When it comes to buying portable speakers, there is a list of metrics to be filled and surely it’s not an easy task. 

Therefore, today we’ll have a detailed look at Mokcao Speaker to check if it’s capable of fulfilling your requirements or not.

Additionally, we will take an in-depth overview of the pros and cons to let you decide the best for your music experience.

A wireless speaker with Bluetooth technology gives out a fine voice quality with rich bass. Not only is it excellent in terms of portability, but with a 15W stereo sound, it delivers a powerful voice, preferable for an ideal music experience. Furthermore, its lightweight body makes it suitable for your indoor/outdoor use.

Alternate #1 – Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker will fulfill your requirements for a portable speaker as it comes with prolonged playtime. Along with portability, you will find this great speaker bass technology uplifting your music experience. Its sleek design allows you to freely move around.

Alternate #2 – JBL Flip 5

If you want a wireless speaker with a long playback time and water-resistant properties, then this speaker will be a good pick for you with great sound. Its high audio dynamics and party boost feature allows you to enjoy a stereo sound performance. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Mokcao Style Bluetooth Speaker is the best speaker with plenty of features that will uplift your listening experience. It comes with a water resistance rating of IPX7 which is an ideal rating for safe outdoor use. You will find its sleek design pretty lightweight and convenient to carry around.

Moving towards the vocal qualities of the product it is specially equipped to reduce distortion and give out a clear sound. Moreover, the 15W powered speaker stereo sound provides you with an option to connect two speakers and enjoy a rich sound of music.

Features and Benefits

Core Technology

It has a powerful stereo sound with no distortion, even at high volumes. The advanced TWS allows you to upgrade your music experience by connecting two speakers at a time via Bluetooth. 

Enjoy a powerful 30W good sound without disturbance in the voice, which fills the entire room.


The product comes with 4.2 Bluetooth technology with a 50-foot range with your phone, which makes it an ideal speaker for your outdoor usage. 

The great part is that even if you do not have Bluetooth connectivity, you will be provided with a 3.5mm AUX cable so that the speaker works efficiently.

Lightweight and convenient 

It is super convenient and compact to carry around with you. With a length of 5.5 inches and a weight of only 8.8 ounces, you can give a treat to your ears even in an included carabiner or in luggage. 

Water resistance 

IPX 7 rating of water resistance makes the Mokcao Style Bluetooth Speaker suitable to use in showers, pools, and other outdoor events as well.

 However, it is not recommendable to submerge it. But the best part is that the company has equipped the speaker with inflatable floating equipment, due to which it works in water areas.

Pros and Cons

Social Proof

We wanted to check out the reviews and verdicts of the customers who have used this speaker. To find that out, we went on Amazon to read some customer reviews and comments. 

We found that the overall reviews were positive where customers appreciated features like the speaker performance, its portable size and long battery life.

social proof
social proof

More Recommendations!

#1: Best Wireless Alternative to Mokcao Style Bluetooth Speaker 4.2 - Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker Review

The product gives out a rich sound with two high-sensitivity drivers and an advanced bass port. It delivers deep bass with minimum distortion

Additionally, it has a large battery capacity and up to 24 hours of playtime. With prolonged battery life, it has an advanced 4.2 Bluetooth technology for instant and easy pairing with your mobile or other gadgets.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an excellent bass response which analyzes low frequencies and gives out a rich and deep sound while filling the entire room. 

The metrics of portability are finely filled by its sleek and lightweight design.

Features of Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker

  • 24 hours playtime
  • BassUp Technology
  • 4.2 Bluetooth 
  • Lightweight 
  • IPX5 water resistance rating

Best Wireless Alternative

The best wireless alternative is Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker because it provides you with rich bass. Additionally, its sleek and lightweight design makes it suitable for your usage.

#2: Best Stereo Sound Alternative of Bose Soundlink Revolve Speaker - JBL Flip 5 Review

If you need a portable speaker with a durable design, wide-range wireless connectivity, high-quality audio and long battery life, then this speaker will be a good choice for you.

The 12-hour long battery life will last you an entire day on a single charge. If you want stereo sound entertainment for outdoor parties, you can easily connect multiple JBL speakers. 

Moreover, the speaker has IPX7 rated waterproof build material that allows you to take the speaker anywhere without worrying about the harsh environment or water splashes. 

Features of JBL Flip 5 

  • Dimensions: 7.1 x 2.7 x 2.9 
  • Battery life: 12 hours 
  • Party boost technology 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity 
  • IPX7 waterproof

Best Stereo Sound Alternative

The best stereo sound alternative is JBL Flip 5 because it delivers premium quality audio with multiple portable features that make it suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Guide to Buy


The durability of a speaker depends on its hardware material. The outdoor/heavy-duty speakers are generally made of aluminum and UV-resistant material so that they can survive the harsh weather conditions. 

Frequency range

In speakers, Hertz is the frequency range that makes the sound audible. The frequency range affects the sound quality of speakers. If the speaker has a low-frequency range, the sound quality would be deep and smooth.

A speaker with a wide frequency range will produce a high and crisp sound. The average frequency range of the speaker is always mentioned by the brand, so you can use it according to your preference. 

Stereo sound

Some speakers can connect to more than one or two speakers for a powerful and rich stereo sound therefore, it is a worth investigating feature before buying Bluetooth speakers.

Wrapping Things Up

After going through many specifications and features along with months of testing we found that Mokcao Style Bluetooth Speaker is the best among many. 

Not only is it lightweight and excellently portable but the manufacturers make sure that it gives out crisp and clear sound with rich highs and lows. 

Additionally, as per public comments the water resistance rating makes it an ideal speaker for your outdoor use.

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