews when it comes to sound systems, we didn’t want to sit in a vacuum and review them just from our perspective. 

Instead, we wanted to find out what other people’s experiences have been like with the Morel speakers as well. 

Thus, we took to Amazon and looked up the reviews present for the Morel Maximo 6½-inch two-way component speaker system. We found that the majority of reviews were extremely positive with many people hailing its sound quality as well as its ease of use. 

More Recommendations!

#1: Best High-Wattage Speaker - JBL Stadium GTO930 6 x 9 Inches Co-Axial Speaker Review

These speakers were interesting to test out due to JBL’s unique design.

They have cones which are much larger when compared to speakers within the same class. Due to this, they move around a lot more air when they’re playing music and this results in much deeper and noticeable bass. 

You’ll notice your heart thumping when you listen to music with these speakers in your car. Furthermore, the sound quality is incredible and consistent at all volumes. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your car’s stock audio system, then these coaxial speakers are definitely a great option for you.

Features of JBL Stadium GTO930 6 ” x 9 ”  Speaker

  • Low-impedance, 2 ohm speakers
  • Dual-level tweeter 
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds
  • Maximum output power: 330watts
  • Deep, clear bass

Best High-Wattage Speaker

The best high-wattage speaker is the JBL Stadium GTO930 6 ” x 9 ” High-Performance Component Systems and Speakers due to its high peak power handling and its ability to be connected easily to most car models. It even has fine-tune controls to accommodate for faulty installation. 

#2: Best Budget-Friendly Speaker - Sound Storm Labs EX369 300 Watt Per Pair 6 x 9 Inch Full Range 3 Way Car Speakers Review

These 3-way component speakers are great for replacing blown-out stock speakers inside your car. We noticed that the bass that these speakers provide is deep and rich while the treble being bright and distinct. 

They can fit onto a number of different car models and the instructions that come with this 3-way component system are easy to understand and you’ll have them fitted into your car in no time. 

When it comes to car audio, opting for cheap speakers can sometimes backfire as you may end up getting a product that is made from sub-par materials. These speakers, however, performed flawlessly throughout our tests which were conducted over the course of several months. 

Features of Sound Storm Labs EX369 300 Watt Per Pair 6 x 9 Inch Full Range 3 Way Car Speakers

  • Peak power handling: 300 watts
  • 150 RMS per pair
  • Rubber surround 
  • 3-year warranty
  • Weight: 9 pounds 

Best Budget-Friendly Speaker 

The best budget-friendly speaker is the Sound Storm Labs EX369 300 Watt Per Pair 6 x 9 Inch Full Range 3 Way Car Speakers as it provides great sound quality at less than half the price of similar speakers. 

Guide to Buy

If you’ve never bought car speakers before, the ordeal can definitely seem quite overwhelming. There are a number of things that you need to be aware of in order to make a purchase that you’re going to get the best value out of. 

Thus, you owe it to yourself to do your research and equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to buy the speaker that’s most appropriate for your car. 

In order to determine which car speaker would work best with your car, you can look towards a few key aspects. These key aspects are: 

The Number of Car Speakers 

To be fair, there’s no real standard when it comes to how many car speakers are present in an ordinary car. In fact, with each passing year, manufacturers have been increasing the number of speakers present in the car so they can add extra features such as noise-cancellation. 

That being said, for the most rudimentary setup, the speakers that you need to worry about for your car audio are the front and rear speakers. 

When you’re opting to replace your stock speakers, it’s important that both the front and rear speakers be of the same brand and series. This is important because you don’t want any inconsistencies in the sound as they can make it sound unclear and muddy. 

If you can’t afford to spend too much money, we recommend that you upgrade the front speakers first and replace them with high-end ones. 

Then, once you can afford it, you can replace the rear speakers with the same brand and series for consistent car audio


It’s definitely easy to feel confused when deciding what size speakers you should get for your car but you’ll be glad to find out that it’s easy to make sense of. 

All you need to do is look up the make and model of your car and also look up whether you want front or rear speakers. You’ll easily be able to find what size speakers would fit into those slots. 

Sometimes, cars have the option to be able to fit multiple different sizes of speakers. In this case, the rule of thumb is the bigger the better. 

Larger speakers move more air around which results in louder and deeper bass. Thus, for example, if you have the option between 5-1/4″ speaker and a 6″x9″, then you should definitely go for the latter one. 

Full-Range vs Component Speakers

Speakers that you can buy later to replace your car’s stock speakers are mainly divided into two categories: Full-range speakers and component speakers. Let us have a look at what each category has to offer: 

Full-Range Speakers 

Full-range speakers have all of the speaker elements neatly packaged into one basket. The simplest full-range speakers are 2-way speakers which have a woofer to produce the lows and a tweeter which produces the highs. 

Some full-range speakers may have additional elements such as a mid-range component and/or a super-tweeter. These speakers are referred to as 3-way or 4-way speakers. 

As you can probably imagine, 3-way and 4-way speakers produce sound that has a much higher frequency range compared to 2-way speakers. 

You should opt for full-range speakers if you’re looking to replace your car’s stock audio system with minimal effort. 

This is because, as mentioned earlier, full-range speakers come packaged in a single basket and you can easily install them using a wiring harness and mounting it. 

Furthermore, full-range speakers are available at numerous price points and power ratings. 

Component Speakers 

Component speakers are much more intricate in the way they’re designed and their advanced build helps them produce superior quality sound. 

A standard component speaker system consists of separate woofers, tweeters and external crossovers. 

When you purchase a component set, you’ll notice that the tweeter is separated from the woofer. The reason for this is so that the tweeter can be mounted higher up in your car. 

If your car’s stock sound system had factory tweeters, you can typically mount the new one in that same spot. 

It’s the job of the external crossover network and its high-quality components to ensure that the frequencies sent to the woofer and tweeter are appropriate. This results in a much deeper and realistic sound that has much greater depth. 

You should opt for a component system if you’re someone that really wants a higher-quality experience when it comes to listening to music in your car. 

Of course, purchasing and installing a component system will take much more effort compared to a full-range one but the sound you get at the end definitely makes it worth it. 

Car Speaker Sensitivity 

When we talk about speaker sensitivity, we’re talking about the amount of sound that a speaker produces corresponding to the power that’s applied to it. 

If the factory stereo in your car is low-powered, i.e., it has 10-15 watts RMS per channel, then you should for a speaker system that has higher sensitivity. This would be anything that is 90 Db (Decibels) or higher. 

If you have a system that’s higher-powered such as an aftermarket stereo or an external amp, then you may want to invest in a speaker system that has lower sensitivity. 

Many people leave bad reviews on speakers saying that their sound quality is horrible and in a lot of cases, it’s because they didn’t check whether their car needed a high-sensitivity or a low-sensitivity speaker. 

As long as you keep this in mind and buy a speaker accordingly, the sound you’re going to get is going to sound great. 

Car Speaker Power Handling

The power handling of a speaker refers to how much power a speaker can handle without blowing out. 

Please note that the key rating that you’re supposed to be looking at when purchasing a speaker is the maximum RMS power-handling, not the peak power handling. 

The peak power handling refers to the amount of power the speaker can handle at any one given instant. On the other hand, the maximum RMS power-handling lets you know the power that a speaker can handle over a certain period of time. Thus, the latter gives a more accurate estimate of how much the speaker can handle. 

If you’re using the stock stereo system in your car, then opting for a speaker with a low RMS rating and high sensitivity is going to be the way to go. 

If you’re using an aftermarket stereo system that you replaced your factory system with, then you should opt for speakers with maximum RMS power-handling of no more than 75 watts. 

If you have an external amplifier, then you’re going to want to get a speaker system that has RMS power-handling similar to the one mentioned in your external amplifier’s instruction manual. 


If you’re confused about how much you should spend on your car’s sound system, then there are a few factors that you can consider which will give you a better estimate of how much you should invest. 

If you’re just looking to upgrade your factory stereo system and intend on trading your car in and changing it after a few years, then opting for an entry-level or a mid-level stereo system would definitely be the way to go. 

On the other hand, if you intend to keep your vehicle for a long time and want to build a high-fidelity sound system over time, then it can’t hurt to invest in a premium, high-quality set of speakers. 

When you opt for speakers at a higher price, you’re generally paying for higher quality in the materials that the speakers are made of as well as the design of those speakers. 

Speakers made from better materials result in better sound-quality and speakers that will last you a much longer time. 

Material for Woofer 

Stock factory speakers have woofers that are typically made from paper. These deteriorate over time. 

On the other hand, speakers that you get afterwards are typically made from material that is stiff and yet lightweight. They last a much longer time than stock speakers. 

Material for Tweeter

The material that your tweeters are made of has a huge impact on what your speakers are going to sound like. 

If you want sound that’s mellow and laid back, then you should opt for tweeters that are made from softer materials such as poly, textile blends or silk. 

If you want more punchy and brighter sound, then you should opt for tweeters that are made from harder materials such as metal or graphite. 

Material for Surround

The surround performs the role of letting the woofer move freely so that it can emit bass effectively. 

They are typically made from high-quality rubber which can stand up to extreme temperatures and humidity. 

If you’re on a budget, you should go for a 2-way full-range system that has a surround made from foam or cloth. They cost less but still offer impressive performance and are also long-lasting. 

Wrapping Things Up

With that, we’re at the end of our post for the Morel Speakers review. They are an incredible set of speakers that are sure to be a great addition to your car’s sound system. Not only do they offer high-quality sound but they are also long-lasting and easy to install. 

We hope you found this information useful. Let us know below which car speakers you’re using to listen to music in your vehicle. 

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