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You will agree with us when we say that audio products produced by Monster Superstar are top quality products. They are consistent in performance and highly durable.High quality sound, eye pleasing designs and long battery lifes, these are the Monster’s area of specialities.

Because of this we have decided to review a number of speakers from Monster Superstar to determine which portable speakers are good performing. 

In this post we will explore some key features and weak points of the speakers made by Monster Superstar and decide if they are worth purchasing.

Monster Superstar HotShot

A uniquely designed speaker with a variety of features, the Hotshot is a very versatile portable bluetooth speaker when it comes to utility. Aesthetically pleasing with a powerful speaker for a great listening experience.

Alternate #1 – Monster Superstar High Definition

Designed to be extremely portable and easy to handle, this speaker has everything a bluetooth speaker needs. Outfitted with a durable battery and the latest bluetooth technology.

Alternate #2 – Monster Superstar Backfloat

Made to be completely waterproof, this speaker is a good companion for your pool party and settings. It can float on water while also performing like a high quality portable bluetooth speaker.

Quick Summary of the Main Product

The Monster Superstar’s HotShot is considered to be the best among their speakers because of the easy to carry design and exceptional performance as a portable speaker. The unique compact design makes this speaker convenient to handle with a powerful speaker fitted inside it for great audio experience. We must mention that the Hotshot only weighs only half a pound in weight which makes it very easy for a person to carry it along.

The different design of the Hotshot is unlike anything available on the market. It also has a high performing speaker inside it. You will be amazed by how with its small size it can easily produce high quality and loud sounds. The bluetooth connectivity impressed us with its consistency on long ranges and it allows the speaker to produce output without any distortion.

The main strength of the Monster speakers is their battery durability. The battery installed in Hotshot remains consistent performing even after regular use giving upto 5-6 hours of playtime. It is also waterproof to help you in your cycling, hiking or any outdoor adventure.

Features and Benefits

      • Connectivity Options:

      There are many key features to the Hotshot that are beneficial in their own way. One of the major features is the connectivity versatility of this portable bluetooth speaker. It has three options for your devices and how you connect them.

      One that stands out for us is bluetooth. Bluetooth is a pretty much the bottom line of every portable speaker. It has to have bluetooth in it otherwise it is completely useless. The Hotshot has the latest bluetooth installed for easy pairing and great sound quality.

      It also has an AUX port if you are a fan of wired connection. The aux saves the battery timing of both your device and the speakers. The last pairing mode is the NFC. This allows you to just wave your NFC enabled device in front of the speakers and you are connected.

      • Design:

      The unique yet highly modern design of the Hotshot benefits the listener in many ways. The design allows the speakerphone installed in it to produce even and organic sounding music. The sound quality is consistent on low and high volumes.

      This small speaker has a premium finish to it. It has a blend of black and silver aesthetics which compliments the design of your speaker. The uneven edges makes it rather convenient for you to even carry it in your hands.

      • Battery:

      As a portable bluetooth speaker, this speaker impressed us with the exceptional battery life. Compared to its small and compact design, it can perform between 5-6 hours off a full charge. This makes it a good fit for your outdoor adventures.

      The battery equipped in this portable speaker enhances the sound quality and gives consistent battery life even after regular use. We should mention that it indirectly makes the speaker more durable and longer lasting. It can be charged using a micro usb cable.

      • Material Build:

      The type of material used for a speaker this size makes it extremely strong and resistant to shocks and impacts. The high build quality of the PVC used for outer casing showed a lot of protection after our testing.

      The material is also waterproof and resistant to UV rays. This greatly enhances the overall durability of the speakers. They can easily withstand the test of your outdoor adventures while maintaining their ability to produce good sounding music.

      • Portability:

      This factor is greatly impacted by the design factor. The small and compact design makes this speaker highly portable. It can virtually fit anywhere in your luggage, backpack or even in your back pocket.

      The ability to be attached with a carabiner hook allows you to hook it with your belt or your backpack strap. This further increases the convenience and utility as you can listen to some music of your choice while cycling or hiking.

      • Audio Quality:

      This speaker from Monster Superstar can perform consistently on low end and higher volumes alike. The high quality speaker installed inside has good volume controls. It doesn’t distort on high volumes.

      On the lower volumes your song being played doesn’t feel underwhelming and quite sounding. It maintains the quality of the sound effects rather efficiently. This allows you to use it according to your hype and mood.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We personally had a very satisfactory experience with the Monster Superstar Hotshot. To get a better view on the performance of this speaker we looked at the online customer reviews. Many people who have been using this speaker praised it for its portability and ease of connectivity. Only a handful of reviews were critical of the sound output from these speakers.

Many regular users kept their ratings the same while updating their reviews after regular intervals. A lot of them stated that the speakers held up its performance and durability standard. A lot of people also stated that the speakers remained consistent in their sound quality.

More Recommendations!

#1: Sound Output Alternative to Monster Superstar Hotshot - Monster Superstar High Definition Review

Compared to the Hotshot, the high definition speaker from Monster Superstar is extremely well performing in the sound quality and sound performance area.

It has a slim rectangle shaped design for even sound output and convenient portability. Due to this design, it can easily fit in your hands and your luggage.

The multiple input options allows you to connect your smartphone or smart device easily with it.

The built in mic allows you to use it in hands free mode while calling. This feature enables you to keep your phone connected to the speakers and continue listening after your calls.

Features of Superstar High Definition:

  • Compact in size
  • Great battery life
  • Multiple input options
  • High quality speakers
  • Water resistant

Best Sound Output Alternative Speaker

The Best Sound Output Alternative Speaker is the Monster Superstar High Definition. It has a high performing speakerphone installed in it which can output great sound on high volumes. It also has multiple input options for your utility and versatility.

#2: Waterproof Alternative to Monster Superstar Hotshot - Monster Superstar Backfloat Review

This speaker is designed to be completely waterproof. This feature enables the speaker to be easily used for pool parties and your outdoor adventures.

Due to its waterproof build and rectangle design it can also float over water without any problem. Its utility is only limited to your imagination.

The high performing speaker installed inside it can easily output high quality and organic sounding music effects. You can use it to listen to any sort of music.

The 5 hours battery timing can provide you with a good music experience. Because of its Lithium-Ion build, the battery is durable and consistent even after regular use.

Features of Superstar Backfloat:

  1. Multiple input options
  2. Great bass quality
  3. Completely waterproof
  4. Compact design
  5. Durable speakers

Best Waterproof Alternative Speaker

The Best Waterproof Alternative Speaker is the Monster SuperStar Backfloat. It is completely water resistant and waterproof which allows you to use it carefree in a wet outdoor environment. It has good bass quality and a long lasting battery outfitted inside it.

Guide to Buy

    • Connectivity:

    The major thing to look out for when buying bluetooth speakers is the connectivity of its bluetooth. It is recommended to buy a speaker with the latest bluetooth technology installed on it. This makes it easier for devices to connect with the speaker. It also makes the signal stable and strong. This also increases the quality of sound produced by the speakers.

    • Battery Time:

    The other key feature of  portable bluetooth speakers is the battery durability and battery life. It is good practice to purchase a speaker that has good battery life. It allows the speaker to stay on for a long period of time. A durable battery ensures the speakers don’t drop in their sound output and its quality. It also ensures that you don’t have to change your speaker only after a couple of days use.

    • Price:

    Price is a very important factor. For a speaker this size, a moderately priced product will perform exceptionally to your requirements. A high price for a portable speaker is usually for  some aesthetic purposes rather than the actual hardware. It is recommended to buy a fair priced speaker which has good internal hardware.

Wrapping Things Up

Bringing this review to its end, we must state that the Monster Superstar Hotshot has been quite impressive in its performance. It is definitely a suitable option compared to its price. Monster Superstar upholds its name and promise of exceptional sound quality with this product. It has some of the best hardware installed in it with a strong and durable outer shell for impact resistance.


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