Minecraft VR Review – Full Breakdown, Tips, Alternatives & More

The entire gist of Minecraft is to release you into a world so immersive that you can’t help but get lost in it. 

It’s the perfect game design that lends itself to the VR experience which is why, in this post, we’ll take a deep look at Minecraft VR.

We’ve tested the game with different VR headsets to give you a comprehensive review of what the game is like in virtual reality. 

Minecraft VR Edition

Minecraft VR pushes the game to a whole new level. The VR works surprisingly well and doesn’t cause nausea like we expected it to. Furthermore, the worlds are quite well-optimized to the point where you get the hang of crafting quite quickly.

Alternate #1 


Vivecraft is simply another VR edition of Minecraft that is designed for VR headsets that support Steam VR tracking. The tracking is super accurate and lends itself very well to the Minecraft world. Plus, it’s super simple to set up on your PC and play. 

Alternate #2 

Roblox VR

Roblox is a digital platform that is host to many titles created by its community. As you might imagine, many of these titles are worthwhile VR titles. Not only can you experience other people’s titles but you can create your own VR experiences as well. 

Quick Summary of the Main Product

Minecraft VR is available to you if you have any type of VR headset that works with a PC or any other operating system that Minecraft is available on. Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there and for good reason: it’s highly immersive and the possibilities are endless. You can only imagine how freeing it must be when you introduce VR to the mix. 

The controls are super polished.

When we tested it, we were pleasantly surprised as we didn’t expect the controls to be so smooth and responsive

We only had one individual in our testing team that experienced symptoms of nausea. However, even for them, the symptoms subsided once they got used to the world and the movement. 

The PC version of Minecraft is highly intuitive and we were wondering how those controls would be ported in VR. Surprisingly, they are just as intuitive if not more. Even if you’ve never played Minecraft before, you’ll get the hang of crafting with ease.

The sound design plays a crucial role. 

It should be noted that when you’re in VR, the visuals aren’t the only thing needed to truly immerse you. The audio is just as important and it’s brilliant as ever in the Minecraft VR edition. 

Speaking of audio, the wonderful soundtrack is another great feature which sucks you further into the world.

Features and Benefits

Responsive Controls 

When the VR version of Minecraft was first released, it was borderline-unplayable. That’s because the controls were super clunky, didn’t work some of the time and just, weren’t fun. 

Thankfully, the developer’s took notice of this and got to work improving the controls and the way the movement felt. 

Minecraft’s controls are super responsive and polished now.

If you’ve played Minecraft before, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Everything works in the same way and you’ll be ready to go straight off the bat. 

If you haven’t played it before, it still won’t take you long as the controls are super intuitive and easy to understand.

Grander Sense of Scale 

Even the regular version of Minecraft seems huge and presents you with this immense world to explore. 

However, when you enter this world in VR, the world seems much larger. Not only do you feel like there’s a whole lot to explore but you also actually feel small. That’s because things like doors and windows also feel much larger compared to your body. 

It’s a humbling experience.

While the immense world makes you feel small, it also instills a sense of wonder and excitement. It tells you that the world is large but you’re here to explore every last inch of it.

Immersive Soundtrack

The soundtrack by Daniel Rosenfeld, better known as C418, is considered by many music critics to be one of the best game soundtracks ever. 

The ambient music is beautiful and fits perfectly into your adventures as you explore the world. 

Oftentimes, it’s your only company. 

As you explore caves and find the rarest items, it’ll always be there to encourage you and push you on to delve deeper. 

Insane Replayability 

Anybody who has played Minecraft in the past will know that you can pretty much play it endlessly if you wanted to. 

The possibilities to explore and things you can build are only limited by your imagination. 

It’s even more addictive in VR. 

This is because the creations that you build are even more wondrous to look at when you’re in VR. The sense of accomplishment is far greater than in the regular version since the sense of scale is much grander.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Minecraft Gear VR Edition


If you already own the regular version of Minecraft, then the price can seem a bit steep. However, trust us when we say that the experience is definitely worth it. Playing Minecraft in VR breathes new life into the game. 

In fact, we would say that if you’ve been playing Minecraft for a while and feel the gameplay has become stale, then this could be a perfect choice.


As we mentioned above, the controls and movement were quite unpolished when Minecraft VR first came out. However, that’s not the case anymore as the developers have patched it up. 

The new updates ensure the controls are intuitive, smooth, and understandable. 

This is the case not only for the people that are familiar with Minecraft’s controls, but also for the ones who will play it for the first time.

Replayability Value

The original game was released in 2011 and it still maintains its relevance today. That’s because the core concept of the game allows for endless replayability. This is because you can use your imagination to build whatever you want. 

With VR, your imagination can run even wilder.

While you may have gotten bored of building structures in regular Minecraft, the experience will be entirely fresh and new when you experience it in VR.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Proof

Just like all of our other reviews, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. 

We wanted to highlight what the community had to say about Minecraft VR. As you can see, the responses are highly positive and everyone seems to enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are some reviews we came across:

Similar to Minecraft Gear VR Edition (Recommendations)

#1: Best Steam-Based Alternative - Vivecraft Review

Minecraft VR is typically aimed towards the Gear VR Headset as well as other VR headsets that don’t support SteamVR tracking. 

On the other hand, if you happen to have a VR headset that supports SteamVR tracking, you can opt for Vivecraft. It’s essentially the Minecraft VR version for people that have headsets that don’t support the regular Minecraft VR version.

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Vivecraft

Price: Vivecraft itself is free. However, it must be noted that you do need to own the original Java version of Minecraft for Vivecraft to work.

User-friendliness: It plays surprisingly well and all the controls pretty much mirror the regular version of Minecraft. Vivecraft even has support for external Bluetooth controllers that can be easily paired.

Replayability value: All of the replayability value that one would find in the original Minecraft is present in Vivecraft as well.

Best Steam-Based Alternative

The best Steam-based alternative is Vivecraft since it works with Steam VR tracking headsets and it’s free if you already own regular Minecraft.

#2: Best Community-Driven Alternative - Roblox VR Review

Roblox is a great option that you can opt for if you’re somebody that enjoys the freedom that Minecraft provides you. 

The difference between Roblox and Minecraft is that the former is an entire creative platform. It allows you to create experiences that you can share with others. Not only that but you can experience other people’s creations as well. 

Many of these titles are VR titles.

There’s a wealth of VR titles to experience within Roblox. The community is dedicated so there’s always something new to look forward to. 

Factors to Consider Before you Decide to Buy Roblox VR

Price: The platform itself is completely free. However, you may have to pay some extra cash if you’d like to experience some particular VR titles available on it. The amount of money you have to pay will depend on the VR title that you intend to buy.

User-friendliness: When it comes to creation, the controls are super easy and intuitive to get the hang of. As for the controls, while playing, that will depend on the title itself. Naturally, different titles will vary wildly in terms of how good the controls feel.

Replayability value: New VR titles are constantly being added to the platform thanks to the very active community. This means you won’t run out of titles to play any time soon.

Best Community-Driven Alternative

The best community-driven alternative is Roblox VR since you can create titles and also, experience other people’s titles on the platform.

Buyer’s Guide

minecraft vr review

When you choose a VR game, you have to take many factors into accounts such as the equipment you have and the types of genres you’d enjoy.

You must assess what your needs are first and then, look for a VR game that fulfills those needs. It’s a great way to make an informed decision and ensure you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

The factors you must take into account before you buy a VR game include:


Firstly, of course, you must take your budget into consideration. The amount of money you’re willing to spend on a VR game will drastically change the choices that you have available to you. 

Many consumers don’t know how to gauge game prices. 

Some games might be super expensive. However, they may still provide great value. For example, a game may cost a lot but it may also have the content to make up for that price. Some games have dedicated communities that can keep them alive for years. 

So, sometimes, even if a game is expensive, it may still be worth it when you consider that it’ll keep you entertained for years. 

On the other hand, some games might be expensive and have no replayability value at all. They’d cost you a lot and you’d be done with them within a few days. Such games are, of course, the ones that you must avoid. 

If a game doesn’t provide a whole lot of replayability or lots of content, then it should be priced accordingly. If it’s highly-priced, then you know it’s not worth it. 


Ease of use is super important to consider in any game but when it comes to VR, it becomes doubly important. 


Well, it’s simply because user issues and frustrating controls can effectively ruin the vibe of a VR session. You may become nauseous and in the end, you may not want to play VR at all. 

That’s why a VR game should be easy to get the hang of and understand so that the user is able to get into it with ease. 

You can do many things to find out what a certain VR game is like.

Firstly, you can look up gameplay videos online to see what the game is like beforehand. This can help you get a sense of what the gameplay feels like and whether or not it’s something you’d enjoy.

It’s important to note that some types of gameplay may not be appealing to some but may be very enjoyable for others. That’s why it’s very important to form your own opinion about a game before you actually buy it.

The games you should avoid at all costs are the ones that are notorious for having clunky controls and frustrating UIs. In most cases, you’ll hear about this when you look up user reviews for the game. It might also be apparent in gameplay videos. 

Naturally, these are the VR games you want to avoid at all costs.

Nausea and Motion Sickness 

Nausea and motion sickness are issues that can vary from person to person when it comes to VR. This is why it’s very difficult to gauge whether or not you’ll have such issues with a particular game or not. 

Sometimes, these issues may occur for one person whereas other people may be able to play the game just fine. Other times, a game is just poorly optimized and causes such issues for everybody that plays it. 

For the latter, user reviews can be a great way to identify them. If you see a hefty amount of reviews for a game where users encountered nausea issues, you’ll know that it’s something to be avoided. 

On the other hand, for other games for which you’re not sure, you can check out gameplay videos online again. The gameplay of the VR game itself can also give you an idea if it’ll cause you to be nauseous or not. 

Oftentimes, if you’re susceptible to such issues, they may occur when you’re watching gameplay footage. In this case, you’ll know that’s a game to avoid since you won’t have a fun experience playing it.

Content and Replayability Value

We talked about the amount of content a game has to offer and its replayability value briefly in the Price section.

It’s essential to think about how long a game will keep you entertained before you buy it. 

Does it have a limited narrative-driven story? Or does it offer a core concept that lends itself to replayability? 

If it’s the former, are you comfortable spending money buying it knowing it’ll be obsolete for you within a short time?

Roblox and Minecraft are both examples of games that can keep users entertained for months, if not years. Their replayability value is only limited by the users. Furthermore, they have super active communities that you can be a part of as well. 

It feels good to be part of a community and that can be the drive you may need to keep playing that particular game. Furthermore, games with active communities allow the game to continue to receive patch notes and updates as well. 

New content also gets added to such games so that they can stay fresh for many years.

Fun Factor

Of course, the game you intend to buy has to be fun. However, the idea of fun can be very different depending on who you ask. 

Some people may enjoy calmer VR experiences while others may be looking for action-packed content. Hence, you must first ask yourself: 

What does fun look like for you? 

Think about what types of genres you enjoy and what type of gameplay you want from a game. Once you know that, you’ll know exactly what types of games you want to look for.

Wrapping Things Up

This brings us to the end of our Minecraft VR review. 

We expected the VR edition of Minecraft to be a quick cash-grab but it’s actually very well-optimized with polished controls. The sense of scale really inspires you to build something great and because of that, Minecraft VR is arguably more addictive than the original.

What do you think of Minecraft VR? Would you play the VR version or do you prefer the original? Let us know in the comments section below.


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